: i am a CN player i want know I wonder where I can see the official announcement´╝č It seems like this is just a forum Not the official website
There wont be an official announcment for pbe maint. It will just happen. They probably announce it a few mins before but yea you not the only one waiting ... im also waiting since this is my only hope to get into pbe fast
: Suggestion to speed up TFT games without losing gameplay
what you suggest will stretch the game more than it saving time. as people can stretch the game on purpose. like they go afk 5 mins and the game cant progress. the game is already faster than most auto chess games
: yeah I also saw a pattern that everyone seems to love picking vayne etc so she is hard to star, instead i decided to do something on my own This is my build.- and It's not like the best out there. it's just how I find it like it and enjoy it. Kha'zix - Void - Assassin Zed - Ninja - Assassin Cho'gath - Void - Brawler Kassadin - Void - Sorceres Katarina - Imperial - Assassin Void 3/3 Assassin 3/3 Ninja 1/1 Brawler 1/2 Imperial 1/2 Imperial - Darius, Draven, Swain Brawler - Warwick, Blitzcrank, Rek'sai, Volibear As you can see i pick 5 out of 6 with room of deciding later on what my 6th unit should be. This is definitely my favourite team comp.
oof. Pretty easy combo and you using the most frequent champs that many use which will not work :P I'm not gonna give away my combos cuz well I took my time for them planning them out xD But I can assure you if you wanna use Imperial throw Draven in and Darius out draven is a standalone op unit and if he gets double dmg from imperial he is jjust broken with void u have solid front and you can use kassadin instead of kha and throw in rengar hes stronger
: ***
Literally everybody understands you. But as I said it is no Bug. I even explained it (quite well i think) why the timer sometimes doesn't change.
: How Competitive Team fight Tactics will be like and how I feel riot should deal with it.
Good Post. But you can't "fix" something that isn't there yet. Since Ranked is not a thing yet. I agree with your APM aproach somewhat. It's importent to know what your enemys Builds so you can make the best valued choice. But the good thing about TFT is: Way more possible Combos than most Auto Chess Games. You can aproach more combos by adapting as in Dota2. In Dota2 you have to decide very early which kind of comp you want to play and stick to it. Adapting in round 20 or so is mostly your end. In TFT it's easier to adapt. I mean switching over to a Yordle/ShapeShift Comb is easy because you can throw in Wild aswell or Sorcerer or both. Which is why I think the "APM" thing is not that heavy here. But definitely a thing in Higher Elo. I thought about it too, I even went ahead and created me 6 Combos that are "easy" to adapt into one another. A few are not but those are centered around Single Units like Draven. Planning ahead is probably also an importent thing in Higher Elos with Nerfs/Buffs and constantly shifting "Metas" you need to rethink strategys and plan them out again. As you said absorbing Information is the key to success! :) Also thanks for sharing your ideas! I like it when im not the only one thinking about these kind of things xD
: Wait time wrong??
Unfortunately. There is no fix. Since the Que is no bug. The Time displayed may not be accurate since it is only an "Aproximate" wait time meaning "It MAY take this long, but it can be longer or shorter". Before these times displayed, many people were shown an aproximate wait time of 40 mins resulting in 5-6 Hours waiting time. All you can do is wait. Best way to get in is right after maintenance. But you have to be very fast in order to succeed if your really lucky you can get in within 2 hours if your ULTRA SUPER LUCKY less than a hour.
: TFT World Server
One Global Server just for TFT? Nah Riot won't do that. Reasons why: Ressources!!! >->" Launcher?! Since TFT is implemented in League. And not a complete Seperate Game. (It is but it is not) It just wont happen. I mean I personally would love a Unified Ladder. But Que Times wont be hell at all. I think the PBE proves the extreme Interest in TFT. Atleast NA and EU wont have Que Issues due to the High Player amount by themself. Minor Regions like Taiwan, Japan, Oceania and so on will have que issues. But well, they are minor regions. Anyway. As said I'd love a Unified Ladder, but sadly it wont happen. But Riot could make a "Unified" Ladder as a Stat Site. I mean you can't play against the best in NA or somewhere Else. But you can still "compete" in terms of LP. If the Ranked system will be similiar to what we have now.
: [TFT] Wrong Unit Sold (I'm sure all of you have done this)
Oh hell yes. I've been victim to this several times. It was insanely frustrating cuz it ruined my 3* upgrade... I still managed to win but still that was insanely tilting xD
: Can happen anytime. Riot doesn't announce them in advance.
last few days they put up a notice that the maint is coming :s oof xD
Rioter Comments
: It will be better after ranked, since everyone will try the same combo and no one will get it (since there's a cap).What you do there will probably be the difference between the good and the best.
