: Poppy identity needs to be brought back ! (Suggestions inside)
I don't like a lot about the rework, but it seems to me like most of your suggestions kind of lead to "make Poppy how she was," which I also can't really get behind. I don't think AP scaling is necessary for her, and your suggested ultimate is just a super strong version of her old passive, which at that point may as well just be Alistar's ult.
: She has no real trait though... she was small and stout and had a hammer. Oh, and her dual ponytails. She really had one of the bladest faces ever, that snaggletooth adds personality (and I don't think that it necessarily makes her childish/naive, it simply helps reinforce that feeling. If Veigar had an actual face, I think the tooth could actually look prety nice on him, giving him kind of an evil grin. Similarly, if she had a proud personality, I think it could reinforce that too. Basically, I think it only gives her character, not a specific one. The problem is that they gave her a happy-go-lucky personality (which was never Poppy... her father was fucking murdered) and that snaggletooth gets associated with it.
Agree on the last point. The happy-go-lucky whimsical stuff makes her basically just Tristana with a hammer. Literally no unique personality traits even among yordles.
: Poppy only affect each champions once, so yes it is normal.
I don't have a friend to help me test interactions on champs... can you confirm whether Rengar is only blocked by it once or multiple times?
: Poppy Ulty
Honestly if they just took off a good chunk of the range and some/all the damage, the spell would be so much more useful. It's so stupid that you can come from behind for a gank on mid and be unable to swing your massive hammer for a knockback that's useful. The no-charge, no-range knockup thing is okay I guess but it feels like they did that specifically because they knew how non-versatile the spell really is. Basically my point is that I feel regret when I ult as Poppy because I have to not charge it most of the time in order for it to be useful. I should feel powerful and badass when I ult, right? Isn't that what every other ultimate is like?
: A Poppy Mains Feedback
Percentage of Poppy players happy with new Poppy: 5% Chance of anything changing on new Poppy at this point: 0%
: Poppy's Q seems like...
I'm not entirely sure why they made the new hammer so large, visually, especially since she _doesn't_ get more range off of it. I mean, there's the ultimate, but that kind of silliness doesn't require a massive warhammer to make sense in a game that's not above cartoonish antics already.
: Classic Poppy Skin
My problem with the classic skin is that it looks too similar to the new Battle Regalia.
: The nerfs currently on PBE
Swain is actually ridiculously strong with the Deathfire Touch mastery. I have a friend who plays Swain a lot and he admitted to me it was OP while he snowballed every single game.
: I made a mockup of what Noxus Poppy's particles could look like to better fit the skin
This is absolutely awesome, but I don't have much hope of it happening. Thanks for putting it together anyway, made my day :)
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/iELz2g6E-poppy-update-feedback-thread) instead :> I also recommend you read [this](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/dxVMgVoG-pbe-reporting-bugs-that-occur-on-pbe) thread, which basically explains where you can find feedback threads and where you can post your feedback on the new content.
So we're not supposed to put Champion And Gameplay Feedback in this forum?
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: [Poppy] – Keeps Yelling The Same Line Over and Over Again
Yeah as soon as you go under 40% health I think, when her W passive gets upgraded.
: With MF being one of my favorite champs since I started playing, a main for most of my career, and a comfort pick these days, personally, the loss of GW is devastating. I honestly believe it will kill her for me, as I won't be able to play her in the same fashion that caused me to fall in love with her to begin with. Essentially I wont be able to stand my ground and duel anymore - she will be much more kite focused, and that just doesn't fit my style. While I dont agree with it even a small bit, I understand why you are removing GW. Not only from MF, but from the game. Unfortunately I just completely disagree with your opinion on such mechanics (but thats for a different thread and a different day). That said, removing GW from MF nerfs her heavily, and the "compensation" buff is no where near adequate, as already mentioned. For this reason, I feel there is one simple thing that absolutely must change on her W now - The mana cost. As in, it shouldn't have one. I was fine with it costing mana given its added utility, but if it's just going to be a DPS boost, I see no reason for it to cost mana any more. I feel that treating Impure Shots the same way as Tristana's Q, and even Kog'mas W is fair. Auto attack steroids, on medium cooldowns, with essentially no utility. If these are not appropriate comparisons, and the same treatment shouldn't be applied to Impure Shots, I would sure love to hear the reasoning for this.
