: An update on Championship Riven
so wait, does the crown and uncrowned versions show up as 2 separate skins for people that own the skin? I am also a bit confused about the particle thing. Is there a new ult activation particle for the vintage skin, or is it a new wind slash particle?
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
These changes actually sound super interesting. My main problem is that this set of changes sounds like it woukd make her early game feel worse which can be a hard pill to swallow, since of her main draws for me was her early game potential. I do not mind the aura radius nerfs since i've hated the "cuddle zones" ever since the rework. Though it does make her weirdly worse against malphite style ults. I do absolutey want to try these changes though. I would like to mention though that i would prefer something akin to old sona, with weaker persistent auras rather than burst zone. Even if it meant reduced areas of effect.
: You have completly ruined this champ for me. But I am most upset about you basically saying..... no matter how much the community dislikes it, SCREW THEM! We are not going to listen and we will make this champion worse while telling them it's better. Thanks Obama! I mean Riot! All/most mid AD's are assassins... you took away everything that made her one and then told us to take her mid! Burst ganks are gone so who cares how fast I can get to a lane... but again riotrepertoir says ... we don't care what you think, it's OUR WAY, get over it! The community opinions/requests mean nothing to us, or our bottom line! Also, please list all the Ults that are a terrible idea to use 'during' a team fight... is rework Quinns the only one? 2 seconds of doing nothing and you can be interupted while doing it!
The best comparison to new quinn is an AD tf. His ult is roam oriented, not so great during team fights (only at the beginning or end, like quinns) and most of his value comes from his ability to pressure side lanes, which quinn can definitely do without valor mode. I'm gonna be honest, I don't get why people are so attached to quinns kit. It was so hastily designed and feels very unsatisfying most of the game, and playing against her wasn't very fun too. The only cool thing was when I had two full items and could assassinate the enemy adc, but that had such little counterplay it felt like an old style assassin, which isn't a good thing, and more often than not I would end up getting picked off right afterwards, because quinn doesn't escape very well while in combat. If anything I'd much rather have seen a drastic overhaul than this.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
This is a serious request, but can quinn keep her blind against jungle camps? I feel like keeping this particular thing might help open up a potential jungle role for her which could blend nicely with her roam-oriented ult.
: RIP Quinn. Just rename the champion, its not Quinn. You took out blind and ult assassination without thinking about making her similar enough for the current Quinn mains to like. This wont feel like Quinn at all, and if i like this then I am liking a new champion while my main champion just got deleted.
Honestly, quinn is a disappointing champion overall in execution, the fact they're even trying to maintain her "identity" is more upsetting in my eyes. I'd much rather see her reworked into a melee assassin than whats going on here.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Her new ult sounds like mounts from heros of the storm. And... I'm alright with that, but i hope this means she's getting a lit more power in her kit. Losing a blind and dueling potential shifts her into a new role, but from this description i cant see what that role is. Q is a more spammy spell i guess, but it doesnt seem as useful as a raw damage spell, especially since you have to last hit to gain advantage on the old one. Also what even is the point of retaining skystrike? It sounds awful like that since you cant use it mid combat. Why not give her bonus attack or move soeed when leaving the ult, or even bonus attack range?