Indeed. That's why I went ahead and Planned different Combos. They are reliable and can be changed very fast :) So I keep adaptive Combos raising my chances of climbing. And hell I do want to climb. I'm aiming for High Elo like Grandmaster or even Challenger in TFT xD If we get that kind of Ranked Representation. I mean I think we should since any Ranked Que right now (TTT included) grants you the Victorius skin. Meaning even the Ranked Que for TFT should reward you aswell. Or we get some other reward as its an entire different game so to say :D
: I think it's better to be max a duo queue (f4a). Or even only allow solo for ranked. You can never expect people will be kind and not abuse the system if they can - and they probably can most of the time. Coop would be fun tho, but they should let you join solo hahah
Yea. Absolutely. Solo is still the base requirement ^^ But TFT does have big room for different kind of ques.
: I agree with some parts. I don't think wins/loses because of rng are too bad overall (I mean after many games). But I also don't think that reducing it a little would really be bad, like making successful pve battles reward an item (so the last "monster" always give an item). Finding a way to consistently win more than losing is what will be interesting and will count on this game. Much like in Magic/Poker/Other games like these. BTW, many do not understand the game mechanics yet, so I think all the complain is natural to happen. PS: I think the game is still unbalanced. Thats why rng is so important rn. Also I kind of agree with Chi Long Qua, the only way to consistently get high rank will be playing the right comp, and it will kill all fun if things stay as they are.
I figured that alot do not know about how the Auto Battler works. But yea, not knowing something doesn't protect you. Anyway I think the RNG is just as fine as it is. As I abovely said. It's more about Micromanagement and utilizing what you get.
: That's some retarded logic, someone going afk isn't something riot can control while item RNG is. I have won 5 games in a row yesterday abusing OP builds as well, doesn't mean item RNG isn't bad.
Having an OP Combo is the Key. I mean if RNG blesses you, you get ur op combo earlier. I have planned out 6 different combos that I want to play. To create diversity for myself so I don't play the same over and over again which is usually difficult as RNG needs to give me what I need in order to do so. Also where did I mention afk? oO And why exactly is my Logic "retarded" I simply stated the mechanics of the game. RNG is a big factor in this kind of game. Creating Static Rolls. Safe Drops all the RNG will become meaningless and result in single combos that everybody plays as the chance rises to get the units you want or need.
: TFT Update plans
You can be sure that New Pieces will come. Maybe even complete new Origins and Classes. I see alot of potential for many champs. But a clear focus is probably not there it will differ on the response from people in live servers. Stuff like Team vs Team would be a fun Addition for a Normal Que. Ranked should stay Solo atleast. Even tough I personally wish we get Ranked Que for up to 4 Member. Since you cannot choose who fight and all it would still be fair. The only "disadvantage" would be in the Round Robin where they can talk to each other and maybe even help each other. But that is nothing that is worrieable. Ranked Que should be: Solo/Duo/Trio/Quattro and 4v4 Since it will then become also a team game. But we would probably need a complete new chess map. As the way I have it in mind is more like that 4 People can arrange units on 1 Board and then you have 1 big ass fight. (Which is fun cuz you cant combine ur units with units from other)
: PBE overwhelmed by excitement for Teamfight Tactics
Riot Games. Thank you for this Kind Information! I expected this to happen. So I atleast hope we can now "reliably" wait in Que as you said. I mean waiting 4 Hours is fine, If Im guaranteed to get in without Issues. And one Issue i often have is that the Shop doesnt open. And I saved RP on PBE to buy like All Little Legends xD Anyway. Big Thankies for the Information. I hope we see some Improvement. And In fact I will stay with the PBE for TFT. TFT is so much fun and being able to have Influence over the Pieces and Game itself is a great oppertunity.
Rioter Comments
: FTF: Reduce RNG
Uhm. TFT or Auto Chess in General is BASED on RNG. So its like killing off the purpose.
: Regional PBE servers
That won't happen. The Cost would be way to high to maintain it. As you need People to constantly work on each Server. I wish it would. But it wont. Atleast 1 more PBE in EU should be there since EU is the biggest Region out there. And EU would cover EUW, EUNE, Turkey and so on. But yea as Said. It wont happen cuz of the Cost that comes with it.
