: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
There's an issue with the "Damage dealt to champions" stat in the postgame stats screen. One player always has incredibly high damage dealt, which I think is from automatically killing the Vel'Koz's by flashing into the end point on the "Escape" maps.
: Riot why do we need to check Surrenderat20 after every PBE patch? Why not have those changes here?
Because SurrenderAt20 already provides this information, and everyone just goes to that site anyways.
: He's designed to be map mobile but in terms of combat hes designed to be an immobile control mage like Zyra. This class is intended to be weak if you can get inside their zone of control. He has the tools to outplay assassins and divers but he should keep the weakness. That is how I personally understood his design.
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: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
Only feedback about loot system is that all the animations seem to be rather slow, and could be a hassle if you want to rush to unlock that item you want.
: 15% mr reduction isn't a lot. Considering voidstaff ignores 35% of the target's MR.
Not a lot, but still quite an amount, and coupled with 16% damage over time.
: Suggestion for the item to replace DFG
It seems like a good idea on paper, but if I was playing Leblanc I would still get this, and use it on a squishy champion to burst them down faster. The magic resist reduction and percent damage would actually make a difference. We don't need a tank-killing item, we need a 120 AP item with CDR.
: Without having tried out Azir yet, I can already say I'm not sure I understand how his passive works - maybe an update on the description could be useful, as others I spoke with had the same problem. Also, a lot of people are wondering "What happens to that same passive in Dominion?", which is a legitimate question IMO and deserves an answer. I think the "egyptian deity/ pharaoh" theme has been extremely well carried out in this character, he looks like he fills out a unique role in the already large set of champions in the game. His visuals are amazing and his kit looks so fun, I can't wait to play him! ~~EDIT: After playing him in both SR, SRU (which crashed) and TT, I experienced severe visual bugs - could not see minions or towers; light effects suffered the most.~~ RE-EDIT: the visual bugs were caused by a faulty installation, so no problem there.
The active portion of the passive simply creates a new tower that acts the same as a regular tower, but weaker and decays. It can't be used in Dominion, I think.
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I don't think Xerath[Rework V9] should have his E stun duration depend on distance from enemy hit. Now he can't use it as reliably to gain some range with the stun, with so many champions with gapclosers. Why would Xerath[Rework V9] want to hold shots on his ultimate? He can't use any other spells during Ascension, and can't move either, if his enemies move out of range. He will just lose damage if he doesn't use all his charges so he can use the rest of his spells. Also, you should make his ult more clear as how to use the charges, like "Xerath can recast the spell to..." instead of just saying it gives him 3 bolts that deal damage.


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