: Aphelios PBE Thread
Hey Stashu, TL;DR I really enjoyed playing Aphelios. I personally think all the hype of how complex he is to play will die down a lot once players get a few games in. I found the kit to be engaging and versatile. The combos are very interesting and challenge players to adapt to a number of different play styles. I also agree with other comments that his kit may be a little overturned. There do seem to be clear downsides and moments of vulnerability as Aphelios, but given how many tools he has, this level of counterplay seems healthy. Overall, I think he will add a new type of marksman to the group, with several unique features. I look forward to playing him on live. Great job to the team who made him! Cheers, JB
: Oh! Thanks for pointing that out! Ok let me mention it to the team, at least!
Hey Fairy, Something else I noticed is that, in some animations, LB’s arm goes through her cape. Here’s a snapshot I got of it from the Skin Spotlights chroma video for the skin: https://m.imgur.com/a/QYjisHZ I’m not sure if this was intended, but I thought it was at least worth pointing out. JB
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Orianna, Nami, LeBlanc, Graves, and Fiddlesticks Chromas!
: Hey! A quick check-in! A few things should be updated when PBE hits today: * Collar size has been reduced * Texture adjustments to her head to help it pop out more/see her face. * Color adjustment on her orange skirt - it is less gray, and it has more of an ombre effect into reddish-orange. **EDIT:** Ack, forgot one that was your suggestion! * W/RW has lingering effects to be able to see it, and some of your green triangle stuff.
Hey Fairy Flan, Thanks for the edits and update. The skin looks better than yesterday. Something I would still point out is the bright green neckline (see pic). I feel it unnecessarily adds clutter and decreases the clarity of the model’s face/head. Can the brightness/vibrance of the green circle be decreased a little? https://imgur.com/a/wfOlEWE
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
For everyone pointing out that she is missing her crown on this skin - it’s worth noting that she has no crown on Wiked, Prestigious or Mistletoe either (over half her current skins).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
As a long time LB main, this skin isn’t what I was expecting after a long wait while other champs got multiple skins. I don’t hate it, and actually think the skin is decent. There are some pluses of the skin: Interesting take on the champ and a bit unexpected. (I imagine Velkoz mains had a similar reaction to Def not Velkoz.) By and large, the visual and sound effects fit the theme very well and sound pretty cool all in all. Here are some things I note that need improvement: The collar has an odd shape and makes the whole head area look honestly weird. It would be more beneficial keeping the original shape. Speaking of the head, there’s a bright green line around the back of her neck. It clutters up the model’s head and detracts from visual clarity. I would like to see this dimmed or removed (possibly make it grey instead). The Q mark above enemies fades near the top. Not sure why but I think the fade should go as well. The hologram on her W pad takes a few seconds to appear. I believe this was a design call but honestly I don’t understand why. The hologram is fine on its own. No need to mess with when it appears. Keep it the full duration of the pad. Her RQ’s color might be hard to read for color blind peeps. Also it’s not too different from her normal Q. Would like to see the orange punched up a little. I’ll try to add a few more notes in the coming days, but this is a good start. Cheers, JB
: Ok let me bring this up to the team! I can't promise anything, but I _can_ at least promise the feedback will be seen!
FWIW another thing I noticed is that when his passive is up, it is extremely difficult to see when he is using a blue elixir. Given the color scheme of the skin, I’m not exactly sure how to combat that.
: Hmm! Actually I've been reading the reaction to Hextech Malz's face - most people seem offput by it. I'm trying to figure out exactly what they mean - is it because this skin doesn't have a "facemask" of some sort? And you can see his mouth? Is that was is making him not feel like Malz?
Malz is one of my favorite champs, and this is a great skin, but unfortunately I have to agree. The biggest things that stand out to me are the mouth and eyes. His current facial expression kinda has the look of a confused robot. Removing the mouth altogether would make a huge difference. As it is, the mouth looks out of place and a little distracting tbh. Additionally, the eyes don’t look quite as *sinister* as his other skins. Maybe narrowing/shaping them slightly might help give Malz a more manacing look. Other than that, his ability FX are amazing. Really well done!