I agree with you (although I've only considered her my main for less than a year). The only thing I'd say is that basically no ADC should necessarily be standing still and fighting unless no one is attacking them back. However, GW is still a loss for those of us who used it to attack faster/kite better. All in all, in her current state on PBE she's heavily nerfed and it's really sad.
: Wait a second, do people always put a point on make it rain lvl 2, I never do it. The amount of damage and also slow is not worth it. You can't tell me people use it to last hit, I find it more difficult. And people forget she is an ADC, so attack speed early on is so much more usefull. It seems people play her differently, but whenever I play against a MF who lvls E at lvl 2, I mostly win the the trade. and if you tell me you go like this: level up Q -> E -> W, you loose the amount of damage the Q would do. So defenitly prefer Q-> W-> Q -> E, but everyone does as he pleases.
He said "at best," which i interpreted as meaning simply "You'd never max it first" which is true. I usually skill it at level 3, anyway, unless there's a high chance of a jungler coming for a level 2 gank, then it's cool to take it at level 2.
: am i the only one who doesn't like how miss fortune's arm flail about while she is ulting? :/ no one shoots a gun like that, it looks so cartoony
Not just on her ults, but *every single auto*. She shoots, flails her arm up, and leans to the side... it's distracting to me, and who the hell shoots like that anyway??
: I disagree, I think that the instant strut is really strong in her kit. You have to take the rest of her kit in stride. Her Q activates much more smoothly making it harder to anticipate and more effective than it used to be with attack speed and her E slows harder in terms of immediate effect. As for the GW; she already had some pretty insane sustained damage in her kit, I do not think she needs it. And now you cannot pre-disable strut in preparation for an all in on her because she can get it up again instantly and it is not held disabled by DoTs. I think with those in mind you now have to be extremely wary of over-comitting around her or she will run you down. So if you take the changes in stride; her dueling power is down (but better against non regen) and her pressure is up compared to live.
If she reactivates her strut, any amount of damage or cc will just disable it again immediately. What situation is it strong in? The example you used was an all-in fight. So strut just lasted another 0.2 seconds max, because there's an ADC, support, and several minions attacking her now... You also say her dueling power is down, but people need to be wary about over-committing because she can "run them down." You've contradicted yourself. She's weak, so unlikely to win fights, and yet enemies need to worry about her chasing them down? I don't think so. She gets outdamaged by all other ADCs unless they let themselves get poked by standing behind low-hp minions and eating double-up shots.
: Black Market Brawlers is very unstable.
I haven't had that problem but at least 3 or 4 of my games have given me the "attempting to reconnect" message, followed by the game being deleted from history, lol. I had to leave the game and just queue up again immediately. It's really weird. I got several others from these "deleted" games after, and they confirmed it's the same issue for everyone in the match at the time.
: Am I the only one that hates the new Announcer Voice?
Isn't the new voice only on the Bilgewater maps? If so, they're probably both gonna be around for only a few weeks, at most. I can deal with gangplank announcing my temp-mode matches for that long.
: Miss Fortune W
I *am* an MF main, and it's definitely weaker. I'm so confused why they originally buffed her rank 1 W and E so much, which gave her a HUGE level 3 power spike, then nerfed it again. Now her W is exactly the same as it was in terms of steroid, but far weaker because the strut re-activate is useless. It's so situational it isn't even funny. Useless in lane, useless against ranged champs or gap-closers... Oh and the max slow % on her E also got nerfed. The situational buff on Q (killing unit on first bounce AND successfully bouncing) isn't nearly worth the nerfs. And MF wasn't overly strong to begin with. I agree that something needs to be done, and your suggestions are all better than the nothing we're getting right now. Hell, I think the most important thing is getting the strut re-activate taken off W. Then Riot has to stop pretending that it adds any power to her kit.
