: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
When 'Burrowed' Flash seems to respond very sluggishly. I feel like I'm pressing the button multiple times before anything actually happens, and sometimes it doesn't seem to go off at all. I don't know if this was because there was another 'burrowed' champion right on top of me chasing me, or if it had something to do with being too close to the wall I was trying to flash, but I the other Rek'Sai complained of this as well.
: You do have a choice as to whether you become her oathsworn or not, if she begins to troll you like that, there wasn't much hope for your lane anyway. Fortunately, you can choose where you eject. Otherwise, your lane partner was simply unskilled and failed to notice your ultimate and follow up correctly, other marksmen might simply not follow up your initiation and you may die for it. I don't think this particular instance is a very good reason to change the ultimate.
This is the exact reason it needs to be changed. All it takes is one Kali to decide they're mad their oathsworn is getting away from a bad fight and they're not for a troll to be born. It encourages people to troll actively because it gives people way too much control over ally team mates. You can't decide if you even want to be a person oathsworn and give them this control. I've had kali ult me bait me into going in, then actually turning around and running to get away when they were gonna die. I've had kali ult me to prevent me from getting a triple kill. I've had Kali ult me to stop me from saving a team mate that was dying, This is just my first 3 games playing with a kalistas right there, imagine this constantly over the next 6 months on live. I'm already at a point where I'm slightly annoyed with the champion, if I were to continue to play with her as things are, I'd probably end up quitting league, or at the very least trolling myself. This ultimate creates Incredible Frustration for allies, with no pay off for the ally. I get no reward for someone else deciding when I should or shouldn't go into a fight. If they ult me and I don't use it or I use it differently from how they wanted (which there's no way to really tell because soloq communication is abysmal) then all I do is create animosity between me and the person playing this champion. If I use it right, but it ends up getting me killed or put in a worse position than I was before the ult, then the same thing happens.
: Kalista gameplay feedback
Its pretty bad when someone refers to a champion as 'the second coming of Yasuo"... Hopefully Riot takes notice. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/KpmUrHmA-my-impressions-on-kalistas-ultimate?comment=0000
: KALISTA Impressions & Feedback
As a support, I Hate her ultimate. It's bad enough I have to ward for my adc, zone for my adc, call Mia for my adc, but now I have to cast their ult for them too?! Riot, Please... http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/KpmUrHmA-my-impressions-on-kalistas-ultimate?comment=0000
: My Impressions on Kalista's Ultimate
Please riot, give this champ a different ultimate, or put her back on the drawing board until this ultimate fits into the game. As a support, having someone randomly take control of your champion, without you having any say, it's very game breaking. It's not fun to be on the receiving end of her ult, because for most players in solo q, you have Zero communication that this is about to happen. It has killed me several times already, it has ruined ults that I was going to use, it has killed team mates who I was in the process of saving because suddenly I'm yanked out of auto attack range, and I have no clue wtf is going on until it's way too late. This is just my first day playing with this champion, by the time it hits live and I have to play with it constantly there, I'm going to just be done playing league. It's INCREDIBLY frustrating, and it doesn't even have the reward for pulling off a good ult to make up for that fact. It puts all of the work of landing the ult and making it work, on another person, who already has their own abilities to worry about without adding on to it needlessly. I honestly don't see the point of this ult, I don't like it, it makes me not like the champion at all. I recognize it's uniqueness and applaud you for your creativity, but I agree with Ian with Jurassic Park:* Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.*
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: people are still going to do it, there's a lot of 2 year old's on league
Then let them, it's problem that takes care of itself, quite literally. They feed, they get nothing, and then they are banned, and it's one less 2 year old to worry about.
: what if someone feeds intentionally cus the other team offered gifts at the end of the game, that seems very possible to me, why wouldnt you just keep it for teammates only?
That would be incredibly stupid thing for someone to do, because not only would your own team report you, but then there's no obligation for the person to gift you, and then they could turn around and report you.
: In past seasons we saw a movement towards lane poaching the jungle for benefits. Mid took wraiths. Top and bottom took minis. The number of camps that were consistently actually available to the jungler was small and they felt even more starved. What the machete line allowed was being able to call this out specifically, the jungler could reign over their land of trees and woodland critters with less lane interference until such a time when the game starts leaving the laning phase. Machete could be nerfed or buffed alongside the camps to adjust this interference directly.
I fail to see how this stops a laner from taking jungle, just because they don't get the buff doesn't mean they still don't want the gold.
