: We could also just say: 1. Base skin recolors only for RP, if you dont want to pay that much for a high tier skin you have chromas as alternative -> 590RP for 3 recolors 2. For skin recolors you need to own the actual skin, thus you can either pay 590RP **OR** buy it for IP, something pricy like 20000 IP. That way you can just play to get them, while Riot still makes money from people who want it instantly aswell as from the skin the chromas are used for but finally lets us use our unneeded IP for players like me who already got all champs etc. and just try to waste those IP on useless runes atm.
> [{quoted}](name=Albino Raven,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=FOhsMJB0,comment-id=00040009,timestamp=2015-04-08T22:08:49.516+0000) > > 590RP **OR** buy it for IP, something pricy like 20000 IP. When converting the potential IP cost of an item costing RP, we must consider the following: We know that a 450 IP Champion costs 260 RP We know that a 1350 IP Champion costs 585 RP We know that a 3150 IP Champion costs 790 RP We Know that a 4800 IP Champion costs 880 RP We Know that a 6300 IP Champion costs 975 RP Therefore, a chroma pack costing 590 RP is roughly the equivalent of a 1350 IP, since a 1350 IP champion can be purchased for 585 RP. If we make suggestions, lets at least make suggestions that make sense. I am not trying to be rude, I am just concerned that we wont be taken seriously if we just say things without thinking everything through.
: Introducing chroma packs!
The backlash on this is going to be huge considering the fact that at least one other Moba includes skin recolors for free as part of the champion leveling process (which is what you seem to be basing the Champion Mastery concept on) . Give us a place to spend excess IP please.
: Do you read the Skin feedback sections? Ya might wanna * (Example) Nobody was happy with the Blood Moon Elise colours, so we commented on the boards, we got responses, and her colours were changed *twice* because fans were not satisfied yet. * (Example) The first new Ahri splash was also canceled because fans didn't like it. In fact, there were so many negative comments, her splash was reverted so they could tweak her new splash * When you give feedback, it's not always 'ty glad you like it', it's also "We'll looking into that", or "I'll pas it to the team to see what they can do about that!" * This place is sorta made for feedback about content being brought to PBE, not for suggestions for the future, those are in a better place if placed on the NA boards * Lots of Rioters use Twitter/Reddit to answer questions, but it'd a bit hard to keep track of that since there are a loooooot of Rioters. Riot reads (almost) everything on this forum, but if they would have to reply to everything, they wouldn't have any time to actually *make* the changes **Edit** Downvoting is easy, dearie, but have ya got the balls to respond, too? **Edit 2** There ya go
Just wanted to say that while i think it is amazing that riot listens to the community about some cosmetic issues like splashes and skin colors, there have been instances of bugs that end up on live that were posted on these forums that were never addressed until they hit live. This is a problem.
: BUG: I have been unable to launch the PBE for weeks
Same Bug on Live Too! Hurray, your tech support is top notch!
: Can't Even Get to Launcher
I have it too..i have tried everything. I even contacted support. I've been having the issue since around november 23 or so i believe..others are finally starting to post about it so ive been trying to upvote all the posts regarding the issue to raise awareness, since so far riot has not acknowledged the issue.
: Windows Firewall messages when updating PBE client
same thiong, only when i click okay, the launcher vanishes
: BUG: I have been unable to launch the PBE for weeks
Here are more logs from today. Unfortunately I can apparently only attach one item at a time when posting a response to a thread, which is irritating.
: LoLPatcherUx.exe wants firewall access
I have been posting about this issue and cant get a red's attention. I can not launch pbe at all. I'll attach some more error logs here - these are from todays attempts.
: I can only take haphazard guesses, but here goes! LoLPatcherUx.log has this line: > RemotingClient: Failed to resolve host:port 'localhost:2997' to an ipv4 address. getaddrinfo returned: 11001 So maybe it's a networking problem. Is League allowed through your firewall/antivirus? Try using someone else's internet connection. LoLPatcherUx.log has these lines that aren't in my logs: > Riot::Client::Ux::ParseConfigFile: Reading optional config file "data/config.prop". > Riot::Client::Ux::ParseConfigFile: Skipping read of zero sided optional config file "data/config.prop". Maybe delete this file? (Make a backup first. Or just move it to another directory.) And you can safely uninstall Pando Media Booster if you haven't already. A long time ago, I found that the League patcher window wouldn't open until I updated my graphics drivers. Sounds unrelated, but that's what happened.
