: Riot recruit new players and to avoid these wait times find a way to reward active players who are always there here to test features and raise flags/report bugs on PBE.
All the active players just play blinds anyways
: Just break them down into essence. Then when a new champ comes out, get his shard and boom, new champ. :P
If a new champion comes out and you open a chest there is no guarantee that the shard you get will be for the new champion. You do get champion shards for champions you already own. The only way to be guaranteed to get the new champion would be to re-roll three other champion shards. Breaking them down into essence would be a bad idea.
: almost sure that wont be a problem for anybody what catches my attention is the 654 chests
654 chests? What are we testing, bugs for ants? http://i.imgur.com/RZ6Q1EP.jpg
: [Visual bug] Number gets cut off in new chest interface
Update: if you have more than 100,000 essence, it cuts off the last digit. http://i.imgur.com/PXRF4ZJ.jpg
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: [SHOP]Not working.
I was having the same problem, at some point I clicked the shop and tabbed out. When I came back it was there. I was able to load bundles, but the chromas aren't there yet. After that if I clicked on a tab it would show a loading gif for a while and then give an error.
: Client problem. New match
Learn to read http://i.imgur.com/vqB95D7.png From this http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players
: Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards!
Found possibly a few bugs http://i.imgur.com/JoHHsJX.jpg First of all, it says I'm level 30 on my summoner icon, but says I must be level 7 to play draft pick dominion. Even if I was level 7, the group play button should be locked like the solo queue button, but I can still click on it and it takes me into the invite friends stage, but won't let me start a match because I don't have 16 champions. Same happens with normal draft and ranked
: Is there a way to potentially tie in higher rates for positive players as incentive for more positive play? Positive players have an X% higher chance to get the higher bonuses, etc? Would be a nice way to reward positive play and not the premades who talk smack and are incredibly rude to the random players they may be matched with or against. I'm curious about your thoughts on something like this as an indirect bonus for the positive players in the community while not necessarily something that would be exclusive or an RP reward.
I think they want to stay away from that, it could lead to people begging and whining for honors, etc..


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