: a stun on E chord would be pretty OP imo.. I think it would be more fair if the slow was AoE like TF red card or something
Two separate ideas, but they both address her E power chord. what would you think about a slow that increases with level? sort of like 40/55/70/85/99% slow that degrades rapidly over x + (AP%) seconds. so not technically a "stun". Just some form of cc that players can use outside of her ult. ------------ Or if it was a stun, what if her auras were tuned, giving her the opportunity to defend herself? Instead of her power chord only having a point and click effect, what if the enemy were stunned IF AND ONLY IF the enemy was in Sona's aura for the duration of the slow. I only bring this idea for her power chord up because recently there have been "delay" abilites that have a high pay off if they are executed correctly. Taric's new E immediately comes to mind. What if Sona's auras could be used in this manner?
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
As someone who really enjoys playing Sona and spends more time supporting than i'd like (because Jungle/Fill automatically means Support), these changes seem nice on paper and in-game, yea, i'll bet they feel good, but they don't address Sona's problems. Currently on Live, a lonely Sona is a dead Sona. Lately i've built her Frostqueen, SS, and gone straight tank items because she will likely die if caught out of position, misses her ult, or happens to power chord the wrong person. So to see changes to her kit in general make me happy, but I don't think you're hitting the right parts. E buff - largely unnecessary. It might feel amazing in-game, but a Sona rushing to grab that clutch ult or make an escape will not change the way she's dealt with or played. Seeing this very nice ms buff wouldn't prompt me to begin maxing my skill order differently, it'd be more of a QoL thing that i didn't really need but will take if it's offered. The only thing i use my E for is to either charge up for Q my power chord, or hit the adc with it when my exhaust is down. W/E auras - I actually like that they are stronger but smaller. It would make the beginning of laning phase feel not-so repetitive when all you do is sit there in bush healing your adc, poking the enemies with a Q / power chord Q. Just the size of the auras alone would make laning as and against a sona much different. Positioning would need to always be on your mind which is a change I think a few Sona mains out there would gladly welcome. R change to E - The buffs to her ability don't feel noticeable or rewarding at all to be honest. The ult itself provides a couple of seconds for sona exchange a power chord, two if you time it right, but if you don't burst the enemy down, you're going to die. In teamfights this ult saves lives and also helps take them away but if i miss my ult i feel like i'm not adding anything to the team. I'm just providing damage and hoping that the adc or jungler don't focus me. -------- Things i wish i could do as Sona: 1) I wish my Q wasn't just a damage dealing no-effort skill. This tempts Sona players to go AP and literally provide nothing but additions to the death counter. I don't mind if it became a skill shot and if it did, it would be cool to see it be able to charge up while gaining range along with providing some satisfying damage (like Vi's Q). I'm specifically thinking of something like the chinese zither (GuZhen) fight scene from Kung Fu hustle. A 12 second cooldown on level 1 seems a bit extreme. I agree with everyone saying 10 would be more reasonable. 2) I wish my power chords weren't so boring. Keeping count and paying attention to prepping a new power chord has become second nature, but the only one i find useful is my Q. Even when i build Sona as a tank with VERY little AP, she still bursts enemies down and i'm able to chase, charge up another power chord and finish what i started. My W power chord is never used. The damage reduction feels like a lie. My E power chord is only useful when exhaust is down, and i'm chasing someone along with my adc. If Sona's power chords did something befitting The Maven of Strings, i think her power chords would be used more often. For instance - Q - instead of a huge damage spike to her Q (her power chord already passively adds damage anyway), her power chord could bounce between targets X times doing reduced damage for each bounce, or if the target is alone, procs a flat % of a stat. I'm thinking about how she plays music to affect her allies and enemies. Especially since her DJ beats are so infectious, something to the effect that her music affects everyone it touches. W - Since this heals your allies, why not having her power chord disrupt or lower enemy healing for a few seconds? Or provide an over-shield? E - The slow right now doesn't feel like it really needs to be changed, maybe buffed (up to a 99% slow, not joking. If talon can stub a toe, Sona should be able to get someone to stop for her music.)