: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
Someone here mentioned how his W feels dull and unfinished, and that is one of the feedbacks I agree on but I made this comment just to add in what I think: since he lost his "gun" for his ultimate (don't get me wrong I obviously love this idea, it makes him feel more powerful and intimidating) then his W should somehow have a similar feel. Maybe instead of summoning the W gun he could grab a nearby star that spawns near him when he cast W, and uses the same hand to crush the star and push the debri forward. Yeah this idea may have a lot of holes and disadvantages but I just wanted to visualize the idea I had Also agreed that his other 3 hands definitely should take turns shooting the ultimate. Maybe add a charging particle affect when the 4th shot is loaded to give more impact but this may not be possible due to gameplay issues. But the 3 hands move should definitely be a thing. One more feedback: personally not a fan of the big heavy cloaky cape and was expecting something sleek like cosmic Ashe's fading star cape but I think it will look as good if more shine is added like Rakan's cape Otherwise a very well executed skin, the creeps and chills definitely reached my spines. Good work riot!!
: The thing is that last year was in a bundle with a ward skin, and this year will probably be the same, I wish was just the skin and icon, buying ward skins (a lot of them are ugly) and paying an overpriced bundle because you want the border (and DGAF about the ward, like me) is not nice! Riot should at least give the 2 options: a bundle with the Skin + Icon and a bundle with Skin + Icon + Ward (Not only for Conqueror border, Gun Goddes MF, and others should have the option of the border without the ward bundle). I wish the border was just for buying in the range of 2 weeks like the first PROJECT borders,
Yes riot please do this. I would really like to buy skin+icon only with the border. I want to save the RP for things I really love, especially with those SSG skins coming up, I'm definitely going to buy a couple of them.. Please do multiple bundles of a couple of options
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pizza Delivery Sivir!
Personally, I really really love how pretty she is and how this skin turns out. Her Q impact sounds a bit off because it sounds like blades hitting each other? Maybe make it sound more gooey, cheesy, and greasy like someone smacked a pie on your face? This sound could also be used on her E if she succeed to block a spell. https://imgur.com/a/eVeE0 BUT PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO US PIZZA ON THE FLOOR!! NOT LIKE THIS PLEASE DONT MAKE A PIZZA LOOK SO SAD PLEASE TURN IT OVER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIVIR IS DEAD BUT **SAVE THE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**
: Sometimes it's difficult to accept changes, the new healthbar is one that I will need some time to get used to. To be honest, I didn't like the themed ammo from some champions, Jhin's ammo bar for example don't seem like part of the champion. I don't know if I feel this way because I'm got used to the old hud but I believe that even with changes it'd be important to keep the individualities. I look to the ammo bar and see only bullets, not bullets from Jhin.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I totally agree. I really dislike Jhin's new ammo bar, it's really hard to see and it really disturbs me when I'm trying to prepare a 4th shot for the flash+aa execution.
Rioter Comments
: I'd agree with everything here besides the VFX. His voice is way too high pitched when compared to his original, and its very weird once you notice it.
Yeah I do agree that his voice over becomes very high pitched. And it IS VERY WEIRD. Felt like it's not Jhin at all
: This is pretty much exactly how I feel. The coat just feels very out of place with the skin. Changing the kind of coat he is wearing or getting rid of the fur will add lots of improvements to the skin. I personally like the darker reds since zed has already taken the place of red amongst the PROJECT skins. I just think adding a little bit of highlights with some red and specific points will better the skin and make it feel more PROJECT.