: Unfair distribution of items in teamfight tactics
I don't know why so many complain about that. The distribution is part of the "Random" factor. Yea it does feel Unfair. But it doesn't break the game. Did you guys even play Auto Chess before? Here it's compared to the Original Auto Chess WAY WAY WAY more fair. I mean you get a Free Unit every few turns. Including an Item. And even if you dont get the Unit, you can grab one with a certain Item for an Upgrade or grab a high value unit and sell it for free gold. THAT is "Unfair". I won like 5 games out of 15 rounds. And not because I had many Items. Because I did good Managing. My First Victory was even on a No Items Round. I got no Items besides those from Round Robin. And still won that game. Items make you stronger, but doesnt decide the game.
: Well it just feels like playing from behind is going to be the best strategy by a lot. Like you said you'll have better eco with the same or more units and only at the cost of some HP. Currently I internationally lose the early rounds so I have a lower health total and can get the spatulas. I think the carousel is already a decent come back mechanism, and adding force of nature on top of having priority seems like it's a bit too strong. I'mm not a top tier player though so maybe it's not the best, but it seems\s to be to me.
The Round Robin is a great Comeback Mechanism I love it. I just find Force of Nature in the Early game extremely broken as I said, you can delay Level Ups for faster Gold gain. But on the other hand prioritizing that just for that would be bad unless you have an already solid field. It can be used as a tactic. But yea I think the first RR and the first Creep Waves shouldnt give it.
: Alright, your opinion. Let me tell you something, where you would 100% agree with my opinion. So, as you might have heard about it, streamers can get easily onto PBE, right? Let's do a list between ppl like me and streamers. Streamer: Benefits for RIOT: Higher player base because of new players might like this game. That also maybe let them earn more money. BUT! I've seen almost no single streamer who is actually doing his job on PBE, to test new stuff so the live server players won't cry. Players like me: Benefits for RIOT and what we actually do: We find out new bugs, are reporting them to RIOT. In my case, I've done this for 2 years now and getting rewarded with nothing? Like streamers doing nothing for League of Legends that it works properly and they can get a benefit like a high priority in login queue. Bro, wtf is this shit? I mean ofcourse RIOT is a company, and a company needs to earn money but they're getting focused too much on earning money than doing something for the community. I don't know if you can understand me at this point but imagine you are the case, and you actually worked 2 years on League of Legends so it can work properly on the live servers, then some streamers coming who did nothing for League of Legends working properly and they get rewarded for that, and you don't. You would definitely feel like I do actually.
Let's keep this short. First: A Streamer who is Popular and has a big Audience like, imaqtpie or noway4u_sir. Why do you think such people have Priority Access? Because they are (probably) paid to promote the game. That means their job is not to find bugs but to PROMOTE the game/content what ever. Second: Players like you were NEVER asked to do that Work. It was YOUR OWN decision to do that. Or did Riot formally ask you to help them find bugs? I doubt that. That means you are doing this because you want to, and not because you have to. That is a big difference. Third: What makes you think I will agree with you? In fact I don't Fourth: I never really paid attention to PBE because of the 120ms I face. But my Account exists for quite some time. I had long before we had Hextech Loot. Before we had Mastery. Hell before we even had the "New" map. Fifth: I personally am happy that people like you put actually effort into finding bugs to make the game less buggy. I mean that. But in the end, nobody asked you to do it. Riot only can say "Thx for coorperating with us to make the game better". Sixth: If you want to get rewarded. Then literally ANY person on the PBE needs to be rewarded. Since every single Person here does the same as you. Play the game, if they find something they report it and thats it. I'm very sorry to destroy your illusion of being special. But you are not. Streamers are. Because they can reach a few thousands of People instantly. Can you do that? No. You should be gratefull to Riot that you can even Play here, before they Opened it up for everybody, you had to actually wait almost a year to MAYBE get an PBE account. And even then you are not obliged to find bugs. You just play the game and thats it :)
: it has? i have played like 20 times and i still dont know lol my bad
Yup. I noticed it on my 4th game or so. It falls out of vision as its at the top center in the screen where you see the Wins/Lose you had vs player and when the round robin starts. ^^
: [TFT] Having 2 champs and then get the 3rd one in the carousel DOESNT MERGE
Indeed this is still frustrating. Happend to me often too. Resulting me in Selling a unit to open space. Only to get frustrated cuz on my next roll i get the 3rd unit i needed (the sold unit). It should auto merge, or atleast we should be able to place more units on board and if slots are full every unit that is to much will be sold just like in auto chess. It can cause you to lose but its your own fault then for not managing well
: (TFT) bugs and suggestions
Round Robin HAS a timer. Look at the center top of your screen. It displays it.
