: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
One gameplay complaint : Harrier still feels clunky. I can fire at Valor's intended target before he lands and marks it. It would be better if the mark occurred invisibly at the start of the animation and added the particle when Valor lands. That way, I won't be punished for having quick reflexes. One cosmetic complaint : The Owl version of Valor should have _nearly muted_ wing noise during Tag Team.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Fiora!
Could we please get her joke changed? The Teemo face just doesn't harmonize with the theme. Couldn't she create a hologram of a frolicking Poro or something?
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: Hey Stashu! Fiora was my first main and my first favorite champ, so nothing would really make me as happy as leaving her alone. That said, I kind of like the direction of the rework but have a handful of problems with it. Some are just her as a new champ and others are comparative to old Fiora, regarding he feel of playing the champ, etc. I should preface this by saying that I play Fiora midlane. I'm gonna run through my issues with some stuff and then give some suggestions I have at the end. Hopefully some of this will be helpful! **MAIN THOUGHTS:** - No meaningful damage other than passive - Boring/predictable laning pattern - Doesn't feel like she has an all-in - Kit doesn't feel very cohesive **- No meaningful damage other than her passive: This is my biggest issue with the rework, as it is the core of her playstyle now and is incredibly restricting.** * First off, I love the concept of this. It's more interactive and dynamic than her old passive and I like some of the play patterns it can produce, however I think it ends up FORCING only one play pattern because of the fact it is her only meaningful damage * There are a couple problems I have with this. The first being that her Lunge is now only an effective tool when it can hit a Vital due to the low damage is has by itself, this means that for her early game/lane play, she is relegated to a predictable poke pattern of farming until a Vital is near, then Lunging for poke and backing off. It's pretty dull and very predictable, which is easily abused. This is exacerbated by the fact that her E doesn't do any meaningful damage until she has items AND levels in her E for the crit power. * High scaling and low base values mean that if you are facing a laner who can easily deny access to your passive, or just abuse the predictable pattern of it, you have virtually no damage. This becomes a problem where, while high scaling/low base is meant to prevent mass early game destruction, against a safe laner you are held down for the rest of the game. **- Lunge itself is far less useful and dynamic:** * Lunge is a slave to the passive. In lane Lunge is one of the only ways to get to the passive (especially against ranged laners/casters), so it is used in the pattern I explained earlier. * Often the short range of the dash combined with the longer range of the strike after puts you at a range where you can't followup after your Lunge. The first strike of E seems like it is intended to be the followup to Lunge, but you aren't in AA range most of the time. * This is FAR less dynamic than the dual Lunge system, even despite the free targeting. While I understand the desire to remove just double-Lunging someone in the face, it was a skill that (outside of facerolling) could be used dynamically and creatively. Some of this feel is retained, for instance, Lunging to a minion to juke a skillshot and then Lunging from that minion to the target. This is somewhat retained with the current Lunge where you can juke and, if angle correctly, get a stab to the side. However, things like running someone around who is trying to follow you as you Lunge in unpredictable places through waves, Lunging in and then back out, and chaining Lunges through minion waves to catch someone who thinks they're safe, etc. are gone. My favorite part of her kit was how dynamic the dual-Lunge was when you get creative with it. The current Lunge becomes very one-dimensional, particularly due to it being a slave to the passive, and partially because of its short range. * The short range of Lunge makes it far less useful as a chasing tool, but also makes it harder to effectively trigger your passive outside of lane. Given that at this point the passive is really the core of the kit, this is a big detriment. Also, free targeting is nice, but not very useful at such a short range unless you're Vayne, especially since short distance repositioning as a melee champ is far less significant than as a ranged champion. At 400 range, you can barely go through the wall to Raptors, and its really only consistent to use for getting over the river walls in midlane. * The targeting of champs vs. minions, hitting the passive correctly, etc. has been brought up a bunch already so I'll just leave that to those posts. **- Riposte: Nice job! A few minor issues:** * I like the changes to Riposte. My only qualm with the change is that while its, again, great in lane, it doesn't really synergize with the kit out of lane, as, since it roots you for .75 seconds, it takes away from Fiora's ability to chase people down and proc her passive, which again is the whole core of her kit. - Bladework: The