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
Looks very cool; I’m excited to test them and give some feedback. Are you updating abilities only or actions (ie walking, running, etc.)? Veigar’s walky/hoppy movement is one of the weirdest around and thought it would be a prime candidate for updating. Cheers, JB
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Hey CertainlyT, I haven’t had a chance to gametest her yet (vacation), but I’m curious about her old ability to take towers. Her old passive allowed her to take turrets quickly, which seems to be removed from her new kit. Is this intended, and if so, do you feel she is compensated in other ways? Thanks, JB
: Next week, expected on ~~the Wednesday~~ Thursday.
Is next patch coming on Wednesday or Thursday? I’ve noticed that Riot usually pushes the patch back a day when their main office is closed for a holiday (like Memorial Day next Monday).
: > Ability resets - With not much room to work with, if a champ with ability resets (Kat, Darius, Yi, Vayne, etc.) gets a kill, they can snowball out of control way too easily. Removing these resets would likely lead to a game that lasts a more normal length instead of a 9 minutes stomp fest. Those champs are all meh at best on aram since they get hard countered by 1 exh/cc on aram. People tend to keep heavy CC champs on aram a lot so it's unlikely never playing against CC when you have yi/kat/vayne etc.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you the number of times my team has gotten steam rolled by a one-item Yi. The nature of ARAM makes it nearly impossible to have reliable hard cc. Yi was already pretty strong on ARAM (even before his ult reset was added). Removing the reset just makes it so that the team without a Yi doesn’t get repeatedly Yi’d until they lose or ff.
: Hey Geneman! This isn't intended to be a full balance pass on HA, so there are probably weaker or stronger keystones that could be addressed in the future, just not for this patch! :) With regards to the experience confusion, basically the way ARAM worked before is you started at level 3, but with the experience of a level 1 champion. All experience in League is additive, so to hit level 2, you need the full experience of level 1. And to hit level 3, you need the full experience of level 1+2. Since you at level 3 with 0 exp, you had to essentially "level" through 1, 2 AND 3 to get level 4 in Live ARAM. Now... you'll start at level 3 with the minimum exp you'd have as if you naturally reached level 3. Does that make more sense? It's mathy :) but the real TLDR is you'll hit level 4 faster!
: ARAM Updates on PBE
Alright! This is some good stuff! As someone who spends more than half their time playing League in ARAMs, I have some thoughts/suggestions: 1. Dark harvest - I like the proposed change here. Most people don’t realize just how broken DH is on ARAM. I have numerous pentakills and even a double penta thanks to this broken rune. 2. Update to champ-specific abilities - There’s nothing quite like getting a Shyv in ARAM... rip your passive. Champs like Shyv, Kindred and Ivern, who rely jungle interaction to fulfill the full limits of their passives end up feeling left out in the cold (as do their teammates). I would suggest replacing these passives with either some basic stat buffs (e.g. melee champs receiving extra armor and MR). This helps people who play with these champs feel like their game is on a more level playing field. Still thinking of other ways to make these champs more relevant in ARAM. 3. Ability resets - With not much room to work with, if a champ with ability resets (Kat, Darius, Yi, Vayne, etc.) gets a kill, they can snowball out of control way too easily. Removing these resets would likely lead to a game that lasts a more normal length instead of a 9 minutes stomp fest. Again, love the take you are dedicating to improving ARAM. I’ll probably have more thoughts to come, but this is my initial take on the changes. Cheers, JB Follow-up: I just saw the 3 new items. They look OP and super fun! My guess is that they’ll likely need a slight nerf to not become 100% buy items on a large pool of champs.
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
Also looks like LB was left off the list.
: Yeah mana costs are waaaaay too high.
I agree with this. You need to max W to waveclear, but the costs at higher levels makes it a bit prohibitive to waveclear consistently. Having said that, my guess is that this point falls under the larger discussion of making it harder to clear waves in order to keep laners in lane to interact/trade more often as opposed to push quickly and roam.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Zed!
Hey Katie, Love this skin! So many cool aspects to it. My only criticism to add would be about the ultimate indicator that floats above his enemies. It’s usually the shiruken that matches the skin, but in this case, the sword looks a little, I don’t know, puny? Is there a way to enlarge the sword or is there another icon that can be used? Maybe cross swords? Other than that love the skin, and I can’t wait for it to hit live. Cheers, JB
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Boss Malzahar!
