: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: El Tigre Braum!
Hey guys! I wanted to drop by and tell you how AWESOME I think the skin is. I love the concept for the skin and the fact that you are representing part of the Mexican culture with the skin, makes me hope for a skin that will represent us guys in South America culturally too. I do have ONE little concern about it though: The Recall animation. As amazing as it is (and trust me, I love it) I feel that Braum would not put a Poro (or in this case, El Poro) in any possible danger. Even if we know that Braum is SUPER careful with Poros and all creatures, I personally don't think he would risk El Poro not moving at the exact time to get out of harm, as adorably moustached manly as it may be (altough the probably rehearsed that a lot, but still). Its just a little thing that bothers me, but not necesarily something bad or anything of the sorts. Trust me, I am super hyped for the skin, since Braum and his character have been a great influence in my life, but I'd rather not bore you with details. I can't wait to jump into the fight while yelling "Naaachoooooo!!". Awesome work, guys! {{item:2052}}
: Perhaps, that's a good intuition. Thanks for the input, I'll update if I can reproduce it.
I got the answer to Tohru's game: Syndra. Pick Syndra in New Rift, Pick and throw a JUNGLE monster. Taunty. Still dunno whats up with that
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster -- a new system for aggressively tackling Leavers and AFKs
@Lyte After leaving games as instructed (something I regret, how could you do this to me, making me leave games you evil genious) and manually agreeing to not leaving games I finally got this message (see attachment) should I keep it up or can I finally stop being a complete -insert bad word here- and not leave games anymore?


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