CRIT HIT. Issues with damage scaling. * This again is more of an issue with her low base/high scaling stats. The damage scaling from the Crit-Hit isn't very significant until you have a lot of points in it, and Crit itself isn't significant until you have a good amount of AD. * The slow is nice, but with no followup damage, not very consequential. This contributes to a lack of reward from landing a Lunge onto a Vital in lane. You Lunge, blowing your only mobility (which even with the refund is a very high CD early game), now you have to wait a half second for a new Vital. When you get there you slow them briefly, but have no followup damage, and by the time a new Vital appears they're probably close to tower. Also, if you Lunged onto a Vital which was facing you, (which is the play pattern in lane) the new Vital will be on the other side (generally, the whole semi-random thing you explained earlier) and without your slow or your Lunge, you probably can't reach it. Now they're safe. This whole process leads to incredibly low kill pressure, especially given the ult changes. **- The Ult: Hard to get in range, hard to use effectively, doesn't fit thematically:** * The small targeting range of the Ult makes it difficult to activate in generally, but especially on prime targets who hang out in the backline. * The damage of the entire ult does less than a Tahm Kench W * The healing is a cool mechanic, but doesn't fit thematically or functionally with her kit/playstyle/build path. In old Fiora's kit, where she could play around her E reset and multi-target fighting ability with AoE from the ult and multiple Lunges to dart around in the fight, a giant heal would have made more sense. It would have been BROKEN, but made more sense given that she was trying to stick around, kill, reset, and kill some more. This Fiora is far more single-target oriented and thus the heal doesn't make much sense since she is probably trying to leave after killing someone. * Popping all four of the Vitals from the Ult is extremely difficult and a bit unrealistic, especially given her short range Q. * Popping all four Vitals on a primary target tends to mean she is running in circles in the middle of the enemy team. With high scaling and low base damages, this champion (also according to what you guys have said) is not meant to build tank. So being a squishy melee champion running in circles in the middle of the enemy team becomes the play pattern around the ult, and that just doesn't make sense in concept or work in practice, unfortunately. **SUGGESTIONS:** **-Lunge:** * Lunge could use some sort of ammo system or internal reset. In terms of the internal cooldown, free-casting it only gives one cast and a full cooldown, whereas hitting a target would give a second cast within the next 2-4 seconds, and then a full cooldown. Conceptually it's cool that in the current kit you could just keep going and going with Lunges once you get 5 points in Q and CDR, but at least right now that situation is highly unlikely to occur. * Ammo system, similar to Vi's E, Fiora can hold up to 2 charges on her Q that can be cast in succession if desired, but they have to charge back up. * Longer Range... Yup, just longer range. Even slightly longer range would make the free-targeting useful, with the ability to reliable go over at least smaller walls. **-Riposte:** * My main concern is Riposte not fitting with her need to chase people down. My thought is that perhaps the FIRST part of Riposte (the blocking) could be cast while moving, and then Fiora would root herself for maybe .25 seconds for the SECOND part in which she fires damage back. This would make it more cohesive within the kit and her playstyle. **-Bladework:** * If you guys want to keep Fiora a low base/high scaling champion with her Q and R, perhaps she could be given the full Crit value (200%) at all levels, or at least have better scaling early (180%-200%?). This would give Fiora at least SOME early game impact along with more incentive to trade more heavily in lane. Right now it feels like she doesn't really even have an all-in. * Suggested Crit change could be tempered by lower slow early scaling on the first hit. **- Grand Challenge:** Perhaps something similar to Guinsoo's original idea could be used here. It's a tricky thing to try to change into something more cohesive/useful, I really think it's a cool mechanic, but not for this kit. Here are some thoughts: * Larger cast range. This would just make it more useful in general. * Hitting a Vital resets Lunge cooldown (can only happen every 2 seconds or so, so you dont just hit all the Vitals like Irelia hitting a low health chain of minions). * Triggering your Ult on someone makes your first Lunge gain range and become targeted, similar to the interaction between Nidalee's Hunt and Pounce, where being marked with Hunt makes Pounce click targeted on the Hunted target. Increasing the range of the first (and targeted) Lunge would make it easier for Fiora to actually get to her target and attempt to take them down. This would only apply to the first Lunge on the target after they are Ulted. So again, I'm not a game designer and I know balance is harder than everyone on Reddit likes to believe, but as someone who has played a huge amount of Fiora, these are my thoughts. Hopefully you read this and hopefully they can give some insight!