: The systematic changes are very likely to cause some champs to have real trouble clearing, and some champs to do too well. As we get further along and start to have more data, we'll be making champion changes if needed. That being said, we're expecting to see a lot more variance in the health and speed of junglers in their clear, especially in the cases of people who have crazy gank or team fight power.
Amumu is going to need a buff to his early jungle abilities if you plan on keeping him in the game at all. He can't lane effectively as it is because of mana problems, but now with blue buff spawning at 2 minutes he can't jungle either. A lee sin jungle or mundo will be able to clear 2 camps by the time amumu would be finished with his first. The fact that blue now doesn't last as long means that amumu has no way to actually clear his jungle and earn enough gold to buy a mana item to keep him in the jungle while his blue buff is down.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
How about turning Wraith into Ward Wraith, any team that kills the Wraith gets vision on his camp until he respawns.
: [Feedback] Lotus Karma Skin
and then you go and release it the next day... Guess I was a bit too late to the party.
Rioter Comments
: Make it so that you can read banner announcements while In-Game by bringing up the client from the background! Currently when you bring up the client from the background while in-game all you can see is "Game Currently in Progress". Having the important messages like 'game going down for maintenance' or 'live maintenance' appear in in-game chat like a message from a friend would also be useful.
I just realized we're talking about two totally different things.... Awkward.
: Hey, for people who dont know (me for example) what is HUD
HUD stands for 'Heads Up Display'. It includes everything you see around the outer rim of your game. For example, your Health, your team mates, the minimap, the scoreboard, your item list, etc.
: Announcement Banners Rework Feedback
Make it so that you can read banner announcements while In-Game by bringing up the client from the background! Currently when you bring up the client from the background while in-game all you can see is "Game Currently in Progress". Having the important messages like 'game going down for maintenance' or 'live maintenance' appear in in-game chat like a message from a friend would also be useful.
: You should probably edit the post and tell people they need to use the file path for PBE, which will be different from Live Severs. For example my logs for pbe would look like this: C:\Users\user\Desktop\LeagueOfLegends\LOLPBE\Logs\Game - R3d Logs
: Experiencing the "Attempting to Reconnect" message? You can help!
You should probably edit the post and tell people they need to use the file path for PBE, which will be different from Live Severs. For example my logs for pbe would look like this: C:\Users\user\Desktop\LeagueOfLegends\LOLPBE\Logs\Game - R3d Logs
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Not to jump the gun on critic, but A few things urk me about the corki example... You took away the runes on his propellers, any particular reason why? Also the Brown color on his Helmet which I assume is leather looks exactly the same as the brown of his wooden propellers, making it look like he has a wooden helmet. Lebanc looks good, but uh... where are her arms? She's so shiny I don't even see her hands on the staff.
: I have a solid state hard drive, intel 3rd gen i7 cpu, 8gb ram and i feel like the patching progress is extremely slow **Suggestion:** I'm disappointed that there's less information being presented about the patching process. I am a techie, and I'm sure a lot of others here are as well. I for one would like to see more details of the patching progress. I almost closed my launcher because I thought it froze. It was at 43% for 5 minutes. Just before i closed it, it jumped to 44%. Perhaps a patcher log output when you click on the progress bar at the top. **Edit:** I believe the slowness is due to a slow download speed, Probably due to the masses all downloading the updates at the same time from PBE Perhaps we could again include the download speed in there?
I would also like to see -what- we're downloading as far as filenames, because I know that some of the audio files take a long time, and in the old patcher it would look like it was just stuck and not moving, but if I checked the file name and saw that it was an audio file, I would know that the patcher wasn't frozen or locked up and I could leave it alone. Now, if the progress bar stops moving, I have no information to see if the client is just stuck or not. If they want to keep it neat and tidy, why not just put in a dropdown menu for the people who want to see the information.
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
Please Riot, for the Love of all things Poro, Fix the Double Ended Arrow on the client! If you open the store, or a profile, suddenly your cursor changes to a double ended arrow, like you get when you try to change the size of a window <--> and it's SO annoying, it drives me absolutely crazy. I know this is a relatively small error, but I cannot stress enough how anguishing this is mentally to see this arrow constantly. I am not overstating this or trying to be Funny, or satirical, I am absolutely serious, It BOTHERS me.
: [Bug] Purchase Item text missing
Also when you buy pots, if you consume them, it says "purchased!" upon consumption and when you bought them.
: But they can't. This server is too small.
It's a small server intentionally, not because they can't make it bigger if they -had- too.