: Fiora Feedback Thread
After a few games with her I have to say, her basic abilities are very fun. blocking huge burst with her new W is fantastic and the Q is very comfortable to use and a fine change from the double tap. Her E give alright burst and the cc is very welcome, and the passive is alright. It's nigh impossible to safely hit someone when you have to target their back, but her Q makes hitting the sides and front fairly easy in lane. Her Q targeting felt a little arbitrary but I never felt betrayed by it, which was nice, and though her W was a bit frustrating to hit with, it was useful in its own right. Pbe games are a bit snowbally so I didn't get much of a strong grasp on her kit in teamfights. I'll also mention that I do not feel it is appropriate for Fiora to have an attack speed slow. This is only personal philosophy, but I feel those should only belong on tanks, when duelists or fighters have them it tends to go poorly (lee sin for example) Her build paths were a bit confusing for me. Her wave clear is still as abysmal as ever which felt warranted hydra, but the fact that her Q is on such a low cooldown when it hits as well as it applying on hits and giving movement speed to make procing my passive when I ult a bit easier, I feel like she's become more of a trinforce champ than anything, frontloading all her damage on her Q. Her E lasting only 2 autos and her Q being so spammable makes her feel much more like a caster than a melee adc, and the fact she no longer can guarantee 5 hits makes things like hydra and cleaver feel just a bit worse on her. And then there's the matter of her ult... her ult feels pathetic to use. It feels more like you activate it for the move speed to close in and 1-2 procs of extra burst, or cast it on an already dying enemy to create the healing zone. It is almost unreasonable how difficult it is to proc all 4 sides, and every step you take to reposition is a moment your target is getting free damage on you. Very rarely was I able to get enough Qs out to reposition and hit 4 sides. On top of that the cast time makes it very frustrating to use while you are already fighting. It should really start up instantly. And the reward you get for hitting all 4 sides is extremely middling. just some healing and 4 passive procs. It feels like the only champs I should be ulting are low damage tanks that have decided to make the mistake of trying to 1v1 me with no assistance and people who would've already died even if I hadn't ulted. In team fights the ult was worse than useless as sometimes you couldn't even get to your target and since you no longer have your 2 seconds of invincibility from your old ultimate, you are very easy to focus down without even getting the chance to put down much damage outside of your W. Walking around your ult target makes you easy pickings for other enemy champions as it requires you to go far out of position to proc some of the markers. On the art end, my only gripe is that her walk animation looks very strange on headmistress fiora. She has such a wide gait while wearing heels and a miniskirt and it just looks bizzare and uncomfortable. This probably works with her other skins that wear pants but not in this one. Her design is fine in my opinion and beyond the highlight change ( I personally prefer the red to the pink), I do not mind the art direction. It's fitting for the character And finally as for bugs the only ones that I noticed were the two that have already been mentioned frequently, that her e crits towers and gives sustained attack speed vs inhibs. Uhm, yeah, thanks for reading and please, look over the ult before anything else.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Lulu
Just wanted to ask, why does Lulu's body not disappear on death? In all her other skins her death animation is that she pops up, disappears, and leaves only her hat to flutter down. But with this skin the body stays and floats down as well. Is this just an oversight? It looks kinda weird.
: DJ Sona auto attacks sometimes reverts back to original sound track
do you have crit chance? I have heard that when she crits it uses the base sound.
: Listened again and again and i can confirm : the track from the teaser isn't in the full track or the game...i'm really dissapointed as hell...it was so awesome..
I guess they edited it at some point.
: Ambient Sona Sounds Still There in DJ Sona
Its very easy to hear if you turn off the music in settings
: DJ Sona - Only Ethereal working
That's weird, are you sure? I just got out of a custom game and all 3 forms had functional tracks.
: I have 3 issues with DJ Sona !
1)Her music actually replaces the map music when she's in the game, so it just keeps going. (you can also adjust it's volume by adjusting the music volume in settings) 2) I'm pretty sure it's there in the kinetic music. have you listened to it after using all your skills and ult? remember that each song is like 4 minutes long before it loops.
: [PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights
I hope this is the place to post problems I've encountered: -Sona's Idle animation in Ethereal form is very... stationary. compared to videos on the promotional page in which she sways side to side to her music. I'm unsure if this is a bug or intentional (As concussive is also different from the promo page version) -Using /toggle on the Crystal Scar does not seem to work. It just says command unknown. -capturing the buff on Crystal scar seems to turn off her helmet until it wears off -switching between forms does not change the power chord animation to the appropriate form until another spell is cast. (like having the wave form on concussive) -Sona's normal sounds (the passive harp music that plays after a spell is cast) is still playing on the DJ skin. this is true of all modes. this is especially obvious if you turn down the music volume in settings. This was all done on the crystal scar in a single player custom on the Mac PBE client, if that matters.
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: "The game has been changed by another player, please try again" when trying to create custom game?
You can currently make domion customs, but other custom games seem bugged.
: I doubt they would balance an item based on changes that haven't even seen the light of PBE yet. The Gunblade changes were almost certainly directed towards Akali.
well I mean, I guess, but what do the changes even do? take away .8% spell vamp and 2% life steal? Akali has a 1.7 AP ratio across one rotation of her kit and like, a 1.6 ad ratio if you consider 1 auto attack, so it will boost her damage, and the sustain nerfs are fairly minimal I'm more convinced its for the kat changes to give her something to itemize with, since her new kit won't have strong itemization.
: so how's sona?
Sona is fine, sona is always fine, but I still dislike her kit after her rework, and think her Q range shouldn't have been buffed and that instead she should have just kept her damage. Her snuggle zones dont really feel like auras and her early laning phase feels kind of awful again now that it becamed nerfed once again. But she still does the same things, and until her ult is changed, she'll always be at least fine. an Aoe 1.5 second stun is enough to keep her worth playing, but I don't think she's deserved many of the changes she received recently.
