: Ziggs Q Turret Bug
Yup, same thing just happened to me.
: Yeah, it's possible his jungle may be too strong in today's iteration. I'd like to see you guys confirm that, though, if possible.
I took Machete and cleared the jungle, barely taking any damage, and hit level 5 at 3:30. Whether or not that's too strong, well.. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
: Hey guys, I'm reading your comments and just want to say thanks for all the awesome feedback. I'm still driving hard on bugs so I don't yet have time to fully respond to some of this, but wanted to pop in and say thanks as well as get out this patch note. Below does not encompass all the bugs being fixed but notes some of the more noticeable ones The things in bold are balance changes Jhin PBE changes 1/20/2016 P **-The crit damage reduction on the passive now affects Crit damage increases (like IE). This means that while IE used to bring Jhin's crits from 150% to 200% damage, it now brings them to 187.5% damage** - (hopefully) fixed a bug where Jhin could attack while reloading and reset his reload timer Q W -Fixed a bug where the red targeting indicator (you see this if you would be rooted by the spell) was displaying to the wrong team. E **-Damage adjusted to 20/80/140/200/260 (+1.2 TAD) from 15/75/135/195/255 (+1.3 TAD) -Subsequent trap hits on the same champion now deal 65% damage. -Trap vision radius reduced to 260 from 300** -Fixed a bug where killing a champion would cause Jhin's spells to be uncastable until he reloaded -Fixed a bug where traps could be triggered by wards and "ward-like" objects -Fixed a bug where traps that detonated with multiple targets inside would deal increased damage. -Fixed a bug where the flower spawned on death could only be seen by Jhin -Fixed a bug where trap explosions would spawn visual "Distortion rectangles" due to a missing texture R -Working on fixing the bug where enemies on the edge of vision while using R appear to stutter and teleport around -Working on better logic for the zoom in when canceling the ult (so your camera is more likely to go where you want it to) -Fixed a bug where the R would not zoom out far enough when cast at certain angles
>-The crit damage reduction on the passive now affects Crit damage increases (like IE). This means that while IE used to bring Jhin's crits from 150% to 200% damage, it now brings them to 187.5% damage that 33% increase in crit effectiveness was just too good eh
: https://youtu.be/kxLQDRIMRLg?t=1m1s I think even then, his crits are way too strong. No one should be able to do a pure one shot with little to no cooldown. Even Rengar needs to hit his target with more than 1 auto.
His build is unideal and leaves him open to getting destroyed by armor-builders and anything with decent movement speed.
: Jhin (Bot)- Refusing to leave base Summoners Rift.
He's probably not programmed yet, but is still in the pool of bots to pick from for some reason.
: Jhin can cancel his reload....
Yup, I've seen the same bug
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Jhin's R cooldown doesn't show up correctly on the side portraits.
: Is Jhin supposed to be able to crit on his normal attacks?
: [JHIN] Quality of life suggention
That's a caveat of his kit. Maybe you should let someone else on your team do the ward clearing.
: Jhin Balance Feedback!
Are you concerned with the strength of Thunderlord's Decree on Jhin? Having ~+600 bonus AD is a pretty large chunk of damage.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
His Q doesn't fit the rest of his kit at all from a gameplay perspective. It looks elegant in how it bounces around, but it seems a kit was made for Jhin and someone realized "Oh crap, how is he going to lane?" or "Oh crap, we don't have a 4th ability!" and decided "We should give him some laning tool!"
: People who ban Jhin
Less people playing him = less feedback (theoretically) = less PBE effectiveness.
: No, i got 700 ad and i bult Huricane, firefanon, esence reaver and IE got 100% crit and BTW you can crit on basics but it deals less dmg.
I think you missed the point 100%.
: Jhin Balance Feedback!
Personally, I wish he had significantly more AD from his crit chance and that his crits were limited only to his 4th shot on passive and ult.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Personally, I wish he had significantly more AD from his crit chance and that his crits were limited only to his 4th shot on passive and ult.
: Whenever I kill an enemy champion with one of Jhin's abilities, I cannot use another ability until Jhin reloads his 4 shots.
: He should be enabled now!
