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: [Closed] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Quinn!
Really like how it is right now, dove sounds are pretty much the only thing I feel is missing. No clue why there's so much dislike for the skin, but each to their own, it looks great like it is right now.
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: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Aight, definitely was an interesting set of changes. Here's my opinions after playing her a bit on the PBE. 1. Aerial Assault Early on I find it too weak for waveclearing (which is to be expected), and later on its missile speed/cast time feels really slow to fully utilize the passive marking from it. I think it was pretty fun to use during some parts of the game (later early/early mid) but later on it just felt like it was in the way due to how long it takes to use it. I can see it working as an ambushing technique (Q, AA, E, AA and the original passive mark somewhere) but the issue I found with that is that it gives Quinn three things she want to ambush someone with. On live you'd wait for Valor to mark them first before doing your E to get the next one, but with the Q sort of fitting the same niche? I don't mind losing the blind tho, it always felt like a really awkward part of her kit and had to go to give her some strength somewhere else instead. 2. Tag team Flying around the map feels great (when did Valor get so big though?) and it keeps her roaming strong which is something I always loved about Quinn. Early on the mana cost is really high, but I can see the reasoning behind it. Maybe a bit on the tough side right now with 125 mana (iirc) for it. I need some more experience with it to decide on what I think about the Skystrike now tho, it feels kinda tacked on right now (although it helps set up for splitpushing in later parts of the game). 3. Assassinating Being less of an assassin I can live with. I'll miss fighting as Valor, but being more of a scout feels fun as well. The problem I have with the ult is how awkward it feels to jump onto someone during Tag Team only to vault away from them. In Quinn form it feels smooth, but going straight from Tag Team to jumping away just feels weird. 4. Crit chance and mana issues Not sure if I enjoy being locked into such a narrow item-path now that she actually needs mana more and crit to get parts of her kit and mana with Essence Reaver. Having a lot of options was one of Quinn's best parts. CDR still feels a bit weird to get on her as it doesn't feel nearly as essential as some other stats. Mostly feels forced onto you even though I haven't found much of a need for it yet. Gonna need to test out more builds first for that. __________________________ Anyways, I think you're onto something good, even though I'll miss assassin Quinn a lot. Still needs some nooks and crannies changed here and there, but the playstyle feels fun and interesting.
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
"This is independent from her normal Headshot." So every AA on a trapped/netted target will always be a Headshot? More importantly, rest in peace my beautiful AP Cait. The random bush of death will forever be remembered :(
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Looks interesting so far. I'm happy that you kept the W and focused on making her more of a roaming scout than your everyday botlane carry. So much to test out, can't really decide on my opinion after only hearing about as drastic changes as these.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sheepish,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=6VGn3wMG,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-09-17T20:47:09.406+0000) > > FTFY No one is going to keep saying "they", Lamb is the primary one of the two, she controls both of them, so it's just "she". Why are you making it harder for you?
I'm going to call them "they". Why shouldn't I? Just let people call them what they want.
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: New HUD (Stats like ad/ap)
The character menu should be a toggle and I'd definitely prefer to have it written out what stats they are, it's confusing to look at such small icons.
: 3rd iteration of Karma's PBE changes
I have no idea where they are even trying to go with this rework anymore :/ I can see these changes work but I don't like them better than her live kit at all. It's already balanced out between her abilities and roles. Longer root? She already got a decently long root, as long as it lands the extra time won't matter much. Higher scaling on W? She's supposed to gain power where she chooses, not have it from the start. What's the deal with not wanting the extra dmg on the Mantra'd W? W targeting monsters? Uh, sure. I don't know why you suddenly went for it without the first iteration's heal-concept, but I'll take it. Could be really powerful. No damage on Mantra'd E? Sure I can live without it, but it was yet another fun and unique part of her kit. More power in the late-game? There are late-game champs, what's wrong with Karma being that early game champion she's always been? Her Q and utility already stayed relevant in the late-game anyways. I'd want some more context on where they are taking Karma from Rick, it feels so pointless right now (and to be honest, it's just making me sad).
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: Ekko doesn't feel like an AP champion.
Thought he was AD when I first heard about him. Might be because they talked about having him as a sustained damage-threat (which he really isn't right now, he mostly bursts).
: new ap item available for testing soon!
I'm interested in anything with fun passives/actives! Sounds like something I would buy a lot.