: I'm surprised Hextech Gunblade got changes in the first place. It is a hybrid item, so the stats it gives is not suppose to be as good as a true AP/AD item, but with the mixture of both, it benefits hybrids only. Increasing the AP of Hextech Gunblade to the standard AP amount of other AP items is a never a good idea. I won't be surprised if this item gets nerfed in the future later in the season.
I think it has to do with the katarina changes more than anything.
: Why does Sweetheart Annie not have pink fire?!?!
because it's a 750 RP skin and that tier of skin only involves model changes. no particles and I I think no recall changes.
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: Right? 2/3 of the games I played had an afk or the enemy team had an afk. It was awful and the game became un-fun. I really don't like this game mode at all.
I feel like a big problem with this is the nature of the PBE, and the unusually high level of toxic players than can show up on it. I feel like it makes it harder to test game modes like this.
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: Udyr respawn bug
Just observed this in my own game, had an udyr on my team and his model would become a mess every time he respawned. He was using spirit guard udyr, on red side, and all the members of my team saw it.
: I hope you guys re-release Earnest Elf Tristana some time before the next Snowdown, like as a Tristana VU promotion. It's really great now and I regret not buying it.
There will probably be a tristana skin bundle with the update that will include it, but beyond that, it probably won't be available till next snowdown.
: Why did you make her a dull purple instead of the nice blue of her recent splash art?
Just taking a stab in the dark but I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that the splash art had to resemble what trist looked like at the time of the splash's release, which was blue skinned, but as we've heard before, female yordles look closer to lulu than to old trist or poppy, and thus means they will all be shades of purple instead of the blue. We'll probably see something similar happen to poppy.
: Tristana jumps into action!
I typed up a response then accidentally deleted it so I'll chime in with a shorter version >Does this still read as Tristana to you? Absolutely, a purple, white-haired yordle with a large gun that hops around and shoots you from crazy range is what I associate her with and what she still is. >Is there a particular skin that stands out to you? The base skin to be honest. All the other look nice, especially riot girl, but there's something very distinct about her base skin. >Do all of her VFX still convey the same effects, or better? I'll skip this until I experience them better. >How does the new Explosive Charge feel? Did you find it fun to use? I have to play with it first, but at first glance the changes look fine, the change from an ap dot to a physical burst is interesting. the loss of grievous wounds is a little upsetting. >How do you feel about these proportions? With respect to their appropriate characters, how do you feel Lulu and Poppy would be with them? These proportions look great, and are definitely fitting when compared to heimerdinger and gnar (and even super galaxy rumble). They'd definitely work on poppy and lulu (assuming of course they are tweaked, poppy being more muscular and lulu, at least to me, comes off as a younger yordle that might be shorter.) The facial style of large animal eyes and big ears is good though, and I'd definitely think it'd be cool to see it applied to the other yordles. >Do you feel we missed anything important in this update? did you ever consider taking away the e passive or making it toggle-able? I feel like the e makes her last hitting and lane control more difficult than it needs to be, especially when having such a safe kit makes her come of as a good introductory adc. What if you could toggle the blast by groundcasting her e? Also why was grievous wounds removed from her kit?
: New Tristana model
If you mean will her splash art change, then yes, probably. Though her current splash is high quality, it no longer is representative of the champion. If you're talking about her model, this is how tristana just looks now, based on the concept that she is supposed to look like a yordle, and yordles have big pointed ears, purple-ish skin for females, etc etc. sort of like how sion looked like something else before and now looks like an actual warrior zombie... thing. as for the bouncy walk... i think the fact that she has actual limbs now is a good tradeoff to losing her waddle.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
Why are you making regen worse for champions with low natural regen? I feel like this makes regen completely useless on champs like riven who have such a small amount of natural regen (heck this change means that heimerdinger gets not benifit from other sources of regen like locket.)
: Just wondering, is it common in playtesting for people to smite the enemy jungler instead of the objective during smite contests with these changes?
I doubt you'd want to give up 700 damage to a monster and secure a buff to deal maybe 100 to a champ and have the monster's last hit up in the air.
: > Stat Growth Per Level > Champion base stats and stat growth per level adjusted to help reduce the impact of early level advantages > > Roughly, characters will start the game with an additional 68% of their per level statistic compared to live. > Each level, characters will gain from 72 to 128% of their per level statistic compared to live, totalling to 1700% of your per level statistic. > I may have missed it in the other threads, but does anyone know the intention of changes?
