: Meddler said [ain't happening](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/tgnXhkOo-aurelion-sol-passive-cdr?comment=0006)
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: Turns out that many PBE users aren't even aware that PBE has its own boards
My apologies for forgetting the exact contents of the PBE acceptance letter. However, if I've forgotten that the letter references the forums, you can bet that other people have as well. In any case, it's still good to remind people. Several people I talked to in pregame chat had apparently forgotten that PBE has boards. Better to have players testing and being useful than to have players who aren't. Also, why am I being downvoted for trying to improve the usefulness of the PBE?
: So making a 3v2 a successful surrender?
Exactly. It would be a pretty big change, but I think it's at least worth trying out.
: Not bad, but dosent belong on Pbe.
However, some of these things CAN be tested on PBE. One change that might be worth exploring is making surrendering a simple majority vote. This would be a lot easier to implement than trying to identify duo partners and giving them a shared vote, and it would still deal with the issue of duo partners blocking. It would alleviate the toxic phase of the game in which three players are upset and not trying anymore because they're just ready to be done with the game, while two players insist on not surrendering.
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: Ekko Feedback Thread
After giving some thought to Ekko's sticking power, I think that a good change would be to either remove the movement speed boost when his passive triggers on a champion or nerf the slow. Ekko has plenty of tools in his kit for sticking to opponents or escaping without this dual effect on his passive. I think it's more important to keep the crowd control on his other abilities (especially his Q) because those abilities take skill to use, and thus reward players for using Ekko's abilities effectively. Ekko gets too much of a reward for simply hitting things with basic attacks, and I think that shifting focus onto using his active abilities to contain and outplay his opponents will give meaning to "being a good Ekko player" as well as solidifying his place as a champion.
: Hey there, We've actually made some balance changes to Ekko to help avoid this type of build becoming the norm. Stats Reduced base attack speed to .638 from .658 Reduced AS/lvl to 3% from 3.5% Reduced AD/lvl to 3 from 3.5 P Q W On-hit AP ratio reduced to 1% missing health per 45 AP from 1% per 35 R Hopefully this helps in reducing a bit of that frustration. :)
Good to know things are moving in the right direction. Thanks for the update.
: Yo Gypsy, could you consider talking with the team to mess with his face a little. It looks really out of place. I think giving him a lighter look (emotion wise) could really do a nice touch. I LOVE the splash art, and this mad expression on his face seems to contradict (and looks kinda bad) compared to what he is portrayed by his voiceover and the cinematic. They way i see him from the two is that he is a fearless young one that thinks about his actions after he has done them due to his power. So a lighter look like the splash art with the confident smirk would be AWESOME. Thanks. [Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/k6NJEm6.jpg) Ahh.... i see now. The reason why i felt the face as a problem, is that is static. Why? Please give his face some life. He has no expressions or even mouth movements as of now.
He reminds me of TF2's Scout. He's kind of a joker, he's fast, and he rushes into things. Between the video and his gameplay, he strikes me as the kind of person who wants to play everything fast and loose, but knows from experience that he should at least TRY to plan things out a little so that he doesn't make careless mistakes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shinramen,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=IwzIqm00,comment-id=009c,timestamp=2015-05-15T04:45:14.918+0000) > > Anybody know what the scalings are for ekko? http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ekko
Mad props to whoever took the time to post this stuff on the wiki. That's a real commitment to testing.
: A _Singed_ player who couldn't escape another champion and was running _away_ from another champion in the first place? This is definitive proof that Ekko is OP.
It was a truly terrifying experience.
: pbe is testers zone its different from other main servers
Yeah, I mean the PBE servers need to be stronger.
: Game Storage Efficiency
Riot, please hire this person.