I made an edit to remove the fur of his jacket and changed it into a long-neck instead. Check out my reply to Bess (just a little bit down there) see if you can comment what you think about it. Was thinking of giving him a trench coat but I think that might be too long for him, so I made it shorter
: Thanks for making this skin, overall the skin it's awesome, but some things that I find that could be better: - That jacket/coat color, doesn't fit, would be better if looks like Black/Dark Grey/Red with Black colors, it's too distracting because doesn't look like it's from the skin! - The coat/jacket really needs to be longer (But if it is not possible because of the timing, at least change the colors, please!). - The red of the model could look more vivid, something like Zed or more purple-ish (Like some of the VFX), IDK, just look like a Rusty Red and doesn't fit with the VFX. - The fur part of the coat doesn't fit PROJECT skins overall I think, really off. - More glowing red in his gun would be nice too. - New Move Speed Buff VFX (Blood Moon and SKT got a new one), I think this one should have it too (But it's probably being made, just didn't hit the PBE yet). The VFX and SFX are perfect, nothing to say about them! Thanks again for creating this amazing skin, - Bess!
I don't want to make a new comment, so I'll say it here since a lot of people said this anyway. Most of us, including me, agrees that there needs to be **work done for his jacket**. Some people said that a longer coat would be good since all of Jhin's skins have some sort of cape (a poncho, except for BloodMoon). Furthermore, the absence of this poncho reveals how awfully skinny he is. Maybe it is true that he is skinny, but imo in this PROJECT model, this makes him look like a female instead (like, look at his torso, that's too skinny even for a male; he's even curvier than Jinx!) Take an example of Lucian https://i.imgur.com/a/8tfxq.png Or Yi https://i.imgur.com/a/nyrF1.png I'd say they're not super buffed male, but if you compare them to Jhin's model, Jhin looks anorexic. I would suggest to make his torso flatter on the sides so he doesn't look too curvy. Here's a really quick fix I did to demonstrate what I'm imagining https://i.imgur.com/a/ezUCA.png _NOTE: - I've removed his jacket to show it clearer how skinny and curvy Jhin's model is - Yes the image is flipped. - The red markings I sketched on his mask is just so that you guys can see it overall, I know that it's not displaying right now and it is a bug. - Model screenshot was from Reformed Sona's comment down there, he made changes to the colors (that's why it may seem different compared to the current one) but I'm looking specifically into his torso, coat, and fur on his jacket (plus additional suggestion on the colors)_ Added some dark purple (maybe a duller purple will work better) to match how his summoner icon looks like, added more red, made his torso look flatter on the sides, and sketched a possible length for his coat. Also removed the fur on the jacket to show the people who think that the fur didn't match the theme. Thanks for reading!
: Alright guys, I'm signing off for tonight, unless something very bad breaks. I will be back tomorrow morning (PDT timezone). I apologize for all the issues that you have encountered. There are many bugs to fix. Thank you, I hope you enjoy your day. I hope you win many games and have fun. Be nice to each other. I am {{item:3187}} {{item:3187}}
Gotta comment here, but here's a bug I just encountered today. Not sure if it happens to anyone else or if this bug could be reproduced. - I logged in with 3300 RP instead of 3000 RP. - 5 Blue essence, check, nothing wrong. - Went into a game, and after the game ends, went back to the client's homepage only to find that my RP and BE is back to 9999999999999bazillion Happy bug solving!
: Hey Jarvis! Our sound designer is actually working on all of what you'd just mentioned. She's looking to have changes in by the end of the week. :) Unfortunately, you're right in that it isn't feasible to make her a legendary. :c The good news is, it means she still has a spot open for a legendary in the future - any suggestions?
Woah! Straight suggestions?? Well I have a LOT as a Katarina main for 3 years! I've had so many 'off-the-theme' ideas such as : - Chef Katarina : her holding a spatula and vegeteble knife on each of her hand, completely new voiceovers talking about cooking and food (the mood is passionate) - You know "Qatar airlines"? Well yeah this was one of the stupid ideas i got; QATARina : where she is a stewardes from Qatar airlines xD don't think it's possible (cuz copyright and whatever) but the pun is funny :) Existing skin lines : - Pool Party Katarina : while there has not been a legendary pool party line, I think she would make a good candidate. Playfull voiceovers, throwing noodles everywhere! - Bloodmoon Katarina : Honestly, I don't know how to make this legendary, because Katarina's base VFX is red like the skinline, but it's worth mentioning - Arcade Katarina : playfull voiceovers, think about D.va from Overwatch (talk about winning, being the best, and passion in arcade games) Well I couldn't remember any other skin ideas LOL maybe I'll drop by and add ideas that pops back into my mind :) Thank you RiotKatey for taking straight suggestions!
