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: Dr. Mundo
I completely agree. As his Q is his only skillshot, and his only ability that isn't a passive "increase ball of stats" button, I would very much like to see buffs go to that ability. If grievous wounds isn't the right direction, that's fine with me. But there are so many things that can be done, such as each successive cleaver hit does more damage up to a cap, or hitting three on a champ has another effect, or max range does more damage (Do I get closer or back off??), a mini red buff -esque effect, or any variation of clever champion abilities that Riot has come up with, that can give it a bit higher of a skill ceiling and therefore reward for skillful playing. Alternatively, I've always enjoyed the late-game dream of Mundo being the most unkillable tank. If his defensiveness was stressed over his previous states of tons of damage _and_ unkillable, I'd be fine with that too. At any rate, I do agree that buffing his E is not something I'm a fan of, either.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
I've played a few games with his new kit, as have a few friends of mine. We all agree that he is insanely overpowered. He can solo baron, which is not an easy thing to do. But he's a lot of fun, and I'm sure he will be after the inevitable nerfs, too. At max cooldown, he can have two legions of voidlings out at once, which is super fun. Also, the percent damage pool you added to his ult. Was his previous freelo combo too hard, so you wanted to put it all on one button? It is SO easy to burst and siege all at once. I love it, but I do expect the deserved nerfs to his kit.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
All of this sounds really cool, but I am still sad to see spell vamp go away. I understand why the decision was necessary, but I for one have always bought it on many of my mages. I always rushed it on Anivia, second item after rod. The ult plus spell vamp always kept me alive. And even before that, I bought it on my supports when it still had an aura, so long ago. It's one of my favorite items, and I really wish there could be a self-healing item with a bit more of a mage "identity" so to speak. As an example, if you take moonflair spellblade, and it had the same ap and spell vamp as hextech revolver, it would really be a defensive item for mages that want to heal, without the drawback of sacrificing 3 item slots for defenses.
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: Riot. You guys. Just killed. My favorite. Jungler. Let me start with the Good: -The crystals do offer a counter to notorious counterjunglers and a way to quickly cross the map. -The shield on his W will be a lot more useful and will scale a lot better in accordance with something that he will be building more of. The Bad: -Unless you intend to spend a lot of time in the enemy teams jungle, that's just free 30g and vision they get at the beginning at the game. Say goodbye to invades, and now the enemy teams jungler will have a 30g lead on Skarner, which though it may not be much, is basically a free potion when paired with Scuttle Crab. -His Q is now garbage. This change was fairly major, so it will take a bit of explaining. The Q no longer grants him bonus: damage, attack speed, movement speed, or stacks of his passive. This is VERY significant, as it will excruciatingly cut down on his clear time. I realize he will have the crystals, but his ganking potential pre six with these changes in effect is pretty much halved. In addition to this, when multiple enemies are around him, he will only have the potential to stun those in a small line. This means during teamfights, botlane skirmishes, contesting dragon/baron, he now lacks a LOT of utility in fights and will become more oriented on focusing down one to two targets, as opposed to being able to change targets almost simultaneously if the need arises. Old Skarner had brawling potential. He could not only hold his own in a fight, but also had a lot of utility and cc that he could bring to a team. New Skarner replaces this with a mediocre system that grants him slight control over the jungle, IF his team is good about keeping the crystals, which is just another thing him and his team have to worry about if they lose control of their side of the jungle. He lost a lot of cc, a lot of utility, and most importantly, a lot of ganking potential with these changes. Please, Riot... at least let him keep his old Q, and simply move his old passive to the E and leave it at that. Keep the crystals to give him a hint of uniqueness and some cool bonuses that he can bring to his team, but don't let these other changes ruin an otherwise fairly balanced champion.
I second this comment, in every way. The changes to his shield are some nice incentives, but his new passive defies common sense. He has some decent clear speed when standing in them, but now he's significantly countered by..... where his enemies stand. Ridiculous.
: While I agree with the OP, it is frustrating to be "target-dancing" trying to get it somewhere without walking too far. Lots of champions have this issue, but I play around it and prefer it to the current setup, just learning new champs as they come. It would be ideal to have a quick-cast option to switch between "cast at closest point" and "cast where commanded"
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
There seems to be a lot of unhappiness with his forced transformation, however, I like this mechanic and understand the value of it. Besides his middling range, it's clearly another balancing factor so you can't just sit there and auto attack to take advantage of his w. All the same, I do agree with the comments that say the transformations feel too long at the early levels and too short at the later levels. Early game, I like to play passively and take advantage of his speed to run in, auto attack, and run out. I've tried different strategies with his transformation, but at really early levels he is still too squishy to run in and take advantage of his burstiness before being shot down by ranged champs. Late game, when I have more tanky items, I want to take advantage of his tankiness more, and find myself wishing it was longer so I could use more of the abilities despite their cooldown (which I know are intentionally long to make his hulk form more bursty). Besides that, his mobility and double bounce are really fun. I sadly expect them to be nerfed, because he is currently one of the best at ganking and gap closing. Running into the jungle, coming out behind an enemy champion, and getting off three autoattacks, with the aid of the bounce as necessary, can turn a poor 1v1 for a team member into an instant kill and assist for your team. His speed encourages him to roam and he misses out on very little experience and gold because of it, so I expect this to become a dominant strategy. Furthermore, I was still able to catch up with most enemies as big Gnar once I had tier two boots, even the recommended merc treads. I know Riot said he was supposed to be slow in this form, but currently he feels to be of average speed, though it's still an obvious contrast to his super mobile mini form. I wouldn't be surprised if the speed here was nerfed, to give players more required skill such as properly timing his leap during transformation so the slowness won't be an issue. All that being said, Gnar can get really behind if he is outranged or outzoned. If he gets an inch, he can snowball pretty hard. It feels like he's sitting on a razor's edge early game, and can fall either way easily. However, in the game when I was behind, I just roamed and popped out of the jungle for guaranteed kills. So, I like him a lot, but I am prepared for nerfs to come his way.


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