I like all of your suggestions but would add clarity to your second ult change. I'd say that any vital would reset Lunge, which would be valid if you had two enemies at once.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
> [{quoted}](name=Stashu,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=r467g2ns,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-21T19:48:44.287+0000) > > I'd like to focus this thread on bugs and _**gameplay-feels**_, but please include all Fiora related feedback! > You want Fiora to feel good? She needs her ult to A) refresh its cooldown if the target escapes, B) the healing field should be on Fiora instead of the target, and C) refresh her Q every time that she hits a Vital on any enemy. The reasons are A) cowardice in the face of a challenged duel should be punished, B) a healing field in the FoW or inside the enemy zone of control is useless power budget, and C) her new ult must be somehow familiar to her old ult, Fiora's mobility is still terrible and Vitals are too easy for enemies to protect.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
Okay Stashu, here's my feedback! In order of importance : 1) Can the enemy see her passive when they can't see Fiora in the FoW or brush? They should never have that benefit. 2) Her W should start as instantly as Sivir/Nocturne spellshield. It is supposed to be reflexive defense and the .25s casting time will kill you. 3) Her W should cancel her Q so she could protect herself in mid-dash. Obviously she pays for this by losing her cooldowns because her Lunge never hits, but she protects herself. 4) Her R should be invisibly tethered to her. If the enemy runs away, Fiora should be rewarded with a mana and cooldown refund. 5) If her R is NOT tethered to her, then her healing area should appear around her instead of the fallen enemy. This is because, if her enemy gets far away then dies, it is NONSENSE that a healing field appears with her rose on it in the middle of nowhere. 6) Perhaps her healing field should be for her teammates, while Fiora gets the healing no matter where she is. 7) The mark duration of her ult should be extended by 1s each time she hits a Vital. 8) While her R is active, she should have more chances to use her Q and W. Maybe all her cooldowns should refresh with a kill, like Master Yi/Katarina. 9) Her drawing motion for her joke is too lazy. There should be more motion at the sword tip. 0) She still swats enemies with a rapier. She should be stabbing. I hope this helps!
: I have mixed feelings about the new passive. The first half (Salvation - %movespeed) is great. It's hilarious to see Soraka zoom around the map and you can set up some really interesting plays with the additional speed. The other half (touch of the cosmos) is... eh. It doesn't fit the kit too well (thematically why would a healer convert defense into offense? it's weird), makes you unnecessarily squishy (20% adds up in the lategame) and implies you should buy armor/mr instead of health-related items (which might force newer players into bad builds). I don't really like it, but if it stays, I'd want to see a "converted AP: __" note, much like how Vladimir's passive tells you how much AP you're getting from health. Most people probably don't want to do math in the middle of a game to see how much AP they're getting. I'm not sure about the Q but it's probably fine. I just need more practice with it. I dislike that you can't heal yourself anymore with W, and I have mixed feelings about needing to level W to make Q effective in healing yourself. There are good and bad aspects to this, but it's probably good overall. E is cool despite the high cooldown. You can make some good plays with it. I kind of wish it still did damage, even a bit, but that would make it too strong. RIP AP Soraka. R is fine. Overall Soraka's mana costs for Q/W/E seem too high. Some minor number adjustments might be needed there. ** tl;dr New Soraka gives more flexibility/playmaking, but her mana costs seem restrictive and I dislike the second half of her passive.**
I'm mostly in accord with your points here. Here's some of mine : 1) Tooltip for current converted AP is needed. 2) Q damage should actually scale at 60% AP, since it is her only damage and can easily miss. (Think about Zilean's 90% AP no-miss Q) The self heal from Q should increase with the sweet spot as well as the rank in W. The Wind Wall interaction makes no sense either, the Q should be able to effect the far side of the wall because it is coming from above. 3) Top rank of E needs lower CD, like 18/16/14/12/10 4) Top rank of R needs slightly lower CD, like 160/140/120
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Galactic Azir!