: force of nature is too OP
Force of Nature is at any point pretty strong. It helps you delay a level up and save up gold for higher interest. But I agree Spatula shouldnt be in the first Round Robin or in the first Creep waves.
: I didn't mean that my higher level only makes me more worthy than others, I mean that I have spent 2 years on testing, and figuring out bugs but not getting rewarded for that in any way due to the login queue
You are not supposed to be rewarded for it. As its a volunteer work. You're volunteering to search for that in exchange for "early" access on new stuff like heros or game modes. Also stuff that may never make it to live. That alone is more than rewarding.
: Questions about item iteractions TFT
1: I do think they should Stack. But you don't want to have 2 of the Same Items on 1 Unit anyway. 2: Idk if it does but if it should then yea it would then procc any on hit effect like u described there. 3: It does Splash dmg per cast. So no not when brands ult bounces around as its not casted. (atleast to my understanding) 4: probably ad as mostly any kind of auto attack is considered to be physical even from mages. I mean thornmal reflect auto attacks from mages aswell even if considered magic as physical dmg 5: I think yea. I think I also saw posts about that turning volibear into a serious monster due to that 6: If its not stated expect it to be 2 or 3 seconds. 1 second is to low for it to be a usefull item. And since you have it on mages mostly who have low attack speed anyway.
: idk. i've played like 15k? games of league..and way more autochess than i shouldve in since february. i just cant do locked screen man ;-; it feels so bad. thank you for trying to help though. hopefully riot looks into it. i dont see any problem with giving people the choice.
Dont worry man. I play the Moba Genre way longer than you might think ^^. I even played the Original founding of Moba "Area of Solstice" in WC3. And there is no "Lock" Cam. When I first came to league and was forced on the cam lock i cried it was impossible for me to use it. But for auto chess it feels very comfortable :)
: i thought about 1 hour first but given the sheer amount of people wanting to log in i think that a harsher time limit can be justified
Hmm. Yea the amount of People is insanely high. But if you want to play with friends and need to wait. 30 Mins would be way to short. TFT has an average of 30 mins already. And Normals can also exceed 30 Mins. But on the other hand no game mode has an average of 60 mins. So that timer is the best choice in my opinion :D But i wouldnt mind a harsher timer
: 2x4 hour pbe login queue
Unfortunately there is no Solution. But it happens to alot of Players. I made a Post where I shared my "idea" of how this error happens. All you can do is. Try again and Hope. I'm sitting in the que since the last Maintainance. Ending up with 2 Errors and 1 Successfull Log in which then ended in client crash causing me to log out.. and now im sitting after sleep in the que again gettin 1 error already. welp. All we can do is Hope we are lucky to get in. And I hope the Shop functions. cause last time it didnt and then my client crash
: oh shit did i completely miss a lock/unlock cam button on the side?
No. But on the Right side of your screen are the Player Portraits with their Remaining HP. And you can use those to travel to their Board.
: i think something like kicking if they haven't played a game in 30/45 minutes would be okay
That is kinda Harsh. I feel like 1 Hour of not Playing any game is a fairer time zone
: It would still log off all players that sleep with client open which is actually high amount since the queue became really notable problem.
True that. Those people especially deserve the Kick. xD
: Or better option, wait until next week when it supposed to hit live. And 1 Test server is enough, it always was and always will. People who just want to play should wait until it hits live. Let the tester find major bugs and let riot sort them out.
That is literally telling everybody on the PBE to get the fuck out there and not ever log in unless your a paid tester. Which is utter Nonsense. People play on the PBE for 2 Major Reasons. 1. Testing new Stuff out to find and identifiy Bugs to grant a better experience on Live server with a functional Champ / Mode / Item etc. 2. To try the new Stuff out before most people on Live. But how do you Identify the people who do what? You can't If you wait for it to hit Live. It's YOUR Decision. A few of my friends decided to do just that. I personally want to have "Impact" on the Development of TFT as It will become my Primary Game Mode in League. Meaning I want to get on, find Bugs. Replicate them, Identify them and cause them to be fixed to not encounter potentially game breaking bugs that can be exploited in winning. Like the "Force of Nature" Bug which IS gamebreaking and Exploitable. And you are telling me in short "Get the fuck outta here you're not paid for this so you have no right to be here": Sorry mate. That is not true. I mean I can understand it. Who would have thought that Probably Million of People wanted to Play this Mode so desperately that they even go on PBE for it. But Riot is still at fault here. They give PBE Accounts to literally anybody. Honor Level 3 is so easy to achieve. Anyway :) I'm sorry for the Slight Offensive Language here. It just tilts me to see people like you telling others to wait when their Intent is to test, find and identify bugs and be part of the development. Greets (Also I will not answer on following answers and I do not expect you to answer here)
: PBE Logging queue suggestion
That is actually a good Idea. But kinda bad at execution. As any kind of activity may it be the simplest will reset the 2 Hour timer. If you litterally just click on any button on the Client it will count as "Activity". And checking up whether the person is doing something or not is not an easy task. I mean if your ingame its easy to check. But maybe your online and ur discussing with a friend or several friends while ur not playing. And checking up chat activity is not possible and not right as its your personal information technically. But overall I say yes. Log out Players who are Idle doing nothing on the Pbe for an extended time.
