: Bringing RP back to PBE was motivated by the following: * RP in PBE is highly requested by PBE Players * Reduce the risk of releasing 1 BE priced items to the Live store * Make the processes and tools managing the store in PBE the same as Live {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I think this could be a good thing. Have we seen an increase in the number of PBE games because of the incentive?
: Icons gone
Same here—all my icons are gone. I'd spent quite a bit of time purchasing them all over the years.
: Soooo about Eternals
Came here to agree. It feels insulting to pay for stats for each champion, especially.
: It's a visual bug where it is not being updated correctly. If you relog, you will see that you are at 0 blue essence.
@Riot banfhammer Gotta ask—is your s/n a Warhammer Online reference? I remember the "Banhammer" section on their homepage, years ago.
Rioter Comments
: I believe that this summoner icon has nothing to do with the splash art. They have yet to release the splash art, but I'm sure that it will be amazing. :)
: Feedback is exactly that, though. We want to hear you out, but that said, art is subjective in many ways, and what someone thinks is an awesome idea, might not be the same opinion as someone else. We read through feedback, and from that, discuss it. We discuss what the dev work would look like for a particular change, as well as if we feel it's a change that will hit the goals we're originally set for the skin; by goals, I mean what we'd set out to achieve visually and thematically with the skin. When we say that we aren't changing something, it isn't us trying to be jerks, we're being transparent. We try to give reasoning about why we are or aren't implementing a change that's been suggested because it sucks when you're flat up told no. Even if a change isn't made this time around - let's say we didn't add a new animation that someone had suggested - we take away learnings on where we can improve moving forward; maybe it'd be better if we did x instead of y, or maybe we didn't need to do x. I've touched on the points you've mentioned above throughout this thread, so I won't rehash them, but I hope this gives you a bit of insight on our end, and that it's not 'Rito is lazy', or 'Rito doesn't care'. If we didn't care, we wouldn't ask for feedback at all - but we do - which is why we try to at least hear players out.
@Riot KateyKhaos +1 STAYED COOL: tilt-proof, chill Perhaps some of we PBEers could be open to an Alpha test, to have a chance to be involved in animations, etc...?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Soraka!
The overall look is wonderful. I love the hairstyle and color. In general, a wonderful job and one of the best Star Guardian skins. I was disappointed to see that her wings were only active with homeguard. I was hoping that if I built enough movement speed, it would trigger the change (similar to Lucian and Thresh change their run animation with high movement speed). I would like to add feedback about her ultimate. I understand that she needs readability, but her animation was extremely short. I like it how it is, but it would be great it she possibly flew higher and longer. I'm also sure you have good reason, but as with all of the old non-reworked champs, her voice acting is extremely limited (i.e. Leona). Any comments on this?
: i agree with 1 and 2, but if they gave him all these buffs he would become masively overpowered in my opinion
I'll just reemphasize that this was just a brainstorm—I wouldn't recommend all of these changes either.
: Is it me or is Shadow Assassin Kayn abit disappointing? While Rhaast is near perfect?
The _look_ of the Shadow Assassin is wonderful. However, the Shadow Assassin needs some help. He doesn't feel like he has more damage, he has little sustain and loses his knock-up. The extra reach is nice and the mobility on his W is helpful. Suggestions for Shadow Assassin: 1. **Don't root him at the end of his Q**. Give him mobility for his Q just like the Shadow Assassin W. 2. **Jump farther away after his ultimate**. Since he is suppose to be more mobile in this form, he should be able to jump further away if he chooses to give him an escape during team fights. 3. **Reduce the cooldown on his abilities in this form**. This would allow more damage and have better escapes. 4. **Allow his E to be uninterruptible**. This would allow for greater escapes. 5. **Increase his movement speed**. The shadow assassin looks like he should be moving swiftly. 6. **If his kills an opponent, allow him to hop to the next target and ulti again**. I'd recommend giving a 1 second chance to ulti again, perhaps even ending his ulti early to R to the next target (only if he kills the first). Of course, I wouldn't recommend all of these, but pick and choose as you like. My first two suggestions would probably be best.
: So you're saying we should disable Draven's passive and let every other champion keep their passives? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
He didn't say anything like that. He was just brining up the information for the devs to do with as they please. However, power levels were tweaked for URF, for instance, but not disabled all together.
: These Kindred nerfs cannot go through, here's why
She's not even the near top win-rate and seems rather balanced at the moment. If Riot would would be more communicative with their changes as they hit, I'm sure we'd all feel less of a desire to express ourselves with vulgar language.