Are the little team-color dots on the mini-map, where destroyed towers are, supposed to be there? It seems too superfluous and they resemble minions. Its already understood that Azir can raise towers, so is it really necessary?
: His staff also moves when he uses his pidgeon taunt.
: His skin is very badass... sometimes after recalling and using his w/e combo he seems to float/hover/glide.. i'm assuming its a bug
: Request: Nidalee, Shyvana, Elise and Swain
Great suggestion! BTW, great work on that wiki, dude.
: [Gnar] Ulti has no portrait as Big Gnar
: I played a few games as Gnar, I see at level 1 approx 60 damage on the first hit and approx 30 on the second, but it's hard to see since there is no damage particle effect on the return just a very small damage number. I think you are right there might be a bug involving the return I have no idea how to recreate it.
I'm not even sure its a bug. It might be intended.
: I discovered some bugs 1. when i was playing against alistar, when i throw my Q, and he airboned me when the bumerang was flying, there always appeared a straight blue ghost line, not the from the bumerang, but another, added on the other side 2. Sometimes he jumps twice when using on the ground, with no enemies nearby
> 2. Sometimes he jumps twice when using on the ground, with no enemies nearby Could it be that you were landing on an enemy ward?
: First of all, good job for this new champion! It feels nice and fun to play with a cool kit, -That being said I find out a possible bug on is boomerang Q, first of all, I don't know if the boomerang it's supposed to come back after hitting 3 enemies (should be listed in tooltip if not) and still, sometimes the boomerang returns too early after hitting only 1/2 enemies; -Another thing is the Q return, near walls and with tons of minions it feels really bad to catch it since it's nearly impossible to do it.
The Q always returns shortly after hitting the first enemy. Like Draven's ult.
: His base stats are too weak.
> His base stats are too weak. Gimmie some of them drugs!
: I've remark that the AP ratio on the W is 1/1, so I've build Gnar with all the hybrid and attack speed items I could, the result was that he's doing incredible damages because of that passive since each 3rd attack is an AP burst, also the attack speed is making him turn into mega gnar each 10 sec which make him survive easily against a big bruiser. Basically I think that the AP ratio on his W should be reduced.
You're countering your own items by making yourself transform faster. Mega-Gnar has no AP ratios. That's a lot of gold suddenly vanished.
: Its not as a chasing tool, more like as an addon to his W's damage. Also the AS doesn't hurt. Tri-force is a heavy item. I don't like rushing that. Personal preference I guess. Though Tri-force will help with kiting and chasing. I need to try this. My whole view was try to achieve that Meat suit by 20-30min mark. You know have atleast a randuins or core parts of it. So that you can actually act as an off tank ?
> Tri-force is a heavy item. I don't like rushing that. Personal preference I guess. Though Tri-force will help with kiting and chasing. I need to try this. My preference for Tri-Force is probably because of Mega-Gnar's lackluster speed. Being able to reposition as the giant just makes him feel better to me. Combined with cutlass, you have a fairly decent AD.
: Against bots isn't a good indicator, I think. Bots can't play with his fury at all, and can't use any of the large amount of counterplay put in his kit.
Must agree. Fiddlesticks bot would just get wrecked in a test run. Mini-Gnar can simply kite him, Mega-Gnar would just eat his face.
: Mini-Gnar Q control
I think the tooltip is incomplete. Similar to Draven's ult, I think his Q starts to turn around early if it hits something at short range.
: Gnar's W combined with Runaan's Hurricane, Casts on all three targets.