: I just wanna say Thank You for making this skin, overall it's perfect, but as a Katarina main since 2011, I wanna point what I think it could be better: 1 - I think we could use a new Respawn animation, when PROJECT was released she still is the only one without a new respawn, maybe you guys could change that with this skin; 2 - Her hair has some nice animations, but it's just look like the same model as her other 9 Skins and base model, a long hair with bangs. 3 - On hit VFX, maybe something like Zed's VFX from his AA VFX, just something "new" when she atacks. 4 - The Daggers Slash looks like basic "slash" when hits an enemy, could put some VFX too, maybe like the souls from Zed's or a new "slash hit" VFX. 5 - The Pink colors could be more dark, or purple (Maybe that is just my preference tho). 6 - The color from her hair, could be more darker/blue IDK, but looks like a Neon/Super Galaxy/ArcadeSona hair's and not "Death Sworn". 7 - Ult's sounds it's too low, could be a bit higher. 8 - New Voracity VFX, different from her base that she just glows bright, could be something like the rest of the VFX. 9 - I think she could be spookier too, like the others two, with more souls leaving when she ults, maybe could remove the pink colors, and do more like Zed colors Spooky Blue and Spooky Green, not pink. I know that her just hitted the PBE, and maybe are some VFX being made, but I'm just pointing in that is not. It's her first skin without Red/Pink VFX, and it's a delight to see something different for her, I love her and maybe I'm asking too much, or not, I just think with these changes it could be better than already is. Sorry for my bad english, not my native language. Thanks, Bess!!
Basic feedbacks, from me: - I think her E sound effect is still too close (or even using the same) classic sound. I know this is still PBE and more things are coming out, but I'm just going to point this out. - One of her recall sounds like her ordinary spin sound (pick up dagger sound), I don't know if that is a bug or intended. It feels bad to hear recycled sounds to be used in other aspects though. - Felt like the VO filter needs a little more work on it. Doesn't sound like a new VO, just putting a faint ghost sound that is hardly heard :/ - Her ultimate's spell effects looks so plain and boring, maybe add souls circulating around the circle indicator (like the souls that appears when Zed's W is disappearing, as well as moments before Zed's R detonates) Additional feedbacks - Why do I feel like Katarina's the one who's really off the theme among the other two? She doesn't look spooky enough (like come on, she looks like she's wearing normal leggings!) whereas the other two new skins completely look spooky and fulfilled the theme of reaping-souls. - Just as mentioned on my other comment, this skin has so much potential to be a legendary skin tier. I'm actually pretty sad that it is unlikely that Riot would hold this back for a little more time to make it legendary :( Anyways the recall is nice, hair is ok. Dagger design is fantastic. I'm still sad that this isn't legendary though :( it has so much potential
: I agree that the pink should be purple rather than removing it for green. It'd be nice to have her colors pop in a different way from the other 2. He hair probably should have a deep purple at the roots that eventually fade out into the green so it doesn't have such a neon arcade look. Her blades also seem to have a weird shape with the 2 prongs on each side which I think would be cleaner if it were removed. I also agree that the particle effects for the dagger spin need more to it. To someone in the comments I also do thing she needs some homeguads skins and this is definitely a good time to start. The daggers should also be toned down in brightness. I feel like the only time the daggers should glow like that is when they touch the ground. I think the sound effects sound amazing. I do however think with al of Katarina's current skins, this skin seems like a good opportunity to go all out legendary considering how she got an updated model. I say go big or go home with all us crazy kat players would definitely get a kat skin that actually made changes. I mean her death animation in this skin is still the same as any. Can we please just get some changes.
