: The main issue is that it is EXTREMELY niche, and you will hardly ever come across a game without a decent ad champion to take out the banner'd minion. The idea of buffing a minion is awesome and always gonna be fairly niche, but perhaps instead of the buffed minion getting immunity to magic damage, maybe it should have higher resistance to a damage source based on the ad/ap of the person attacking it. Something with 200ad hitting it triggers bonus armor, while something with 500ap triggers mr? idk, it's hard to balance the item and keep the current idea of buffing the minion
Even if the enemy team has 5 mages, they will kill the minion with their base attack damage in some seconds. The buffed minion need much resistance in the late game. IMO the Banner of Command should create ONE impactful, strong minion, which can push lanes fast. There must be a big advantage over the Zz'Rot portal, otherwise almost no-one are going to buy it.
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: New Rammus feels... wierd
The W reminds me of the old Gragas W (he slows himself for a sec in the old times ). They remove the debuff because it hurt Gragas too much. However Rammus has a much better slow on his ult, which allow him to stick to the enemies, Gragas only has/had a 1 sec stun and a slow on his Q. All in all I dislike the new Rammus, his Q makes him to fast, his W makes him too slow. As has been pointed, he will snowball or be bad as a tank, if he falls behind.
: Executioners Calling physical damage proc is terrible (Darius)
I agree, e.g. for Mundo this item is fatal, his Ult is against executioners effect useless at the begin. Even a 5 seconds Ignite destroys him. But only decreasing the executioners duration and applying on AA isn't enough, the immobile champions won't escape from champions like Fiora or Riven, being tanky and having a heal is insufficient. I think it's better to reduced the health decreasing effect to 25%. The actual situation of Grievous Wounds is ok, Ignite and and Morello are enough.
: Academy Vlad has Gigantic Hands.
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