: New HUD sucks terribly
If they honestly want really fancy changes, they can change the color/theme of our current HUD on live and make it more fancy, but they want a complete revamp it looks like
Its not only that, Read the rest of the post and your see that I don't agree with the HUD changes in the least at all either, not just the current bugs. Reading is a tool most need to use to its fullest
: Kda is on the minimap, and skill points are seen
On the Minimap is only your K/D/A, and I am still unable to see skill points as well as several others. In Tab as of now you can't see barely any information at all
: Ok, this post will leave a lot of controversy, so ill give my two cents 1. first big point i agree with is that there should be an option to keep the old HUD for those that dont like it, like the old music. Personally i keep the old music on live and new on PBE for a sense that stuff on the pbe is newer. 2. It is true that many returning players will be confused by these changes, so it would help that for the first five games or so of an account having this new change enabled, that they are allerted that they can change the HUD back if they want too, and there is steps on how to. 3. I dont understand what you mean by "There is no scoring" and "I have to squint to see info". I and others can see all the information fairly easily, so either you need glasses, or you should take a screenshot of that and post it on the forums as that is a HUGE bug. (edit) OK I SEE WHAT UR SAYING ABOUT THE CS AND SCORES AND ABILITIES AND STUFF. i just played a game. so....thasts just a big bug 4. It is true that the update isnt really "necessary", but that brings me back to point 1. 5. Ive heard many complaints that it is an "eyesore" but it seems that, as humans are wired to not like change, they were just not used to it. after i messaged those people back after several games they said that they got used to it and they actually do like it better. However, the compressed part is a valid point, and it would be helpful to be able to customize it by being able to move parts, resize indivual parts of the HUD, etc. so it is easier to play for an individual 6. Alright, the idea of seeing the stats without hitting a button is something that almost EVERYONE agrees with, and is totally true, so i doubt Riot isnt planning on implementing this on PBE in a few patches. Remember, this is only 2 patches old, and will probably come out in preseason 6. Finally, I just have a summary. Remember last year when people complained about the new SR? well, people grew to love it better than the old one, though we do still have nostalgia. It will likely be the same for here. Remember this is the PBE, and things are subject to change, and this is NOT being completely removed. im sure in the end it will become something we all enjoy. Im out {{summoner:4}}
Thank you for your feedback :D, When I say "I have to squint to see info" many things are compressed to the point where its hard, such as finding where my MS was a difficult task in the beginning, time is small compared to what it used to be, and the fonts more dulled out compared to what they used to be, I hope this explanation helps you understand better! {{summoner:2}}
: Champion lores
I really wish there was more lore to champions as well although Mega Garchomp has a point, spelling is key to be taken seriously by most people
: I like the new hud
What information, as of now you can't see K/D/A, Skill points, etc. at all? Its an opinion, but your opinion is wrong as of now
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: Ability Bar and Buff Update - Feedback Thread
I have honestly hated what you have done with this. Nothing is in **my peripheral vision**, I can't figure out where buffs and debuffs are in the** midst of combat**, I can't even function to find my buffs anymore, I honestly would prefer the** old way** of doing it. If you can't find a solution that helps everyone add **CUSTOMIZATION**, Hell even** presets** would help at this point I see quite a bit of negative feedback on it anyhow.
: You caught me. I'm upping the max stacks to 254. Going beyond that... is difficult. Can we agree that this is functionally infinite or does even the 254 limit (90 seconds of constant attacking at max attack speed) undermine the feeling of "infinite"?
I mostly made this post to clarify that it isn't Infinite and mostly as a joke, If you were to upgrade it however me and my friends would once again go to extreme heights to get the Highest Possible Dmg with 600 Armor and Without any Armor {{summoner:13}} OP BRB, I plan to become a programmer and such and whats with the number being 254? Not 999 or 245?
: Challice of Harmony = end of mages in LoL?
I believe Riot wants to destroy mages **completely**, with Auto-Attacks being **meta** *or* strong engage tanks, Mages have very little to the team unlike lets say an **ADC.** I mean face it, were just a wasted spot on the team now, assassins are built in every way to ***counter*** a full blown mage and most mages*** fall off*** late game unless you build full** AP Pen** builds. Assassins also have high mobility which completely ***counters*** a Mages combo if played correctly (***Example Matchup: Brand vs. Fizz/Leblanc, or some other full Mage against heavy movement assassin***). They are so **mana-hungry early game** and just ruining mana regen item after mana regen item is destroying them, especially early/mid game. The only good mages as of currently are **MAGE ASSASSINS**(***We could possibly include Xerath as one Mage that works, but heavy assassin mid laners will destroy him if they out damage or have high movement***), And I'd consider them more of assassin than mages, and only one to my mind sticks out to me: **Fizz.** Rito Why??!!! **(** ***Just my thought, to be fair we had the most OP people in the past but now its just switched balance again and I just hopped they'd find some medium*** **)**
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