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: Ekko Feedback Thread
I think that Ekko is best described as an overtuned champion. His W takes quite a bit of skill to use because there's such a huge delay before it hits. On the other hand, Ekko has MASSIVE damage, especially late game. The AP scaling on his ultimate is insane. The other problem with Ekko is that between his passive, Q, and W, he can lay down such an oppressive chain of slows and stuns that he becomes impossible to escape. As Singed, I found that I was powerless to get away from him, even with Ghost, my ultimate, and my adhesive. I think that Ekko's concept and the feel of his abilities make him a very unique champion, and that's awesome. I just think the balance team should tone down his insane late-game power. The zone control he has is pretty cool, though, and I wouldn't want that to be taken away. What is problematic is the infinite chase potential. It really SHOULD be possible to escape him.
: Riot made a mistake
I think a large group of testers is actually a good thing. The more people that test, the more feedback Riot can receive from people with different experiences and different points of view. What Riot really needs is enough servers to handle the testers.
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
First, if you play a new champion or use a new skin and then give feedback, that's testing. Testing doesn't just mean looking for bugs or focusing only on specific interactions. It also means experimenting with items, the feel of the champ, how the champ performs, and so on. All of these are important to Riot because there are a lot of things that go into determining whether a champion is in a good place. It's also a given that you can't give feedback unless you play. Second, you don't know who's giving feedback and who's not. While it's probably true that not everyone in the PBE gives feedback, it's also probably true that for every X people coming in to play Ekko, some number of them are posting their experiences, feedback, and any bugs they find. If you have more people playing, you probably have more people giving feedback. This is a good thing. Really, the only problem for the individual player is that the servers can only handle so much traffic. I myself waited about 2 hours to get in. It makes sense that a lot of people are excited to play this new champion, but a high volume of players does not mean that all of these people are here to screw around, and the simple fact that there's a long line to wait in doesn't give anyone the right to make those accusations.
: My estimated time on the login is 2 hours now. Jesus.
Estimated time is bugged. Position is what counts. As I've stated previously, eventually your position will start dropping and you will be logged in, even though the estimated time continues to count up.
: For anyone who didn't see my comment below, the position queue WILL drop below 9000 and begin counting down, with larger drops occurring at the completion of every position check in cycle. However, it takes a very long time for this process to begin. In my case, it was about an hour of continuous waiting before the position queue started going down. TL;DR The estimated time is just bugged. Wait it out and eventually the position queue will start going down. Good luck, everyone.
The waiting worked! I just got in! :D
: You guys, I wish my position was as good as yours. This time goes up, everytime the position checks. Dear god never let Riot run something like steam if they can't handle 10000 logins in a community of over 20 million.
Just keep waiting. You'll get there eventually.
: Can't log in
For anyone who didn't see my comment below, the position queue WILL drop below 9000 and begin counting down, with larger drops occurring at the completion of every position check in cycle. However, it takes a very long time for this process to begin. In my case, it was about an hour of continuous waiting before the position queue started going down. TL;DR The estimated time is just bugged. Wait it out and eventually the position queue will start going down. Good luck, everyone.
: Just passed the 1 hour mark (1 hour remaining according to the message box). I was hoping that the increasing time was just a bug in the way it displays information, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I began with a wait of 24 minutes. If the actual time had been counting down behind the scenes, even if the estimate was somewhat inaccurate, I should have been logged in by now. I'm going to keep waiting it out and see if anything changes.
UPDATE: The position ("Over 9000") has just started counting down. It is currently around 7400 and continues to go down by a few hundred with each check in position update, even though the estimated time keeps going up. Estimated time is confirmed to be bugged. Position is now moving normally. I never knew there were this many people on PBE. Looks like the "Over 9000" was accurate after all. Just wait it out, people. I think it's going to work. EDIT: The queue position does stop counting down periodically, but resumes counting within a minute or so.
: Can't log in
Let's keep upvoting this thread so that Riot notices and realizes that more than a few people are being impacted by it.
: Can't log in
Just passed the 1 hour mark (1 hour remaining according to the message box). I was hoping that the increasing time was just a bug in the way it displays information, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I began with a wait of 24 minutes. If the actual time had been counting down behind the scenes, even if the estimate was somewhat inaccurate, I should have been logged in by now. I'm going to keep waiting it out and see if anything changes.
