: ...What? There is a limit to what you should be cautious about. This way you could never truly end the game because Poppy and friends can always get you into their fountain.
Is it that hard to cancel a long channeling ult and not cluster, this game is so casual and easy, not even in a bad way that its so easy to avoid
: I tried many times to send enemies towards my tower with ulti but they always go back to safety even if i hit them from behind...i hope this is a bug
description in the ultimate says it sends towards their base
: This would be amazing but sadly I doubt Riot would do something awesome like this...
riot likes to let us down
: And then after that push em in your fountain after all with a Malphite ult.... Or Blitzcrank or any of those. Still OP :/
then the enemy team should be cautious of that
: It's OP if you can just launch people to your own fountain, don't you think? If you don't charge it, it will just knock-up~
Theres an easy way to fix that, riot could just make it so when poppy ults, enemies have a invisible wall around fountain for the duration of their flight
: > [{quoted}](name=Jacob,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iELz2g6E,comment-id=003c0000,timestamp=2015-11-26T00:39:53.308+0000) > > completely changed Terrible...
Yea if you see on PBE her lore got changed to her just being oblivious to her power and wandering in search of the fated hero not knowing its her
: I just don't understand why you would play Poppy instead of let's say Garen. I feel like Garen would use those items better than Poppy does.
Garen doesnt have pigtails.
: I pretty much LOVE everything here. Things can be cleaned up a bit but overall, great changes to Poppy. My only concern is the lore. has it been only slightly freshened up or has it been completely changed? This is seriously bothering me.
: The game is incredibly dull now.
The game turned into a brawler rather than rts
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
I was quite excited to see the poppy rework, Tristanas update was perfect. However its missing some character, I think the ultimate is good but it feels very out of place for poppy who is someone who goes in your face, has an ability to send the enemy back? Its a good skill, but it seems odd. I think the radius on the q needs to be altered, instead on a square in front make it a small circle radius around poppy (similar to riven q or w) as other people said I think her dash should take a small amount behind the enemy to help set up the q and emphasize how she should be in their face. As for a new ult, I think poppys last ult was good, but if people find it that bad (isnt it just like kayles ult? I dont see the problem with invincibility) maybe a huge boost to armor and MR for a few seconds? For visuals, Scarlet hammer poppys skin looks far too neon, its an eyesore since blue and red are compliments so they both bring each other out and I had to quit that custom game because it was so bright. I think two shades lighter/how it is in default skin is fine. For default skin, her hair seems a very very pale blonde, I prefer white, but I think in game it is too bright of a blonde, I think to make it match the splash and lighten that to a platinum blonde like the splash will look more pleasing. Her chin seems like it can be molded a bit smoother like tristana, but I think the rest of face is fine. For her voice. Im really torn on it, its nice, but it doesnt match her personality, I really liked poppy saying she doesnt know any jokes and she really seemed like the more serious yordle and it was what made her cute, she seemed really determined and confident and strong, here I feel like Im listening to tristana pretending she is poppy and, well thats not poppy. Some lines are good but it feels too, cutesy and innocent. And she keeps mentioning some hero and it makes all the lines sound too similar. I think some of her classic lines should still be there. Such as, Jokes? I dont know any jokes Valoran will know harmony If it will bring peace. I think those lines are very important for Poppy as a character and I hope that at least you consider altering some lines and remember who Poppy is as least in character.
: Idea: In-game voice chat
i think the issue is the voice chat is harder to monitor and review for toxicity rather than being able to skim through chat for something youd need to sit through a voice log
: Everything about Kindred seems slightly off to me, frankly. I dunno if Riot's animators/model designers are just lazy or really stubborn, but that reply seems... a bit too much? A lot of the time I feel Rioter's give responses that're chock-full of arguements and discussion that detract from the original point, trying to distract or send our attention elsewhere. Kindred especially bothers me, it's almost unfair how wonderful a character she -could- be if Riot actually listened to the complaints and changed all the issues people on PBE brought up. It sorta makes it feel wrong to be on PBE if 90% all your feedback will be dismissed, instead we're just here to see stuff early. "Remember, though, that based on bandwidth, timeline, and the the number of projects that come in one after another, sometimes we can't fix everything we want to, even if we try." Ironic they say that, since Kindred is delayed for another two weeks, giving them plenty of time to spruce her up to whats expected! It's disgusting, like you said comparing them to prior champs, they seem so unsatisfying and unfinished if you look at someone like Tahm, Ekko, even older champions long before them!