I totally agree that this skin has SO MUCH potential to become a legendary skin tier. Riot, what was the purpose of adding a different hair animation? You couldve gone all out and make it as legendary :( You even added VO filters for DS Kat but not Viktor or Zed.. really felt like you guys couldve make this skin much much better as legendary
: I couldn't stop smiling when I saw the announcement that Ashe was getting a new skin! That definitely made my day! :D Unfortunately, I didn't have time to try out this skin, but I just wanted to drop by and say that this skin is so beautiful! It's everything that I want for an Ashe skin. This skin makes Ashe look and feel like a combination of an angel, a queen, and a badass, which I'm all for. She may look quaint and regal, but she will not hesitate to shoot you if you cross her. The new SFX and VFX are spot on too. Also, the VII detail with the arrows in her recall is pretty neat! Amazing job on this skin Riot!! Can't wait for the splash reveal. <3
Wait, what VII detail are you talking about? I couldnt seem to find it xD but since you mentioned this, it made me notice that when CS Ashe recalls, she shoots an arrow to the sky and 8 arrows land on her throne. Since it's season 7, how about making 7 arrows land instead of 8? PS if any of you think it's because Ashe's Volley (W) shoots 8 arrows, no. Volley shoots 9 arrows :) so that's not a reason to keep her recall 8 arrows
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Ashe!
I feel like championship Ashe's colorscheme looks too close to victorious skin line. If we compare CS Ashe with the previous CS lineup https://imgur.com/a/E9oZA#eVN57Td Riven, Thresh, Shyvana, Kalista, and Zed all have more dark blue and silver, some of them has VERY little PALE gold. While in CS Ashe, her large cape is colored white, which makes it overall different than the others (because others are more overall blue; Riven, Thresh, and Kalista has white cloths hanging but they're less noticable compared to Ashe's huuuge cape.) Not to mention that her bow is white and gold, adding more overall whites to the skin. My suggestion is that maybe we can switch the two cape colors (so the 2 floating small cape becomes white whilst the large main cape becomes blue), but maybe if we leave it like it is it would still be acceptable. However, I feel like the bow really needs to be changed. The current white color should be blue and the gold should be silver. That way I feel like the overall color scheme could be made closer to championship. Here's a really quick color change i did on photoshop, it doesnt look as good but this will give a rough idea to everyone. https://imgur.com/a/PRVvS Anything besides that is really fantastic.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Ezreal Update!
First off, I am very grateful that Riot has finally took their time to update this skin. You guys should know that the community appreciates your works! Here's the thing though, I don't know if this is intended (I read somewhere about a Rioter explaining how they shouldn't fully "relaunch" this skin to match the latest skins), but I still think that this skin feels like 1350 or 1820 skin (and tbh its a little bit disappointing). I think that these feedback could help increase the quality of this skin to be appropriate as an ultimate skin tier: - His VO is absolutely amazing, I know its duration has been increased, but it still ended up with 8 minutes. PFCait, a skin tier bellow PFEz, has 11 minutes. I think PFEz deserves a little bit more than 8 minutes but I'm still happy that you guys added some more! - His overall animations still feel clunky. I know some of the animations are updated, and they are indeed amazing, but his idle and auto attack animations are still really similar to his classic animations. Maybe for his idle make PFEz stand straight and change a bit of how he bent his arms. Not to mention his level up upgrade, add different animations when his model "evolved" just like E.Lux lift up to the air and do various animations when switching elements. I think that if you guys can redo all of his animations from scratch, it would look much much better. I understand animating takes a lot of work, but the price of this skin will definitely pay off the hard work! - His homeguard animation needs more effects. Definitely needs more. Add blue effects from his jetpack and maybe multiple fading "circle patterns of pulsefire" which emerges from the front of Ezreal's face all through his legs. along with sounds to fit in, and add some spice ups in his flying animation. Take a look at Star Guardian skins homeguards, they have loads of sparkles effects around them as well as they spin periodically. - Q particle seems like it disappeared before touching enemy model (if hits). Make it look like it hits an enemy - I noticed that his ability and AA sound effects (only when hit) still sound like classic skin, I hope this is a bug or is not finalized, and hope to hear brand new epic sound effects! I know it's a lengthy read but thank you for your time and I look forward to a Rioter's opinion!