? It's not used very often (at least for me) and again, i use the spell to charge up another power chord. R - In a grand vision of mine i see Sona wowing crowds as she travels as a starving artist. Forcing her enemies to dance really feels like a glorified stun that doesn't last any longer than when she started her journey. Even Morganna's Q feels like FOREVER when her skill is maxed, so what if Sona's ult made the enemies dance longer as she levels up (and also really made them dance. I sometimes see the enemies just standing there and i'm utterly saddened my ult didn't make them break out the dancing shoes.) In addition, the first skill she would use would immediately charge a power chord. Make me want to stick around for a fight. Not flash ult, and then speed away with my E and i hope i got the carries. -------- -Edit - I've tried her out in a couple of games and while i went into them with some reservations, here's how i feel about these changes. Q - The 12 second cooldown felt really long. It felt much different than the usual "spammy" Q for harass and often i'd be pressing Q to cast it only to catch myself waiting another 3-4 seconds. It lessens her presence in lane which is acceptable but again, it just felt too long. It was only until i had my Q at lvl 3-4 that it felt "normal" but if this is going to be a change, then i'll get begrudgingly get used to it. All it would mean is that early game would be a safer lane for those facing sona and should really watch for the mid game. W/E - I actually enjoy the smaller auras. It rewards the Sona players who stick to their adc (although it is a tad bit of an uncomfortable distance because minions could get in the way). I honestly didn't really care for the shield but the inital little burst of movement speed felt very nice. The little burst of speed alone provides Sona with great counterplay (not that she didn't have any before). She would be the kite mage i always knew she could be. -------- So if these changes do go through and she ends up being too strong (which is likely), I'd be willing to take a hit to her Q's damage and her shield/movement speed because as I stated before, even by building her tanky with only flat ap and ap scaling runes, she still bursts squishies. I'll always accept damage reducs in exchange for utility. It's part of being support. I hope my comments help, Gypsylord. Thanks for taking another look at this undervalued champion. ~~I do plan on trying out the new Sona and reporting my feelings afterwards but i do hope some of what i said makes sense. Like every Sona player, i enjoy playing her, but i really wish she was a favored pick over the more useful ranged supports like morganna, janna, thresh, annie, karma, etc...~~
: Make Bard's E easier to use
It's a bit weird to use at first but with practice, picking out which direction to burrow into comes easy. Although i do think there should some indicator saying where the tunnel is going to go. I quickcast his E and i usually pick out a line that goes through an entire rock (for example, the rocks on blue that are right below the mid turret that hide the wraiths) but sometimes i miss and i end up in the wraiths instead of out near the river making it a quick way to setup a gank.
: Sorry to say this but I really have to disagree with this. Bard's passive is what makes him the wanderer. His passive forces him to roam and look for the chimes and become the roam support he is. His meeps' spawn timer does not to be decreased as well because as you roam and collect chimes your meeps get stronger and the spawn timer is faster. As Bard your forced to roam, help other lanes, and collect chimes to strengthen you meeps. You can think of Bard as a jungler that doesn't actually jungle
Or have him be an AP (or AD) Tank jungle and provide CC during ganks/team fights so as to not leave your adc alone in lane (just a thought since his meeps slow, deal extra damage, and only get stronger as he collects chimes). Plus with how quickly he can move from lane to lane with his E (depends heavily on what terrain you use it on), i like to think he'd be a decent jungle pick. I can see how a wandering support would work - Every lane would be on the watch for a double gank or two separate ganks. The problem is that as soon as Bard leaves bot lane, the other team's adc/support have the advantage. Collecting chimes doesn't feel as important as helping bot lane progress into mid game with a lead in kills.
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: Autopath does not show a line past base till 1/2 way to inhibitor turret
This seems to happen whenever autopathing a large distance for me. Even going from top lane to mid, the line was broken until about halfway down the river. It's much more noticeable if going from nexus to nexus.


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