If I'm understanding it correctly, it means that at level 18, you will pretty much have the stats you should. At level one you will be slightly more buff, but each level you gain will grant you a little less in stats, meaning that a difference of level 4 and level 5 does not mean you automatically lose any trade or duel. Later in mid game your levels will give you more stats than usual to make up for the fact that you were getting fewer stats earlier. in short it's to reduce snowballing by level advantage.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
I'm going to be honest, this reads like a damn fanfiction. I can't take this list seriously. A crab camp in the river, a speed buff at the mouths of the river by top and bot, the raptor cloak. It's not april first, right? Xypherous, I love ya' you're like my favorite rioter, but jeez, this change list, I cannot fathom how the game will feel if even most of these changes go through. casting smite on champions, MOST UNORTHODOX. Like really, though, how does this affect top and bot lane? who takes these new camps? do these items really even out the field for a wider number of junglers? who gets hurt by these changes? does this really stop their from being a far and away best jungler?
: Akali's W change.
It's a cut and dry nerf. They think she has too much (Again) and want to strip away some of her power and replace it with something that makes her "ninja-y" I guess.
: Talon has the problem of being stuck in a fight much worse than Akali, almost 100 percent of the time you will be hit by some form of CC upon jumping in. Lets face it her W does give too much defense its annoying. I think its fair for how strong she gets at 6 to nerf her W.
Except Talon's ult is far superior as an escape tool compared to akali's bubble. His stealth allows him to travel much farther than akali in terms of a getaway, and that's the principle of my argument. Akali's ability to avoid damage in a fight is much more limited due to the nature of the tools she has. Talon, Kha, and Zed have more flexibility in how they apply some of their tools in terms of mobility and escape, while Akali is a bit more limited. CC is a threat to all assassins, and you're right, suddenly getting a gap closer at level 6 is a massive power spike for any champion, but that doesn't really address how much value's is stripped away from her shroud
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: Newest Sona Update!
I still feel like this rework massively increases Sona's skill floor, making her much more complicated to play as and with, while not giving much of a reward for mastering her difficult to optimize "auras." Live Sona takes very little effort to understand, and does not require much in terms of special behavior from her allies. She couldn't "miss" her auras on her allies, and the positioning required of her is minimal to optimize the effects of her abilities. On the other hand, of what I've played and seen of PBE sona, her short buff range causes her to frequently forsake her positioning to maximize the effects of her spells, and if her team mates do not cooperate in full and understand what each aura does, it becomes very easy for her to lose out on a lot of the benefits of her skills, which is very abnormal for many allied targeted skills. Lux shield is probably the only support skill that comes to mind that can miss and she wasn't much of one anyway. Long story short, the fact that this rework not only requires a new and potentially more difficult playstyle from the sona player, but also asks allies to interact with her in a significantly different way that is not easily communicated leads me to believe that she will have a lot of problems as a solo queue champion and will essentially kill off the champion unless her numbers become oppressive in lane. Because why would anyone play such a suddenly complicated champ, whcn supports like janna or nami are able to better communicate what they want with high impact cc or skills that don't require any special behavior from the adc to optimize?
: I certainly hope this "before they hit Live" is a long period, because this rework is far from complete.
I'm pretty sure she's being pushed to live with 4.13, despite the complaints. If I recall correctly, at least. I'd have to double check.
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
I kind of have a suggestion about these "snuggle zones." Add to her passive something like, for each other spell cast before this one in x seconds, the range of the bonus effect increases. So the first spell that is cast has the current tiny range, the second spell cast has a medium sized range, and the final spell would be able to hit most allies in a teamfight (and have like, old aura range.) It fits thematically like a crescendo, where you build up in volume, and her cooldowns are so long that it would be easy to set it up that she couldn't have max range auras all the time. in team fights it would make it easier for her to share the the effect she wants at the cost of burning her other spells in a selfish manner. (so say you want to give everyone on the team a shield. you can burn q and e fast and ignore trying to give the bonus to everyone, but when you cast w, the area will be large enough to hit most of the team.)
