: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
Hi Katey The skin is perfect, the effects, the recall. The only thing I wish you could improve would be the hair, not in terms of texture or model, it looks kinda tough, could you make a move, make some changes so that it has more "life"? Thanks in advance.
: Thoughts on Ashe VFX Update
I agree with the points about Queen Ashe. The skills need to be whiter, one of the points I like about the skin is the white in the skills. Unfortunately the post was made in the forum NA and as I have no account I can not make comments but my only observation in Ashe would be this.
: Hey guys, just wanted to update that we are listening and taking in all your feedback, and are very appreciative. We're working on her lasher and overall model colors to be blue and a different type of yellow, respectively. We're also addressing the feedback on the empowered E not looking different enough as well. **WORK IN PROGRESS** https://i.imgur.com/7CEwV9Z.png **WORK IN PROGRESS** Thanks for the continued patience and I'll have an update tonight or tomorrow. {{summoner:31}} The update should show many things including various vfx tweaks. I want to point out here that Q VFX will not be a monotonous gold as commented, too.
I think the changes are going well. If you get to see my message, could you tell if they will make any changes to her model? More precisely in hair? It is the most uncomfortable, especially in the passive, because it covers the face and consequently the glasses. In addition, would it be possible to change the color of her skin in the passive? I think brown does not match the other colors. Thanks in advance.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
About Camille The passive needs to be changed, it's very simple. I even liked the hair, made her look very serious. I would like you to change the color of the blades on the leg. They are very gray, with a simple iron look. A few shades of steel would look better. The sound of Q2 is very simple, and the effects too. The rest of the skin is perfect.
: FINALLY, the last one is here! I will just quickly say what I **like** - **don't like** and **the changes I would like to see**: **LIKE:** * Her new thick and velvet-y lashes. **DON'T LIKE:** * The lack of color. Both on her model and abilities. * Her hair. * She doesn't seem to have that bossy, diva, sexy look anymore. She seems more mild and doesn't excite me as much. *** **THE CHANGES I WOULD LIKE TO SEE:** * Color wise she is quite boring imo. It might be a little too much gold like the old Prestige K/DA Ahri, so tone it down a little or maybe change the color to a rose/peach gold or something similar to make it more unique and exciting. The normal one had **Primary: **purple **Secondary: **gold as her colors. Now she is fully golden and because she had that color on her a lot already there is not much you can do right now. So I suggest adding her a secondary color: a diamond-ish blue, like Prestige K/DA Akali's weapon. The gems on her lashes would look better in that color I think. https://i.imgur.com/vcOZF1r.png[/img] * I think her wild, sassy, diva look is a little lost. It's like she doesn't have the same character anymore. The problem are her outfits, not the color, though it surely effects as well. I just don't think Evelynn would wear these, she looks out of character. I would imagine her wearing something more... brave. Not sure what kind of changes could be made to them. Maybe some fur, lace or leather? Her hair definitely needs some sort of a change too. Anything that would make her look better and more Evelynn. https://i.imgur.com/HlcEF8m.jpg[/img] * Since her Q was already golden there is not much or almost no changes to that right now. Like I said, I suggest adding some diamond blue (or whatever it's called) to them. Her Empowered Whiplash glow is also not obvious enough, so making her lash gems glow in blue would be nice. https://i.imgur.com/0l556aA.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/yWLTtgc.png[/img] * Not saying it's better but seeing that other abilities started to get some of this new blue I wondered how the W would look so I did this: https://i.imgur.com/i8i3OlF.png[/img] * Her passive frame effect is changed to gold but according to the changes above it would be nice to add some blue to it as well, considering everything is just too much golden. Her model shade/glow should have that color as well. Like her glasses could glow in blue because right now they’re not obvious enough and they are the most iconic thing about her. I would also like if her hair glowed less. You could also consider changing or adding something to her passive music. https://i.imgur.com/W5KEe1b.png[/img] Thanks for taking you time.
Exactly. I'm going to score some things too. The hair needs to be changed. It covers half of her face. Not that this is a noticeable detail in game, but it needs to be changed due to splash art, which also needs to be changed, hair has a shape and covers the face in a strange way. In the passive she wears the same glasses, but it is impossible to perceive them because half of the face is covered by hair, and we can only see a single lens lmao. Try something a different cut like pixie or something kind of a short fringe, and different color, maybe a platinum blond?! You tried to differentiate the mullet but only put a big fringe and removed the clip. It was a very ugly job, really .. Regarding traditional Eve KDA clothing. You have created a perfect look for Eve, simple, sexy and very bare. One main point were those feathers, a kind of faux coat?! Completing the look, a high waist skirt with a kind of crooped, a mullet cut, a mini-glasses 90's in the passive, that is, the entire Evelynn was made with well thought out visuals and many references. And in the Prestige version? A simple micro-dress with a cardigan?! In passive has no additional effect. The coat do not show any kind of distinct glow, in this case you put the glow on the dress but..its so simple... Try to add something to the clothing, the lashers, as well as in passive. In relation to skills, you need to change some things. As has been reported by others here, it is necessary to add some kind of contrasting brightness to yellow. You can add rose gold or light purple. The E mainly. It is imperceptible when it is charged and when it is not. The same effect of colors that they add in E, can add in W and in ult. They are very yellow. A no less important point to be touched are Lashers. They should be transparent in connection to the back as well as the traditional KDA. Plus, great work and thanks for the opportunity.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
Could you leave the Q ball and E's heart lightly golden? Would it be possible? It would be very interesting. Thank you if you have read.