: [Feedback/Suggestion] Gnar's Fury - Problems and Solutions
I like both of the suggestions in the OP. As for Mini-Gnar dropping his own fury on purpose, I suggest: "R is activatable if his Rage is less than 50%. It makes Mini-Gnar play by himself for a second and lose 20 rage."
: His transformation can be a hampering at times yes, but it is extremely good once you learn to manage it like Rumble's Heat Bar. What I find to be the best thing to do is harass them down with his Q and only autoattack when you have to and to last hit. Generally, once you are at max Fury, they will be at mediocre health (55%, maybe 40% if they are squishy). During the laning phase, this is less than enough for your Mega form to handle, meaning you should destroy. If you have all three of your spells, then you can E in, W them, and spam your Q to literally destroy them, no joke. With the added attack damage you get as well, you should be able to outduel them as far as basic attacks go if you have at least one attack speed item, although Greaves are risky to get sometimes. Unless you are facing a tank, the general harass and then finish them off with Mega form should generally work unless they have a decent amount of crowd control, which generally is a tank again.
> His transformation can be a hampering at times yes, but it is extremely good once you learn to manage it like Rumble's Heat Bar. False. Rumble's Heat bar moves up and down with WAY more speed, which allows you to juggle the effect any time you want. Gnar's rage only drops after 5 seconds of NOT PLAYING THE GAME. Unacceptable.
: Well thats the whole point of the Champ. Managing your rage. If they make it active transform then whats new to the game/ whats fun to play the champ ? He would be just another Elise/Nidalee/Jayce. I really love the concept of this champ and he has a lot of potential.. you and your team should avoid team fights while your rage is down and look to start fights while you are about to transform. This guy is LCS level champ dude, quote me on this. Skill required to play this one is high but thats the whole point.. high skill capped champs are FUN to play as you get punished for miss-plays.
> Well thats the whole point of the Champ. Managing your rage. Aeroskies has a valid point, tho. Feeling like there is too little control can't be good for the game. I'm not advocating total control, but something needs to improve. Maybe Mini-Gnar could have a way to lose rage if he chose to. (other than doing nothing for forever) Maybe Mega-Gnar should only lose rage when he uses abilites.
: I saw that build and it only experimental. It won't work if enemy knows what they supposed to do against him. Since the champ has not even been out for more than 48hours. people don't know how to counter him. I really feel jayce would own this guy at top. I have seen yasuo(s) beating the crap out of him. What I have concluded from my personal experience is, you go 21/9/0 on him, rush a BotRK and there after go 2 tank items followed by Tri-force as second damage item. Rest tank items depending on the enemy team. It really feels satisfying if built this way. Maxing Q in lane will help you a LOT with farm.. Plus as far as I felt, he is supposed to poke and kite while he is in mini form and go for trades while he is close to mega. Its all about timing. Though I feel that flat damage on his W proc is a bit of overtune. They will remove it like they did with jayce's E. MARK MY WORDS. If not on PBE its gonna be done on live. You can quote me on this. P.S. Going 9/21/0 feels bad in laning phase. I have to try this. 21/9/0 wins trade if done correctly, so I prefer this.
>What I have concluded from my personal experience is, you go 21/9/0 on him, rush a BotRK and there after go 2 tank items followed by Tri-force as second damage item. No need to rush BoRK, really. He already has great chasing tools. (spammable slows) Just get 2 doran's blades, then cutlass, then tri-force. Build tanky and finish the BoRK later.
: Gnar Balance Discussion
> * His boomerang feels kind of weak, damage wise. In laning, and in teamfight poke wars. The base damage of it could stand to be increased a bit, I think. I don't think that the tooltip reads correctly. It actually does full damage to only the first target, 50% to any others, and none of them can get hit twice. The way the tt reads, you would think it did full damage on the way out and half on the way back, totaling 150% to any that are hit twice, but no. > * Q in megagnar form! Lots of fun. Really feels like I'm smacking a person with a giant rock. The sprite looks sort of out of place, but it seems like it would go fine on the summoner's rift rework. Of note is that, I'm not sure, but I think I picked up another megagnar's rock before. Weird. I still feel that Mega-Q should travel a bit further after contact with the first target. Like by 100 units. It looks dumb to stop dead at the touch of the enemies' hitbox.
