: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
First off I think new malz is way better than old malz. Funner and more interesting. My suggestion for the voidlings would be to make new voidlings spawn with a new timer, instead of the same one. Then balance around that. Reduce the duration to say 8 or 10 seconds and increase the number to 4 for bonus attack speed. This way they could also travel between camps with him and through efficient play you might be able to recast the ability while you still have some up. Possibly then also set a cap of some kind or a mechanic where malz has to auto the champion/monster after the new voidling has attacked for a new one to spawn. It will probably be worked on a bit but it is a little hard to tell how many you actually have out since they all cluster on top of each other somewhat and it looks a little messy/silly. If they could stand apart a little, and then make malzahar not have unit collision with them.
: Xerath Bug?
I noticed this too. Was it removed or is it supposed to be in game?
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Just tried out Quinn today in a custom. I have to say she seems pretty good. She felt very similar but probably stronger. New Q is a little vanilla but her combo seems stronger because getting the 3 proc passive is much much easier. So that's Quinn... Valor however is brutal. Quinns identity should be the adc equivalent of nidalee or elise. New ult is basically mobi boots for 120 mana. When people used to play Quinn they would joke about how bad her ult was and just use it to get to lane faster. So I'm really surprised you guys seem to be running with the joke and made that her actual ult. I guess she could split push and then fly to her team once they start fighting but the ult doesn't have a use in a fight, nor can she use it as an escape since it's like channeling panths ult.
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
Unchained Alistar is by far my favorite Alistar skin and I feel like the old skin looks better. I think the hair should be black, and it should be closer to the splash. Everything else looks good.
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
I've played Viktor here and there since his release. Initially I was concerned about a rework because I think the augmented Deathray/Liandrys build is pretty decent. **How do you feel about his abilities working with each other, do they have a natural flow to them?** The new Q is way better. The range is better and the damage is split into something fun. The scaling per level on the auto is great since you don't have to max it first in order to always be doing decent damage with it. **How enticing are the augments in various points in the game? When / what do you think is the best time / order to upgrade them?** The Deathray is still the only really necessary evolution. It's the only augment that is damage related and basically doubles your damage output from the skill. Maybe if the secondary damage were more similar to Rumbles ultimate it could have more counterplay. The AP you get from his wand augments is really good but the other augments are much more lackluster in comparison. The shield speed boost is pretty good and still the same. The Gravity augment is last, I think it would be better if it upgraded the range similar to live. Either that or shift power into his ultimate and have it deal more damage at the center. **Do you notice an improvement in the usability of Chaos Storm? / How does Chaos Storm feel to use for you as a player new to Viktor?** I think the range was reduced, now the range on this spell and the gravity field are the same, so this is another good reason to have the augment increase the range for better initiations. Especially since his ultimate doesn't silence anymore. I like the feel of the new ultimate but some more front loaded power would be nice. It feels like when you try to send it further away it sketches out. I liked it because it felt more like a real creation of Viktors... **Do you feel a noticeable power spike at a certain point in the game? If so, when do you feel it?** Probably after you upgrade the deathray since it also improves his waveclear, and it's pretty cheap. I didn't try building lich bane but his damage seemed pretty good all the time.
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: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
I just wanted to chime in with some thoughts about Gnar. First off I think he's awesome and he's super meta, I think there's a good chance he'll get picked in professional play. Originally when I read your first question I was under the assumption that he had no weaknesses. He's pretty fast and hard to catch with a ranged slow. The biggest weakness is probably your inability to control when you transform. It feels like stacks fall off pretty slowly. I was thinking the process is something like 'edging' where you can constantly keep yourself on the brink of transforming. I'm not sure what the vision is for this though. If you want him to be slightly uncontrollable in this regard then I think you've most likely hit the mark. Personally some changes that I think would be nice would be if you could get a larger rage bar upon leveling your ult, making his transformation last longer at later levels. Also have stacks of rage fall off quicker so that his transformation is manageable. And also making it so that rage can still be built up while in Mega-Gnar form, similar to Shyvana's ultimate.
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: Let's talk about reworked Maokai
I haven't played it yet but I'm not digging it much on paper. Slow on sapling doesn't matter to me because I prefer more damage and playing ap maokai. Also seems like they're making him more like Gragas with the changes(%hp damage, ranged slow and the damage reduction). The ultimate sounds like it could be good or bad. This change could allow for me to dive onto the back line more easily, but I like to put his ult down and leave it there in an area as it provides great zone control. You can control an entire area in a team fight in the jungle if the other team decides to fight in a tight corridor. I think it was a cool trade off that you had to place it somewhere and it changes the terrain, similar to Trundles contaminated ground. Also if you're not in range and you notice your team mate getting jumped on you can put your ultimate on top of him. What I really wanted was additional magic damage on his passive with another ap ratio. And possibly giving him some mana back in addition to hp relating to damage dealt.
