: PBE is a very strict server, it doesn't do warnings. If you come across these types of player, the only appropriate action is to mute and report them (as you have experienced, it works). You can try and re-apply, but PBE bans are permanent. Your account cannot/will not be retrieved.
Or just mute them and be done with it, nobody has to deal with flame and said person can continue to test/find bugs. But no, League Community is Cancer and wants everyone who questions any plays permabanned for life.
: Spacebar does center on your champion, unless you have changed the keybindings.
No, it doesn't. Pressing the spacebar while using "Semi-Locked" does show the indicator on your Champion but does nothing other than that.
: If it really is the Stat that's OP, why aren't we seeing AD casters (champions like {{champion:91}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:80}} ) push out AP from the meta? We have seen a resurgence of {{champion:104}} {{champion:121}} and {{champion:238}}, but not to an extent where they are crowding out other choices. In fact I've seem people pick really beefy tanks, things like {{champion:57}} and {{champion:33}} recently to counterplay the Lethality builds. This is also why i believe the interaction between Lethality and tankyness is in an interesting spot right now.
Tanks are a fucking joke in League, why build tank if an adc can kill you in 5 seconds? Ap casters are still good, that's why.
: Yasuo and Thresh in Practice Tool
The yasuo things are not bugs. If you have no cooldowns, you can spam abilities.
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: Low Priority Broken?
I'm using the new client, I have a 10 minute queue for 6 games now, it worked after 16 minutes.
: Riot should disable ARURF
There's so much wrong with ARURF and Riot has done NOTHING about it.
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: A long time ago in a meta far far removed from this one...
No, nerf lethality, it's the most broken thing to ever exist.
: NO. i am glad they made arurf. Urf was so frustrating. Kicked by the same champs over and over again is not fun
Kicked by OP champions while playing a champion with a horrible kit over and over again isn't fun either.
: The PBE play today and to submit the recommendations of the game
: receiving rp
3500 a day isn't enough? I've only used 250k RP for the whole lifespan of my account
: It can take well over a month to make changes to a gamemode. So how about before you complain at a lack of changes, you wait until changes would actually have time to be developed.
Wow you have no idea what you're talking about, disabling champions for this gamemode is probably a breeze, but Riot is lazy to do it the easy way.
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: Corki Nerf
Pretty sure an attack that deals AoE magic damage every 1-2 seconds should be reduced as that's very OP.
: so where is urf ? i logged in after the 2hours maintenance and didnt find it
: URF Disabled?
: Custom URF
: I mean, there's 134 champions in League, so these are only the top 10%. There's also a lot of champs who fit into S/A/B tier that I didn't mention cause you didn't say them in the post. S: {{champion:28}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:238}} A: {{champion:268}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:38}} B: {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:6}} and there's probably more in B, maybe even A, though I think I got pretty much anyone that could be in S. Sure, lots of champs get dumpstered by Riven. But every one of those champs gets dumpstered twice as hard by Zed. Like, half the roster is completely broken in URF. And if you go about nerfing every single one, eventually you're just back to normal League.
I did only mention the ones that are painful to play against, Zed is easy to kill if you can get close/dodge his Q, Blitz, you just need to dodge, etc. But yeah, there's tons more that could fit in those tiers.
: I think there's a tier list to be had here; some of these champs are much, much more OP than others: Champs that should be banned/S tier: {{champion:91}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:35}} Capable of deleting you from the game without you being able to interact with them. There are champs that do a lot of damage, but these should be banned because the target literally has no window to do anything due to untargetability/stealth. A tier: {{champion:55}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:92}} Capable of dealing loads of damage and one-shotting you, but at least you can react to it/see them coming. B tier: {{champion:19}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:266}} Short CD CC, but still not quite one shotting you. Annoying to play against, but they have to build tanky or they instantly lose to anyone in a higher tier. C tier: {{champion:22}} {{champion:110}} Annoying for the first 5 minutes in lane, then Talon jumps a wall and just melts them. Again and again and again.
But there's still hundreds of other champions who get stomped by these tiers because they don't have a kit made to deal with them.
: most of the champions you mention are op, but not broken; they all have counters
In ARURF it is very hard to get a good counter to even fight them.
: Inmunity at the fountain - URF mode
> [{quoted}](name=ilIuminati,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=ou60EFnw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-13T21:34:37.577+0000) > And yes, keep the inmunity at least until you leave the fountain, no matter if you use spells or attack. That's a fucking horrendous idea. Immunity sounds nice, but losing it after 3-5 seconds || on attack/spell cast would be better.
: Would you rather only see Zed, Sona, and Eve on the same team every time, or have something that's different?
Normal URF has bans, so you won't ever see them.
: Rotating Game Modes in Costum Games missing
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: AR URF was never meant to "fix" OP champions. Like you said, it's impossible. AR URF was meant to add variety and it was heavily demanded.
Riot released the mode and expected everyone to love it meanwhile there was nothing stopping one sided stomps that would have be dealt with common sense.
: still waiting !!!! XDDDD arurf !!
Leave queue and reenter, or restart the Client, works fine for me.
: Doubtful as I just went 32-6-9 and got D-..Dunno why i would get a D
someone probably went 99-0 with that champion then.
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: Why the hell are the pbe servers still on the west coast?
They never said the PBE server would move, they host it and it's for testing. Not another way to play with all skins for free.
: ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing
This gamemode needs either a banning phase, or random/perma bans, AR ruins this mode because you can get stomped and not do anything about it. OR it needs an earlier surrender time.