: I've been playing Annie since the start and I remember the old Goth Annie splash art and when they came out with the new one I said thats perfect on all levels to represent Goth Annie but this new one is just....well in on the same level as dirt I didn't know you could literally mess up a whole image by just changing the eyes I do not like this at all its just to happy for a skin that is meant to represent sorrow, hatred and rage change it back in a {{summoner:4}} please P.s. why did they make the fire more pink....the hell
Yes! Back with the old please!!!!
: Darius new splash
I understand the artist put a lot of work into this and I appreciate the detail. However, I much prefer the look and feel of the old splash. If they could just redraw an exact copy of the old one with hyper detail, I think we would have the best thing going. The old Darius splash art is one of my all time favourite pieces.
: Dreadknight Garen particle effects
I agree, except I MUCH prefer the old splash for this skin :(
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
BLOOD-RED on his Bloodstone skin, please. The colour is just awful. :(
: Bloodstone Taric looks like he is wearing mime makeup
Blood RED stones, please! They are like a fuchsia, currently.
: Bloodstone Taric is an amazing NEW skin...
A blood lord vibe would be awesome. However, the stones are pinkish and we already have a pink Taric. Please make his gems BLOOD-RED! :)
: Once again Riot nerfing the champion and not the items
I agree that there is no problem adjusting the power level of the champion. Other champions may depend on the item at their current level. Of course, both item and champion methods of power adjustment are necessary. I would say adjust the power as needed to make the widest possible pool of viable champions.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Sona!
First, I'd like to say, thank you for working so hard on another Sona skin. I'm a sucker for them and I own all her skins on my NA account. That being said, there was something a bit lackluster for me with this skin and I thought to myself "I guess this is the only Sona Skin I won't buy." It took me a while to figure out was missing, but Sona (and now Bard) are unique, in that they are musical. I think she would really benefit from different or at least filtered ambient sound effects. Perhaps this is asking a lot from a 975 RP skin, but again, I feel this is a special case. An altered joke/taunt/dance/laugh would go miles as well, but the ambient music, is what really defines her. Thanks again! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Ok, I will put everything I think here. **ORIGINAL LIST- 02/25/2015** **1. Caretaker's Shrines Aren't Powerful Enough Late Game** They are only good for a small instant heal late game. Waiting for them to fully charge late game is a bit of a waste of time and they are only really useful for being in the River to have some "healing depots" of such. However, even then the heal isnt too good for how much counterplay they open up. **2. Magical Journey Should Give Vision At Each End of the Portal** It is really frustrating to put a portal down and not have a lot of time to react when suddenly an enemy follows you through or is waiting on the other side and you dont know it. Having vision on each side would be a really good addition. **3. The Out of Combat Movement Speed Boost from Chimes Doesnt Last Long Enough** They don't last long enough later in the game to effectively get you to the next chime to stack the movement speed boost. You have to get lucky and have chimes spawn right beside each other to make use of the stacked movement speed boost. Chime stacking is also really hard and time consuming late game so increasing the speed boost duration to 11-13 seconds from 7 seconds would help a lot! **4. Meeps Should Apply Spell Effects** They have a static, decent cool down and are their own projectile. Making them apply spell effects (AoE or single target is up to you) would help Bard a lot with different kinds of itemization. **5. Chime Mini-Map Icons Should be Meep Heads** Because who doesnt want to see a bunch of Meep Heads all over their minimap to collect? :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **UPDATED LIST- 02/28/2015** **1. Caretaker's Shrine Speed Up Duration and Total Charge Time Scale with Level** Make his W speed up duration scale up by 0.25 seconds per level and charge time by -1 second per level, causing the speed duration to become 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds and the charge time to become 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. This way the speed vs heal trade off is a lot more clear while still having the fully charged heal worth it late game since 10 seconds is a LONG time late game and you usually dont stick around in one place for that long unless you are attacking an epic monster or a turret. **2. Meep Scaling Modification** Instead of one upgrade every 5 chimes, make it one upgrade every 2 chimes with a lot less powerful upgrades. ALSO, make the Meep's always gain damage every upgrade with certain upgrades giving only but more damage. For example... 