: Arcade Miss Fortune Rainbow Ult
You are all missing the reference built into her ult. It is directly out of this old NES game, called Contra : http://www.ign.com/top-100-nes-games/12.html This is THE GAME that made the "Konami code" famous. U U D D L R L R B A Start Arcade MF's ult is basically a cut/paste of the shotgun upgrade.
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: I believe the boomerang is supposed to do significantly reduced damage on the way back, the hit box is a bit narrow from what the animation displays, so is it possible the angle you are catching enemies with is shallow enough to actually register the hit? The stats in his big form I think may need a slight toning down, but going up against a tanky team with cc, like one with at least a(n) {{champion:32}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:48}} Gnar has an extremely hard time escaping when in his ult. In bots it feels a little OP, but in live when enemy players are ganking aggresively Gnar has very low survivability without a few tank items.
> I believe the boomerang is supposed to do significantly reduced damage on the way back, the hit box is a bit narrow from what the animation displays, so is it possible the angle you are catching enemies with is shallow enough to actually register the hit? The Q *might *be bugged. If you carefully watch a recording, you'll see that it deals full damage to the first target and 50% to all the others. No target can be hit twice, regardless, but you can hit things on the return.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dino Gnar!
Sorry this is about Gnar in general... I'd really like the boulder toss to go a bit further than the edge of the first target. It just feels bad the way that you have it. Can we get it to make one tiny bounce like a bouncing bomb? Not much, just 100 units or something? I just feel like the splash damage that's supposed to come from this Q is being cut short because of the instant stop effect.
: the {{item:3508}} needs a total new path and new stats. the current PBE damage is stupid on that item, 65 or 70 is the perfect AD on it.cause the {{item:1038}} makes the item very expensive for what it brings the mana heal is very bad needs to heal the double at least. also the build path... I would make it:{{item:3508}} -65AD -5 mana regen x every 5 seconds. -12% life steal -10%CDR unique passive:restore 5% of dealed damage as mana,and this effect increases 5% per every 10% stacked life steal. (so the first 5% are bringed from {{item:3508}} LS) BUILD PATH: {{item:1037}} +{{item:3114}} +{{item:1036}} to be fairly more pickable it could also posses % critical chance adding a {{item:1051}} to the build,but that would make it too usefel,probably.
Thank you for this. It is exactly what has been debated on this board for months. [link here](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/TcIy7z2q-feedbackessence-reaver-riot-xypherous-where-are-you)
: Trundle can take armor and magic resist from AFKs.
Ummm.... Yes? This is exploitable how? Wasting Flash and Ult on an AFK opponent by diving into the fountain, getting fountain lasered for 2000 true damage per second? Its not like Trundle gets to keep the buff permanently, and he'd be most likely very dead...