I agree, lots of their replies seem to be distracting from the main point
: It is in a sense. The main problem is just them not really listening to community feedback from the pbe anymore. If they did, kindred wouldn't have to wait until next patch to come out instead probably. I don't know the circumstances for the actual reasons, but not listening or acknowledging community feedback doesn't help.
it makes me confused as to what they want, they dont want balance changes done on pbe, which like I said, I can understand to an extent, but then to visuals thats also a no no. Some bugs are fixed but not all as I said they showed in spotlight video, I wish at least they said, oh hey, sorry we wont be doing that instead of leaving everyone guessing
: > [{quoted}](name=Jacob,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Eb2g7EEx,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-05T18:29:59.768+0000) > > Ive seen many posts on complaints about visuals being quite far off and most of it is simple, teeth just change texture color for a lazy fix and adding small ears could be the least that could be done. > But what I dont get is why theres no reply from Riot that I see about it? I just saw the spotlight released and nothing has been done and I wish we got at least some excuse or something about it not getting done. Its just really upsetting that all this consistent feedback got zero response and makes it feel like the feedback for visuals was for nothing and even bugs appearing in the spotlight video, I dont know why there is PBE at points. It's basically Riot's common "strategy" of how to deal with suggestions. Unless the suggestion/feedback are really enticing to them, or can be detrimental to something of theirs, they very likely will ignore them. They are not what they used to be.
Id think with their players saying stuff like this they would want to change that
: I liked the old splash for both base {{champion:62}} and Jade Dragon Wukong. But I don't like a lot of the new, "glossy"/cartoon-ish splashes; I really liked Riot's old style and wish that the updates were for quality rather than style.
> [{quoted}](name=Carakki,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=L0vitmV3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-07T03:28:27.116+0000) > > I liked the old splash for both base {{champion:62}} and Jade Dragon Wukong. But I don't like a lot of the new, "glossy"/cartoon-ish splashes; I really liked Riot's old style and wish that the updates were for quality rather than style. agreed, the old ones were fine, i think art like french maid nidalee should be updated more than the ones that are fine as is
: I've seen the same problem since i got on the pbe last year. Even if you try to get them to do something different, they're not going to because a whole team worked on that champ and refuse to take that away from that team. I understand why they would be frustrated when someone tells them that an animation doesn't look right or some small bugs, but they wont change anything most of time. It doesn't mean their hard work went to nothing, but everyone would like to see the team improve it, I mean what's wrong with delaying a champion if it means to make the champion the most aesthetically pleasing and balanced one there is BEFORE it hits live. Now they just send it live most of the time to pull all the data on balancing it from there instead, it makes sense, but as a team member of the pbe, it frustrates me that whatever I do here, is just basically getting an early look at everything rather than actually getting to help riot aside from bugs. It's like the presence of everything else doesn't matter til LCS or live.
That seems counterproductive to be against constructive criticism, I get if they work on something last thing you want to do is change it but thats not teaching the team anything if all they teach them is all they do is great and nothing needs improvement, thats just as bad
: I don't even mind the teeth, but lamb's running motion seems really wrong, I need wolf's lamb-mask ears, and my life would be complete. No matter what we do, Riot won't change it. I've seen this type of thread on the NA boards too but Riot never does anything. Let's hope that when Kindred ships, there's like a huge upheaval or something like that so Riot considers making her motions again or something.. which isn't likely to happen.
I think the ears could be done easily yes, also the wolf spawning bug just, its unprofessional for a company thats so large to have bugs like that in a spotlight
: The one rioter that commented basically told us to fuck off because the one guy "worked hard." I don't know what hard is, but he's been the laziest person since season 2 lol. I personally want to fire whoever left Kindred so fucking clunky, especially with her one auto attack animation that makes her look like she;s snapping her leg in half when you reach 1.5 attack speed.
