: if that game tilted you that much for THAT long, it was a pleasure knowning. Now its going to be live in afew days to double the time it appears to tilt you... soo..... heh neat
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: pls disable defensive items in urf.
tanks of course belong into a fun game mode its fun for the tanks to even be able to survive in urf
: This is incorrect, they have restrictions on the PBE. You need to have a level 3 in the honor system, unless if you were grandfathered it back in the day when you had to opt in and they emailed you to see if you made the cut every few months. PBE is for people to test, not to feed and ruin game experiences. By your logic, chat is there for everyone to flame each other and not communicate with your team to try and win the game.
: Ping increase on PBE server
In some games I get a ping of 120, in others i get a ping of 200. That they're apparantly using two different locations of the pbe servers makes me sad because its random. 120ms is still playable, but 200ms+ gets really hard
: & why no surrender? In my opinion Jhin & Yummy are balanced. Lee AP shield no.
jhin yuumi with 1400 - 1600 movement speed and > 1300 ad. Not balanced, definitely.
: Nerf on Zhonyas?
u talk about urf?
: None to Random URF ban please.
you can just play the same champs you think which are op in urf
: ¿Uh? Do you mean making views for my thread? Please............ If that really helped me to get an answer from Rioters, maybe I'd see how to do it, but it's not the case, so...!
you or someone else manipulated the view count of your threads obviously. amount of comments is normal. amount of likes / dislikes is normal. but view count is not. you will not get attention by artificially increasing view count.
: I'd really love to see how could I make my own views on my thread, seriously, I don't get it. I got better things to do that doing that (I don't even know how). And as I mentioned, if I only had at least an answer from Rioters, maybe I'd think about making views, but as you see, there's no answers from them, so... It's the same if people came and see the thread even tho they didn't commented, the point is that Rioters doesn't care about this and now I get the point. Now I changed the way I'm playing and interacting with people because of this, so Don't Worry! Glad to had at least some answers from you guys. Enjoy and have a nice day.
That exactly the threads you create get astronomical amount of views in very short amount of time while the view count of other posts stay normal (a thread about recent issues starting games did not even got 4k views, the thread about urf being not available after a maintenance about a month ago stayed below 15k views, the arurf announcement thrrad got 27k views) How should a random thread from a random person complaining about toxic behavoiur/insulting/etc. which is happening very often on the pbe suddenly get back so much attention? THIS SHOWS EXACTLY THAT YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE MANIPULATED THE VIEW COUNT OF YOUR THREADS. IT IS TOO UNLIKELY THAT 30000 PEOPLE WATCH THIS THREAD AND THEN DO NOT COMMENT OR EVEN GIVE ANY LIKE OR DISLIKE.
: As I do sympathize that I do believe that people who have this connection issue should just stay off of PBE all together. Go play on a live server in your own region. Constantly disconnecting and hanging on that re-connection or struggling with ping issues isn't helping any, it just frustrates your teammates. Live servers are more stable and have multiple regions to meet with the demand of players worldwide.
pbe is for everyone to test, not alone for your stable-connection-players-amusement
: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ultra_Rapid_Fire#Champion_Specific_Changes
That is not up-to-date. For example cassio got -12% dmg
: Russian language on PBE
Currently not possible.
: OF course they'll say that. But I've never seen any scripter get banned. I knew a friend who scripts, he was challenger. He doesn't play anymore but I don't think they're good at detecting scripters. They probably only ban the obvious of them all (after a report). But the ones that have dodging scripts disabled, rarely catch a ban. Saying "it's only the pbe, it didn't harm anything" is a stupid excuse. If this happens in the pbe, it will happen in the live game as well. Their anti cheat is worse than valves.
> Their anti cheat is worse than valves. Huh, I thought this is impossible
: Urf WITH ban phase and Urf WITHOUT ban phase?! Custom Game Urf?
This will not happen because of the frustation factor of one's enemies. Also all the stuff is already planned through, so wriiting here will have no impact.
: Anti cheat
League of Legends does have an anticheat. I think in their engineering blogs they said that they are banning people using cheats/scripts only slowly in LoL. Also its just pbe so it didn't harm anything except your mood for one tiny game.