Well my wife's Macbook Pro launches and connects just fine. I launch the live client and connect fine as well, just not PBE. What occurs is I get a Firewall message and when i click allow connection, nothing happens. In my task manager, the process simply disappears. When I click launch again, I get the Launch logo with a gray line under it, the task manager shows a process starting, then suddenly it vanishes from the task manager. In short, it tries to launch then disappears. I have literally completed every step listed on Riot Technical Support forum. Pando was deleted a couple patches ago as I recall. I have even tried reinstalling the PBE client. Nothing. Several patches ago there was an issue with Internet Explorer causing this type of thing for me on the live client. As far as I know, the fix, which worked for me when I had a similar issue on live, never appeared on NA, but was listed on reddit and on [EUW](http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1968618), OCE and the LAN server. I tried that fix as well and it didn't work.
Rioter Comments
: PBE Launcher will not open
I hoped todays patch would fix it, but the launcher still wont open. I get a firewall message and i unblocked the firewall for the millionth time, but the launcher still wont launch.
: Hello Kornis, We recently updated some of our software in the launcher and found an issue with Windows users that have set custom DPI settings higher than 100% (given your screen shot, it looks like you are set at 125%). We figured out the cause and we are actively working towards a solution for it. In the mean time, you can go into the Control Panel and select Display and set the DPI back to 100% and this will fix the content in the launcher (be warned, it will scale down all other fonts and components in Windows that use this setting). Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for the feedback!
Still having an issue where the launcher doesnt launch at all...I have tried everything and even reinstalled...please help
: PBE Launcher will not open
still can't get on, would really appreciate a red to acknowledge that they are at least reading about the problem we are having.
: my pbe just stopped working
same issue. really frustrating
: PBE Launcher will not open
Same happening to me. I reinstalled, disabled firewall, still not working. I got the same log file message as well.
: Game Changes my Mouse Settings
same happens to wife..she has reported it several times to no avail. I will let her know about this. She has a mac and she turns off the mouse accel. When the game crashes, sometimes it turns on mouse accel when she reconnects. really weird
Rioter Comments
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Wait..does this mean...UFO Corki will be available for testing???
: Master Tier
In order to duo with Challenger you have to be in master tier. I can see this being something people complain about. Some have suggested that Diamond 1 should be able to duo with challenger..its something to think about.
: [Heimer bug] Mobile turrets
Alien invader for me too, actually. I havent tried other skins yet. To reproduce: Pick Heimer take a Level of Q Place turret near minions/enemy champions/ etc Turret does not attack, though the laser does shoot out
: Heimerdinger Turret
I concur. To reproduce: 1. Pick Heimer 2. take a Level of Q 3. Place turret near minions/enemy champions/ etc 4. Turret does not attack, though the laser does shoot out
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
**Potential Bug: turret not dropping aggro, even through zhonya's. ** I don't have a screen shot of this, unfortunately, but I was fiddle and was laning with fizz bot lane and both fizz and I had issues juggling turret aggro. To test it in game I even zhonya'd under turret and the turret didnt drop aggro through the zhonyas. I will try to get a screenshot if it happens again, but wanted to get this out there so others can watch for it as well.
: Mysterious figure on Doom Bots
: Strawpoll for Teambuilder beta on LIVE servers
I love LOVE teambuilder and am really looking forward to the live test. Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly!
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
A little context in order - I absolutely love Heim and played nothing but Heim every day for a couple of months in early season 3. I learned a lot about this game from Heim. I learned about minions, how to better control objectives, how to have better positioning in team-fights, lane match-up mechanics, improved map awareness - in short, Heim is very near and dear to me and every change to him always makes me nervous. That said, I try to approach changes to Heim with an open mind. So please realize that these comments I am making regarding his voice come from a place of absolute love of Heimer - I want him to be the best he can be - he gives me a lot of joy when I play him and there are truly two key things..smallish things..that the reworked voice needs. 1. Tone/Speech Pattern (pace of speech) - The pitch of his voice is very close to the original - but the tone lacks the raspy, exasperated quality of the original - and that exasperated quality is something that gives him so much character. The new VO rushes the words too much at times and is too halted at other times...it just doesn't flow, which, at times, makes him sound like a cross between a munchkin from wizard of oz and a robot. My suggestion is that you simply slow it down in places..not halting the phrases as much...just slight tweaks is all it needs and I'll love it. 2. My FAVORITE thing Heimer says is missing. The taunt " And what did you expect from such a substandard intelligence" is nowhere to be found. Please PLEASE don't get rid of that phrase. It is THE BEST in the game in my opinion..it also embodies the exasperated tone I am referring to above - If you listen to that phrase you will hear how it is just slightly more flowing because the words are quick but not quite as rushed, while, at the same time, it also doesn't sound as jarring because the pattern of speech is less halted. I will post more feedback as I test him. Thank you.