I work hard too but doesnt mean no room for improvement, thats just lazy, sadly
: this needs to end
Rioter Comments
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
after playing the skin my biggest concerns are color, it seems lot a hot mess. The skin is really too bright, it doesnt need to be red but its a bit too much in game. i think the tail should be permanently in the design, wings might be too much in a 1350 skin to animate but tail should stay. I think the colors vary too much. black there. pink there, red there, brown here, Im confused whats going on in some ways
: To nerf riven, I feel that she needs to not have to bonus ad ratios on her e and w anymore. Instead, do what you did with her q. Decrease the base damage and make them total ad ratios. Thus, making her less snowbally if she backs and get damage. I think this edge mechanic is too forced and unnecessary. I fell in love with riven for solely for the fact that you can do what ever you want in your kit at any given moment. no mana and only gated by cds. Also, it changes the identity of the champion. sure shes doing the same thing, but no one is going to be oh im at 25% hp better flash away from this riven ult in she has no edge.
I think it might work to make the w and e maybe scale off ap
: I feel like all the riven mains are bitching because it will take more to kill someone, instead of pressing 4 buttons and gettings pentas
I mean it never was that easy, unless its lower rank (low bronze) its not easy to just penta
: Riot could care less about the feedback from someone who only plays in bot games
I still have the experience of pvp and will test pbe things in pvp so.
: I play Riven a lot. Seems pretty easy for me to say. I don't mean to be rude, but if you really main Riven and put a lot of time into trying to master her, either adapt or quit playing her. The only thing this change does is stop Riven from being able to prep stack 3 charges of her passive and made her ult damage situational. Her damage from levels 1-5 is slightly stronger if you factor in the percent damage boost from Edge. Many champs have been nerfed. Their mains cry for a bit. Some quit playing said champion, and some adjust. I will say it again - choose which group you fall into.
I used to rank a lot and all that and now I just try to casually play in bots PvE. So Im not putting much time into this game anymore and I shouldnt have to for a champion that has been balanced and well nerfed already. I dont care if they even buffed her, I dont want any change to any champion that was already fine.
: She doesn't need to be toned down. And this hardly even does.
She doesnt need a buff or nerf. Both would make me equally upset, I even got really upset by the Bard buff because I liked him doing no damage
: Like it or not, she needs to be toned down because she is too strong right now. It's gonna happen whether you like it or not.
Why does she need to be toned down
: But if you're invaded at level 2, you're the same or slightly stronger than before, assuming you auto after every spell cast...? But yes, I can see how not being able to stack your passive multiple times before you get to a camp could impact her clear slightly, but I still don't think it'd be impactful enough make her garbage. (though Riven's early clear was never very good to start with)
I didnt call it garbage, its the fact that these changes arent needed, not so much the changes itself, its the concept of them changing something when there is no reason when she can be stomped or stomp if team works with her
: In a jungler 1v1 your edge should be charged enough for Wind Slash to deal close to maximum damage, and while that may be true, your damage to the first camp isn't a big deal so long as your team actually leashes you. Such a change could hardly make jungle Riven irrelevant all by itself.
But thats how I played, and at level 2 at an early camp you dont have wind slash, you dont have abilities to be charging up. Its about Riot fixing non broken things again
: Just because her assassin playstyle was nerfed doesn't mean you don't have a choice. Stop over exaggerating - the choice still exists. You can definitely still play as an assassin.