: Miss Fortune's Shotgun-grip pistols
This is just a guess, but I'm betting they used her default model (no skin applied) as a base for her weapons in all skins. Old muzzle-loading pistols like pirates and sailors used to use (that were only good for like, a single shot) had grips that curved like that. So for her original skin, it seems like a good thematic fit since that's how her outfit and look were designed. But yeah, I agree the other ones should be restyled, not just touched up a little. That grip looks really dumb especially on Arcade MF.
: Spirit Visage - +20% to Shields?
I might be interested in this buff if we weren't in the middle of a dominant tank meta already...
: Riot really needs to rethink her W.. i like the Q buff but everything else just doesn't feel right, EPICALLY the new aa animation. And to me GW is something that makes mf who she is. Its like how when people think about aatrox they usually think about his W. Thats just what i think tho
I agree with that. I was just playing a game with her and thinking the whole time, "This just doesn't *feel* good." She feels weaker, plus it's like she has less... character. Like she isn't the same person as before.
: Why would you EVER use Mf's W solely for the GW application..? o.o You must be god awful at MF if you think she needs GW to win a duel. The only reason an ADC vs. ADC would need GW to win is if she's way behind or her opponent chose a BT over an IE, so you're doing more damage while they sustain, which is just silly since you could've gone with the BT as well and been doing the same thing... Your W is for a steroid, that's what it's used for. The E has been for a slow. It used to be waveclear, popularly as Waveclear prior to to her rework that screwed over her W and R. With how her W gives her strut though, she doesn't need the huge slow. It's simply not necessary. You can say 'Oh, it's ended as soon as it's up'. It isn't. Is it meant to be an escape? No. It's meant to stick to your target. If your target is running from you, which is why you're using your E to slow them, then they're not hitting you. If you're trying to chase some one through minions, then yeah, it won't be too useful. It's not meant to be useful in that case and most immobile ADC's can't chase through minions. You won't see a Varus chasing through them and a Kog backs off as soon as you leave range since they KNOW they can't catch you, but they KNOW you won't be coming back. She is a 550 range, so she doesn't have that short of range. In a team fight, her strut is wonderful for repositioning unless you have people on you, in which case just like ANY other immobile ADC (Varus, Kog, Twitch, and Sivir) you get destroyed. It's MUCH better than Grievous Wounds. Much, much, much better. MF also feels so much weaker than other ADC's because she's got Hybrid damage, as I mentioned. The only other champions now (Since Trist got reworked properly) to have a lot of their damage shoved into being magic damage is Kog'Maw, Ezreal, and Corki. Corki has lots of ranged poke and burst with a passive that makes his AA's do 10% of his AD as TRUE damage, which is a lot. Ezreal has a long range Q for poke, a very reliable escape, a passive AS boost, and his R is much easier to land for lots of damage compared to MF's R that's too easily escaped and does very little damage late game unless multiple waves hit because of its reliance on the W passive. Now we have Kog'Maw, the Hyper Carry with over 700 range with his W pressed, huge ranged poke ability with his R, an AoE slow that lasts for a while, and a long range skill shot Q that not only gives passive AS, but also reduces the armor and MAGIC RESIST of his targets, allowing his entire kit to do damage regardless. MF has nothing to make her hybrid damage worth it. Her Q isn't a skill shot, her range is very low outside of her R, and she has no huge steroid. Kog has three steroids, his Q's passive and active plus his W. Corki has his passive and very low CD's. Ezreal has low CD's, passive AS, huge AoE ult that has an AD scaling that does BURST rather than DPS, plus an AS booster for his teammates. What's MF got? Her W steroid and her Q that does 80% of her AD on the first hit and a quicker return to lane? She's not strong because she can't compare. Hybrid damage is horrible late game. Even if she gets ahead early and mid, if the game gets to late where one person has a Locket and the enemy tanks have even one MR item, she'll have no one-ups that other ADC's have. Draven's Q gives him more damage, Trist's Q is a MUCH larger steroid than MF's W, Kog's Q passive is 30% AS plus 28% Armor and MR reduction, Ashe's Q makes her AA's do 35% more and gives a 40% AS steroid, Lucian has non-stop 50% AA damage boost if he works his AA's in between his abilities, Vayne's Q gives 50% bonus damage AND is on a 2s CD on top of her R's 70 AD boost, Corki shreds armor and does 10% of his AD as True Damage, Ez gets up to 50% free AS and an incredibly low CD Q that does 110% plus another 160ish damage on top of that.... I can keep going. Every ADC has steroids that are BETTER than her's while she's still getting boned by having half her damage as Magic.