: Captains definitely have a kick feature. Did your Captain know how to use it, or was it unclear?
i was the captain and when we all had clicked ready except the afk person i could not find a way to kick the afk person and search for a new teammate. After about ten minutes, just as I was about to give up and disband the game and create a new one, the afk person clicked ready and so we were able to finally start the game. If there is a way, thats great, but I couldnt find a way to kick someone who accepted but then went afk.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/3) and Tuesday (2/4) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
Hello, I would like to suggest that Captains have a kick feature in case a person goes afk in the pregame lobby. I realized the need for this when my team had to wait some 10 minutes for one afk team mate to click the "ready" button.
: Hmm, next time this happens can you take a screenshot of the current state of your page?
yes. It works now though, so may have been my computer??? I attempted to recreated it by creating [this poll](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/site-feedback/71i4xr96-poll-team-builder). In doing so, I discovered a different issue, so I submitted [a bug report](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/HiMo1Eio-bug-add-choice-to-poll).
Rioter Comments
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: [Vision bug] Teemo shrooms make a weird cross on the map !
This is happening on live now too. I discovered how to recreate it. It occurs when the enemy team uses a sweeper to kill a shroom. The area swept is sort of permanently oracled in a cross pattern. I discovered the cause of the crosses in a normal game on live. I was teemo and there was a teemo on the other team. There were crosses everywhere and it corresponded to the places shrooms were oracled
I cant submit the poll I created. I created a discussion with a poll and tried to hit submit and it doesnt ever submit. Not sure if its my computer having issues or if its a bug.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
I got a Hexakill as shaco which was very exciting! The big problem I have with the mode is that every game people wanted to try a double jungle and double jungle just doesnt work because there isnt enough xp to be gleaned from the jungle with two people. once you realize it doesnt work subsequent games where people insist on attempting it just arent as fun.
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
equipment: stereo headphones. I was playing heimer earlier. I could hear minions and I could hear heimers turrets, but none of his other sounds. I could hear vi punching sounds no matter where she was when i was at the well. TBH, I felt like my head was in a fish bowl.
Rioter Comments
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Just tried Xerath support and here is my feedback: Xerath might be too mana hungry to be a support. He needs to auto attack to get mana, but he is too squishy to be in auto attack range without risk of being one shotted. That said, I liked the way he felt to play. He has a smooth auto attack animation which is enjoyable, but I just cant see him being played as a support.
: [Bug] Kogmaw's Q
i kinda like that it looks like cait's ult!
: Thanks for the report! We have a fix for changing your skin once you're already in a group, but it sounds like there's an additional bug where sometimes you just don't get the skin you picked.
I had this happen with fiddle (I think i had chosen timbers) and with alistar (infernal). I had the skin chosen selected but it didnt display in game. so before the third game, i went through the motions of choosing a skin (scrolling over skins) and Voila! it worked - my fiddle had his surprise party in game.
: I can neither create nor join a teambuilder group. I either get the; **"We are not able to create a group for you at this time. Please try again later."** message or the **"We are not able to add you to the group. Please try again later."** EDIT: After failing to join or create a group, the find a teambuilder music still begins to play in the lobby background with no way to stop it.
same happened to me, worked once I logged out and logged back in.
: [Thresh] - Not loading Championship skin via TeamBuilder (14/01/2014 - 15/01/2014)
I had the same thing happen when I had a skin already chosen - it wouldnt load with the game. It worked if I clicked on different skins as if i was rechoosing a skin, that said, i'm pretty certain this is a known issue.
: team builder bugs and suggestions
: Unable to join a group( Is that a bug?
Happened to to me after a game disbanded and I was unable to join until i logged off and re logged in.
: [Bug Minor] J4's dance not procuring sounds after first cylce
I have had a similar issue on several champions. What I've noticed is that if I rapid fire jokes and taunts, every other /t or /j will be with out audio, only having the gestures. Ive only tried it in custom games.
