: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Syndra!
_This post was written up by user Exoriar on [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6svnt6/star_guardian_syndra_feedbacksuggestions/) and almost all of the Syndra Mains subreddit, including myself agrees with every point that he makes in this post_ Forword I play league for a few years now, having Syndra as main since day one. I was exited to hear about the Star Guardian release of her skin, but my euphoria stopped short as I saw the preview. I read lots of comments and suggestens about the skin, what people like and what they don't like, which helped me to crystalize the main problems I ... and a lot of other... have with that skin. I realized that there won't be any major changes with the skin anymore. It is also unlikely that the skin will get a VO, as it wasn't intended to have one to begin with and one month of time is too less to create one. But yet, there is still one month left and that should be enough time to polish the skin up and make it a nice addition to the champion. For that I summarized a list of feedback on the Syndra Mains subreddit and it got a lot of approval. It was also suggested to post the list here too. Link to the Subreddit-Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/syndramains/comments/6somwa/can_we_all_give_feedbacks_to_riot_our_opinions/ Repost for easier access: Color Purple again is unimaginative It might be an idea to change her cholorscheme. Purple is already used by Janna and just making it darker didn't help the skin. Furthermore the dark purple causes a lot of problems with the skin. The VFX are nice, but don't feel vibrant and sparkly like the other SG skins. Reason for that seem to be the dark purple, which simply can't shine and sparkle as much due to the dark nature of it. The dark purple eats darker definitions. You use darker colors to define depths in a texture, if your base color is already dark, it eats all definition in the texture. Due to the lack of definition, all dark purple colors blend together, creating a big purple blob, instead of a highly defined skin. The Purple is too Dark The above problems could also be fixed with a more vibrant, brighter or less saturated purple as you can see in the fanart. Example for a brighter purple from an old Star Guardian Ahri fanart: http://img15.deviantart.net/3162/i/2017/081/7/e/star_guardian_ahri_concept_art__fan_skin_for_lol__by_citemer-db364w5.jpg Color Too Dominant The current dark purple is too prominent in the outfit. As seen in the picture above, it uses different kinds of purple, creating a nice contrast. With SG Syndra you just have one kind of purple. All other SG skins tend to use their color as accent, yet at SG Syndra the color is too dominant in the outfit. Adding more white parts, or lighter shades of purple on top, would help to alleviate the problem. Purple Blusher too visible The blusher (purple texture below the eyes) are too visible, creating a really tacky look. It would help to remove it or maybe make it more transparent. Model The Eyepatch The eyepatch just causes problems. It blends too much with the skin, resulting in a lot of problems. It again is purple, making the skin even more overloaded with the color and it looks bad. Easiest fix would be to remove the eyepatch. Ori-Skirt The yellow/golden accents on the skirt make the outfit look too busy and overloaded. They should be removed or changed to something not as visible Furthermore the skirt looks more puffy than the ones of the other SG. It could be the animation of Syndra which makes it look like that, or the golden accents on it, but it might be worth to check if the skirt actually is really more puffy. More Purple at the Elbow At the end of the gloves we have even more purple things. As stated above, the color is used too often with the outfit. The purple things at the elbows could be removed. Though if purple at other parts of the outfit gets removed, then it might be an acceptable accent. Too Big Crown The crown Syndra wears on that skin is much too big. It should be made much smaller, maybe even a simple diadem would work, rather than a huge crown. Stockings That is just my personal opinoin, but I would prefer two thigh high stockigns and not just one. it would again be more in line with the other SG skins and would look less tacky.
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: Pentakill Kayle is much better now with SFX
I disagree, the E sound will get annoying fast.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Miss Fortune!
Can I just start out by saying that I love this skin so much, so much that I only have one thing to say negatively, when Miss Fortune is walking, her hair seems to go through her hat when it bounces. Besides this inconvience it's an amazing skin.
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