: Not level 30 in PBE
: [Shyvana] ult bug
Do you have any screenshots or a video?
: Why there isn't the Normal Draft?
Because the "Definitely Not Dominion" gamemode is enabled.
: Pretty sure you have the "hide most of UI" button ticked in your options menu. I'd go into a custom game to try and find it. In addition, have you spectated a match recently and used the "hide most of UI" option?
I've never spectated a game on the PBE since I got my account and I've never even heard of the "hide most of UI" button
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: You seem to be the only one with this problem. Try restarting your pc.
Already did, didn't fix it, I'm trying to open the copy of the PBE folder I made and so far it's working.
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: Can we please have the ping button back on the new HUD is well?
Too bad, hotkeys are better faster and more reliable.
: One simple change and Tahm could be a fine jungler, without buffing his laning
: How to always double teleport with Tahm
: Devourer potentially changes
It's perfectly fine the way it is, it's easily counter-able and only a few champions can actually do huge dps with it.
: New hud idea
Never going to happen.
: @RiotJag Can we have an actual discussion on Runeglaive for once?
I'm not saying Runeglaive is op, but I'm not saying it's underpowered either. But as diana, the build I use (on live) makes Runeglaive deal 297 bonus damage. Diana has been stupidly overpowered for me when i play her on live (Keiji Kiryira if you'd like to see) but I honestly like Runeglaive more. I'm also garbage at explaining anything well, so my statement might be garbage.
: To be fair, their system is cramped by design because limited small space with many buttons and switches and all that - so they used as much space as they possible can within such a small area and do not cram everything within one corner - i highly doubt a jet pilot can do their job if their plate was clean with all the switches off in one small section it will be extremely hard to find what they are looking for, it be hard to flip their switch that they want because everything is so tightly together they can very easily hit things that they did not mean to hit at all basically planes are built in such a way that they have very little room and many buttons and switches so they maximize what they have **** have multiple things in a small room of course it will be cramped because you have very limited space and a lot of stuff in it have few things in a large room and things will appear more empty and spacious this is how things work--- but intentionally throwing your few things in a random corner in a large room makes no sense, looks bad, and you ended up making a small section of the room be all cluttered and cannot find what you are looking for easily when you have all that empty space in your room just being wasted - you obviously do not want to spread things out too thin, but you still want to maximize the other walls and floor and all that **** the no space sentence is not meant to be impossible to read - but it is harder to read than someone spacing out their words which is the point
It wasn't difficult to read in the first place, and Jet Pilots have a cramped cockpit because they need all of their information (Being angles, fuel, etc. which would be our cooldowns, stats, minimap, etc.) where they can quickly see it without being distracted too long. If you can adapt to new things faster (Which most people can't) this new HUD will be no different to the previous one, my explaining is really shit but I hope you guys can comprehend what I'm trying to say.
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: I made a post on it actually the short end is that by spreading out information rather than clumping everything together makes it easier to read A real life example is that is it easier to find your car keys when thrown into a pile with a bunch of random things (current new HUD) or would it be easier to find the keys where all the objects that would have been in a pile are separated and spaced properly among a shelf (or something) easily visible to see without going pile diving and trying to figure out where your car keys are; you just quickly glance at that shelf and you can clearly see there is a car key, a toy, a watering can, a gps, and an electronic gadget [random objects for example] Another example of what the current new HUD looks like in word form: "isthissentenceeasytoreadtoyouatallorareyouhavingahardtimereadingthiswithoutanysortofspacingandclumpingthewordstogether?" What is in " " are actual words and a sentence, but can you read this sentence easily? Most likely not, it should be very difficult to read. So by spreading the HUD out and making it less clumped up makes it easier to read information like spell cooldown, spell rank up icons, minimap, game time, kda, minions/monster score, items, and all that fun stuff at a simple glance - even the scoreboard being more spaced out with each line being for each player with your team on top and enemy team on bottom like the current scoreboard on LIVE I think the only two things the new HUD did well was it is easier to see your teammates portraits above the minimap and the exp (and champion icon) being closer to the centre are better placements than the current LIVE HUD the current LIVE HUD is better practically and on a design stand point Also the non-highlighted font is too dark on the options menu, needs to be brighter hard time reading dark font on a dark background **** tl;dr : having the HUD properly spaced out among a " _| " shape is better and easier to find information at a quick glance over clumping everything in a corner and have to spend some time going dumpster diving to find what you are looking for **** and I do much prefer having both quick stats like what current LIVE HUD is by the items, but also a pop up window like the current LIVE HUD for a more detailed analysis since small cramped up numbers is hard to find things clearly having a window that you can see, for example, "Spell Vamp: 20% or Magic Penetration 10 / 15%" is a lot easier to read and know what I am looking at and less about a memory game of seeing a million stats in a small area and have to memorize what each stat is is not efficient at all and even worse for a new player stand point [also i do not use C for my character stats, i like clicking the character icon and the character stats window pops up; also i click on my gold for the shop and not use P] **** hope this helps, because right now the new heads up display is nothing but frustrating right now and makes me not want to play the game
> [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=3bJdhMgv,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2015-06-11T20:52:02.593+0000) > isthissentenceeasytoreadtoyouatallorareyouhavingahardtimereadingthiswithoutanysortofspacingandclumpingthewordstogether?" I had no problem reading this. Also, what about jet/plane pilots? They don't have everything spaced out they have it all clumped together and have no problem doing what they're trained to do.
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