It seems that buying him doesn't actually buy him {{champion:32}}
: Sooo if Graves doesn't have any bullets he can't auto attack? I'm completely lost reading point 2 of his passive.
Yes, he needs bullets to fire his gun.
: Ekko Visiual bug Q
Can confirm: I've seen this happen as well. I can't think of a consistent way to reproduce it, though.
: Ekko discussion
Try playing him as an AD Bruiser, like Fizz.
: How are you guys meshing Ekko's abilities together/what do you think of them?
1. It's not very good in fights imo. It's better used for utility outside of fights or right before a fight. If you take him in the jungle, I can see his W being a good ganking tool. The zoning potential is extremely potent. 2. His ultimate is a nifty spell. Very high skill cap. Using it to get back to lane is nice and all, but requires Homeguard enchantment to effectively use it in this manner. Diving into their team followed by Zhonya's + R is a nice nuke. Of course, R is an amazing escape if you can effectively do your job without the damage from R or just need to get the hell out of there. 3. Haven't tried hybrid, but I imagine that it wouldn't be too strong. AD Bruiser Ekko seems like a much stronger build.
: Cooldowns Not Displaying Properly
I've noticed this with Ryze W and Kha'Zix W.
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: Fizz's Seastone Trident
He's an assassin and should be played as such. Giving him % missing health burst on his W just turned him into a mixed damage bruiser, which I know Riot doesn't like.
: Rito Giving Teemo Some Love? What Has This World Come To!
I'm surprised Rito isn't giving some buffs to go along with that love.
: [Luden's Echo] Clarity
Yasuo's Q is treated as an autoattack for spell purposes. (Rylai's, Liandry's, etc.)
: Kassadin
The current Kass changes actually give him more mobility than before. Also, with a Rod of Ages and Seraph's Embrace, the maxed out mana cost is low enough that using his W on a champion will refund enough mana to let him use it again.
: Ahri's weakness after patch
Most of the champions that build DFG were fine without it. The ones that needed it to be viable need buffs anyways.
: [feedback] Sejuani changes :)
let's be real, ap sej is the real sej I wish they'd buff her auto attack animation or her Q CC. It's just so hard to Q + W people.
[Our Jayce took a nifty video of the glitch in action](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8vjd1R15cI)
: Yasuo wall bug on Poro King Game mode
> Poros are not blocked by spell shields or wind walls because they are animals, not spells! not a bug
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: Legend of Poro King bug!
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: [$0.02] Doom Bots so far
>The dragon teleport is predictable and a huge weakness. Seriously, my team once got five towers in the time they took dragon. Granted most of us dies afterwards, but the gold was very worth it. The two games of Doom Bots I've won were from my team taking their base while they did this shit, lol. Really fun, challenging game mode though.
: The change that you need to make to Kha'Zix
I've added a graphical representation of the idea I have in mind.
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: Thoughts and suggestions on the state of the Kha'Zix Nerfs
I like how they try to make the W evolve more viable, then make the Q so bad that you have to evolve it to kill anyone. It's going to to back to the Muramana W spam, kite, and poke days.
: Major Bonetooth Necklace bug
: Vel'Koz texture update
[Riot pls](http://i.imgur.com/dLr1ifj.png) This looks a lot better imo
: Vel'Koz's Texture Updates
The new textures have nice detail, but the coloration is ass. It looks too bright.
: But it would be brilliant if ulti would slow enemyes too :P Just what I think...But maybe it's too OP then ^^
: I feel this change is a terrible mistake. I will try it..but im afraid I wont like it. It feels like an indirect fiddle nerf and I will be interested to see not if Fiddle can solo dragon anymore..but if he can do dragon at all... wont this totally eliminate junglers like fiddle? if so, how is that ok?
>solo dragon This is the purpose for the nerf. High damage and high-sustain champions can easily solo dragon due to the sustain passive on the spirit stone items, which goes against the idea of dragon being a team objective.
: Potential Vel'Koz Bugs (Q)
It's because the width of the split missile is protruding past the maximum range of the original missile.
: Vel'Koz Q indicator is a bit short.
It's weird you can launch his Q at a target and have it come up short, then have one of the splits hit it.
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