: Yuumi kit feedback and some W alternatives
Ive been playing **Yuumi** {{champion:350}} for quite a bit ever since she came on pbe, I was even able to get her m6 on there, so I just wanna give my opinion on the changes they made to her and on the changes you would want to see. * Her **passive** is a really welcome change since the mana gain removal and I am glad that I don't have to make biscuits a huge priority anymore. * Her **Q** duration nerf is kinda hard to use seeing as it slows for almost nothing and I agree with the changes you would want them to make. * Her **E** heal is probably my favorite part since it reminds me of a Nami heal but on a longer cooldown and with a bigger heal. The mana is a little too much for me, seeing as her passive gives less mana than the E costs. I don't mind the ardent censer passive on her e, makes building ardent less of a must, but still remains a good item on her. * No **R** changes so nothing to say. * Her **W** changes are really weird to deal with. The little 0.25 sec windup is not that bad, but judging from the fact that her W goes on a 5 sec cd if you get hard cc'd makes it harder to use, especially against high damage ADCs that are paired with good cc supports like a Soraka Draven _(Sorakas silence makes Yuumis w go on the 5sec cd)_. And the cd refreshment is a little too much to be honest. I think the changes you would want to see with her **W** are great and I can agree with them. * Looking at **Numbers**, I think that they aren't.... the best. Her main **Q** poke costs a lot, and her **E ** is ridiculously expensive. In hard lanes **Yuumi** can't even use her Passive to get mana back for a heal that, in the early game, is kinda laughable. The **W** windup makes it hard to grab a nice shield and go back to being attached, since the shield just gets bursted instantly. I really hope they fix the **Numbers** but don't overbuff them, because she will just go back to being the unkillable-Soraka. All in all, I think the buffs they gave her _(or gave her back)_ are very pleasing and will help a lot in lane. The **W** nerfs make her harder to position, but with enough practice can be less harsh. Her win rate might drop because of the **W** changes. The only problems I have with her are the **Numbers** but hopefully they will get fixed. Thanks for reading! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: You can get the new items with the tokens your earn from mission or the pass.
Oh ye I know about live versions, I was talking about the PBE one, because the arcade icons, borders and the ward didn't come there for some reason.
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: Wukong's Q on PBE is quite bugged
They disabled {{champion:350}} and {{champion:141}} when they had bugs with Mordekaiser {{champion:82}} , but they cant disable Nunu, Shaco or Wukong ?
Oh and there's no NA disconnectors? Sure, sure.
: What the HELL is Rito games doing?
Legit. At 11 Lithuanian time I come home ready to try the new mode. Says I have to wait 12 minutes but waited like an hour or 2. After 2 games I bug out and have to wait 22 minutes, which instantly go up to 45. That just pissed me off, and after 2 hours it hasn't moved past 39.
: Been in the queue for 30 minutes, and the awaiting time keeps increasing. ???
: PBE position queues
My question is why is the queue timer so fake? For example: 1: I start my queue thingy at 22 minutes, but 2 minutes later it goes up to 45. 2: I'm first in queue, but it keeps going back to being 400th. 3: I'm at 1 minute left and like 3000th in queue. A minute passes and I'm now I am supposed to wait 3 minutes. I get that its an estimate amount of time you have to wait, but when the timer and queue position goes up for no reason when you are clearly in higher priority it becomes unbearable.
: Attempt to join queue failed
I think I should of just looked at the comments before quitting and trying to log in again, because now I'm stuck waiting fake 42 minutes.
: I can confirm this happens, and took a screenshot. As you can see, there are no other champions visible, and no minions for either team are visible. https://i.imgur.com/LdDv92z.png Unfortunately the game ended before I was able to tell if you could still interact with inhibitors while in this state.
