: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sacred Sword Janna!
First of all - that skin looks amazing ^^ Congratulations to the artist, from her hair to the flow of her clothes - perfect. Buuut... why does Master Yi get an animation when he gets to the base after recalling (Skating on his sword) while Fiora and Janna just appear standing there? Also - comparing to the other 2 - Janna is also missing an homeguard anmation :s (I don't wanna sound picky or anything - it's just something I notice and kinda bothers me, for example, Star Guardians - some of them got new animations for "falling from heaven onto the base" - Ahri obviously (Legendary), Ezreal and I believe Syndra uses the classic animation... while Miss Fortune and Soraka just fnish their amazing recalls aaaand... Its Over - they're just standing on base... It's sad {{champion:32}} )
: I think you mean spawn animation?
Yeah >w< Exactly mb, didn't remember how it was called :s
Hello ^^ Congratulations on these skin, they look really great ^^ but...As much as I love the new skins and their look... I can't help but notice that past Project skins got recall AND getting on base animations... Being the same price (Well, Kata and Ekko) will they get the same treatment and get some "finished recall" animation? :s (Sorry for some grammar mistakes I might've done :x)


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