Its easy to say until it happens to a champion you like/put lots of time into. And I didnt jump on this as a bad thing, I gave it a go in a custom game and I already even against bots couldnt play how I did
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurusy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=7bKqEqXN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T00:45:15.635+0000) > > Nope. I know how Riven works. They basically nerfed her ability to kite and outplay, since you NEED the 5 stack auto to get 10 percent extra dmg (wtf?) in trade off for losing runic blade stacks. Seriously? Plus, Riven's ult is useless unless you were just fighting, which means you can't snipe and you can't flash all in enemies because u don't have enough dmg to execute targets. They're just forcing rivens to play as fighter, rather than jumpy assassin or a flash outplay maker. Look, I'm not saying it's bad or good. I personally don't like it, but find it okay since I can deal with it. Obviously it is still subject to change. What I'm saying is that if this is the direction Riven is going to go, I don't care. I will still play her. If you hate her new passive that much, then don't play her. EDIT: I think you're just a bit angry because Riot nerfed the way you like to play Riven. I'm sure some others that exclusively play bruiser and off-tank Riven are extremely happy.
Well here I am, someone that plays tank riven sometimes, along with assassin and Im unhappy about the changes. extremely. Because I dont have a choice anymore
: I don't see how her jungle is shit now - her clear is exactly the same as before, and she has even more damage when she goes in to gank. The only negative is now she can't snipe you from fog of war with Wind Slash to secure a kill. That was cheesy anyway.
Defending against enemy junglers 1 v 1 is changed because of it along with stacks which you could have started with, using three qs timed right before spawn to clear first camp faster
: Yeahp, people complain and permaban Fiora as well. But they only complain because they don't know a thing about her. I bet almost every person who complains about Fiora did not know that her passive rotates in a set way. So if it is top left it will go to bottom right next time, and if it's bottom left it will go to top right. And you can actually walk out of range if you get a bad weak spot. Amazing! But seriously, Riven's a controversial champion because her role is a hard carry. People are always gonna complain when they get roflstomped all the time by a champion. I know I used to complain about Diana a lot. She fills the same role Riven does. They both hard carry body kids in games. That's just what they are designed to do and what they've become known for. No other champions fill that role and no other champions can fill the role in the same way they do. #GoodJobOnThoseChampsRiot
They need to not just listen to people whining and realize there will be hard carries and said carries can be stomped if they dont have the kills. Ive even been fed as Riven and unable to carry because the enemy team did very well at locking me down
: Yooo exactly what I was thinking, gtf outta here with the mini-game shit on Riven. She has her INCREDIBLY defined niche. Everyone knows what she does and how she does what she does. She's a mobile hard carry fighter who get's herself a lead and then rolls over your team with that lead. But if she doesn't get that lead, well you might have a few problems. Just please, stop riot. Just drop everything you thought about, and just walk away.
They dropped the Katarina changes once, Im like. really hoping they drop this. Like praying with all that makes me whole because this is going to make me have to quit a champion I really loved. This isnt a nerf. This is a whole change
: I cant believe they are trying this change. Its not needed. She has always been easy to kill. I might quit Riven if they make this change which sucks since she is all I played
Agreed. I was just explainging to my fiance the other day how Riven is my favorite because you can do so much with her kit, its not a set thing, now I have to take that back since too many people got beat by riven and cried I guess. Only 50% winrate. That is balanced
: New "Edge" on Riven
I cant believe they are trying this change. Its not needed. She has always been easy to kill. I might quit Riven if they make this change which sucks since she is all I played
: its them kindred is two people its them. and yeah aside from that you're right SInce devourer was target nerfed against kindred (yes other RNGD jungs were problematic, but that passive would be...) it is not the best item on her since warrior grants AD and pen and CDR it could work but its quite likely you could simply go Purple smite (poachers maybe.) BOTRK ADC items. OR against a high AD Purple smite/poachers BOTRK Cinderhulk Frozen heart Last whisper Frozen mallet Randuins omen Call me crazy, thats fine but the interesting thing about kindred is that A. their passive is scaling B. they get more benefits from AS over any other stat C. they have decent cool-downs and decent CC So what you can do is just play Kindred like Nasus be unkillable while doing all the damage on every AA i'd test this build out myself but... can't exactly get into a game as kindred right now.