: Can't log in
I wonder if Riot is aware of the issue yet.
: Same problem, ZZzzZZ Worst position tho.
I think most of us are stuck there. At least I am.
: Can't log in
I'm having exactly the same issue. Feels like I'm being pushed further back in line the longer I wait. No amount of relogging or reloading the client seems to fix the issue. I don't know if I'm actually moving forward in line and the wait time is just visually bugged or what. **EDIT: For everyone complaining about the ever-increasing estimated wait time, the timer is either bugged or not doing its job well. Do not rely on it for information.** It does not accurately display the remaining time to get in. That said, it does obviously take a long time, but the login queue IS moving forward. From what I've heard and experienced, wait times can be from about 1-3 hours. This may or may not change over the next few days. **What to look for to know you're moving forward in line:** When you first try and log in, you should see that your position is "over 9000" or whatever it is. When I was logging in, it remained this way for about an hour. Do not get discouraged. Eventually, you should see your actual position appear (somewhere in the 8000s). This will begin steadily decreasing until you are logged in. For me, this part was much faster than waiting for my actual position to show up. After I saw my position appear, I was logged in after 15-20 minutes. **TL;DR** 1: The estimated time is not reliable. Ignore it. 2: Your position in line is decreasing, but you won't actually see it until it drops below 9000. I hope this helps.
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
One thing that bothered me about Bard's passive is that the chime icon on the minimap has almost exactly the same color as the icon for jungle monster camps. Because of this, I have to study the minimap for several seconds to see where all the chimes are. I think a lighter color like off-white would make them much easier to spot.
You tried it with enemies who were in their spawn?
: Karthus spawn killing not working :(
Update: Passive works fine on enemies outside of spawn. Still need to test with enemies in spawn.
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: Teambuilder: IP-Bonus For Queuing as Highest Demanded Role
: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
This does sound pretty cool, but what about tenacity and cdr? Those were some nice benefits from the old juggernaut enchantment.
: [Experimental WIP - 3/3] Mandrake Ward
Reading through the comments, this does seem like a cool item that would have great synergy with other wards. Just in case you or your ally is too focused on farming, they can receive a ping from their mandrake to alert them, then look at the stealth ward they placed nearby to see who or what is in the area.
: new ap item available for testing soon!
I had a bunch of feedback in another post which I was about to copy and paste here, but Riot already deleted the post (since I accidentally put it in the bugs section). :( Here's my feedback on Statikk Lich Bane: **It's good!** It is a fantastic item and is far cooler than I expected it to be. The movement speed is a great, healthy way to benefit mages who want to catch and kill their enemies, as movement speed has traditionally been an issue for many mages including Veigar and Mordekaiser. While it can be debated whether this should be *the* new 120 AP item, it is by itself a very cool item and I hope it makes it to the live servers, with or without the full 120 AP in its base stats. If we need something else to meet the 120 AP mage item needs, that's fine, but *please* for the love of the game don't remove Statikk Lich Bane or nerf its glorious 7% bonus movement speed. **How about an AoE burst instead?** To make the extra damage feel more mage-like, I think it should be changed to do a radius burst around the spell's target instead of a chain effect (think how Ryze's ult affects his other spells). This could interact with spells that already are AoE in various ways, but the point here is that a controlled radius burst would be really fun for high damage power hungry mage players who want to hit all the things (in a limited area) and just be more enjoyable and unique than a chain lightning effect with limited targets. **Long cooldown spells don't need to be a problem.** I saw some concerns that Statikk Lich Bane would only be good on champs with low cooldown spells (and might be too strong on them). A great solution I saw, which I expanded on, would be to have the item generate charges based on a flat amount *plus the base cooldown of the spell cast*. This would allow even champs with high cooldowns to enjoy the item, since they could charge it by bursting off their spells and walking around a bit. There wouldn't be any power imbalance caused by doing this since it's tied to the existing balance of spell cooldowns. Use a high cooldown spell to charge it? You still need to wait for the cooldown to get the spell back. Note that the extra charges should depend on the spell's *base* cooldown (so that building cdr won't have a negative impact). * To go in depth: The reason that the issue of spell cooldowns even comes up is that for an item like Statikk Shiv, users of the item just want to spam their basic attacks which have a relatively short cooldown and don't vary much between champs, so that item can generate the same number of charges with every attack. On the other hand, users of Statikk Lich Bane want to kill their enemies using a variety of spells that have a very large range of cooldowns. Having the item generate more charges from spells that have long cooldowns balances this difference and lets all the mages have a fair shot at charging their Statikk Lich Bane in a reasonable amount of time. **Don't remove Lich Bane (in case you were thinking about it)!** This item has similar base stats to Lich Bane. I think that this is fine and that the items each have their own uses (although there are certainly champs who benefit from both). Lich Bane has a special place in the game and I hope that the new item doesn't replace it. We don't need more items removed.
