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: Wukong's Q on PBE is quite bugged
Yes, if it can be fixed before Clash is up, it'll be great (:
: PBE client broken
Restart your computer.
: im trying to do this but i cant spam it fast enough. i have to buy and put it to multiple slots and spam. anyone know a better way to do this?
Why shall we help you abusing a bug that cause anti-fun? For most ppl abusing this bug they use macro, so you should avoid using macro cause it might make you banned.
: Removing ranked on the pbe was the best decision they have made! People who completely arent interested in testing, were coming, spamming games over and over on low elo stomp champs like Master Yi, just to get to "challenger". These one tricks were extremely toxic and getting to challenger didnt remove them from average elo matchmaking , because on the pbe challengers get matched against silvers. If you need some sort of motivation to win on pbe, try to keep your winrate above 50%, but please dont bring back the toxic cancer, that ranked created.
But adding ranked/flex on PBE =/= delete normals from PBE. They can keep normal in and add Flex too.
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: As of this comment, there should be a fix out for this issue of not being able to connect to a game. Our fix was diagnosed from the antivirus workaround and the files you shared with us. Thanks for those! There's always a chance that someone is encountering similar problems for a different reason though, so please let us know if this issue is still happening for you after updating to today's version of PBE. Lastly I'm sorry for those of you that had to wait this extended period for the fix. Especially with Yuumi just coming out a bunch of you were kept from getting into game longer than any of us would like :( Unfortunately the fix required us to take everything offline to apply the fix and we didn't want to boot all active players off the game outside of our normal maintenance windows. Thank you for bearing with us!
Hi. After updating etc. This problem is still happening for me but in a different way even with antivirus off. 1st thing since last update : Sometimes randomly in game it dc me and take me back to the reconnect screen. Then when I click reconnect, it work. 2nd : After champs select, it's the same bug than the bug mentionned here but after pressing like twice the reconnect button, it finally get me in the game. Idk if anyone else have this problem.
: he is from EUW like me ad he is using the URL:
Since you're from EUW you should try this one :

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