I meant while you have one point in it. Duh. The topic of conversation was that it was a 1-point wonder. Obviously when you get more points it's more worth the mana to use it as a steroid. Everything else in your reply has nothing to do with anything I said. I haven't touched on her magic damage on-hit before but frankly, I like it. It makes her fit with some team comps and not others, and makes her harder to itemize against, particularly for supports in early game.
: I am hoping that they revert the 3 auto thing on her W. Her W is what allows her to win in trades and limiting it to only 3 autos will hurt a bit. As for the strut thing on w, I feel it is unneeded. Perhaps remove that and return grievous wounds, but a weaker version of grievous wounds.
Someone else responded to me and said that the tooltip is in error. It should still be on a timer!
: W is, afaik based on my interpretation of a Rioter's post in this forum, working as intended on the PBE. The 3-hit version is not shipping to live; it was an old version of W they were testing and they forgot to remove the tooltip.
That gives me hope, thanks! I didn't see that post.
: Mmkay. Time to give my own opinion as a person who's played MF since S2, back when she wasn't considered 'trolly'... After the last rework that changed her W and R, pretty much switching the ratios and turning her into this... weird.. hybrid damage garbage that's only useful early on prior to people having a decent amount of MR (Scaling MR Glyphs by themselves make her W's damage nearly negligible), she's become god awful. She hasn't been played much at all because her late game is horribly stunted by the fact she needs MPen for her R to do damage considering the base isn't too great unless you get EVERY wave to hit, so you're reliant on her W's stacks, which is pure magic damage. Now, the current changes have solidified her early game Dominance by making it to where the caster minions are now something you NEVER want to be near when against MF since a quick positional change and you're eating 140+ damage at level 1, scaling upwards of 200-300 when she picks up a BF sword, only going higher if you level her Q. They also made it more responsive when it comes to hitting champions regardless of having your W passive. Her R got a nice tooltip change to show the W's damage connected to it and she's gained more stacks possibility with her W. What does this garbled mess mean? I'll organize it for yah! 1. Miss Fortune's Q now hits for 50% more damage on the second hit if you kill the first target and also seems to prioritize champions BETTER now when before it focused Minions above Champions unless you had your W passive on the enemy champion. Exact priorities are as follows prior to this change. "Enemy champions in a 40° cone with at least one stack of Impure Shots. Minions and neutral monsters within a 20° cone. Enemy champions within a 20° cone. Minions and neutral monsters within a 40° cone. Enemy champions within a 40° cone. Enemy or neutral units within a 110° cone. Enemy or neutral units within a 150-range 160° cone." It may be a bug for it to prioritize champions better if you kill the minion, but it is nice regardless. 2. Her W has more stacks based on your R, up to 3 more, totaling 7 stacks rather than 4. She can do more if she attacks repeatedly, making AS slightly more powerful, but also confusing older players far more. She used to be a bursty ADC with a AA+Q+AA combo and this makes her more of a DPS, HOWEVER... this change was actually to make her R stronger since it's nearly garbage late game since most of its damage is in the W. More stacks means it does more damage. 