: Hey everyone! Thank you for all your awesome and insightful feedback! It's really great that you guys are active on the boards voicing your concerns! Quick notes: *I've seen a ton of feedback about Katarina's hair. One thing to keep in mind is that Kat's white hair and style actually fits within the PROJECT theme. All characters have white-silver hair. We want to keep her consistent with the rest of the PROJECT skins and likely won't be making any changes to her hair. *We've heard your concerns about the spell effects on Kat's Q and W. We will be making them louder to help them read better in game. When Kat get's a speed burst from W, she now has a trail to indicate the buff. Let us know what you think!
Thank you so much Riot! Q looks & sounds so much better and W is now really satisfying! And you even added a new effect for her movement speed buff!! This skin is now perfect :]
First of all, Thank you so much for making this dream skin of mine come through. I really appreciate it Riot. So here are all my short feedbacks about this skin: ----------- When Katarina uses her Q, I think that the mark on top of the enemy is hardly seen, this might effect gameplay. How about making the dagger a little bit solid like her other skins instead of translucent shape of a dagger? Don't know if the sound of her auto attack isnt added yet or its there already, but I think that her AA sound is too similar to her classic. When she recalls, she 'blinks' around the area and finally poses after her 4th blink. From facing the left, blinks to a blackflip, blinks to face the right, and then she blinks to this weird pose. http://imgur.com/XCh08vb.png?noredirrect In my opinion, this pose is VERY awkward and I think you should make Katarina bend down to the ground like her splash art, and make her pose like that instead. Then she get back up and spin, and finally recalls. I think this is much cooler than standing in an awkward pose like that :( Thanks for reading, Love her E and ult ;)
: yeah, after i played a while, she remind me alot of Fiora Project skin, The mask,the sword, the sound. idk but it was so familier . look kata: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RyrdiwWaGrM/V4WSBsFkm3I/AAAAAAAARoA/i1JNBsua0BwUeyqonh9vgadXPCamZX6FQCEw/s640/kat.jpg look fiora : https://lolskinshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/project-fiora-2.jpg try add more pink - Orange - Purple to kata skin btw, you should do curly hair or ponytail to kata skin sometimes, that's a change :)
> btw, you should do curly hair or ponytail to kata skin sometimes, that's a change :) LOL finally someone else realise how all Kata skin has the same exact hairstyle xD
: It's a really great skin, the only thing that kind of sticks out is the w animation. Something about it feels off compared to the w animations of her other skins. It doesn't really feel very satisfying and seems kind of light/weak. It's barely noticeable with the quiet sound and the light animation. Maybe the animation could be darkened a little, or have something added to the sound.
I definitely agree with you. Using her other skins, her W sound is nice and loud so you can hear that satisfying effect of 'slicing' through the enemies, but this PROJECT skin's W sounds far weaker, just a thin sheet of plastic is flapping... Riot, take a look at Zed's classic shadow slash and PROJECT: Zed shadow slash.. they both sound equally satisfying
: where's the dancing {{champion:55}} ? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
YEAH!!! rito PLEASE DON't REMOVE THE DANCING {{champion:55}}
: It's all good! :) I personally like to think that River Spirit and Elderwood live in the same "universe!" Magical water, magical forest!
then... ~~River Spirit~~ Elderwood Nami?
: Shen's unlisted buff on his Q tooltip?
Ah yes, I just learned to play Shen after his rework, and I do realise that his basic attack range got a little extended with Twilight Assault. It didn't mention in his skill description, so it's either a bug or its just not mentioned there :/ Nice screenshot you provided!