Hey LS, Love this skin. Such cool graphics! The only issue I've seen with it is that the particles on his E are sometimes hard to pick up. (It might be because of the changes to SR for arcade mode, but I'll go back and check it on regular.) For better clarity, is there any wiggle room in modifying the coloring in the E particles to make them stand out better? Cheers!
: Anybody Experiencing Ping Spikes in PBE?
In my experience, this is regular on the PBE. It's been mentioned in other posts, but it's caused by a number of factors aside from your internet connection. Lag happens to everyone. I live like 2 miles from Riot and normally have a very low PBE ping and even I get lag spikes randomly.
: You should ask the Rioters on Twitter. PBE boards is not the correct place for this.
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1 World Championship Skins!
Hi Katey and LS, Great job on these. You never fail to impress. A couple notes: Syndra: the logo on her Q and W flash really quickly. Is it possible to extend the time the logo is present (maybe with and extended time or fade away slowly). Nami: the logo in her R is pretty difficult to see (hey clash with the other particles in the wave). Ekko: really love the logo popping up in the R. On the W, though, is harder to see. Again, I'm really excited to see the finished products. Great job! Edit: I agree with a few others who have voiced concerns about the price. It seems like a tough sell to increase the price point from 750 to 1350 in just two years for the "same" theme's skins. I understand why it is more expensive. The added particles and animations take time and money, and they definitely add value to the skin. At the same time, I think the value proposition for a 1350 skin might fall a little short for a good chunk of players.
: Gifting bug
This is still happening every time I log on to he PBE. Always seems to be 75+ notifications.
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: Rek'Sai's Changes
Maybe I missed something, but Is this a bug?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Chemtech Tryndamere!
Agreed with some others here. This skin feels over loaded for a 975. I think 1350 feels more appropriate for a skin of this caliber. For feedback on the skin itself, is the torso meant to be a grey? Unless I'm mistaken, it's pretty similar to his Nightmare skin. Everything else on the skin has a pretty distinct and thematically cohesive feel, though.
: Updated the initial thread -- we did make some changes to the textures to push those differences!
Thanks Time Wizard. It looks great. I can't wait for it to hit live!
: Hey TroJhin PBE! > Are the traps on PFC the same size as they are in her other skins? Maybe it's just me, but they look slightly bigger. The actual traps are the same size, but I see where you're coming from with the outer VFX causing it to look to larger. Our VFX artist is making a tiny tweak that should be on PBE tomorrow. :) *It's been on our to-do list..* > The indicator for her headshot is a little hard to read unless you know what to look for. On Cait's other skins, there are some flame/flare graphics on her hands when her passive is up, whereas on this skin, the color on her rifle changes color. Any way to add some consistent graphics on her hands for her passive? We weren't sold on the idea of adding something to her hands, but we agreed that she needed a bit more glow on her somewhere to tell when she has her Headshot up. We've added more glow/flare to her gun, which should mitigate this! Please let me know what you think!
Hi Katey! Sorry for the delayed response. The coloring changes to the rifle on the passive make it more visible and add the clarity it was previously lacking. The traps still look a little big, but the more I see them in game, the more I think it is due to the blue dotted line visuals around the traps than the traps themselves. Thanks for looking into (and helping fix) these issues. Greatly appreciated!
: PFE no Rioter responding
I get the sense they're pretty busy working on skins, chromas, etc. to respond to all our posts. At the end of the day, we provide them feedback. I'm sure it's all looked at, but ultimately, the choice to respond is up to them.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Caitlyn!
Wow nice work! I really dig the animations (both abilities and emotes). The look, feel and theme of this skin are pretty cohesive and well composed. GJ Katey. Two questions: 1. Are the traps on PFC the same size as they are in her other skins? Maybe it's just me, but they look slightly bigger. 2. The indicator for her headshot is a little hard to read unless you know what to look for. On Cait's other skins, there are some flame/flare graphics on her hands when her passive is up, whereas on this skin, the color on her rifle changes color. Any way to add some consistent graphics on her hands for her passive? Other than that, great job.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Ezreal Update!
