: "SMS Mobile Protection" service doesnt work
hope its fixed, i saw this few days ago, didnt think its bug, though its not implemented yet
: I find it disappointing that these cycle changes are coming. There are some of us who are on the forums who try to post bugs and get them fixed, and there are some others who troll their hearts out to try some messed up build; when you ask them about it they all say,"its the PBE it doesn't matter" These people i feel should be put into cycles. I will admit im not the most vocal on the forums, but i do read them and i do test things on the PBE. It would be nice if we could keep the old pbe account active and we just sign into that instead of a new account. I have everything on the PBE as of this week and i am testing different things as are most PBE testers. I am in favor of keeping the old accounts active for previous PBE testers instead of giving everyone a new account.
Well trying some messed build is sometimes way to find some bugs, maybe some tank champion got animation bug at 2.5 atack speed? how would any1 know it? somebody gotta try everything...
: Clairvorance was actually replaced by exhaust for supports when wards got buffed. Anyway, I think surge really didn't have a significant enough effect, usually when you use it, you would get CCed and ignite normally does more overall damage. But ofc, everyone has his preferences.
Surge was always useless for ADCs stacking atk speed, it was for ones that go full AD, usefull for some bruisers, also could help jungler early game bcz 10 true dmg on hit from {{item:1039}}
: New invites have already gone out. I got mine last night. Also, my understanding was that some people are getting to keep their current accounts depending on participation, attitude, etc. I don't think it's a full wipe and then new people. I did a bunch of buying and setup last night with runes and such. Looking forward to trying things out tonight.
have a nice time here, hope they dont disable my acc :D
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: I'm in the exact same situation. Rito please can we just link our old account for those who has been accepted for "new PBE"?
why link? just save this old acc, should be permanent if they dont disable your acc :D
: PBE accs changes??
how did you get PBE acc few weeks ago?
: (Feedback) Jinx's Q
Nerf Q, buff W and E a little
: [BUG] Shop Featured Tab is empty.
thats been like that since i play PBE, and its long time, believe me...
: [Gifting Error] Friends Gift Pool Not Large Enough Message?
tryed to send some friend, couldnt, later sent to other friend who have abouth 100 skins, but he sends me yesterday skins and i recieve normally and i have little over 300 skins
: Sorry that it freezes for you guys, there should be a fix for this very soon as Red's will see it very shortly. I can tell you one thing, you aren't missing anything new on the PBE (except the awesome Officer VI and Haunted Zyra) but there's always time to play them later. You will experience some bugs here and there making the game unplayable from time to time, but don't fear! Your chance is coming :) Expect a quick fix for it very shortly.
by unplayable you mean no CD teemo's ult?
: I'm wondering the same thing, it'd be nice to be able to keep the old pbe account. I like the idea that more people can help with testing, but I really don't like being cycled in and out. With the new cycles, won't some pbe testers miss out on the legacy skins that are out for just that month?
you mean limited skins? legacy skins are old skins, put in vault now, on live servers they release maybe once a year for purchage, here maybe some legacy skin when they rework champion visually, but very rarely
: Hey Ja sam iz NIŠ, I can't reproduce this on my machine. Can you upload your dxdiag? Instructions on how to get one here: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/...hat-is-DxDiag-
: [Bug] Pressing Alt+Tab at the beginning of the loading screen blacks out the screen
Happening sometimes to me too, but its bcz of computer, have it on live too
: thats probably due to the removal of that kind of icons from pbe,but its still a minimal bug
: how can i reproduce this?
you cant, probabaly from too much lagg or corrupter files...
: Hi BEST MID OCE, Thanks for this report, but I had a full game with Udyr and it worked perfectly to me. Are you still experiencing the issue? Thanks!
he said sometimes... 1 game cant show you everything, happening rly rarely...
: [Irelia] Champion bug - 7 blades of ultimate
: Goodbye following Summoners of PBE:
Dear RIOT, why you doing all this? Just delete acc's that havent been played last 2-3 months, and like you could delete all under lvl 5 or 10 inactive to free names on live, but now you can't do that with a better purpouse on PBE? Ive been playing abouth since rengar went out, i didnt rly use forum, but i reported bugs on public chat, and at the end there is always some guy who is bored to play and look chat and report what he heard and bugs end up on forum, had some good times here, was fun when kha'zix went out, i was prepared from here, so on EUW i did 46 win streak in few days. But there was also bad times, like when there was bug teemo can place infinite mushrooms, lots of players reported it when i saw it, but we had lot of fun that time, did few pentas myself. So RIOT, just delete unplayed acc's and give space for few more people... that part abouth beeing unfair to new players who want join PBE... What to say abouth it? they just want come here to test champions before buying it, and they will stop after 2-3 days here, and what then? Rly low people online, noone will report anything on forums, maybe someone who is old player here. My point: it would be nice if u let people sign in, but reality is that 95% of them just want to come to test champions, and if u do this change RIOT, PBE is dead forever...
: Mastery page bug
They are making new mastery system, so it's possible its not working bcz of it
: Patch seemed to have no effects
sultan gp can be bought in store, just not on top like it should be, for zyra not 100% sure, bcz she is disabled atm so i didnt bought skin
: [Model Glitch] Warrior Princess Sivir
: [profile bug] Error msg on opening my profile
Ye, i got problem too, should fix this soon, rly important to game, maybe it haves something to do with doing new mastery system?

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