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: Is it still worth reporting something if I can't reproduce it? I know the exact steps I did that caused me a crash but I can not reproduce it even after several tries.
It is worth mentioning. Just because it isn't consistent, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
: Ahri Suggestion
I am pretty in favor of the speed boost on q. I only say that because I believe it gives better potential for outplays and a higher skill cap. I believe that when they out it on q it can help with things like positioning. This gives newer players a chance to recover and the mains a chance to make more plays.
: DFG and multi-role flexibility
I agree to an extent. I believe that DFG is a tricky item that no matter how much you tweak numbers, it will be considered op or useless. I would love to see more items that give cdr and benefit people like kat and Akali in particular. I would love to see how riot compensates for it.
: Ahri shouldn't get those buffs
I thoroughly enjoy the new Ahri. In my defense of the new Ahri changes and why I believe it should stay are these: (keep in mind I have played as and against her) 1) I believe the route that Ahri is going down is on the level of Zed. She now has a higher skill cap. She was given these new abilities and this gives her opportunity for more unique and interesting outplays. This makes her a little bit less one trick ponyish in my opinion 2) I will admit that she does have a lot of power, and people like Bjerg, can capitalize and nuke people. (But he can do the same with Zed, Nid, Akali, Azir, etc) 3) I feel she is a new champion again. I have played Ahri since her release and I feel like I am playing a brand new champion. That excitement is what League wants to do and I love it! Can the numbers be tweaked a little? Yeah, that would be fine, but the speed boost with the q and the increased damage with e I feel should be solidified.
: Shield Auras from turrets and bloodthirster show up as blue/black boxes
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: Recent Jungle Experimentation Context Post
I am a believer of the smite with 2 charges. I believe that if you have that the early game jungle is no longer a problem.
: Jungle Creeps now Spawn at 2:00
With a decent amount of junglers you can do your jungle route in one go. Not with a lot of hp remaining for a gank but that is what the new jungle offers for junglers now. I personally prefer this because if i am jungling, I want my laners to get there and get as much of an advantage as possible so when i gank I can have a better chance of a first blood. But this is just my opinion. I know it isn't one that is shared for most people but I jungle frequently and its what i tell my lanes to do.
: Should be able to turn down Kalista bond
I don't think it should be optional. Could lead to even more trolling or give ragers power and that isn't something I would really want. The fact you can just reject it and essentially say IN MY OPINION, "I don't trust your capability to ult correctly." That can offset someone pretty hard and make the kalista rage and troll.Plus I have been in a situation like that where I was in mid combo and I was pulled. I just went right back to where i was and continued. I'd just recommend banning her.
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
I like how he looks now and all of his abilities except his ult. I miss the spikes to be honest. It gave you that feeling like nothing was going to get through. With how the ult looks now I feel like I don't really fear it as much as I use to.
: Jungle monster texture bug in new SR (patch 12/9/14)
I can't get a good picture of them but I had texture problems with Dragon, cannon minion, and all jungle camps excluding the buffs. The baron had Christmas hats on.
: Cannot teleport to friendly minions
I don't believe it is intended, otherwise we would of seen it somewhere. I cannot tp to minions either: however, I did get a chance to teleport to wards and towers.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
I really enjoyed her! I love how her abilities looks also. I am a little conflicted that the charm animation still looks the same, but I also like it because it stays true to what she is and what pink heart means flying at you. I loved the details from her hair to even the color of her eyes.

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