: Viktor doesn't merit a nerf
Nerf Viktor? I can list another 10 champs here to get nerfed instead :/ To me Viktor is really balanced, he's a mid-range mage with no escapes, making him fragile and easy to kill if he overextends. It actually takes skill to play him. But now nerf his death ray?? He's going to be trash. Try and look at other not-in-a-good-spot champs that you haven't fix riot, {{champion:105}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:50}}
: Easy solution: Add a PBE only 1vs1 mode so two friends or randoms can test out the same champ or take turns using the champ against each other, counted as a PVP mode so you have no 3+ person restrictions. We could just use the mode to test champions in cases like this. I really do love the PBE and have tested the modes, items, and champs for a while now - it is a good way to gauge the future of League and we're the first line of feedback Riot has before it goes live.
: It's a channel, so this is probably intended. Think warding during a Miss Fortune ult.
warding and using farsight totem is different. I don't play MF so I can't confirm this, but I think Jhin will work well with farsight, and he definitely needs that. It'll be great if Riot approves this, but if not, ok then...
: Scammer pages, Riot punish this!
Riot warns players a lot of times, so if someone fell for scams, its partially their fault too. :/ since Riot can't possibly find all scam websites in a second and immediately take them down. Remember that official Riot websites are only: http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/ http://na.leagueoflegends.com/ http://riotgames.com/
: Maybe they could adjust it so it would still help Jhin but not too much. After all, graves doesn't get the same treatment.
But Grave's reload scales with attack speed right? the more AS he has the faster he will reload. While Jhin's reload will never change, and so is his AS. Correct me if I'm wrong
: You can get all those rare skins from the hextech crafting. I bought all skins from store again and i'm now opening a lot of chests for the rare skins. I already got snowdown sivir for example so pretty much all of them are in there. Even the team skins, I've heard that there is no championship riven though :(.
Championship or Victorious skins will never be available in those chest. That's the only reason why people are protesting about the reset. I lost a bunch of my limited skins since two or three years ago :( really sad Now I don't even think I will bother to play PBE if they don't return our skins.
: I cant be the only one
True. I had time just for one game and I hope I can ask people to allow me to play Jhin, but turns out someone picked Jhin faster than me (my computer is sloooowww) and even though I called adc first he then proceeds to call "top then" and locks Jhin in. I'm sorry I had to dodge that game, I'd rather play normally in my real account rather than not playing Jhin in PBE. Still haven't get to play Jhin till this day
Rioter Comments
: why i lost my cs riven?
Yeah this sucks so badly especially for those who own PBE account for so long that they have ultimately rare skins. This reset thing will be forgivable if Riot returns our previously owned skins after that hextech chest thing goes live.
: MY Special skins GONE :(
YEAH!! I have All Star Akali and Red Card Katarina, along with millions of other legacy skins, and I lost them all! these rare skins can't be replaced with 950,000 RP rito pls
: Jhin walking
I agree with you. Even his "walking" animation itself is weird IMO
: Japanese Content on PBE
Do we have to deal with Japanese texts of the client? Since I can only read katakana and hiragana but not kanji so I think I will have difficulties to read and understand the whole thing, but I still would love to change my champion voiceovers to Japanese. Can we get a setting for only the voice overs while the client text remains english?
It's not just scam, they're tricking players to insert your NA/EUW username and password so they obtained your real account. Pretty stupid too, not everyone in PBE plays only on NA/EUW. Plus Riot already warned all their players to only trust their official websites, which are: - na.leagueoflegends.com - lolesports.com - riotgames.com
: Please no shared splash.... pleaaaaaaaaase.................
Totally AGREE. Shared splash reduce my willingness of buying a skin by 50%
: May we call it 'Sun God Wukong'? Sun God just has a stronger sound than simply 'Radiant'. (I am aware he's not really a sun god)
{{champion:89}} Someone will not be very happy
: Yo Paris Hilton! Since 2016 is the year of the monkey we felt that it was only appropriate that Wukong get a skin. We were aware that he had a LR skin previously but we felt that that was a weak excuse not to give him this one. :3
If that's the case, why no LR Hecarim skin on 2014 when it's the year of horse :(
: Yup, they are! Should be in later this week. Thanks for the report!