: In-progress Lunar Revel skins on the PBE
I really love the Diana skin now that the particle effects are added. Trynd is cool too but the Diana skin made me want to become a diana player and get the skin on my main account, so kudos and job well done!
: {{champion:92}} to the riven skin please do more lightspecial effects to the spells. they are so dark:)
I agree. I also find her splash art facial expression to be a bit off putting, but that is probably just personal preference.
: [TEST REQUEST] Mac Players
Hello, I tested a bit more on my Macbook today with another aram and custom game. First the good news: So, on live, I tend to have most of my issues with graphics when I am playing on Howling Abyss, but the aram was fine and I didnt have the issue i have after every aram game on live where I get the message that "league of legends has unexpectedly quit". On live I lag out when I die on Howling Abyss, but that seems to be fixed on the pbe howling abyss. Also, in the custom game I made certain to take flash and smite to see if using smite put flash on cooldown, and that seems fixed as well. Now for the issues: The lag when dying issue isnt gone - it migrated to summoners rift. The custom game on summoners rift was again a jinx game, again to test the W pink lines, which I already reported and I know you are looking into that still. I also noticed my fps was really low in the custom game - like 39-46 fps on the lowest video quality setting with shadows turned off. I let the turret kill me and there was a big pause when I died and my fps went from 35 to 2 and when I exited the custom game, I got the error message that the application had unexpectedly quit, as follows: Process: LeagueofLegends [12209] Path: /Applications/League of Legends PBE/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ Identifier: com.riotgames.LeagueofLegends.GameClient Version: 1.0 (1) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: LoLLauncher [11724] Date/Time: 2014-01-11 13:25:59.572 -0500 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549) Report Version: 6 Interval Since Last Report: 60988 sec Crashes Since Last Report: 2 Per-App Interval Since Last Report: 2523 sec Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 2 Anonymous UUID: 9AB41E2E-8E33-4CBF-B146-8D3334CB1B8D Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x000000000000000c Crashed Thread: 2 MaestroAgent Thread 0: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x984d5f1a tiny_free_list_remove_ptr + 218 1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x984d5064 szone_free_definite_size + 2073 2 libSystem.B.dylib 0x984d45e8 free + 244 3 ...ppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver 0x211a898f GHAL3D::CSurfaceState::~CSurfaceState() + 207 4 ...ppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver 0x211f0db8 GHAL3D::CSurface2DState::~CSurface2DState() + 40 5 ...ppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver 0x21a09978 GHAL3D::CSurfaceState::Delete(GHAL3D::CSurfaceState*&) + 56 6 ...ppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver 0x211eb825 glrFreeTexture + 181 7 libGFXShared.dylib 0x94410a51 gfxDestroyPluginTexture + 52 8 GLEngine 0x0ee8fced gleFreeTextureObject + 39 9 GLEngine 0x0ee5edbd gleUnbindDeleteHashNamesAndObjects + 198 10 GLEngine 0x0ed74642 glDeleteTextures_Exec + 810 11 libGL.dylib 0x91cf04d0 glDeleteTextures + 38 12 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x006c4e73 std::length_error::~length_error() + 716883 13 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x006c4d63 std::length_error::~length_error() + 716611 14 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x006c5ead std::length_error::~length_error() + 721037 15 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0072a7ea std::length_error::~length_error() + 1133002 16 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0072a6e2 std::length_error::~length_error() + 1132738 17 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0072a693 std::length_error::~length_error() + 1132659 18 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0072d50d std::length_error::~length_error() + 1144557 19 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0072d2fd std::length_error::~length_error() + 1144029 20 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0071ac53 std::length_error::~length_error() + 1068595 21 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x0071abe3 std::length_error::~length_error() + 1068483 22 ....LeagueofLegends.GameClient 0x00729b7e std::length_error::~length_error()
: No worries on the logs, but thank you for the report! The freezing isn't platform specific, the Jinx thing, we can look into. Cheers, Fei
Thank you, and since I appear to be the only post I will make certain to play a couple more games on the laptop tonight or tomorrow.
: [BUG] [MINOR] Grafic error. Firing objects of minions look weird (see attached file)
I've had that problem a few times on NA but so far never on pbe, thankfully, as it is quite distracting. i found that only after I left and reconnected did the problem go away. So, its not your connection, it is a really weird intermittent bug that I have had occur on live on both a macbook and a PC desktop.
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