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: its just about that i found them ncie and like to play with them. and its about the point promised to not delte them from acccounts. i eman i got the victouries janna back but not elise and sivir.
The point of the PBE is to test and give feedback to a beta environment of the game. If you are playing for the free skins, then you are not using the PBE correctly. This is extremely minor, as it only affects PBE testers, and not the actual game.
: Ahri Nerf... WHY?
I agree. I do agree she may need a slight bit of a nerf, but the Charm is very important in her kit, and allows her to stop enemies from dashing away from her. Now, Champions like Leblanc and certain junglers like J4 have a very strong time against an Ahri. {{champion:103}} {{item:3070}}


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