Will there be a little bit of sound effects for her skills too? Her Q spear looks really gorgeous and I hope it sounds different
: What do you mean by too Vulgar? Their just boobs, boobs can't be inappropriate and rude. They just exist.
: Snowdown Preview
I might be late here, but I would love a respond - Regarding the Snowdown shop, are legacy skins eligible to be part of the sale? For example 20% off for Dragonblade Riven or 50% off for Goal Keeper Blitzcrank? - Also, does all the sale include the champion too? What will happen if I go ahead and buy the champion only with IP? Will the cost be changed to only the skin? - Does it only offers skin sales for champions that you don't own? - Will friends be able to gift us? For example Foxfire Ahri was 50% on my client, if one of my friend gifts Foxfire Ahri, will he/she pay 975 or 487? - Will legendary or ultimate skins be eligible to be part of the sale?
: This is the original version of OFA, where each team picks their own champion (e.g. 5 Shen vs. 5 Zed). Mirror matches are possible if both teams happen to vote for the same champion.
oh, I see.. since the second time you guys released OFA is all 10 players picked for both teams (5 Draven vs 5 Draven in ARAM) whew, good thing it was different for each team now ^^" I like it better
: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
One question here, is it one for all for both enemy and ally, or just your team? I would prefer the same champions just for one team though, since facing mirror matches suck xD Sorry was not able to test on PBE right now, that's why I asked ˚–˚/
: Soon! :3
honestly, I really dislike that word LMAO its like "soon" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: No. Neon strike Vi would like to have a word with you. Her huge gloves are her defining feature. Not the pink color. Her skin color + clothes color are a huge mess at the moment. Skin should be more red, clothes darker/black.
Okay? You seem so serious and bold about how "I" realised that pink color is her color scheme. I didnt say something like "oh its her theme color guys, thats why riot make it pink. Too bad" No? I just said something like "oh Vi's color scheme is is more to pink, since her other skins uses pink a lot too. If riot thinks so and would like to keep the pink color, sure but make it more red" Dont be so hard about people's opinions :/ we're just stating our thoughts.
: That sounds worse than me, hopefully you were vayne, at least her passive true damage is still useful
LOL yes. but what is vayne without tumble and ult
: That a bad thing?
lol so you're trying to make Zyra jungling at the very first place.. not happening
: Pink and Red look HORRIBLE together. Either make her totally red or totally (hot)pink. Colors of her clothes are also a mess. Look at this [this](http://static.fjcdn.com/large/pictures/70/c0/70c064_5386023.jpg) or [this](http://static.fjcdn.com/large/pictures/24/5a/245a14_5386023.jpg) And then look at that PBE mess... The original red concept was clearly better. I love Vi, it's great idea, but Riots execution is horrible.
Just as Dwarven Giant (comment down there) mentioned, pink is actually the color scheme for Vi, and I just realise about it. But it is true, that from the picture you linked that red color fits her more. If riot still wants to keep the "pink" color, I think pink reddish could be better- (IMO) like [this](http://www.clker.com/cliparts/3/b/b/e/1425367016923338692maroonish%20red%20reddish%20maroon%20with%20pink%20mixed%20combination%20wallpaper%20background%20abstract%20blur.jpg)
: How bout instead of calling it Demon Vi, change it to Demonic Vi. Sounds a lot better imo and flows more.
welp everyone's demanding her skin to be red, and I actually kinda feel that the sound effects are pretty close to Forsaken Jayce. So I think if they really change the color to red, Forsaken Vi would fit, otherwise, Demonic Vi > Demon Vi
: Zyra ideas
well. that would be an evolution to Zyra jungle then. The fact that she gets heal from units killed and get armor magic resist and move speed + plants poison out of lane. That's definitely going to jungle.
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