First off, can I get a slow clap for these upgrades? I've long felt this skin had so much potential to it. These updates really help realize that potential. One comment: the 2nd and 3rd forms look pretty similar (except when zoomed in a bit). Any way to set them apart a little more when at normal zoom? Otherwise, really well done Time Wizard. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
Minor bug, but the icon for Champion Shard is a normal hextech chest instead of the coin. http://imgur.com/a/xy0YQ
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Hey Repertoir, Really excited to dive in and test these out. Quick question about Adaptive Helm: Does the passive work on repetion of the same ability or just one instance of the ability being cast? The tooltip says it reduces all subsequent magic damage "from that same spell or effect" for 5 seconds, but this can be interpreted one of a few ways. For example, would damage from all Ryze or Cass Es be mitigated for 5 seconds or just the first E cast? Thanks!
: Game Cancels after going through Champ Select.
This seems better suited for the Bugs page. You might get a quicker response there.
: PBE issue
Check the Bugs board. It's a known issue.
: Lissandra passive changes
I think these changes could make her a better poke champ. Her laning phase feels better with the change. A good QoL change that helps her sustain. I think it might even open the door to see Liss support.
: Kassadin Buffs
I agree. I think his only marginally more with the proposed buffs. Still, his recent winrate hasn't been terrible. My guess is that these buffs will put him just under or at 50%.
This topic came up in the Bugs section of the forum. Maybe this is more fitting for over there(?). Either way, this is apparently a known common issue lately.
: Champ Select
I ran into the same bug. I can post pics tomorrow if someone hasn't already posted some.
: I love Jinx but that's mèh...
I agree with this. Since the new buff applies to crit, chances are she would feel buffed mid to late game. As it is, as the game goes on, Jinx tends to be more and more of a nightmare. Also, as somewhat of a defensive utility ability, I don't quite understand why Zap! would need to crit. Instead of the buff applying crit, I would rather the crit chance do something like add to the slowing effect (either duration or severity of the slow). Something like: Slows for 30/40/50/60/70% for 2 seconds. If the ability crits, the damage remains the same. However: 1. the slow intensity is doubled, or 2. the slow duration is doubled. IMO, I think this change would be a better fit given the context of the ability's utility.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Fist Lee Sin!
TL;DR: Great start! Base skin needs more contrast. Q particles need better clarity, E and R animations seem a little weak and could use improvement. To start, this is a great theme for a skin. The splash is awesome. To echo what some others have said, the entire visual seems to get drowned by gold (ATM, he looks like if Brand and Radiant Wukong had a lovechild). To make it match the splash more closely, I would consider trying to incorporate darker (grey/gun metal?) areas on the torso to really make the gold fists stand out. Q: The projectile looks cool, though the hit box seems a little wider than this classic skin. Also, the particles under the target appear much smaller than his classic skin. These could both use a little size adjustment. The particle under the target is also a little faint and could be punched up a little for better clarity. W: Very cool looking shield particles. Not much to change here. E: The animation is little confusing. One second he's standing there, the next, the earth below him is broken and there's a gold aura. Also mentioned by others, the animation on his classic skin is honestly much better. R: the animation is pretty sweet, but it would be even more awesome if there was more flare and pop to it. Maybe add something like an explosion or shockwave to emphasize the skin's godliness.
: 45% CDR at Level 16 means her ult has a 27 second cooldown. Assuming she kills someone with it, at Level 16 she'll be able to ult again in 13.5 seconds. It's just ridiculous - the impact on late game SR games might not be huge since by Level 18 a lot of champs will be able to survive the ult, but this will completely break her in ARAM.
She's already broken in ARAM. She has a semi-global ult that comes up virtually every skirmish and a root where it is almost guaranteed 4 other enemies can jump on you.
: Extra Runes?
I have the same issue. In some cases, I have up to 18 of the same rune.
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: PBE Beginning
There is. It's in the bundles tab in the shop.
: PBE iceborn Gauntlet slow graphic effect not stopping
I've seen this before as well. Happened to Faker during one of SKT's games this week. The visual effect was there for the rest of the game, but there was no slow.
: Server's are still down?
Looks like PBE is back up. I just logged on.
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