: Well... I don't really like this. If I recall correctly, I remember you guys saying that you definitely wanted a new 120AP item with an active effect that felt "sorcerous", and this... well, it's just a Shiv proc on spell. Not only Cassiopeia, Ryze and some other super spammy mages are going to benefit a lot more from this than most mages, it offers no new interesting choices like Zhonya's Hourglass does, for example. I've been struggling myself trying to dig some ideas for this 3rd 120AP item and well, if I'm certain of something, it's that I wouldn't feel satisfied with anything else than an interesting active that I would feel tempted to try out on many mages, specially in high-coolwdown mages that would benefit from something else to use during their cooldowns other than Zhonya's... some ideas, off the top of my head: - A projectile that deals an X% of the next single-target spell as AoE damage (initial target excluded) up to a cap. - A toggle that allows for additional %max mana burned in each cast for amplified magic damage/penetration. - An active Mana Drain (steals %Current Mana, grants %Max Mana or the amount of mana stolen). - Tenacity (seriously, there are no Tenacity items that a mage finds worth buying). - An AoE that grants allies in range a % of your own total AP for X seconds. - A double pulse that activates upon death, the first dragging in enemies in an area, the second dealing AoE AP Scaling damage (based on remaining mana upon death?). I hope some of this random suggestions I just pulled out of my ass seems interesting. It would be sad to see the new 120AP item have some boring effect that only a few mages can abuse and the others find lackluster, and since mages are my fav class I sincerely want to help!
The one very nice thing about Statikk Lich Bane is the movement speed. It helps mages catch their targets, which is often a challenge because of low-medium base movement speeds on most mages. Even if this doesn't end up being the new 120 AP item, it still has a really cool niche and I would hate to see it removed.
: The charges on spell cast could be linked to the spell cooldown or the amount of damage done. There could also be a cooldown between procs, like for tear.
