: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Warwick
With his W, when pressed, I genuinely feel like it should have a little bit more bass to it, just sounds very tinny imo. But would be nice if you maybe just add a little bit. It doesn't sound like I pressed W. This is compared to all of other Warwicks skins, but if you believe that it's part of his project style then I guess it's gonna take me a long time to adjust. But have a go and hear it with a bit more bass
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: Mac Announcement + Bug Thread
Since league is now going be in 64-bit, would this change the performance of the actual game? For example will it consume more that 4Gb of RAM or have better support. Also will you guys be building it with Apple's Metal API?
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: It's URF so ya, everything is op.
No really everything, there are champs that no one has seen on ARURF and this was mentioned numerous times that one team has OP champs and another team has champs with no counter play, E.g zed {{champion:238}} has showed up in 80% of games (around 40) I've played and not one has he been bad, they'll have been +20/-10/+10 kda wise. And It is not ALL RANDOM as they have chosen a specific pool to use these champs and trick you that its all random, like play a couple of ARAM games then play ARURF, there is a huge difference in champs, its a joke. I my self who played a lot fo both those game modes, seems like not everything is op and either one team with Op champs while the other has barely any counter play to it.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Kennen!
Just one problem.... Who voiced kennen???? {{summoner:2}}
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: Surely that doesn't matter since you don't need to buy RP on PBE anyway.
Ye but i don't have enough RP on my PBE account anyway (i only have around 900rp)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Alpha Skarner!
> This skin is Legendary and will be 1820rp. will this be the cost of the skin in the PBE or is it still 1 ip/rp
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: Braum's Unbreakable
Try this with darius and if braum takes no dmg then it a bug
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: [Gameplay Ideas] Advanced Pings!
I recon it should be a option in game for pro players so if its to hard for new players they just switch back
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: I'm pretty sure it's just a visual thing. I don't think it effects the actual speed of it.
This does effect the speed but this was mention in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nh7IY6HEmQ 9 months ago soooo i think this might be intended
: Thresh Hook Speed Up
: Baron Can be soloed without retaliating (attacking back)
Its probs a bug since when a minion or monster is focusing on you they have those 3 strike lines at the top of them, and for the 2nd pic you uploaded you (baron2.png) the baron has those strikes but isnt focusing you or attacking you.
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: Ya, we're having some issues on Mac >< Will hopefully have these resolved for next update in a day or two.
mine worked on mac 10.8.5 system with 4gb ram
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: Blue Buff And Golems Aren't Fighting Back
This happened with me in a normal games while playing {{champion:32}} on the live servers, my combo was q turn on w and the e, after that they dont attack
: New Match History
When you click the link, it comes up with your region or closest region LoL website. The current website for the match history is underway (i think).
: Hey I was unable to reproduce this on my Mac, is there any other information that you could provide?
It happend to me but after a few times trying to create a ranked team is worked.
: [Replays] replays on PBE
The replays only work for 7 days and i think that, if the replays function was to be going on live servers, it would cause a lot of trouble in the servers cause the server has to save onto a massive hard drive that has to take up over 1 million videos over the league servers around the world. Btw i wasn't on PBE when the replay function was working.
: Swear Bug (i think)
Well They were my friends so i was able to swear but i will listen to you guys Thanks guys
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: @Riot - Vel'Koz Glitch/Bug
When u say that only 2 tenticals show the glow on sheen, have you ever tryed using Lich Bane by any channce?? Cause for me i have the back one glowing.
: It's just down for the daily update, it's normal. They post a 15 minute warning on the home screen of the client, but in game you just have to learn that when it gets to be early afternoon Pacific Time that the servers are going to go down at some point.
oh ok thank you for the comment,helped a lot. but how long is it down for
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: IP to RP Converter
that really would be a great idea but the thing is the only way to get rp and to buy it or get it in a giveaway. So sorry to say but it cant work. great thought though
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: Hexakill chat bug
i was playing a custom game (i wasnt host) and after the game the guy that hosted the game said" did anybody have any issue with chatting befor the game" and he was the only one with the problem, soo i assume that the person hosting a game will not be able to chat befor a game, i believe its a bug in the cilent. hope that helped
: How to deal with Toxic players on the PBE
I think that riot should do this but it really needs more discussion, depending on what the ban is that should be linked on UR normal account. For example if I get banned for trolling that should be linked on UR normal account but If I get banned for DC, them that should not be linked on UR normal account
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
Is it just me or when Ashe is recalling she spaws a heart, and if she spawns it, it look the wron way confused
: [STATUS] PBE Sign-ups
When will the sign ups close? (My friend was asking cause he has no PBE account)


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