: Summoner's Rift VU Request to River
You have to consider how many other animations in the game that this would interfere with, and if it's worth implementing if it's going to be an issue graphically for something that would only be cosmetic. Amumu's W is the biggest concern from my point of view,when you talk about water rippling, how would you know if he has his w on or if he's just simply walking down river? There are others, Karthus, orianna, akali, karma... I could probably go on if I actually looked through a list. All of them have abilities that sit on the ground, an issue with akali alone would ruin her as a champion from lack of stealth. It's a nice idea, but a headache for something frivolous. You know you're in the river, you don't need a feedback animation telling you if you're walking on water.
: Sona PBE Update
I think one of the ways to help sona's squishiness would be to have her auras have an adverse effect to enemies standing within them. Nothing OP, just simple things like decreased movement speed while sona's E aura is up. Considering that most people only use the powercord for the damage boost on q anyway, it would give sona better protection for enemies that try to dive on top of her and take her out. Also, the aura range is still ridiculously short. You'd basically have to crawl up someone's behind to constantly give them the aura, you spend more time trying to predict where your allies are moving rather than watching the real threat, the enemy trying to kill you both. I get where the changes are trying to take sona, add variety and spice, but that doesn't mean you have to increase the difficulty of the champion. Its nice that there are certain champs that are easy to understand and execute their abilities, it makes it easy for newcomers, and can be refreshing to old players.
: I usually only see like 3 or 4 custom matches at a time.
I'm on now, and I stopped counting at 20, and there was a lot more scrolling before I hit the bottom. Perhaps you're just not hitting a high traffic time. Although, I know there's new skins and champs out, so there's probably more than usual today.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
Fiddlesticks constantly tries to B while standing within argo range of the enemy minion wave. This leads to his B being cancelled very often. It's also very strange that he's backing because he has full health and mana when he does this.
Most people don't use the queue system, because it's unreliable on pbe. Check out custom matches and see if you still feel PBE is empty.
: [Dominion] Scoreboard keeps changing score to killed minions.
This is happening on Live as well, for months now.
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
The logic around the name change (that expunge didn't get rid of poison stacks) makes about much sense as 'contaminate' contaminating someone that already has poison stacks on them from twitch's auto attacks.
: All Twitch content (including Medieval and Kingpin) should now be available for 1 IP in the PBE store. Let me know if the changes didn't go through!
You can't buy Gangster Twitch skin the store with IP (You get an error), I would test this to see if the same thing happens when you try to buy it with RP, but you guys removed RP from PBE.
: Trolls in PBE
You seriously need to grow tougher skin if that's the worst that has happened to you. PBE is a smaller server than whatever live server you're coming from, which means the chances of you running into someone thats going to troll are much larger. It happens on every server, no matter what rules or bans you put in place, the best thing to do is carry on with your game as best as you can and report afterwards.
: Listen to how the LCS Casters talk about Nidalee - She's a problem
Why are you posting this on the PBE forums though? I don't think there's been any recent changes to Nidalee that make it pertinent to PBE?
: Void Fizz model should look more like the splash art
They should also do something about the voice, its like they just ran the original voice through a cheap filter to change it. It sounds like a bandsaw running next to my ear, it's quite unpleasant, and it's the exact reason I don't play with fullmetal jayce, or soulreaver draven.
: Using Heal changes for Sona
The reason Sona can have such huge burst heals is because of the fact that she can't really target who is going to get the heal, it's just going to go to the lowest health member of the team. It might not seem like much of an obstacle in lane, or in SR where a team fighting happens only occasionally, but if you play her on ARAM you understand quite quickly how efficient this works. With a Sona on your team the enemy can't poke you down, and then engage you when you're low, they either have to poke so many of you down that she doesn't have the mana to heal all of you up, or come in and burst someone down while her heal is on Cooldown. If she could target who she heals there'd be very little counter play to such a huge heal. (Especially if you could prioritize members on your team; Vlad does not need a heal even though he's the lowest, your Caitlyn or Ahri would be better of with it.) I do wish that they would change her Q though, it's -suppose- to target champions over minions and monsters, but sometimes it doesn't. If a person is inside your Q's range, but a minion is closer to you, sometimes it hits the minion instead of the person and that is incredibly frustrating.
: [idea] Events to increase popularity of Dominions and 3v3s
I love the idea of Dominion becoming more popular, events would be great, rewards for playing even better, Icons and borders for people that play it more than SR would be absolutely outstanding. At the same time though, I wouldn't hold my breath; riot has shown how little it cares for Dominion all too often in the past for me to have any hope for the queue. Their party line is that they want Dominion to be 'popular' before they do anything with it, but yet they never do anything to encourage or support this popularity either. It's been an excellent way of them dodging the responsibility.
