: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition!
Hey! The skin is great. As a Riven main who's been playing Dawnbringer almost exclusively since release, I love the feel of this skin and would use it over that. I'll to I feel like the SFX overall are fantastic. Those on the Q especially accentuate the "slicing through the wind" feeling that a lot of Riven's skins don't do, or attempt but do so in a way that doesn't sound realistic (Dawnbringer). Another great example of of this is Yasuo's auto attack SFX. The most controversial parts of the skin are the SFX for the third Q on impact with a unit, and the visuals for the sword during the ult. I do feel like there should be a semi-distinguished noise on the third Q; I don't think the current one fits entirely relative to what you'd expect from that sort of attack nor what Riven players would expect relative to the other skins, but I do think that there's something catchy about it, similar to song lyrics that get stuck in your head. I'd predict a lot of players will have a love-hate relationship with it. The sword during ult on both the prestige and the base skin are slightly lackluster. I think the idea of it being translucent is great, but even the colors I feel should be a bit lighter and closer to the palettes of the respective skins. I'm not sure if the skin is still able to undergo any major changes, but I do have two suggestions. The first and most realistic would be to tone down the the light refraction (which is primarily what makes the ultimate sword look so bright) make the sword itself lighter/less saturated in color and more translucent, and to increase + concentrate the particles, giving it a more aura-esque vibe as opposed to a glassy one. The second suggestion is more in line with a fantasy instead of a suggestion, which would be for the sword to exist almost entirely as a concentration of the aura particles. I.E there's no model outline (except maybe the sphere if that part of the concept was to be maintained), and it looks more like a sword that is made entirely of a sort of light energy, but in a way that's flowing instead of being a solidified light saber. It's hard to verbally describe the image that I've mentally constructed, but it probably matters little. Either way, thank you for the amazing skin and I'm looking forward to acquiring it when it hits live.
: Prestige Riven Windslash particle bug
There's also a particle error that can be seen around 1:37 where here Q2 particle persists and rotates with the sword as she moves into the Q3 animation.
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: FPS drops after maintenance
The FPS drops are related to the end of game closing screen taking forever. And the longer you've stayed in game/the lower your fps has dropped, the longer it takes to close the game. But also, closing and reopening the game completely "refreshes" your fps. So something is building over time starting when you load in. Not sure what it would be.
: But your post says you did their placements for them, not that you duo'd. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
My bad, I thought that most people would assume that when I said I went back and did my friend's placements for them, I meant that we duo'd and not that I was referring to doing something bannable like account sharing.
: You said on Discord you played all 10 of 'em duo. Why did you lie to us. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I said all 10 of my friend's placements were duo with me. 5 of mine were without her.
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