: She's probably from Targon/Zaun. We can realize this on her title (Aspect of Twilight), is the same of Diana (Aspect of Moon), Leona (Aspect of Sun), Taric and Pantheon. But, Riot made a teaser with champions from Zaun (Jinx and Viktor) which suggests she has some relation with Zaun.
Yes, a rioter says that she is one of the aspects of targon like pantheon and diana.
: OT: Riot-Rejected PBE Login Screen Patch 7.22
: Tank Masteries: Iron Skin|Mirror Shell|Conditioning Feedback
Yes, better scaling or base stats will make them more attractive.
: Changes to gameflow are now live!
: See you dont understand balance and game health. The Runes SHOULD do about the same damage. HOW you do that damage and under what circumstances is what makes them different. You dont take Lethal Temp on Veigar but the damage you get from it on a AS champ should be about the same as Veigar gets from Arcane Comet. FYI Arcane Comet is really EZ to negate ALL of its damage EVERY time by playing Yasuo, Zed, Talon, Fizz, LeB and MANY others that just dash out of the way. Dark Harvester pre 150 stacks is meant for laning. 20-30s is FINE and allows you to get it off almost every time. After 150 is for mid late game where your target is not near by. Also you say playing vs DH is ez, yep so ez when Talon or LeB can kill a Cannon and gank Top lane and STILL have the buff PRE 150 stacks. With champs that can Dive there is no way to NOT get hit without backing to base. We will see how this updated version plays out. You can tell how balanced it is by looking at its overall damage at 15m, 20m, 30m If it is about the same as Others Press the Attack or AC or Electrocute then we are good to ship it. If its more then it needs more nerfs. If its less the it needs buffed. Its called Balance and yes a game needs balance else there is no reason to not play ONLY the OP shit.
Nice opinion and i agree with you.
: I guess I'm the only one who thinks it looks nice and smooth.
: Don't know if this is correct, but that's for Manaflow Band or Presence of Mind, I'm not sure.
That's for the manaflow Band.
: As a Kayle Main Preseason Concerns Me
I play a game with kayle using a Lethal tempo build very similar to yours, the only difference is that I have changed the triumph by the presence of the mind and works very well. The ultimate hat can be sacrificed, because in the late game it does not make that much difference, at least I did not realize it. I think kayle won't have problems in the preseason using the lethal tempo build.
: Kleptomancy is a great rune, but it crowds your inventory and has too much RNG
I agree with you and I was also thinking of ways to make the kleptomancer more consistent. I was wondering if the kleptomancer could turn on consumables if your inventory was full, but I think your idea would look better.
: Kleptomancy and Darius/Garen
The kleptmancer is a Russian roulette, it is difficult to know which consumables you will win and how much gold you will earn. I think this rune needs some changes. Overall it is weak especially when your inventory is full.
: Lets keep the forum in English / Vamos manter o fórum em Inglês
eu gostei da iniciativa, vamos manter o forum organizado. I liked the initiative, let's keep the forum organized.
: Pra ter RP e Essencia azul, tem que esperar cair, ou tem que fazer algo? pois está com erro!!
Aparetemente tem que esperar a rito liberar.
: opa amigo, joguei ja umas 4 partidas coop vs ia, e não ganhei nada e só upei pro level 2


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