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
This is just first impressions from about 20 minutes of tooling around alone in a custom game (I'll be trying her out with other players tomorrow) but here's how I feel: the 10 seconds per spell feels really bad. It might just be that I'm so used to having 6.3-7 second cooldowns in lane, but I found myself getting very frustrated when I would hit a button and nothing would come out. those 3 extra seconds are just killer to me. The q "aura" doesn't feel like an aura, it feels like a really really bad nami e (or other buff spell?). It's range is short, and in lane seems really selfish, as it's really complicated to position both safely to poke and close enough to the ad to pass on the bonus. W is, uh, interesting. I feel like I'd have to see the numbers for damage mitigated between the shield and bonus burst armor. It's a more visible resist, but I want to see if it really blocks more. E is the only spell that feels like a good change for sona. I'd like to point out that movement speed ratios are just hellish and frustrating, as seen by what kayle and lulu have been doing this season, but yeah, the giant speed burst for sona feels nice. I'd like to see it in a teamfight, but alone it's ok. the old one was unsaisfying and felt more like a button to press to get to power chord. this feels good, but selfish. R should cost 100 mana at all ranks like many other ults do in the game, as has become standard. all in all, these "auras" feel really selfish, since sona is guaranteed to get all of her own buffs and the auras don't really persist long enough to qualify as auras (nor give any lasting effect.) and feel very annoying to share, especially if the allied player(s) isn't familiar with the mechanic. Forcing sona to play tag with her team doesn't seam like an exciting experience even if it's what gets the best results. as for particles, I can't wait to see the new arcade sona particles, and the new ult on base skin is nice. I'm also worried about her mana but that will have to wait until I play some pvp games with her.
: Mac is Live!!!
Using OSX 10.8.5 Still bugsplats for me. Tried relogging but there was no patch. Did you patch when you logged in?
I'm still somewhat unhappy about this change. This reduction in health regen coupled with the duration reduction of the shield. These changes make riven very niche in what she can fight effectively. It seems as though it makes her more effective against enemies with very predictable play patterns that have burst occur in a short period of time. On the other hand it makes her extremely susceptible to dot or champions that have short cooldown ranged harass an will probably cause her to be zoned out by ranged champions unless she's forcing fights constantly. However, you just nerfed her trading power early on and 1.5 seconds is not enough to mitigate much of the minion harrass you take from attacking an enemy. I understand that this give more choices for the enemy laner to play around riven's shield, but you've already achieved that with the current 1.5 second shield, where enemies can now make a choice between fighting immediately when she initiates or waiting (which used to not be an option due to the original 2.5 second length) she also recieved this exact same nerf when her regen from 10 to 5.5. doing it again seems excessive -_- I feel like a change like this should either increase the duration of the shield or just not be done. There are so few champions with such low regen and those that do have Heals, which is damage mitigation that sticks permanently, and thus is stackable, or are ranged, which is a much more consistent form of damage mitigation in it's own right. tl;dr You say these changes are to make riven more like riven, a glass champion who is deceptively tanky assuming good play on her part and bad play on the enemy's but i feel like this is just too much power being robbed from the riven player and being given to the enemy laner. It should either have the short duration or low health regen, but both seem excessive. reading this over it feels a little scatter brained and I apologize for that.
: Possible Diana Bug
Yes, it's always worked like that. There's a sort of grace period where if a target you ult to gets marked by her q within, say, .2 seconds, it resets as if they were marked to begin with. This probably is because her R speed is much faster than the q missile speed so they included it in to make it easier on the players.
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: Jinx, still op?
W and Q have already been nerfed on live and her E was nerfed very early on specifically becausae of the problem you point out. the current version is a result of that worry, since she used to be able to force fights on her own. combining her cc with a supports is hardly problematic as cait can do it as well as many of the other hard cc supports like ashe and varus. I't not that bad, and her early game has been gimped enough to make her controlable as for Kog, well, he just doesn't fit the current meta, and unless the meta shifts to more defense supports like janna and sona once again, he won't be back.
: [IN-GAME BUG] Championship Thresh
This is true for all his skins. This happenend to me on his base skin as well.
: Snowdown icon crediting method now on PBE!
I played a matchmade game through teambuilder yesterday (where everyone on my team was invitied to the game) and we won, but I did not get bad santa veigar. does team builder not count?
: [Minor] Threshs Lantern Invisible and Unusable
I can confirm this. I played thresh yesterday and every time I used W, Thresh would do the toss animation, the ability would go on cooldown, but no lantern would spawn and its effects would not trigger.
: Winter Wonderland Lulu's Face Looks a Little Creepy
I'll agree with this. I wish her face was closer to her base model. Her mouth looks to wide and her features are unsettling. I have the same sentiments about dragon trainer but this one is a tad more noticable. The rest of the model looks nice, especially all the new particles, but the face definitely could use work.


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