I had this happen in one of my recent games, and I broke an inhibitor and almost a 2nd one before we lost the game. I was pretty confused as to what happened. Looks like riot was fast at preventing the bug since {{champion:350}} is now disabled.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
The skin is nice in general, the thing I dislike the most is probably the coloring. I get that prestige edition skins are supposed to be mostly golden, but Eves skin just looks too golden in some places and bland in others. 1. I saw a lot of comments saying to add some blue in there and I fully agree with that. 2. Evelynns hair in the splash looks strange to me, I feel like it should probably face the front instead of the back which would make it more clear that she has longer hair. 3. To be honest the jacket-vest thingy she's wearing looks a little weird. The dress looks perfectly fine without that jacket thingy. Though it does look like she's wearing Gucci or something. 4. The tail snatchy things look like cheese in my opinion. Toning down the color, changing it to a different yellow or adding some blue or white to them might make them look better. 5. The lv6+ passive form looks strange with the dress. It looks like she's a lamp or something. Maybe toning down the colors in the shadow version might make the shadow form look better. That's mostly it. Haven't played a lot with the skin so I wouldn't know much, but judging from previews **{+comments}** these are the problems I saw in the skin. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
I love the skins to be honest, probably my fav Esport skins 'til now. The effects look really nice apart from the Camille shields and hair which look a little weird tbh. Haven't tried all of the skins yet, so I don't really know a lot, but overall, the visuals are actually really nice, just need some tweaking on Camille. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: I can't say, it's all up to Riot :c
Sad :c. Thanks for the help by the way!
: Unless it needs testing again, probably not I'm afraid. In the end normals are preferred on PBE, so once the ranked testing is done it's likely to be disabled.
Oh really? When do you think ranked testing is gonna be done?
: > [{quoted}](name=JenToa,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=B3sdlTql,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-13T13:56:20.716+0000) > > Holo > Is riot going to add the new ranked system on the pbe server? > Wanted to know bc I actually really liked it > Ty > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} It already has been. The latest thing they tested was the off-switch in case the new ranked system messes up.
Oh so that means the lane rank things are gonna be on pbe soon?
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: (BUG) Attempting to reconnect, stuck in loading screen
why do all bugs happen on the patch before the weekend. Riot please. {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
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: Game Breaking Kai'Sa Bug
balanced {{champion:145}} dorans shield is broken too ive seen
: > [{quoted}](name=JenToa,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6IwkiWbv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-11T16:12:49.575+0000) > > will the mode be on pbe? Unknown. It probably should to keep most files even, but that doesn’t say anything about whether will riot will keep the mode enabled.
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6IwkiWbv,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-09-11T16:16:06.488+0000) > > Unknown. It probably should to keep most files even, but that doesn’t say anything about whether will riot will keep the mode enabled. aah ok. Thanks <3
: I hope we do get to test them out because it would be really lame if we didnt. Riot you wont even fix pbe at least let us have the skins. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
> [{quoted}](name=Sugar Puppy,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6IwkiWbv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-11T14:29:18.945+0000) > > I hope we do get to test them out because it would be really lame if we didnt. Riot you wont even fix pbe at least let us have the skins. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I hope that we can test the mode. My first pbe mode {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: PBE will have the skins (since live and PBE still need to be the same), but neither the skins nor game mode will go through a testing phase. It’s all going to live this Wednesday with 8.18
: This is happening to me were you the uuuuh i dont rmemeber who you might have been playing but this is happening to alot of players and its a really bad bug. You cant even play the gam let alone it makes playing most champions very hard to play when they always walk back to base. Alot of the time when it reconnects you to you cant even use your Abilities, Your Recall, And even your summoner spells and items They just all turn grey as if you were dead or something. Riot please notice pbe ;-; {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
This bug is just so weird. Has been happening to me for the past 3 or something days. Random DC's start after at least 7 minutes have passed for me. Sometimes I start moving in place, bug splats happen, cant use abilities or items like you said. Lets just hope that riot can actually fix this {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Disconnection Bug
Same problem. Was playing lulu today on the PBE server and a few minutes into the game I begin disconnecting and reconnecting. When this happens I either cant move, use abilities and items or everyone is stuttering. This started happening after the recent patch. edit: today after the first disconnection I have to leave the entire game to reconnect. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}


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