I think controlling charges based on the cooldown of spells would be a great way to balance the item. You could have each spell generate a base number of charges plus additional charges that scale linearly with the spell's base cooldown (specifically the base cooldown, so that stacking cdr doesn't conflict with this item). That way mages who like to spam will still stack their Statikk Lich Bane faster, but not a huge amount faster than burst mages who have longer cooldowns.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jordan is Bae,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=g4pPNuoQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-02-04T21:33:58.861+0000) > > Honestly, If you have a problem don't buy it. I Love it SOO MUCH and so do others. People may not like it but compare her VO to Gnar's VO. He talks complete gibberish aswell, people still play him. The problem that many people have with that however is that Gnar is understandable. Even with all his baby talk, you still can grasp at what Gnar means. The same is true for Rek'sai, a champion who speaks entirely in clicks, whistles, and grunts, is more tangible and comprehensible than DJ Sona. I've made several comments on DJ Sona already, but I'll summarize my views as well as the others as best I can. 1) What Riot did with her voice is a neat idea, but not all neat ideas are good ideas. This is not a good idea. 2) It feels lazily done and is ultimately a cop-out. That's harsher than intended as I understand work did go into remixing her voice, but from a customer's perspective, being told I'm only receiving 3 minutes of gibberish dialogue for 3x the cost of Rek'sai and Gnar (points mentioned above) is disappointing. 3) It's gibberish. Once you get past all of the reasonings and excuses, it's ultimately intangible gibberish. Listen to it on it's own and it's a terrible mess. Listen to it as Riot intends over her music and it's harmonic gibberish. For many people, this takes away from Sona rather than enhances her. As I said elsewhere, the first support champion I ever played is now suffering a head injury. 4) It's disheartening to see a skin do so many things correctly, surpass and even embarrass the other two skins in it's class with how much quality is contains, only to see it fall so incredibly short of a perfect finish. 5) Finally, how nobody at Riot through all the months of development time ever had the foresight or ability to reach the same conclusion that so many of us reached within minutes of DJ Sona's reveal. Essentially her go (gibberish over) is taking away the greatness of the skin for myself and many other people. From the comments I've seen here and several places elsewhere, including a few times in game already with randoms, her voice is the only point of contention and the weakest aspect of the entire package. While we're complaining about her go, we're praising the rest of her. It's Riot's own standards set by themselves time and time again that we're asking Riot to adhere to that they seemingly are choosing to ignore. The skin is a 9/10. It's close, really close, to being a perfect 10 but that one aspect is providing enough concern that I'm personally not even certain if the skin is worth purchasing. That's not intended to sound like the childish threat that gets thrown around often on the internet. As a customer, I'm legitimately debating whether or not the skin is actually worth the asking price. It'd be like finding the perfect car but later being told it only has 3 wheels; the dealer is the only person that can sell you the 4th but they won't no matter how much you ask. Do I want a 3-wheeled near perfect car? Or is my money better spent elsewhere on less perfect products that actually work?
This sums it up so well. Her voiceovers need to be redone for the skin. Adding some distortion or other effects is fine, as long as her lines can be understood. Her VO clashes with the music really badly and detracts from it in its current state. I know that redoing the VO would probably be a fair amount of work but it's something that just needs to be done for this to be a well-polished skin.
: DJ Sona's music is too soft!
Yeah, the music needs to be much louder. It's the thing that makes the skin special and I feel powerless without it.
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
I'm not sure how long until Rek'Sai gets updated, but in her current state I think we NEED another round of PBE testing before she's ready for live. There are so many things weighing her down. I'll summarize the ones that I think are at the top of the "must fix" list. --- **Burrow griefing** By this I mean the ability for Rek'Sai's enemies to destroy her burrows with virtually no effort and dramatically cut down her mobility and ult power by doing so. Specifically: * Enemies can always see the location of Rek'Sai's burrows at all times. This is so toxic to her gameplay that I assumed it was a bug when I first saw it. It's as if the game is saying "Hey, want to counter Rek'Sai and make her mobility useless? Here's an easy map!" This has GOT to be fixed ASAP. * Her burrows can be taken down by standing next to them and performing a ~1 second animation. I'm guessing that as her burrows already have both a duration timer and a usage cooldown bar, adding a third bar to give them real hit points is probably out of the question. In lieu of this, I think that taking down her burrows should require a fair amount more time; at least 3-5 seconds of continuous channeling which can be interrupted by taking damage. Removing Rek'Sai's burrows should be a conscious and meaningful choice, not something