: Didn't experienced this in a long time
its cause of URF. just goes to show how many players abuse their PBE accounts just to be the first to try out new things
: Yea, COD has no toxic players. Toooootally.
CoD isnt popular it has like an average of 200,000 players per day. i'm talking about games that have millions of players similar to LoL. games like World of Warcraft, CS:GO, even Dota 2, Starcraft 2, almost any PC game you can think of has no punishment for trash talking. and all those games are way better off than riot games could ever hope to be
: The Hunt for Khazix and Rengar
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: Riot Point Bug
i think they should change any skins that are allready in the game to one RP. i still want to test certain skins
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: Le Blanc's New Skn
It's actually Ravenborn not Underworld. that's wukong :)
: [Maokia/Ryze] Icons Missing in Champ Select
does this mean that ryze and maokai might be getting reworks? :O probably not. but this bug is common and happens a lot. nothing to really worry about
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