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: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Hey, I found a very tiny Urgot bug. Urgots too fat to walk past golems. It's not the biggest, cause you can just use W to escape, but it might get him killed like once in a thousand games haha
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: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
Hi! I don't have much to contribute, just a small complaint. With Darius' new Q, he feels SO SLOW now. Old Darius was quick, smooth, and responsive. When you were in a skirmish, you could easily cycle between your spells. He was a stark contrast from the other Noxian war machine, Sion, who is slow and lumbering. Now, the delay makes him feel clunky and sluggish. I thought he was a smart, expert fighter? :p Also, his execute fears creeps now. Thats cool as hell.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
Hi, I've played her on the PBE, and I think she plays great! However, I think the Q's tooltip can be confusing. For example, it states the attack prioritizes vitals. But when you attack an enemy that is clearly within its range, the vital won't be struck! You still need to be facing the target, just like a regular AA. And then it states the attack prioritizes enemies in "kill range". What does this mean? Fioras auto-attack range? I don't think I've ever seen "kill range" used in a tooltip before this! :p Thanks!


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