that you pause to do for one second while you casually stroll down your lane. --- **Too many downsides to being burrowed** Rek'Sai gives up too much while burrowed to the point at which you don't want to burrow unless you have to. Here are the issues: * You're effectively blinding yourself. Rek'Sai can piggyback off of allied minion and champion vision while burrowed in lane, but she's meant to be a jungler, meaning that she loses that awareness the moment she goes into the place where she's supposed to be strong. While the tremorsense mechanic is a cool idea that can help you see things around walls, it doesn't give enough clarity on what it is you're looking at. You can tell the difference between minions and champions, but you can't see health bars, you can't identify individual targets, and you can't see things unless they're moving. The real pain is that Rek'Sai is losing visual awareness of what's around her, but her enemies don't lose any awareness of her and can easily spot (and jump) her before she has a chance to respond. There are two things I would like to see here. Increase the radius of Rek'Sai's normal vision while burrowed, and have her gain some more clarity from tremorsense. This could be the ability to see non-moving entities (Is my red buff still there? Can I check without having to unburrow and go around the corner?), more frequent "pulses" from moving targets (Why are the monsters moving out of my camp?), or labels identifying the names of what's moving (omg Lee Sin GET THE %@#& AWAY FROM MY BUFFS!). There are so many opportunities to make tremorsense cool and useful and give Rek'Sai a unique edge in the jungle. Right now she pretty much has a blindfold over her head. * Rek'Sai's burrowed Q sucks. It has a long cooldown and it doesn't do anything special except poke damage at fleeing enemies in the hope of last-hitting one of them. It has no meaningful utility (like the slow everyone wants it to have). At this point, it has such a small presence in her kit that it could easily be swapped for something else without hurting her identity. Give her a cool Q ability while burrowed, Riot. She can be so much more than she is. * The only thing Rek'Sai gets out of being burrowed right now is mobility. While that's certainly useful, it's bland and one-dimensional and not very special. One great idea that I've heard people talking about would be to make her tougher while burrowed. Giving her tenacity or damage reduction would really amp up her fear factor as a monstrous land shark coming in for the kill, and it would help her shrug off some blows while closing in or escaping. --- While there are probably other things that need to be looked at for Rek'Sai, my belief is that starting with the core of her kit and making sure that it helps her rather than holding her back is the key to making her a successful and healthy champion. --- **tl;dr** *Maintaining burrows sucks and being underground sucks. Riot please fix.*
: Rek'Sai's tunnels have no limits
It's just too bad you can destroy them with virtually no effort.
: Cannot teleport to friendly minions
I've noticed the same thing, playing a few different champs with default and non-default skins (Gangplank, Rek'Sai, etc.) in normal blind pick SR games. I can't teleport to minions, but I can teleport to anything else I would normally be able to go to (wards, turrets, and so on).
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
I just played a game against a Rek'Sai and I noticed that I could see all her burrows on the minimap without any vision there to help me. That is absurd. It invites her opponents to walk across the map, effortlessly dismantling her burrows with no need to even search for them. And then you get gold for doing it! Yes, it's only 5 gold per burrow, but the fact that you get any gold is just another slap in the face to the Rek'Sai player. No wonder my burrows never survive when I play as her. This is wrong and it needs to stop.
: Ok now that i have time lets summarize this champion. tunnels: I love these things in that they make me feel like an underground monster that can do things the rest of these primitive champions cannot, however they are way too easy to destroy so they need either a kill mechanic like vision wards with 5 hits or you need to stay near the tunnel for 3-4 seconds to be able to wipe it out, in short this needs to be a time investment by the enemy player they should have to decide between popping a tunnel or being on time for that team fight mid. Burrowed mode: This feels good from the regeneration to the way she moves but i have to ask is that really all i get out of this? as others have said when we are burrowed why not hide our HP bar unless attacked and remove the champions icon from the mini map while burrowed. Alternatively why not grant some earth armor while burrowed that neutralizes say 10% of all damage to her or grants her tenacity while underground. If those don't fly why not give her another "ult" while burrowed so her aboveground form has the void rush ultimate but her burrowed form R can launch a series of spines from her back targeting the nearest enemy and hitting anyone behind with splash damage, 12 second cd (yes i took this straight from a lurker but i'll be damned if it doesn't fit her theme) Otherwise i have no complaints, and honestly if the tunnel issue is fixed i could care less about her burrowed form feeling more useful, but it would be nice.
I love how controlling her feels exactly like commanding a burrowing zerg unit. She just needs some more stats and utility in the right places to back it up. The theme is perfect though.
