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: The new sated item
RETWEET. Yi is mind numbingly broken right now. One hit from an auto did 1111 NON CRITING. So please unless you want the same issue as AP Yi mid, please nerf this item.
: Can't log in
Alright, guys. Everyone is over here assuming glitches and their log-in not working or something. Last night, I started queue. Position- Over 9000. Wait time slowly rose from 20 minutes - ~1 hr or more. BUT. LISTEN TO THIS. My position started dropping around 1 am (I started the queue at ~12:30), but sadly, I fell asleep. When I woke up at about 3, I WAS IN THE GAME. Now, because I was afk for so long I got kicked off for being afk, BUT, just waiting for a SUPER long time will finally let you in. It's just all the people that are on the game and not getting off. And there are FAR to many people that have PBE access then the server can actually take in. So just. Take a nap and hope to wake up around when you finally get in. c:
: [Ezreal] New AP Item Not Triggered on Q Hit
Try AP Ez with Lich Bane and maxing W ;) It Procs on his W, giving it equal if not more burst than his W WITH more potential to burst multiple people. It's REALLY good on Ez. Also, gives his ulti 100 more damage if you hit someone without hitting minions first. It's REALLY good on him. I just got done trying it.
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: Katarina's New Splash Art
I agree with everyone else. It's a cool angle and background, just get that face right!
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