: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
I have to say that the changes first sound good for me. I like his new "Special Delivery"-ability very much and i´m happy that you want to change Corki into a "full" magic-dmg-adc. But i have one big problem with the changes. I saw the changelist on Surrender@20 today and i am disappointed. All changes seam to be very fine, but the R-changes disappoint me a lot. You see, i am a very special kind of a player, who "hates" to build champs on AD --> I only play AP-champs. AP-Corki was one of my favourite off-meta-AP-picks so far with the following build. {{champion:42}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3285}} {{item:1311}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} Great poke and more a "supportive" and annoying midlaner. But i´m really sure the ult changes in addition to the Rabadons and Ludens cost-nerf will turn AP-Corki into a much weaker champ. Missile Barrage (R): 20 Mana 12/10/8 sec Ammo Recharge (2 sec Cooldown) Active: Corki fires a missile that explodes at the first it hits, dealing 100/140/180 (+.2/.5/.8 total AD)(+.3 AP) magic damage. Corki can store up to 7 missiles, and every 3rd missile will be a Big One, dealing 50% increased damage. As you can see, the basedamage is lowered from 100/180/260 (live-stats) to 100/140/180 (pbe-stats). This is compensated with a much higher AD-Ratio, which only works for the AD-Corki. AP-Corki is significantly nerfed with 80 (!) less base dmg at rank 18. Corki has a basedmg of 101 (if my calculation of the new stats is correct) at rank 18, on live servers he had 102. With the new AD-scaling he loses still 40 dmg per rocket (On rank 18). In addition to the higher costs of Ludens (3000 --> 3200) and Rabadons (3500 --> 3800) it is a nerf for ap-corki. I haven´t played him yet but i think this will make him significantly weaker if build on AP. I know that PBE-stats aren´t final but i think you should think about the AP-Corki-Players around the world too ;) Additionaly, if I read the changelist correctly, the "Special Delivery"-AP-Scale hasn´t changed in comparison t the normal Valkyrie but the AD-Scale crashes into the moon. On AP the Special Delivery deals nearly the same damage of Valkyrie but over the doubled duration while on AD it gets much, much stronger. I would like to see an AP-Buff too on this new ability. So I really hope you could buff his AP-scale on the ult and on the new "Special delivery" a bit so that AP-Corki don´t get nerfed so hard or don´t get nerfed at all and is not falling behind the AD-Corki. P.S.: English is not my first language ;)


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