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
> {{item:3042}} **muramana** (last updated 2014.07.10 @ 03:06) > this will temporarily be off of the pbe while we prepare the 4.12 patch > > [added] passive :: gains +10 bonus true damage ***(increased by 2% of maximum Mana if any number of azure stacks are active)***. also gain 1% attack speed for every stack of azure active. > > [remade] active :: ***spend*** 60 mana to gain 10 stacks of azure, then doubles the current mana cost and stack gain of this active. azure has a fixed duration of 9 seconds, and when it expires this active resets its mana cost and stack gain and then goes on cooldown (30 second cooldown). > > edit: to clarify, the passive mana-to-ad conversion from 'awe' is unchanged! I understand that clarity is becoming more and more important in LoL. I'd clean up the language a bit. 1) The part that you wrote "(increased by 2% of maximum Mana if any number of azure stacks are active)" is calculated the same way as Awe. Therefore, the entire statement should be part of Awe, instead of a separate line. 2) Seraph's Embrace uses the term "Drains X mana", so you should follow suit instead of using the word "spend". 3) Lots of terms in the item tooltips are capitalized to show their importance. "Azure" should be capitalized as well. 4) Does the 9 seconds get refreshed with reactivation? 5) To reduce confusion, you can ignore the term "stack" here entirely, just use the % attack speed as the stack counter directly. (see below) 6) Because you are shifting to single-target physical damage and basic attacks fall under that definition, you can consolidate that wording as well. Here is my suggestion for the wording (I'm guessing on your intentions for #4): > **Muramana** > > +1000 Mana / +25 AD / +7 mp5 > > Passive : Your physical damage to a single target deals 10 bonus true damage. > > Unique Passive - Awe : Gain attack damage equal to 2% of your maximum mana. Your physical damage to a single target deals an equal amount of bonus true damage while Azure is active. > > Unique Active - Azure : Drain 60 mana to gain 10% attack speed for 9 seconds. While active, may be reactivated at double the previous cost to gain an additional 10% attack speed and refresh the duration. (30 second cooldown after expiration)
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
I do approve of changing the Manamune/Muramana. However, I'd like to see something more like this : * 30 base AD if you are putting in a pickaxe * Remove the toggle/azure thingy * New Active : Consumes 15% of your maximum mana. The next attack or single-target spell to an enemy champion deals bonus physical damage equal to 15% of their maximum health and applies the debuff, Ruin. Ruin amplifies all physical damage that champion takes by 20% for 4 seconds. 60 second cooldown. If this looks familiar, its because its a physical damage version of the Deathfire Grasp. Yes, I know that its not useable once you are below 15% of your own mana, but that's your own choice to get that low.
: [DoomBots] Ezreal Bot Ult Vision
I'd rather it stay, actually. It's pretty to watch.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
> 4 Pathing around turrets is broken Was going to make a new post about this but I guess I'm late to this party.
: RIP Dr. Mundo
Do recall that the game constantly changes. Dr.Mundo was a good jungler when they made the suggested item list for him. The game has moved on, but no one reset those suggestions. Mundo's weakness was always his early game, which is why his W kills him trying to jungle with it.
: Can we see some more items with Tenacity?
: Archangel's Staff Double Proc
It's not a bug. That is the intended function. I do agree that the item description doesn't make it clear.
: Bug - New Jungle Item lets you ward on ARAM
Nice catch. I think its overlooked, but not a bug per se. It should be removed from maps that don't have wards.
: blitz cranck and tristana bug
Now THERE is a hard to replicate bug! Kudos!
: No problem ofc! ^^ I fully understand that you're unable to respond to every report. Actually fixing the bugs is also important ;-) I just wanted to make sure that the bug was being addressed. BTW, it's reassuring that the reports are being read and processed, even when they do not get a reply. Makes me feel useful as a tester ;-)
You're lucky. I wish more of my threads had some kind of acknowledgement.
: wrong range
Go read the thread about "How to make a bug report".
: Why not a small % damage reduction bonus on Warmogs? Stacking health is meant to just make you tankier, and what's tankier than simply reducing damage?
No, not % DR. Just flat DR would do fine. A flat 10 DR would be worth a huge amount against dot or attack speed builds. It would be a niche not filled by other armors.
: Essence Reaver not giving mana
It is confirmed. There are a lot of threads about this already. Also, it needs to have a Forbidden Idol in its recipe.
: Change ward skin during the pick
When you buy a ward skin, it should also be automatically selected at the same time.
: I'm pretty sure that it's an intended feature. The wight camp had always been able to be aggroed into attacking minions.
This man has the correctness. Technically, all of the neutral camps are aggroed to your minions after you aggro them. However, lane minions are usually way out of the aggro range of the monsters. Strange pathing has happened before, tho. You can use your own hit box to nudge your own creep toward Gromp's side. I think its OK for Riot to leave it this way. Its too hard for non-Koreans to utilize.
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: [Feedback][Essence Reaver] @Riot , @Xypherous , where are you?
Another update goes by, today 6-22, and Essence Reaver's passive still doesn't do anything. It does work on live, however. The recipe hasn't changed yet, either. The item really deserves to be tweaked in that way.
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