I found that building bruiser was my best build due to the stacking and % damage, not a significant change when i had full ad from what HP armor and MR I lost
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
The face looks like a whole different champion rather than being like Vi. The nose is too straight that the bridge and nostril are same width, lips are way too pursed looking for Vi. Eyes seem to be slanted a bit downwards when hers never were. Wings Im assuming are WIP. I like the idea of pink skin but it also seems too neon for the red color. I think toning it down opacity wise (not darken, more like how this red skin is toned to look natural http://41.media.tumblr.com/fd1816c2d9dfdf74d212a9291eb402ac/tumblr_nmwyumDdyN1r3tefjo1_1280.png ) will improve it greatly
: Kindred gets released like this?
i think the least they could do is recolor teeth to black (not even make shadowy) changing color shouldnt be too hard..then ears are small on wolf mask I dont see why not do that
: Kindred will be released in the next patch, 5.19. It's a part of their schedule and it will be released, even with the bugs that are present. Remember when Azir came out? He was a mess and full of bugs, which took a few patches and bugfixes to make Azir finally viable because the bugs were in the way. When Kindred is released on live servers, Riot will get a chance to see how they will work out because it is a lot larger than PBE.
but what about the visuals? besides the skillset itself
: They said that they were mainly working on the Season 6 Patch. It requires a LOT of work. I'm sure that's why they put off kindred for a while. Honestly I don't think Kindred will be released next patch due to this. Cause they straight up didn't have time for it. Honestly I hope they don't make kindred go live in the next patch. She's so unbalanced and strange atm. She needs work before they release her.
I hope so too, but I mean more just written replies like they will look into the physical changes. I hope they dont just rush to release only to make lots of changes later
Rioter Comments
: It is stupid we cannot play custom games because of "overloads"
I have an idea for some of you though, what if two people make a custom game just to practice champion and not actually fight each other? This way we can test things without needing to be fighting someone
: Yeah this seems like Bull Shit. The PBE servers must have been reduced to save costs or Riot just doesnt care enough to re-allow it. There is no way at 3 AM pacific time the servers are loaded. when it takes 10 min to get a normal game.
agreed, during all hours of the day i tried and seems impossible that 24/7 its packed
: Kindred's Visuals...
yea, I rather get some excuse from Riot than silence and releasing it.
: I concur with everything on wolf. His teeth be something more like an ethereal blue. And wolf's mask ears are weird. On the other hand I disagree with your thoughts on Lamb. I absolutely love her clean purple blue tint and seemless body. She looks very much like an elegant spirit from beyond. She looks fantastic.
I think Lamb is tolerable color wise, even if they kept her purple id like to see some more fur texture, not heavy, just so it doesnt seem like clothing. I dont think lambs color is a huge issue as it is with wolf, he defiantly needs the work over her. I do not hate her current model
: It is stupid we cannot play custom games because of "overloads"
agreed, i havent been able to play pbe and test things for a long time, I thought itd pass in a day but I still cant play
: I think Wolf should increase in size with the stacks of the passive.
I think thats a great idea honestly
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
Kindred really sparked to me as a champion as Bard did. So naturally Ive been enjoying prancing around as her. While I think the kit itself is fine, I feel like lots of the model really feels slightly off to me. I dont think it should be gutted, but I think textures, slight color tweaks, and changes to wolf's model need to be done. Making lamb have actual fur textures instead of butter smooth, it doesnt need to be much but it really looks like there is zero texture and makes the model of a champion I really like look unfinished. Wolf looks like a blue cartoon wolf, in the splash, his teeth are part of his shadowy body and not as clean and even, in fact all of his model is too clean, and too solid, the model sticks out from the effects so I see the floating head with a trail behind it and I think more can be done to blend that better, make him darker, change the teeth (add the blueish purple haze coming through slightly) I think also toning lamb with warm-grey coloring would be more appropriate and make sheep and lamb contrast more. I dont mean to make her orange, but more of a neutral color than a straight up blue. As well as texturing the wood on both masks and adding ears to wolf's mask. And leave the blue color to be slightly glowing out of lambs mask as it is in splash.
: Wolf's Model
I think wolf should have his mask and teeth match the splash more as well. I liked the shadow-y teeth he has but is ruined in game. Really hope riot fixes that and makes him less goofy and more menacing. The color I can pass with, little darker would be cool but also would like him less solid, more like nocturne?
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