: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
SG Xayah and Rakan are legendary skins and I really love everything about them, but could someone please explain why they have the exact same walking, ability AND auto attack animations? SG Ahri got a completely new kit for her skin which was amazing. Honestly these skins doesn't really feel like legendary ones, sadly enough.
: If this is the reasoning, then let me ask why exactly do Rakan and Xayah have their base VO when they are together with one another, despite both using the SG skin?? I may be deaf and misheard the whole gameplay videos I watched of them both aswell as those videos showcasing their voice files, which included their base skins' interacting VO So you're telling me adding a toggle breaks them out of character, yet when the skins are together, Rakan turns from a tryhard villain to a lovable loud idiot, Xayah starts saying things like "everyone depends on me". They literally break their own characters when together, yet their model being light with mismatched VFX is suddenly a problem ???? In my opinion, this concept was poorly done in general. Legendary skins are supposed to be a step up to the champions' visuals and traits, and Xayah and Rakan's most well known feature is their interactions when together. They feel alive. Yet these legendary skins not only didn't play around this, the most important part of their VO isn't re-written at all! I was seriously looking forward to seeing how this "Team Rocket" duo would interact when together! There were so many better ways to handle this concept, for example: - You could have made it so they are corrupted when apart but pure when together, emphasis on their love, emphasis on their characters. Instead they have half a VO done and animations for attacking barely changed. We are given an excuse for not making a simple chroma because it doesn't fit the lore, but when it comes to stuff that takes effort, it's completely fine to have default Xayah and Rakan's quotes completely overlap with their villainous characters?
Yes! Exactly, despite their VFX and recalls living up to the standards of legendary skins, they still fall flat compared to many others. They have the same voice lines together, same ability animations, even almost the exact same auto attack and walking animations! Compared to previous legendary SG skins (Ahri and Jinx), Xayah and Rakan isn't worth the 1820 rp, sadly.


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