: after wasting LITERALLY 5/6 hours on the pbe queue!
Don't worry. You are not Alone with that. Alot of players have the same issue.
: 3 serious issues (and 1 minor one) with the carousel
The Body Block Issue can be removed very easily. Just remove Unit Collision. As for the Clicking make it Untargetable in the Round Robin. Easy Solutions out there with low amount of work. I mean you don't need to be able to click on other Legends at all. Especially in the Round Robin. On Boards you can click them for what ever reasons ( i have never even bothered to do that as it provides me 0 Information atmost how much gold he has but that can be roughly seen through the Interest on the board. So no need for that) It's enough that you alone can target your own legends but why would you need to be able to target others? :) I mean if it's intentional so you can actually body block people then its a dick move but also one for competive play as you try to pick the best and then force others of from potential huge picks. But yea as said its a dick move and probably alot of ppl will mark it as cheating
: Logging into PBE gave me a different account in the client, but in game TFT is the right one
Interesting. :) I guess due to the Overload of Informations you ended up on a different Account and the Actual owner probably is still in Que and is doomed to get an Unexpected Error.. Poor Soul :/ But yea definitely an interesting thing to happen
: Eating items if carousel upgrades a champion
To me this never Happend. Actually the Held Items instead combined when Fusing the Pieces. :/
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: you absolutely are supposed to be able to "Fly around the map" and scout other players' boards. its a basic mechanic of auto chess. i understand it locking for the carousel, but then it simply wont unlock for the rest of the game.
To do that you just have to Left Click on the Icon on the Right Side of your Screen. Serving in the Solution of the Loose Cam. The Locked Cam is much better suited for TFT than you might think. It keeps your Focus on YOUR Board. If you want to scout, all you need to do is to Left Click the Players Portrait and you get to see His/Her Field with the Same Cam that is on your field. Purpose here is to keep the Focus on the Board and not off side. It's to prevent Mistakes and such ;) I mean I do Understand that some People prefer a Free-Cam. But I think the Lock-Cam was intentional from Riot here and I personally want it to Stay. Also I think Part of the Reason is, that the "Background" for Each Field is Placed beneath/behind it. And the Space between the Fields is Probably Empty as it doesnt need to be filled with a Locked Cam.
: screen keeps permanently locking mid game.
Well. The Cam is supposed to lock since your not supposed to fly around the map with the cam. The board has a fixed angle. and the round robin should lock you so you wont accidantly pick a wrong unit. Locked Cam is in this Mode absolute neccessary :D
: https://imgur.com/a/S11Jhyn credit to scarra
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: TFT random system sucks
The way how the Rolls work and the Item RNG is definitely something that can be Improved. But in all Honesty. It's fine right now. In Dota2 Auto Chess for an Example I have less Luck with the RNG due to much higher diversity of Units. In TFT my "Luck" is "Better". I often get my first items from Krugs. I even had 2 Rounds where I literally got no Item Drops. But I still won it cuz of good Management. In the End this game is still about "Skill". You have to prepare several tactics so you can build with what you get. So far I have prepared myself 4 different Tactics that all can be worked around with one another. This way I can guarantee myself atleast top 3 spot almost always :)
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: This. Sure, there are bugs, and we all know that Riot is not the best when they release something new. No one came here expecting a perfect game mode. But they came here because they were expecting a game mode. Because Riot told them they can play it today. It's fine, if you screw up something, and have to delay it a few days / weeks / decades (as with Clash). It happens. The solution is... You don't give an exact date on when they can play it, unless you are 100% sure they can play it that day. It's not that hard.
You say it. Also, we are here to find out if the Mode is working. It's our duty to find Bugs and Report Crashes. That's why the PBE is here isn't it? So if they release it, and we immediatly find a game breaking bug or what ever. Isn't that actually good? It helps to progress the game development. Accelerating the Games Release and giving the Players on the Live Servers a more Stable variant of that game.
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