: Keep it. My Bitdefender quarantined it and I wouldn't load. Apparently you need that adware. Sucks but after an hour of trying to fix it (and yes uninstall and install it as well) So just keep the file. You'' be able to load again. Stupid but it's true. FIX IT!
I'm sure there is no adware, but BITDEFENDER has a false positive. That is something wrong on BITDEFENDERS end.
: Is Ping reducer software prohibited on PBE?
With Riot's investment into thier own edge routers, WTFAST should be useless or give you worse ping for you, at least if you live in europe or usa. Otherwise, there is likely no reason why it should be forbidden, but it could maybe not work at all.
: IT'S A REAL SHAME TO SEE THAT RIOTERS HAVE ANSWERED ANOTHER THREADS AND NOT TAKING CARE AT ALL OF THIS ONE. Well, from now on I'm sure that the community is what it is because of this kind of things that just happens and they don't get punished as they should. It's better from now on then to do a "/fullmute all" in each game as it begins or remove the chat from both (enemies and allies) and just play for fun without caring if I troll, at least I guess it should be even less banneable the fact of trolling than saying such a things as "HOPE YOUR MOTHER DIES OF CANCER" (as they said to me and keep playing). Well done RIOT. Hope at least someday you REALLY begin doing something about this because THIS is what makes communities vulnerable to have so many TOXIC persons and TROLLS in purpose. Bye. THANKS, ONCE AGAIN.
: Almost 16k views and not a single RIOTER trying to explain us about all of this I posted. Well, I guess I'll just get use to play with TOXIC people as they're EVERYWHERE and I always report them in the live server and they just keep playing and being toxic without getting punished. Hope someday you guys take this serious. (Riot Games, rioters)
: Sorry if this is kind of annoying for some of you guys but I really feel SO DISAPPOINTED at this point/moment, just watching as persons like them just keep playing the game without getting a deserved punishment so they could try to change their attitude. Whatever... This is kind of the things that really makes GOOD ONES thinking that the community is SO BAD compare to other ones. Have a nice day.
: BY THE WAY, it's curious that THIS THREAD is getting LOT of views once again as my last one, but ONCE AGAIN, not a single RIOTER answers at least to tell me what could I do or anything that could help as I really feel THIS IS SO UNFAIR! 30k VIEWS on this thread and still not a single RIOTER trying to explain us what to do in these cases and WHY there's no some kind of bot that detects sentences as "CANCER, MOM" so it can take a look to the chat logs and see if there's something wrong that needs to be punished.. 30K VIEWS. Awesome ...
: Kind of sad that none of Rioters saw my almost 16k VIEWS thread about 2 REALLY TOXIC PERSONS
: Revert URF to ARURF again
You forgot the ability to ban. And champions got balanced, likely yi got nerfed with -10% dmg or so
: Why though? The purpose of PBE is to test things. What if something went wrong? They should enable it on the PBE for testing. I've already found a few bugs with the current ARURF selection screen. What makes it so sure this doesn't exist in the other one too? It isn't like it matters too much if people get an extra 2 weeks of urf to test (not everyone will want to play with high ping).
They enabled urf without random on pbe now.
: Random hero selection will be a fairer game
random hero selection sucks, also they are balancing it with % damage increases/nerfs, so everyone will have a chance
: I'd much prefer the current system than that. Currently there are champs in Urf where if you get hit with one of their CC and you don't have any tenacity other than the URF buff, you're dead because you can't move. (Morg and Viegar). This is pretty much handing them the golden spatula and allowing them to spank anyone so long as they land 1 ability. A combination of that and 80% cool down is a recipe for disaster and causing a bigger meta shift in URF. Currently the only real problem I have is the full AP support Lee Sin. He's very annoying to play against and there's little to no counter player against it since the shield blocks all damage. I agree that shields in general are broken but Lee Sin can literally shield someone infinitely and their target would take no damage. The only way to deal with it is to either CC Lee Sin and kill his carry or just one shot them before the shield could even come out.
