: Bug - Champ Select
Happens to me every game its ridiculously annoying and if manage to somehow get the right masteries and summoners for that game you have to restart client afterwards because you won't be able to click anything
: [Items] "</fon" is displayed when buying several items.
I also saw this. Also my chat in one game didn't show messages from my own team, but I could see messages from enemies in all chat
: Can't Go to the Shop
Happening to me too. Its a serious pain, since i cant try Koz because of it
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: Starting a queue bug.
Also getting this issue. When someone else doesn't accept for the queue it automatically bumps you out of the queue and you have to click play again
: Jan 24th Queue Types/Bugs
Glad to see that all the queues are up and available :)
: Team Builder Bugs!
[](http://i.imgur.com/xYFAttq.png) This happened to me today. Had to close the entire game because there was no way to get out of this screen. I know I had hecarim typed in but even when it wasn't in no champions showed up
: [Team Builder] Buy a skin
Just bought the Reaper Hecarim skin while in the team builder today and didn't have this issue. Maybe its skin specific?
: Just got XDG icon for free
Same here, weird that it only gives the XDG one and no others
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
WOW! just played as him and he is super super good. If he got released like this he would be a top mid lane pick. His passive scaling needs to be toned back a bit, while playing I could just poke the crap out of the enemy then auto attack them when my passive came up. I love the idea but it gives a bit too much mana. I also really like his new Q , it feels really fluid. My only other complaint other than passive being a bit OP is his ult feels somewhat useless when my base combo does way more damage
: Team Builder suggestions
I'd like to start by saying that the UI looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sound effects are also a nice touch. I've come across a few issues though. Like everyone else has said, the queue times are super long but this might just be because of the smaller player pool on PBE. Also its very susceptible to trolls. I could just say I want to Janna jungle and it could ruin a perfectly good team. This could possibly be fixed by a vote to kick feature so if the last spot on your team is filled by a troll you don't have to find an entirely new team but rather just 1 more player. Last point, to help team synergy maybe add a feature where you can change your champion, but to prevent trolling the rest of the team has to vote to approve the change and you are limited to a number of changes. These are just some of my suggestions, keep up the good work :D


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