: (apologies in advance for naming (but not shaming) my friend list)
Its not like we can read your friends list anyway lmao, this same thing happened 2 me. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: You know, they could've just never brought any kind of URF up. So be happy, spoiled brat. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Spoiled Brat? Wdym, i'd rather no URF than ARURF. This AR is SOILING our beloved URF and is tarnished by it. I'm tired of playing these games where I get champs that I don't want to play. I'll get {{champion:105}} and someone dodges, sure that doesn't happen to everyone but, I know damn well it happens to me too often. I JUST WANNA PLAY MY CHAMPIONS. idc if i get more champion exposure, i want to play these op op champs like {{champion:45}} and {{champion:105}} ~~what if draft pick with no bans in URF was a thing~~ JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}

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