2 Chimes- 10% slow for 1 second and plus 3 damage 4 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 6 Chimes- 20% Slow for 1 second and plus 3 damage 8 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 10 Chimes- Meeps deal 50% AoE damage behind target plus 3 Damage 12 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 14 Chimes- Bard gains Meeps 0.75 seconds quicker plus 4 damage 16 Chimes- Plus 10 Damage 18 Chimes- Bard can now carry 2 Meeps 20 Chimes- Plus 15 Damage Something along those lines would make the chimes system feel much more rewarding, especially really early and really late game when you dont pick up as much chimes every trip. **3. Tempered Fate Interaction with Meeps and Chimes** I thought a cool addition to Tempered Fate for even more uses with it along with making it more worth upgrading. - If no units are hit by Tempered Fate, Tempered Fate can be used to collect chimes and the cool down is reduced by 70% plus 4/6/8 seconds for every chime collected in this way. The cool down reduction is not applied if no chimes are collected. - When an enemy champion or allied champion is hit with Tempered Fate, additional effects occur. For every enemy champion hit by Tempered Fate, Bard gains an extra Meep up to his current limit. Allied champions hit by Tempered Fate gain a Meep that modifies their next basic attack. Allied champion Meeps deal 30/40/50% damage. The chime collecting Tempered Fate for more of a use when theres that 1-2 chimes that are completely out of the normal route to get the rest of the chimes. The allied and enemy champion interactions are more to have the ultimate be a little less punishing and forgiving if enemy mobility and such can outplay Bard entirely without him having too much say. Also, as an ultimate, Bard's team should have a little bit more of an edge with the spell when Bard uses it. **4. Bard Base Stat Adjustment with Chime Modification** Less base mana regeneration and base movement speed with modification to chimes to make them more mandatory to get, especially early game. Decreasing Bard base mana regeneration by about 25% and then decreasing his base movement speed to 325 in order to buff chimes to recover about 10% missing mana + 20 and have the out of combat movement speed boost duration be increased to about 11 seconds from 7 seconds. A proper trade off to help Bard and make him a true wanderer.
Chimes: I definitely think he needs more incentive to collect the chimes. Adding movement speed would definitely emphasize the *wanderer* aspect of this Miyazakian support.
: Hey guys, I'm the designer on Bard - I have a Red Name on the NA forums but not on PBE yet, getting that fixed shortly! Anyway, let me respond bit by bit :) **1. Caretaker's Shrines Aren't Powerful Enough Late Game** I totally understand where you're coming from. I've always been skeptical about the "healthpack" model working lategame, when team fights happen unpredictably and you don't have time to wait for a heal. The intention is that the chargeup part falls off in usefulness at later ranks, and the base number takes over (the difference is always a flat 40 - huge early game, meaningless late). Also, I think I'm okay if Bard's healing falls off some late (unless he goes crazy AP) and E becomes more about the movement speed for chasing and escapes. It's possible the speed boost % needs to rank up, too. The real advantage to late-game shrine placement isn't so much the charge-up as it is that you can go into a fight with "three extra heal cooldowns" available in the form of pre-casting. Hard to pull off, though. Balance-wise, we might put some bigger numbers on late ranks of W - will see where he filters out in terms of balance overall :) **2. Magical Journey Should Give Vision At Each End of the Portal** I actually think it's really important that it *doesn't* give vision - Bard should be scared about rushing headlong into a situation. As an opponent, keeping vision control lets you combat Bard's extreme situational mobility, and catch him out if he decides to go for it. It also lends a bit of fairness - an escaping Bard can Journey into an area where his pursuers don't have vision, it's only fair that if he's moving aggressively that he has the same disadvantage. (Also, good catch from Maerlon that Caretaker's Shrine grants vision on cast! This situation is part of why it's there. It does feel weird to use healing as scouting, but in the right situation it's worth it.) **3. The Out of Combat Movement Speed Boost from Chimes Doesnt Last Long Enough** Interesting - could be a good fix if we find late-game chime collection to be something that's keeping Bard down. Will keep this one in my back pocket, for sure! **4. Meeps Should Apply Spell Effects** I'll shop this one around to other designers - it's a significant change, balance-wise, but you're right in that it opens up some interesting late-game build paths for him. **5. Chime Mini-Map Icons Should be Meep Heads** The minimap icon was missing yesterday - should be in now. It's abstract, but getting something readable at 12-pixels-by-12-pixels, against a multicolor background, taking into account colorblindness... it's tough :X Thanks for the detailed feedback!
"2. Magical Journey Should Give Vision At Each End of the Portal" I think it would be interesting for it to grant vision. This would give you reason to cast Magical Journey just for its vision. The decision then would be when to cast.
: Bard and His OP Ult
Just remember that Riot is designing all the new champs to bring something unique to the table. In this sense, all champs should be "OP" in their own way.
: I think the burrowed Q damage should scale with her rage. So with no rage have it be like .6 ap and with full rage it be 1.0 ap This way you wont see AP Rek'sai because it can survive melee and was always burrowed so has no rage. BUT gives the AD builds some poke after an engage or during a chase. LEAVE her unburrowed Q damage alone.
There is an idea. I like it. If they *had *to nerf her unburrowed Q, it might be nice to have rage affect it, as well. It would make her rage more significant.