: We sure can. :) There are actually *already* some changes in place to discourage dodgers, but they aren't testable on the PBE environment, which is why I didn't detail them above. As many people have brought up dodging in Nemesis Draft though, let's get into them right now. 1) Dramatically **increased dodge penalties of up to 2 hours for recurring dodges**. We can also change these numbers on the fly once live, and we'll be keeping an eye on them. As many players here have pointed out, Nemesis Draft is an opt-in experience, so there should be no surprises in champ select. 2) In the spirit of rewarding good behaviour, we also have **a special reward icon planned for players who don't leave or dodge any games of Nemesis Draft** throughout the mode's run. There will be a low minimum game requirement, but the goal is to give players who loved Nemesis Draft a badge of honour to display afterwards. This reward will be delivered after the game mode has ended. For anyone curious on the detection of AFKs, leaving, etc, this recent LeaverBuster FAQ has all the details.
If you enter, say, 50 lobbies while this mode is online but you have to leave once, well, that's gonna suck. I don't dodge on principle, but sometimes you just have to and it would feel harsh to miss an icon because of it. I wouldn't want to play as much in case something happens and I have to leave. Ridiculous to some, but that's how I am.
: new item "Void Gate" bug
Kinda fun to use though :P
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
Some thoughts from my first game as supp (I'll probably post again when I've played more): 1. The new baron-minions are freaky, really freaky. If we gave the enemy a chance to start attacking the base it was panic! Ohmwrecker felt really good to use now with this being one of the reasons. Should Ohmwrecker be able to cancel the new laser on the inhib turrets after it has already started channeling? It can't right now at least and it almost killed our jungler. Unlike the normal shots, it makes sense if the laser is cancelled since it is continuously fired from the turret. 2. The dragon felt really important and way more focus was put on it now. Heck, we even prioritized dragon over baron at one point in the game. 3. The new craith made things exciting to say the least. Who needs early warding when the river is covered by a sweeper-proof visionizer? Anyhow, it feels really powerful, sometimes maybe too powerful. No idea how all that extra vision is going to turn out when it takes away the sneak-barons/dragons. It was also really fun to see both teams trying to get the last hit on it while fighting an all-out battle in the rivers ^^ ___ So far I think the new changes really added to the intensity of the game, but it's hard to say already.
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
Oh god that sounds great. The problem with normal Hexakill was that people still tried to enforce some kind of meta, but on such a small map as TT they won't have a choice! I can play the game without pressure!
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
I had only played Viktor a couple of times before his rework (I found his kit too short-ranged and awkward to use). Anyhow, here are my opinions. 1. His E and Q work quite well together, while the W and R also work nicely together. In any other combination all of them feel pretty awkward to use. Just in general his kit does and did feel pretty weird. 2. So far I mostly feel like the E and maybe Q augments are worth upgrading for. The E explosions are really nice, but other than that the augments don't feel incredibly useful, especially on the W. More on R in the next point. 3. I've never been a fan of his ult and I still ain't. The augment feels like it is a worthwhile upgrade, but it also comes really late. Nothing wrong with the damage at least, so I guess it balances it out. I do feel like the ult won't go where I want it to or in some random direction sometimes. 4. I absolutely love the new version of this, although I also feel like it *is* his kit right now. With Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth the burst is pretty amazing and I could use him more as an AA-based mage, kinda like Azir or Teemo. The Q felt strong throughout the game and the shield popping up on cast is definitely needed. He might even be a little too overwhelming in lane right now (take this with a grain of salt, I haven't played him that much afterall). 5. Getting my Sheen and then again when getting Lich Bane. Conclusion: I definitely enjoy the new Viktor a lot more (zapping people is fun), but I would play him really differently compared to before (because of the Q). I'm a little disappointed in the augments (except for the E), but overall I'm having a lot more fun with him now when his shield allow him to get a little closer without getting popped immediately.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
Karma was my first main, but I've never thought any of her skins were better than the default (or interesting at all). This one feels a lot better though. When I first saw it on s@20, I thought it didn't look like Karma at all (looked like a new character when looking at her face), but trying it ingame made those feeling go away. The skin feels really nice and the clothes are interesting and suiting while the animations and particle effects are really nice on the Q and E (that shield would suit great on 5th Age Taric!). There are only two things I'd like to see changed: 1. The R feels a little underwhelming when activating it compared to the default skin. 2. I expected the enhanced W to have some more interesting particles floating around it. Although having a pink version of it, it felt a little lackluster after seeing the other abilities. Oh, and we also had the global sound on the recall (although I figured it came from Soraka, was lagging a lot so I didn't pay attention to it at the time). All and all, feels like a buy from me and I only own maybe 5 skins or so.
: Gnar Bug thread
Gnar's Character Stats still calls his Rage-bar "Fury".


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