3. Her R now shows how much damage it does per shot, including the stacks. Clarity is cool. 4. Her W doesn't give Grievous Wounds, but now gives you Strut, which is 70 extra MS at any time. This is more meant to give her better chasing ability since a single poke can take her passive down. This helps prevent that. There's that bit. Now, here's a bit against our OP's post. 1. The insta-strut is amazing and the Grievous Wounds loss isn't much of a nerf. They can now sustain well, but Sustain usually isn't much of a problem at any point in the game unless you're against Soraka or a Drain Tank (WW and Aatrox are the examples of Drain Tanks). A free 70 MS at the click of the button is ungodly powerful, especially on an ADC. 2. Her AA's are perfectly fine on my screen with every single skin. I've tested each of them. Pretty fine to me. 3. HER AUTO ANIMATION IS WEIRD AND NOT MARKSMAN-LIKE? LOL. You're hilarious. SHE'S SHOOTING A GOD DAMN HAND CANNON. I'm not sure if you've EVER used a Hand Cannon before, but they are NOT what a Marksman would EVER use. These weapons were close range, single shot weapons used very far back in the day. These things shoot just about anything, but most put a small ball in there with some black powder and prayed it hit their target. Even the rifles with the proper barrel using the same ball ammunition were INCREDIBLY inaccurate. A lot of quotes about these weapons all have about the same conclusion. "Safest place to be is in front of it and a few feet back." Considering this, she's actually an INCREDIBLE marksman with these horrible weapons, getting them to bounce off of opponents and shoot them as fast as she can accurately. 4. Her E has been the last thing leveled for quite a while now. Her W gives her more DPS, allows her to stack her W's passive faster, and overall, the E just isn't strong anymore. It used to be a great waveclear when leveled FIRST, but not very useful if leveled second. With the switch to Q, making it more prominent to level first because of the base damage on it and the new 50% damage boost on the second hit, you'd be silly to level her E first. You can be such a harsh lane bully with her Q compared to being reliant on her E to do damage. Her E is also a mana hog and very easily stepped out of. It was powerful when combined with Leona since you'd drop E on the target as Leona's E made contact, making sure every proc of Leo's passive go off while also having Leo keep them locked down in the damage. Overall, these changes aren't going to do squat. She still suffers from the whole Magic Damage off of AD and Physical off of AP. Most champions who suffered this when they're supposed to be AD have had their kits reworked. Master Yi had his Q changed to Physical and scaling off of AD, Sion is now more than an AA'er, and Trist's E was changed to do physical damage with an AD ratio, making her a lot more interesting of an Auto Attacker. Why is MF the only champion to ever be changed to have her ratios fluxed in an actual rework? Yorick falls off because his main damage is magic (W and E, mostly E), WW falls off because he has to get AD to make his Magic do damage as well as be able to do consistent damage, Poppy is a mess of confusion since her kit works well with AD, but the entire thing does magic... What do these champions have in common? They're all fricken tanks/Bruisers. Why does MF have to get the shaft of falling off super hard late game? Riot talks about never putting out a Hybrid item or Hybrid champions anymore because they're afraid of the Mid Game spike it causes and how useless they are in the late game, yet they purposely took Miss Fortune and made every part of her kit do MAGIC damage except for her Q. Her main sources of damage are all MAGIC. Until they change it so she doesn't do MAGIC damage as 50%+ of her damage, she won't ever be okay. Her Ult needs a REAL AD ratio like it used to. Picking up a Locket against MF should not instantly make her R worthless. Getting scaling MR Glyphs should not reduce her damage by a metric ton. The only other ADC who does mostly magic is Kog'Maw, but he has 700+ range with his W, huge range on his R, and they even made his Q reduce the Armor AND MAGIC RESIST of his target, making his entire kit do more damage. They can make her W have a 50% of her bonus AD ratio and give it a million stacks, but until it does physical or her R gets an AD ratio, she's going to fall off. She's going to have that huge damage early, an incredible spike at mid, and then as soon as a champion gets a Locket, her R becomes worthless.
