: Can't log in
: Just poking for more info! Was this only on his skin, or just his base? If anyone else below can also add any other little details they remember about this bug, it would super help us out too :)
It was on base but according to other players it's on the skin too. I'm pretty sure his shadow's also causing trouble with vision, in one game I could see his shadow without even having vision on him. That's all I know
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Not sure if you consider this a bug, but I played 1v1 Ekko and the other guy's shadow was fully coloured in as if he was another Ekko player. This didn't go on for the entire game but it started happening like halfway through and would stop and start randomly.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
This may just be me, but I feel like the cast time on Ekko's W is way too slow to use it successfully. I'm probably wrong, I've only played him once so far but it feels like it takes too long to even use it. And the ult's shadow thing sorta just gets in the way. Just my thoughts. Other than that he feels pretty great so far.


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