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: New Audio Engine Activated On PBE - Round 2!
sometimes after 15min or so the announcer sound all disappeared and the icons which displays when destroying a turret or killing flash quickly (I was on a 1v3 custom game and this is what had happened)
: "Q" not working on Vi
I've heard if any champ who need to charge to attack({{champion:254}} {{champion:110}} ), was killed in mid charge by {{champion:18}} the charge will not work til the game end.
: bug: Summoner's spells are gray
hope riot sees this(don't think they've seen my noting the same problem...
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: Thank you for the pictures! =)
Well, I have posted the same bug(the pics are from that post :P. But they didn't saw it... I hope they see this and reply if this is intended or not :P
: [Inhibitor Respawning] - Minions stay at Nexus after inhibitor respawns.
pic support
: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
Well, if you are going to change the for-test skin into 1 ip, can you please also add an ip filter on the skin store? It would be easier to find what needs to be tested :P
: [Riven] - Shadow sword when R
you have good observation...
: Skins Not working in team builder
Did you reselect the skin in EVERY game you have played? Cuz I remembered that the team builder forum stated that skin WOULD NOT be remembered when you played team builder.
: Thanks Irrevocable! Does this only happen with inhibitors? or did you notice it with anything else she hits?
well, same with the nexus on summoner's rift. Inhibitors and nexus on twisted treelike, Inhibitor, nexus and health pack on ARAM don't have sounds when {{champion:92}} attacked or when she takes it. BTW the sound she makes when she uses q and e were missing too (just noticed it :P
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
{{champion:92}} don't have hitting inhibitor sound
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
For {{champion:92}} , Q has effect sound except for the ground hit part (third q), but no slashing sound when she q through minions, {{champion:92}}'s w and e made no sounds, her ult is the same as ever (I didn't heard a single dialog.
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: [Gameplay mode suggestion] PBE only Testing mode
I want to add 0cd on summoner's spell if there really can be a test mode (sometimes you have to wait so long~~~
: [KNOWN ISSUE] Non-Level-30 Accounts
Wow, must cost a lot of effort if manually set all accounts to 30 0.0
: Update failing on new patch!
Mac here got this issue too(guess it's not only with mac client then :P
: Can't Update
Can't update too... what client are you? mine is mac :P
: It's been happening since 2011. Not sure if Riot missed it but, im assuming since Vlad can do the same thing with his E, it's working as intended.
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: PBE patch notes???
It would cost too much time (like what had said above :P
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: Amumu bug
wow, that minion wave
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: Mac can't use grid nor graph at the end of the game
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