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: New skins showed unowned
You can use them, they're just blank atm. it should be the farthest over. There are chromas showing up as skins right now but the actual skin should be the first one that has no splash art
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
When I did /joke to eat the bowl of ramen, the bowl is invisible but Akali still makes the noises and motions of eating it.
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: Evelynn's new E doesn't grant guinsoo's rageblade stacks or apply critical strikes.
The only reason I can see is because it was changed from Physical Damage to Magic Damage. I guess they want it to count more like a spell rather than a pseudo empowered auto. But after going over items in the Practice Tool, I have no idea what Riot wants with this ability. It's like you said, it can't crit and I don't gain Rageblade stacks, but other items that say on hit do work... sometimes. Also, items that apply their effects via SPELLS ONLY seem towork as well. So Frozen Mallet and Rylai's would both apply Trying other items that specify "basic attack"(so the passive shouldn't work as Rageblade doesn't work): **Frozen Mallet** - Applys slow. I made sure not to auto after hitting E. I had both Rageblade and Mallet. I gained no stacks of Rageblade, but the Mallet slow was applied. The both say basic attacks, so it's a bit inconsistent **Kirchei's Shard**(builds into Statikk + RFC) - Stacks are expended. Same as above, I had both Rageblade and Kirchei's Shard. No stacks of rageblade, but the stacks were spent. **Wit's End** - I gain the MR and the target loses MR. It's not applying the bonus magic damage though. Same as above, I had Wit's End + Rageblade. No stacks of Rageblade, 1 stack of Wit's End on both myself and on the enemy. No bonus magic damage from the first Wit's End passive. **Ravenous Hydra** - Passive(AoE) goes off. No stacks on Rageblade **Titanic Hydra** - Same as Ravenous Hydra above. **Blade of the Ruined King** - I gain no Rageblade stacks yet I deal %current physical attacks. BotRK's on hit is applied. **Dead Man's Plate **- Stacks are expended when I use E. No Rageblade stacks again Other Items: **Runic Echoes and Luden's Echo** - It works as a spell for these items, but as a basic attack for some of the items above. it doesn't make much sense honestly. **Rylai's Crystal Scepter** - Slow is applied, no rageblade stacks. Works as a spell for this even though it applied those on hit effects above **Liandry's Torment** - Burn is applied. Works as a spell for this item even though above it counted as a basic attack
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: League Client failing to patch
The same thing is happening with me. I've redownloaded and reinstalled the PBE client + I've also tried to repair the client. Neither thing seems to work
: Or Spell Vamp, which I assume means all spell effects aren't working with it. Spider Q and everything else works fine though.
Blue potion does work with it which is wierd. I'd assume nothing would work with it.
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: [New SR] TF Passive appears at Dragon
The different buffs that you get w/ Smite also have placeholder images.
: why is it black??
Someone else posted this topic, but now we know that it's not just on his resolution. Edit: Also happens to me on 1920x1200 so I'm assuming it's like that for everyone.
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