: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/10) and Tuesday (2/11) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
Team Builder has been awesome, and no different today (apart from stability issues ingame that can probably be marked up to it being the Public Beta Environment). I didn't experience any disconnects, either from lobby or in-game (although there were a handful of D/c's in-game; one game in particular had four people get kicked out, with inability to reconnect, at the start of the game). The person having issues in my premade ended up having to do a PBE repair install. Music systems are ace this go-around. Shoutout to the audio team for their work on this one. Inspires me to keep working on my unofficial background music/transition system for Summoners Rift. Things that I think need polishing: -Summoner Spell selection. I feel its still too easy to forget to change summoner spells, particularly when in the lobby interface (as opposed to the solo pre-group-queue experience). This is probably down to them no longer being centrally located in the UI, and being more visually quiet in the overall interface. Maybe implementing some kind of UI lightup/flameup on summoner spells whenever you change your role/when you first connect to lobby. I put out a chat box reminder to adjust summoner spells each game I played, and always got thanks from one or two people who had forgotten to make adjustments. -Chat box stuff: Since we have the convenience of knowing who is going where as a function of the UI, I figure it might be worth including a little icon near the name textfields in the chat box signifying which position they've selected, so we don't have to constantly look at the left side of the client to double-check role, then back to right side of client to connect role with person communicating. Maybe a circle with a single letter in it: (A) - Any (T) - Top (J) - Jungle (M) - Mid (B) - Bottom (O) - Other Example (Imagine chat box): "(T) JaFaR Ironclad: Hello world!" -(LOW PRIORITY) Role exclusion: Sometimes players will feel comfortable playing multiple roles, but they don't want to play bot lane this game, for instance. It might be cool to make it so that solo-queuing players can select positions or roles to be excluded in the fill-case (5th player in a lobby). For instance, if I don't want to go bot lane this game but am willing to play top, mid, or jungle, I can exclude bot lane before queuing, and I won't get sorted into groups that are waiting only for bot-lane players; the matchmaker would also slot me into appropriate positions if its a group with lots of room. Keep up the good work! Everyone I played with is incredibly enthusiastic at the prospect of this going into the release build, and I think I count myself among them.
: Thank you for your Yasuo feedback
My pleasure. I'll save my praise for Live and GD, so regarding the playtest: I think you guys did a good job with PBE community interaction. At a few points, I had a specific piece of feedback on a specific element of his kit, and was pleased to find that a QA person (or otherwise) had posted to confirm it had been forwarded to the appropriate party. The process felt relatively transparent throughout. One potential point of improvement; some people feel like their feedback or bug reports have been overlooked. Now, I suspect between the QA team and the champ design team, you guys read pretty much everything, but it might be possible to cheaply improve the experience by declaring some sort of "fistbump" stamp system (Dev tracker does this nicely, but only when you actually comment). End state: When a Riot employee reads a post/thread, they can "stamp" the thread either by pushing a button (giving the thread a stamp) or posting a comment. Stamped-but-uncommented threads show up as a black-and-white stamp, commented threads have a red outline. Stamped-status is publicly viewable. I think this would help improve the feel of presenting feedback and bug reports (usually somewhat of an unsung initiative) and create more incentive that there already is to present them.
: [major bug][yasuo][ult]cannot move/auto attack after yasuo ult
+1, was playing Yasuo against Diana; ulted her, and after about 2/3 seconds of normal melee combat she became frozen; couldn't move or autoattack. Lasted until I killed her, then normal play resumed.
: I passed this feedback to ohmikegoodness, one of the animators that worked on Yasuo. There was a lot of extra animation tech required to make it work, and there are still some bugs to be worked out. Sidenote: I was a 3d animator before joining Riot, and I agree that this one turned out awesome!
Thanks for the feedback pass! I definitely noticed that there was a lot of new triggers going on, so I knew the animation system engineers had their hands full with this one. Rock on!
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: Hiyas! I'm with you on your preference of T but as Xypherous explained, 4 seems to be the lesser of evils so far. The compelling reason to get me more on board with the idea was that we players who are accustomed to using active items in slot 4 are experienced enough to rebind our keys. We want to make sure it is intuitive and also not incredibly disruptive, keeping newer players in mind. We're definitely still open to and eager for more feedback on the topic, though!
Would it be kosher to leave the Trinket without a keybind by default (while retaining its UI position both ingame and in the keybind options menu)? I mean, the first thing a player can see when opening the option menu is the keybind interface. You might even be able to put in a flag that causes the Trinket option point to glow yellow or something when a player first runs the preseason patch and opens the menu.
: You can bind it to 'T' if you wish personally - in our lab tests, however, we found that most people had severe issues with 'T', given that it's far easier to trip up on hitting 'R'. Think about it this way: Left-To-Right Mistakes are more common than Row Mistakes on the keyboard - thus accidentally hitting your R when you meant to use your trinket proved to be much more of a cost. I wish we could pick the button that makes sense for everyone intuitively - but it seemed for this case we had a choice between 4 or 5 bad options. If you want my personal favorite Trinket hotkey - I recommend '`' or the tilde key - but this key is on a completely different spot for international keyboards so we couldn't use it. :(
Thanks for the reply, Xypherous. Yeah, its difficult to argue with lab feedback. Is there any precedent for doing different default hotkey layouts for different localizations?
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