To respond to your rebuttals: 1. 70 movespeed at the click of a button would indeed be powerful! If it didn't last for about half a second on average. It seems like you haven't thought this through... In a teamfight, when you want to use your AttSpd steroid, you're going to have people hitting you, so the movespeed re-activate is pointless. If one gets to the end of the fight and hasn't used his W for increased DPS, one probably kinda sucks, because that's the role of the Marksman: deal damage, kill enemies, preferably stay alive. In lane skirmishes, most of the time some of the minions hit you and some hit your support, because lots of the fighting starts with the supports around the bushes. That also leads to the movespeed dropping off immediately. As said elsewhere, this is basically ONLY useful if you get caught out in the jungle and your enemy has blown all forms of chase already. It's a gimmick. It is NOT powerful because despite the way the numbers seem, it is totally unreliable and even if it were, it doesn't mesh with the rest of the ability, causing you to make a choice that feels less rewarding no matter how you use it. 2. The AA projectile only looks bad on the Mafia skin, but this is subjective. Which I stated by labeling that part "things I like/don't like." Maybe you like 'em all, that's fine, we can amicably disagree on minor stuff like that. 3. The auto animations are highly distracting to me. Not only do her hands fly up wildly on every shot but she also leans way over to either side like Jinx does in her /dance animation. Lots of excess movement is not clarity. Also, her weapons are pistols. Here is a copy/paste from her lore: *No bounty was too difficult or too dangerous for her feminine charm and her renowned use of her twin pistols, "Shock and Awe"*. MF's character is presented as a cunning professional with a sexy side, not a goofball who wiggles around when she fires her weapon. Thematically, the motions don't fit. And again, more importantly, they're highly distracting. 4. (Regarding current Live version of MF) Good MF players max E second. At rank 5 it's an AoE slow of 65%. It's one of the best self-peels in the game and ensures that when you're winning a jungle fight, no one gets away. It is NOT used for waveclear or minor poke/trade damage. It's the 65% slow. Conversely, W is a 1-point wonder. You don't get any more max stacks of Impure Shots and only a small percentage growth per rank on the AS steroid active. Better to keep it as a 1-point wonder and activate it for GW application on all-ins. I've seen this mistake made over and over and over, and I keep telling people it's why it feels like MF is weaker than other ADCs.
: I'm enjoying most of the new changes to be honest. I do feel that strut should be canceled only by champion aggro. You really can't out run anyone if you get hit by a minion. I don't know if it's just the Mafia Skin, but I do feel her walking animation to look a little weird. If {{champion:21}} walks from side to side you can see what I'm talking about. A lot of people have mentioned the funny attack animation and I do agree with them on that. But other than that Riot, good job.
I certainly enjoy the feel of the changes too. It's just the nerfs that have me scratching my head. Not going to repeat what they are because I put it in several other comments too. It's just mind-boggling that Riot thinks she needs to be weaker now that her abilities feel better. And there's been NO official word on the context of those nerfs.
: I wrote a lot of stuff here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Xqz10JEx-a-miss-fortune-message-to-riot-games But Tl;dr on my feels because I have been an MF player since she has been released: It makes me VERY upset to see that Riot thinks that she is in a "healthy spot". Which, yes, this is true, but youre also screwing a lot of numbers to make this true. She's one of the least played ADCs so you have a very small number to go on via normal and solo queue and she has not ONCE been seen in competitive places like NA LCS. There was a thread a few days ago complaining about Lucian and his current Win rate status. He currently has the lowest SoloQ win rate out of all ADCs and the lowest winrate in competitive - again, these numbers vary. Lucian isn't weak - not in the slightest. He was once one of the strongest ADCs in the game and I honestly still believe he is so. There isn't anything wrong with him. His skillshots and damage are pretty satisfying where he is right now - but the point remains is that he's seen consistent competitive play. Miss Fortune has never actually seen consistent competitive play. Yeah she's had very oddball moments here and there but they're incredibly rare. Even Ashe, Trist, Kogmaw, and Varus have seen the light of day of competitive over her. THEY DIDN'T. EVEN. LISTEN. TO. THE MOST. REQUESTED. CHANGE. - Change the passive so that it doesn't deactivate on minion hits. Why does Garen get this treatment over Miss Fortune? Because its Movement speed? Oh but it must be alright to fully heal yourself during lane phase just by playing defensively. That's a big problem considering most other ADCs with AS steroids have the ability to auto attack targets and lower the cooldown of their ability that gives it to them, ie: Graves and Trist. So again, its the heavy lack of consistency as well as just not even paying attention to what the majority of players want when it comes to changing and "improving" those "healthy" champions in the game. You're spot on about Make it Rain and Strut not being a good enough compensation.
