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: Beta phase 1 is over. I don't think this is actually a bug and you're just too late. I heard the Beta phase 2 starts soon though
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: Can someone help ?
wait how did you get the new client?
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: What the HELL is Rito games doing?
same thing happened to me too, i haven't played a single TFT or pbe match for the same reason. The wait time keeps stacking up and reseting and it this is an endless process because there is only one PBE Server
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: Hey, sorry about the timing. We're doing a longer maintenance today in preparation of all the content that's coming out. We plan on keeping the PBE down for an additional 5 hours at least.
Spoiler Alert (TEAMFIGHT TACTICS) im so excited Pog
: RP on PBE, it’s back!
There are some skins that I can not buy on PBE such as Nightbringer Yasuo, Dawnbringer skins and more. Why can't I buy these skins?{{sticker:sg-janna}}


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