: I think that her Burrowed form needs increased movement speed, and her Burrowed Q needs a slow function and possibly extremely small AD scaling. It should take longer to destroy tunnels, if at all, and tunnels should not be so easily seen by the enemies. At this point you can see an enemy Rek'sai's tunnels on the minimap even if you haven't had vision of them if I'm not mistaken and that's just bad for strategy if the enemy can just find your tunnels so easily and destroy them in less than 2 seconds by legitimately doing nothing. Give it HP to destroy or make it take like 4 seconds of standing to kill it. Other than those things I actually really like her.
You just summarized everything that I think should be fixed for this champ. Well done.
: Gonna repost my thoughts I put on another forum: Initial thoughts: Well you need to build Devourer on her. Her ganks kinda suck (especially early) so you need either a lot of damage in lanes or a lot of cc because in the early game she seriously lacks both of those. Her damage gets better as the game goes on. I think Hydra is a mandatory damage item and that's it. You can go tanky from then on. Her cc just straight up blows. Like... her clear is pretty rough so you'll probably get Trailblazer but you could make a serious case for Stalker's Blade just to get Chilling Smite. You should give her burrowed Q a slow or something because she doesn't bring nearly as much damage as someone like Nocturne and arguably has less cc and a worse clear. Will need to run CDR in runes and masteries because otherwise the ult cooldown is still 2 minutes at rank 3... three minutes at rank 1. Her ult is fun when it's up. Making tunnels is fun too and you can create some pretty interesting gank paths with them. The health regen in burrowed form is not great. It's like 25 health at level 1 or 2 which is pretty shitty honestly, and that's if you have full fury. The burrowed Q kinda blows. It does magic damage and all it does is reveal. It's a pretty poor skill. If you gave it AD scaling and made it a slow it would be ok. I think overall she's pretty undertuned right now, but I need to play more to be definite about it.
I've noticed pretty much the same things. She's such a cool champion, but she doesn't have the power she needs to be good at doing her job. One thing that bugs me about her burrowing is that it absolutely destroys your vision without really compensating for it. I think that she either needs a small amount of bonus armor/MR/damage reduction while burrowed or some tenacity. There should be more of a benefit to being burrowed than there currently is. I would also like it if her tremorsense did a slightly better job of indicating enemy locations. The pulses should be more visible and it should be a little easier to differentiate between unit types. The one thing I think she does well is drop burst damage when she pops out of the ground. It's just too bad that she can't stick to targets at all. I do like the idea of being better at chasing while burrowed because it helps cement the role of her burrowing status and kit, but she either needs a slow on her ranged Q or more speed to catch the enemy. Another possibility is to give her a speed boost when she hits an enemy with her Q, rather than slowing the enemy. Also, is there any possibility that we'll be able to see the position of our burrows on the minimap? It would really help when the time comes to ult. The lack of durability on said burrows is another matter that I think needs to be addressed.
: The problem with her as a champion somewhat stems from her lack of the ability to maintain her tunnels. The enemy constantly clears them making her ult and the re-usability of them less practical. If all of her tunnels were invisible, this champion would be ridiculously much more fun, and much more viable. I believe they should be considered "traps," if they were invis, so they could be swept/disabled by the red trinket. ALSO on an important note, you would be able to destroy them REGARDLESS OF VISION, meaning if you see her slither down a tunnel you could destroy it, as to prevent her return.
I've also had a lot of problems with keeping my tunnels alive. While they can be great for short-term use, they never seem to survive long enough for me to use my ult on them. Hiding some of them in bushes might help, but I think they just need to be tougher to destroy in the first place. They don't need to be invisible, just tanky. That way, if an enemy really wants to clear out tunnels (say, backdoor tunnels in the corner of their base), they can do so without having to sweep everything with trinkets, but they have to put in more than just a couple auto attacks to bring them down.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Reaper Soraka
I think having a scythe with a longer blade would really benefit the model. Maybe some glowing effects around the blade would help, too. This is a 1350 RP skin, after all.
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