: Should auto log out AFK, this is why: Yes, PBE is a small server for testing purpose which do not need extra players when it's full. However, this is NOT the way to collect data. If half of the players always log out after game, other half only play 4 hours per day then AFK. Then only half of the population keep producing data, other half of the resource is wasted 80%.. ( 1 - 4/(24-4) = 0.8, let's say around 4 hrs maintenance per day to make number more friendly). So the total productivity for whole client would be only 60% .. ( 1/2 100% + 1/2 (4/(24-4)) = 0.6 ). Also guess what will happen, more and more players will AFK because it's annoying to wait in queue, the total productivity would drop to 20% eventually.. ( 4 /(24-4) = 0.2 ) . So please give the spot for active players to keep PBE highly used. P.S. I think 1 hour AFK is reasonable, longer than that should be auto DC from client. Please correct me if i did my math wrong... but you guys get my point right? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Im thinkning if early release is a good thing they could do, sure there will be a lot of bugs, but they will be fixed and found way faster then they are in current state of PBE server. Its unlikely thought.
: There's no need to increase the PBE's capacity, just do not allow ppl to open their goddamn tents inside the client camping for 8-20h gating ppl out. This is not right there should be some rotation happening so everyone can try the goddamn thing, it's insane my que now is 20h LMAO.
I just see someone creating four accounts and trying to get in with one of them...
: Yeah? Because Auto Chess and League of Legends are totally different games with totally different ways of playing? Being a league player doesn't make you better at testing something that you haven't played before in your life. It's like going into Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice after playing Dark Souls and being all "This game is not played like Dark Souls and therefore is bad", you can't compare the two just because the developers are the same, the games are different and are played differently. Players of Furi would probably be much better suited to test Sekiro just because it has many more similarities than Dark Souls, just as players of other Auto-Chess-like-games are better suited to test Teamfight Tactics than usual League of Legends players. I even bet your first game of TFT you got confused as to why Darius with Tear of the Goddess or why Rek Sai had "mana", just because it was not what you expected based on your League knowledge
I think he meant that leauge players supported it for much longer then new TFT players, i do not aggrey with his point tho.
: You are an idiot. The Public Beta Environment is a space where creators and people can test out things before they launch on proper servers. In every essence of that name, it is meant to be played by people you are hating on, and for the reasons you are hating on. The PBE is not a place where stingy nerds make permanent LoL accounts just because they want free stuff. So if anyone should be getting priority it should be them and most definetely not you!!! The queue times obviously suck but if you want to play normal games then go play on normal league!!! All love though <3
Hymph, insulting person for saying what is their opinion? Check Having no counter argument whatsoever? Check Sarcasm? Check You see, PBE is a place for everyone but if everyone instantly wants to get in so badly just to play for a week (or not play at all since this god damn queue is way too long, ) then players who were on the server for much longer should bypass it, or at least be higher priorytet. Look at the streamers, they by-pass it all the time and no one says anything about it, then why can't we?
: How some people can just login instantly when others have more than 10 hours ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I heard that streamers can by-pass it and not wait for 19 hours. Thats so stupid...
: rest in rip bro


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