: Yeah there were definitely a lot of hilarious bugs (in the first test, items just duplicated indefinitely...) We want hextech to be a trait you opt into that is only **really **powerful when you are particularly worried about another player who has really good items, especially if they have many good items, so its almost certainly not going to be a "turn off the stat but not the unique" effect. Given you can acquire traits mid combat by placing spatula items, you can also lost traits mid combat, so disabling yuumi will remove a sorcerer.
Have you thought of the idea where Hextech could increase the items bonuses (Base Stats & in some case maybe the passive). So 2/4/6 Hextech (Only four but maybe for the future 6) your hextech units item are enhanced by 25%/50%/75% or instead it could only benefit the hextech units for 2/4 and then at 6 it grants 50% to all of your units.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
The eye feels out of place, if it looked more similar to the icons version of the eye then I think the skin would be perfect.
: I dont think the change should be implemented bcs: 1. it would be broken and 2. I think Pyke should be exclusive to the support role. I dont like the thought of him being another ordinary assassin.
It wouldn't be broken because it would make his slow jungle clear a bit healthier. He can still be a supportive jungler that focuses around ward control and creating picks for his team. The only real parts of his kit are his in-kit stealth and his ult the rest of the kit is very supportive and self sustaining.
: The way his passive currently works is that when enemy champions damage him it becomes gray health, but not with monsters and epic monsters. This change would do nothing. EDIT: hold on my bad i thought you were under the impression his passive worked with all damage taken. I think that's what you're asking they change it to right?
Yes to make it that when he is unseen/out of combat he heals for a % of damage he has recently taken from large monsters and enemy champions. Due to his kit this would give him a slow jungle clear that leaves him with around 55%-70% total hp after his first clear.
: it would be pointless if it worked on monsters too as it regens all of the lost health. it would be very very very very very very very very very very broken.{{sticker:galio-happy}}
actually he only heals for a % of the damage he has taken recently from enemy champions, adding large monsters to this doesn't mean he would regain all of his HP just a small percentage which could give him some healthier clears.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Falkus,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=EAHY31vH,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-07-26T19:24:46.587+0000) > > Hey Riot LoveStrut! I just wanted to say I really, really love this skin (the "knight in shining armor" theme is one of my favorites), but I have some feedback that could potentially help make the skin even better: > > * First off, I think the **skin line** that Lancer Zero Hecarim belongs to isn't very clear. It looks like you were going for a knight-themed Mecha skin, but the end result looks more like a pure Victorious skin than anything. To make it more technological and futuristic I'd suggest adding more glowing neon lights to Hecarim's model like the one found on his weapon. Particles and SFX could be more mech-like too, though they I think they mostly hit the mark. > > * I also think Lancer Zero Hecarim's model is **too bare**, particularly along his spine. The blue and gold accents are a nice touch, but it still feels like a mostly-white Hecarim skin. Because significant model changes are likely out of the question at this point, I think adding a few details to the texture along his back would break up some of the white and add a bit more nuance to his design. A possible idea is engraving some lines on his back armor or adding gold accents similar to the ones found on his upper torso chestpiece. Hiya, thanks for the feedback, Falkus! Glad you like the skin so far! These are fantastic points to take in, especially for a potentially new skin line. I've seen the similarity to Victorious being echoed. We can see if there are opportunities to make the VFX more differentiated, possibly more technological. You're right about significant model changes being out of scope at the moment, but we can definitely see if there are texture changes that we can implement with the time left. We'll just have to be careful about too many details cluttering the model at game height. Thank you!
Hey Riot LoveStrut, just going to piggyback off of Falkus to tell you that this skin is an AMAZING concept but it doesn't feel like it is worth 10 gemstones or even fulfilling the concept it presents. Comparing it to the other Loot Exclusives it doesn't match up if it only costed 3 gemstones then maybe it would be worth it. I understand that it would take a while to make this skin feel like it is worth the price (10 gemstones cost more then all ultimate skins combined on average) but even if it takes just another month or two to get the skin right most Hecarim players who want to have all the skins would be thankful.

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