: Bug -- Karthus CS counter goes up every time Q hit's a minion
I just did this in a custom and my cs counter went up every time I cast q regardless of whether it was on a minion or not.
: Gragas W needs buff
I have to disagree. Making the damage reduction start after the drink would make it a lot harder to time. As it is right now you can immediately start drinking when damage is about to hit you in lane. Otherwise you would have to time all incoming damage reduction a second before they even cast a ranged spell in your direction. It would help for going in though, like, drink and then have 4 seconds to body slam into them. But right now it's fine as is I think. Right now it requires some more timing if you're going to go in right away. A slight buff would be if they left it as is and added 1 second. I was also slightly confused about the nerf last patch you mentioned? He was buffed in his last patch change. But you probably mean the patch when he was reworked.
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: Suggestion - Corki Missile Charge Tweak
It sounds like a pretty decent idea, I think the best solution would maybe be to give him 3 rockets at 6. This way he could get a big one on the third rocket. Giving him just 1 rocket at 6 is a lot of waiting for more rockets to build. About the gatling gun, I think it scares people away. The ability is slightly useless except for the armor shred imo. But by activating it, it deters people from standing directly in front of you, so I basically would just use it for intimidation.
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
I think it would be interesting if the closer you jumped to yourself then the lower the channel/travel time/damage/cooldown would be, up to 50%. Range is 2500/3500/4500 and the cooldown is 150/125/100. Something that promotes using the ultimate closer to yourself, instead of over nerfing the range.
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
So does he get more mana regen now that his w doesn't give him mana? I feel like Gragas has some mana issues. I like that you get to use w for mana and the synergy between spamming it constantly off cd and using spells in conjunction with his passive. Plus the loss of ad being replaced with something like kassadin's w seems bad. It does sounds kind of op though. Hit someone with q, slows them, then stun them, and then knock them back. Or put your barrel somewhere, knock them into it and stun them, waiting as long as you can to detonate. It seems kind of odd giving him another form of cc. Also want to add that having Gragas stand still and drink gives him a ton of swagger, so I don't like that he can move and drink.
: [Feedback] Pantheon's ulti change
Yeah, the ulti nerf is ridiculous and also destroys mid Panth's level 6 (Not that anyone is playing him mid right now.) I don't think the changes will stick.
: Dude, you do realize the biggest problem with Kassadin is his "Silence with Q, Riftwalk in, use W to all-in" combo, right? His silence HAS to go - it's non-negotiable. It doesn't really matter if Kassadin "isn't Kassadin without his silence" - there's a reason that Kassadin has an almost 100% ban rate and THAT Kassadin has to be reworked. His new Q is a nice comprimise - it doesn't prevent his opponent from fighting back, but it DOES mitigate any attempts by his opponent to fight back with his spell shield. Yes, it does make Kassadin weaker against a number of AD mid laners, but Kassadin shouldn't have a good matchup against them anyway. Kassadin was designed as an ANTI-MAGE and I don't really mind Riot buffing that aspect of his kit if they also reinforce his weakness to champions like Talon, Kha'zix, Yasuo or Zed.
I don't think the biggest problem was his silence, but more like a combination of high mobility and high burst with no counter-play. You might say that his silence HAD to go, but I would disagree. You can see that the silence is almost necessary because Riot randomly decided to keep the interrupt portion of the silence but get rid of the rest. Kassadin is an anti-mage but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be able to lane against AD's at all. Also AD's still have auto-attack damage so a silence isn't as big of a deal as it is vs AP's. I didn't say that they should keep him the same, I liked the rework, but I would be all for a lower silence duration like I stated, .5 - 1.5, or even .5 - 1.0. I would even be happier with a .5 silence at all ranks.
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: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Can you give him a laugh animation that is closer to his old one?
: Skarner's Ultimate
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
Seems like Vlad is very tentative on using his pool. First time he used it was around level 6 or something.
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Can you fix his tooltip on his turrets? Nothing big, just that I think the ammount of turrets he can place never changes so it seems out of place. It should be swapped with the ammount of kits he can carry so all the relevant information is in the same place and the static ammount of turrets is put into the description. I'm a little sad that his laugh was changed. His new dance is very cool and close to the original but his laugh is pretty plain now instead of him rolling onto his back.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
The nerfs don't seem too steep. I like the buffs to compensate. The Dianna buff seems kind of strong since I don't usually associate Dianna with a champ who rushes Lich Bane. Kayle nerf is understandable maybe.
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