: [Suggestion] for PBE and maybe live servers too
I think on the surface it -seems- like a good idea, but I think this will only cause dead queues to remain dead. It would encourage people to actively avoid those queues rather than at least attempt the queue and see what happens. There needs to be something that actually encourages players to want to join empty queues before this would work.
: True they started for Support roles, but both always had classification "Primary: Support / Secondary: Mage".
Exactly, so why is riot nerfing the damage on one, to keep her in a support role, but not the other?
: She's popular because she's a safe pick like Kayle. Whenever you are close to get killed, you pop up your ult and noone gained any benefits for compensation. Do you know what burst is? Viktor's E with 500 AP. Lux's R with 500 AP. Gragas Q with 500 AP. What lulu has, is something that is called "damage", but not burst.
Keep in mind that Lux, like Lulu, started this game as a support. So, you guys can argue that one has burst, and the other has sustain, but regardless, they're both supports that have gone mid, and they have very similar skill sets, but Riot has only seen the need to pick on one of them. If the issue with Lulu is simply her sustain, her ult negating damage, then why are they nerfing her damage and talking about how her being mid lane is a bad thing, and they need to bring her back in balance as a support? These nerfs to her shield and her w do nothing to negate that.
: So the change is that she doesn't provide a **damage reducing** effect on them - not that she can't place Pix on them.
I honestly don't understand why Mid Lulu is such a bad thing, when Lux has everything she has and more, with a slightly different play style. Lulu's q is the same as lux's E, expect lux's e can stay around a lot longer and slow many more people than than a lulu q, given that it's an aoe, and not a straight line shot. Lulu has a silence with w, but lux gets a root, that adds a damage proc to her basic attacks, Lulu has a shield, but it only hits one person, while lux gets an AOE shield that can not only hit every person on her team if done right, can actually refresh, or even re-position if missed the first time around. Lulu has a heal and a knock up, but lux has a freaking death lasor, that can snipe an entire team, from a long way away, that cannot be interrupted in anyway shape or form. Lulu's passive adds damage to her basic attacks, but ONLY her basic attacks, Lux's passive not only allows her auto attacks to have more damage, but is refreshed by every damage skill she has, and allows her ult to not only proc it but refresh it entirely. How is one too strong, but yet the other considered balanced?
: [Summoner's Rift & Crystal Scar] Night map bug
I've seen this happen as well, and it's pretty awesome as far as bugs on PBE go. It was incredibly difficult to play with, but with some tweaks it might actually be a fun map in the future!
: Arctic Warfare Varus...
I dislike the size of his bow, I think it's unnecessarily large, and makes the model look weird, I think it's the width that's the issue more than the length.
: [Pool Party Lee Sin Skin] - Tree Follows Me
I just had this image of one of the trees from the jungle just following you around all game... {{champion:57}}
: Trying to enter a game as Arctic Ops Varus caused game to crash, forcing a re-install of the client.
: Game Loading
I got missing data "TurretDestroyed" I was hoping this meant they were trying to fix how you can get stuck on the base of a turrets thats destroyed, but doesn't seem to look that way.
: Strawpoll for Teambuilder beta on LIVE servers
I think it needs to be -tested- on live to see exactly where it's limitation lie. For example, I don't want another magma chamber, where they've built up all this excitement for it, tested it on live and then decided not to move forward with it. This would be especially devastating with Team Builder as we've all spent a lot of time and effort into it's testing, only to find out that it was unpopular and not worth the effort.
: I guess it could work. But I don't know if the Ghost pick rate would increase that much. Low mobility champions like Vlad and Mordekaiser would still prefer Flash, but Tanks with some mobility maybe would consider picking Ghost.
I would certainly use it more, especially on champs that don't need flash to be safe, but would rather the utility of speed, if it wasn't completely negated the second you used it. For instance, Sejuani, she doesnt need flash to get through walls, or catch/escape from enemies, so ghost becomes inherently more useful for moving around in teamfights, and while ganking.
: What if Ghost had a slow resistance?
It needs to just remove slows when first popped, but slows can be reapplied over the duration. Then it becomes a tactical decision of when you use ghost, and it's not so broken that you can stack other anti-slow items, or completely ignore slows altogether.
: Support slot for Team builder?
The problem with that is currently you can do Mage/Carry bot lane, where you go someone like Lebanc, or Morgana, and then and ADC. The Mage isn't going to be building support items, they aren't classed as a support. In fact I've seen a lot of duel Assassin bots, who are basically just going for a kill lane in Team Builder. If you add in a 'support specific' slot, you take away that option.
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