Honestly, not only are W steroid and E changes not enough compensation, *but they're both nerfed*. They may have more impact in the early ranks, but at rank 5 both are objectively worse than they were before (at least as written in tooltips. As I said, I think the W is bugged on PBE, making it as strong a steroid as old W). I'm not sure about giving MF the Garen treatment, regarding passive, first because I think the new W active should be gone entirely and second because if she were balanced properly it wouldn't be necessary. You do NOT fix an unpopular champ by nerfing three things and then calling the QoL changes enough to put her back where she was.
: Riot is phasing out hidden power in the game, and as such Grievous Wounds kind of only exists in such a few amount of places in the game. Why should MF get one of the only applicators of the debuff aside from other marksmen? Varus' slow field and Katarina's ultimate are the only other skills that apply the debuff, while Morellonomicon and Ignite remain as non-champion applicators. I think you're selling the active short, as well. Having an instant refresh on her passive means she can trade and then turn to flee if something happens. On live, she can't gain that speed back before it's too late. Now, she can reliably hold on to it to either engage when Strut is down or when she needs to get away quickly. It's incredibly powerful when used at the right time as it's almost like a mini ghost. EDIT: Also her passive ignores DoT and AoE spells, so she's considerably more mobile with these changes.
The problem is, it doesn't actually gain you any distance right away, so a fade-away auto, ranged ability, or even a ranged minion attack will still cancel it a second after you activate it. And the worse problem is, if you were committed to a fight, you already used your attack speed steroid so it's on cooldown now. Edit: I believe it only ignores AoE **auras**. If she takes damage it still goes away. I'll have to double check now but I didn't notice myself zooming through any damaging spells.
: Yeah you're probably right :/ I think I would rather have grievous wounds back instead then. I feel like she doesn't need reduced dueling potential that they gave her. I play a lot of MF and ppl have told me she is the worst adc at the moment ( although i disagree), i dont think they helped her out as much as they could have. At least casting her ultimate right after casting her E feels more rewarding now lol.
With GW she was the best dueling ADC in the game! Haha, with ADC duels it usually comes down to heal, and her W often meant the difference there. Although normally I'm loathe to give up my secrets, I will say that if you build IE into TriForce, MF has top tier sustained damage AND has burst (all her abilities proc spellblade effect). The only downside is cost, but she is a strong early game champion, so it's likely you'll be ahead.
: I agree with most of these points. Although I found that her a.a. bullet isn't small at all (but I only played with the Captain MF skin, maybe it's bigger there)
I had only tried with the Mafia skin at that time. I since went back to my preferred skin (Arcade) and the bullet is very visible... considering it's just a ball of blue light, haha. I will try the other skins though!
: Wow everything you said is spot on! When i first heard about the GW changes i was shocked. Do you think riot would reconsider the GW along with the passive reactivation or would that be too much on her W?
I don't think Riot would keep them both, but to be fair, the strut re-activate is NOT that strong. It isn't useful in lane, as there are usually minions ready and able to bop you and cancel it again. Also not that great for running from anyone except a melee champ with no range or gap closers (basically none, lol). It's only really useful after your opponent turns tail and runs or when you can duck into the brush to reactivate. However, most of the time you want to pop your W to get the attack speed in a fight. And during the middle of a fight, a stray shot is likely to hit you at some point. Overall I don't think the mechanic adds much to her kit, in either utility or theme. Note: The real Strut buff (which is more like a "fix" to some long-lasting bullshit) is that strut can't be turned off by passive auras anymore. Of course that fix is on her passive, not W.
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