I hope lee gets the same shield scaling debuff other champs got
: URF and not ARURF
URF without random will be on live servers very soon, thats why it got renamed in pbe. But after announcing this, they dont want all palyers to play on pbe.
: The shop has a limit of purcharses it can handle. So thats why we dont get more rp
And its quite easy to buy 7500 rp giftbox - just dont spend on a coupel days
: Maybe the RP is too small every day.
The shop has a limit of purcharses it can handle. So thats why we dont get more rp
: Cassiopeia in URF
Cassio is beatable by champs with enough mobility and people with enoughbria nto go in when she doesnt have w
: Game randomly crashing and causing you to DC from matches.
Experienced this too. As a reader of the engineering blog, this could be the riot anticheat having a false positive OR its just a normal bug.
: That's what I been doing on PBE, but on LIVE you don't really get boosted as much since people don't really want to spend there RP that they actually paid for... So its really not a problem that riot would need to fix. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
stll it'd be a good QOL change
: holy shit
The summoner's code doesn't say how often you may not follow it without potentially getting banned, because a single violation is enough.
: Boost Button Abusers
ON PBE its easy to prevent this: Just boost before someone else does
: How amusing
I hit report after the game for everyone who wrote "ez" because its just disrespect an on EUW forums it was said its a reportable offense. Replying when someone said "ez" does not help ANYTHING. Either they dont write naything or just write "ez" even more often
: since apparently you're unable to fix a 2+ week old client breaking bug
its was not a 2 week old bug, its just happend on one or two days.
: Urf on normal servers
I heard "end of the year" multiple times
: its working, but many of us still have leaverbuster maxxed out from that time and the time before when it happened. i never got off leaverbuster despite playing tons of games in between the 2 events... is there any way to justify a mass reset of afk punishments since almost nobody afkd in actual games?
Just stop queuing up when you see such massive problems... (next time)
: AFK punishment
Additionally they can't just increase the automatic penalties for being afk. Just in the last month or so there were two diferent issues on pbe where people couldn't connect to the game at all.
: Some engineers pulled a late night last night to implement some changes...I'll take the ~15 hours of silence as things look good now?
had no problems with champ select; played shortly before maintenance today and after maintenance
: It's not fixed. Same thing keeps happening.
They readded the warning, they're aware.
: Game started with 10 seconds left
jsut had this with 45 seconds left in champ select and couldn'T deny swap offer
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Porosite,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=h7PNwBoL,comment-id=000c00010000,timestamp=2019-09-21T02:49:41.341+0000) > > Heya! So answering the most important thing first, sometime Thursday we made the call to extend URF to Friday, and late today made the call to keep it up for the weekend. This _could_ change over the weekend, but the current plan is to continue gathering data with it enabled. > > I'm experimenting with trying to keep the boards up to date on some of the bigger changes (like Mac 100% crashing and URF enable vs disable status). With my experiment, you probably notice that plans change a lot on PBE. It's hard for me to always remember to update the boards since my job generally has me focused all the time on internal stuff. > > So apologies for not updating this thread that URF will remain enabled for the weekend at least (hopefully)! That being said I plan on toning back updating as plans change since there's an overhead cost mentally for me to return back here when plans change. Hope you all understand > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > > I will still try to communicate when I can on big things, and occasionally answer questions though. Hey i was just wondering if i could get any info about whens urf going to live servers?
My guess is that its hitting live servers shortly after end of season 9
Rioter Comments
: So people spent about 20$ for a one time thing? Thats not going to go well and could possibly encourage people to stop spending money with riot.
Nothing will stop people spending money with riot. See the prestige skin shit - hey you have to pay and then also play thousand games so you can finally get that skin.
: Remove Exhaust in URF!
its urf - and when its on live servers, they will redo the %dmg reductions/increases - and i'm sure the champs you lsited might get a little more nerfs on the dmg side or so
: Lost the spatula club
reason is that its pbe
If you survive early game, thresh will be a monster with e max and Hail of Blades (Rapid Firecannon + IE stack) you kill your enemies faster than they can look
: What happens to the ping in the Europe region
My ping from germany went from pretty constant 125ms to 200+ or so. (Dont remember numbers exactly, but it went up quite a bit)
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