Rioter Comments
: Exchanging Jungle Upgrades Does not Always Change Smite
Just a note: in playing another game, I couldn't exchange the item at all. I had to sell and buy a different upgrade.
: Champion ultimate manacost standardisation
I hope this definitely gets addressed at some point. Keep in mind this will effect game balance. They have a lot of high priority fixes at the moment since they bit off more then they can chew with the new SR and the drastically changed jungle.
: Accidentally Bought Too Many Runes... Cannot Revert
You might have to make a support ticket on this. I think it is in the PBE Frequently Asked Questions page, where they ask you to specifically not buy the starter pack twice (although it was accidental in this case). I imagine that they know about the bug and want you to avoid it. It is most likely not a priority fix, since it just effect the PBE. Let us know how it turns out :)
Rioter Comments
: I really like SR base gates
: Malzahar Texture update
Skin aside...I want to know why he is pink! XD
: Rek'Sai Q nerfs
I think many people were expecting the nerf to her burrowed Q, thanks to people building her AP. However, I think she was also expected to be compensated for the loss (i.e. a small flat Q damage buff). I have no idea why they are nerfing her unburrowed Q. There are plenty of junglers stronger who will not be receiving nerfs. As you said, she doesn't make a good tank as it is and she needs the Q damage for jungle clears.
: Nexus turret constantly playing laser sound
I have gotten this bug today, as well.
: chose order to runes and mastery pages
I second this. Please make the rune page tabs movable! BTW, it's not OCD, its CDO! :D
Rioter Comments
: Malphite texture rebalances - Obsidian Malphite
The new one is better, but Obsidian is black, reflective and glass-like in appearance. It would be nice it the new skin reflected this. No pun intended :P
: Poro-Rider Sejuani's Pink and Red outfit
Riot seems to be in a fuchsia-color kick recently. Sej, Elise and even the default Malzahar.
Rioter Comments
: No Login Music Fix. Avoid Repair and Loss of Item Sets!
It looks like this was fixed by adding volume slider to the launcher. Great job to the design team! Its like you guys read the forums or something :P
: No Login Music Fix. Avoid Repair and Loss of Item Sets!
I would like to note another fix to a problem with the same symptom. If you have the launcher music on and the client music is MUTED, you will still have login music. However, if you have the launcher music on, but the client music VOLUME is turned down to zero, you will not hear the login music. For instance, I do not want music during champion select, but I do want login music. I would be sure that the client music volume is up, but muted and the login music is enabled on the login screen.
: launcher issue
It seems to be an on-going issue with the PBE launcher in the past two weeks. Given that it is not a problem on live and they have the pre-season to prepare for, I am sure it is low on the priority list.
Rioter Comments
: Yeah, but that's a huge problem: whereas on other ADC you CAN animation cancel, it's impossible to do so as Kalista. Other ADC will stop AAing and walk away if you click out, but Kalista will go through her whole animation and then hop if you try to animation cancel.
May I ask--how are you attempting the animation cancel? I just tried it. If you don't cancel, you can see she goes through the whole animation. If you cancel, she does her dash just after the projectile is initiated. For reference, I was using attack-move and attack-move-click. [Kalista Animation Canceling](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDlkIatyJdI&list=UUfjnxzjE5bZ-eHxM7sQQOUg&hd=1)
Rioter Comments
: I would also suggest scaling dash speed with her attack speed. once your attack speed starts the get high, dashing lowers your attack speed quite a lot.
That would be awesome. However, perhaps broken? I can see that getting quite crazy. You could also opt to not dash as far. Thus, you would attack faster with high attack speed, despite the dashing.
: Kalista Passive Changes
I agree her passive could use some consistency. However her passive is supposed to proc off of animation canceling, instead of being similar to using an ability. This takes some skill as an ADC to cancel your animation and I think that is the idea and the original intent of the game designer.
: Peahen ;)
I don't mean to be a stick-in-the-mud, but the peacocks have the plumage. Peahens are generally plain, like many female birds. I suppose if they ever made a Mardi Gras themed Ahri it could work. I've seen dresses with the feathers in them. http://media.dma.mil/2010/Feb/20/10594/-1/-1/0/100220-M-3392W-006.jpg
: Wow, the similarities are striking. That comparison captures my thoughts about the face perfectly.
I also noticed that she is in Shurima-styled garb. Shouldn't she be in Noxian noble clothing?
: All human players disconnecting from bot games
This happened to me just now. However, when I tried to exit the match, it would only give me the option to reconnect. I tried to reconnect and played for a moment. I then d/c'ed and the game froze. I had to use task manager to get out.
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