: It's a real shame that there are no borders for the coven skins :/
: We made the secondary Q impact as strong if not slightly more than the base. Please let us know how you like it! Thanks!
I really liked the sound effect of the old 2Q, but compared to this new one, I think the current one was very "weak." The sound got very high, maybe if you brought something with a more serious, stronger, heavy tone, maybe it would get better. I understand that there is a "magic" concept behind the sound and that is what you are proposing with the skin, and it is also easy to perceive and very beautiful, but I think something with a more "heavy" and serious "terror" tone would look perfect . Finally, do not take out the machine sound effect at the end of 2Q, it is very beautiful and gives a great contrast.
: WTF is that what it means, I've played tons of games on her and never knew its linked to her passive. That said I dont think anyone actually check her chest/back before they fight her
I do not know if you're being ironic, but rather, when her passive is ready, there's a blue stone on her chest and back, if she's ever used the passive, there'll be a black hole in the middle, seen from behind or from the front. That's precisely why she has short hair, at least on her back.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
Pls, make a icon for her, it will be perfect, just like with Camille. <3
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Camille
: hair is clipping? or is it supposed to look like that, would be nicer if it was a bit longer and not flat top half is too bright and gold while the bottom half is too dark (darker horns and/or shoulder pad colors?) E cables could be less subtle (feels pay2lose now) E withering flowers VFX should be when she recasts and shows under her as she walldives not when the initial hookshot projectile is shot out birds from recall as she walldives would be neat too blinking heart effect is kinda too bright, have it glow purple rather than white (or to the appropriate color for each chroma) instead? EDIT Recall should be 4 hits instead, matching her AA Q ... AA Q combo timing, and the thing on the floor has 8 parts so it would match that better as well
Putting bigger hair on it will hide the passive.
: yes pls! and maybe longer hair would be cool too
Putting bigger hair on it will hide the passive.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
The only thing that really bothered me a lot on this skin was this hair. God!!! It looks like the Predator. If you can change that hair, you'd have nothing more to complain about. The body looks great and the skills too. **NOTE:** The tail is buggy in ctrl 3.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
This skin was perfect, so many details, everything looked very beautiful but I think some touches could happen. I tested some things even with it bugged. - PASSIVE > When it goes into the passive, it could be some kind of glow instead of those black lines. > Her voice in the passive could be a little differentiated, something of the same type as the one of the Kai'Sa when it is with the mask in that same skin. >When she is passive, her body could be brighter. The current effect does not look exactly like a "shadow." Your body is very opaque and "tangible", if it could make it more transparent and slightly shiny, it would look perfect. - Q > The sound of the spikes could be more "musical". I noticed that it has a faint background sound, but very muted due to the basic sound of the Q spikes. It could add something more musician. > When Eve released Q, the tip effect could be more pointy, as of the others, something more extensive. - W > When using the W, the black heart could be brighter, like a disco ball. I liked the effect it gets as it loads and how it gets fully charged. The only point here is that the "black heart" when using W is very simple. Imagine the enemy "omg, a celebrity is coming", needs to be shocking. XD - TENTACLES > Her tentacles have different splash / ingame effects. Is that okay anyway? In the splash is very similar to some type of fabric, since ingame is more spectral. I do not know how you could reconcile it, but if you can, it would be great. - CTRL 2 > The little heart in ctrl 2 could have a slight effect, like W. E and R were great, especially the sound when using ult, very perfect that "studio" treatment in her voice. **EDITION** - PASSIVE > The glow in the hair and the feathers became very beautiful, as well as the claws. > Her body is still too opaque, are not you really going to have a similar effect like the other skins ?! - Q > Skill changes were great. > Basic Q sound continues to "overwhelm" the background music of the skill. For God's sake, increase the volume of music on the skill. - HAIR > Why did you take the lock from her hair ?! **OBS:** Tentacles are bugged.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Ahri
First considerations. The skin looks beautiful, as you would expect from Riot. I have two slight remarks. - TAIL > Could be a little more chubby, a bit more crowded. > As it looks like a crystal, it could give it an effect similar to Ahri's own orb or "Frostbutt" Irelia's hair, a more "stoned" effect. I do not know how to express it, it's as if the tail were a still raw crystal, it should be more stoned with more faces, something like that. - ULT > I do not know if it would be asking a lot, but when she uses ult, only the effect on the tail and the 3 hearts on the feet seems little. Adding a little more shine to the body or feet when using ult would be a beautiful effect.
: So GGMF is going to get only 1 profile animation? I mean, Udyr and Sona had multiple forms with multiple profile animations like the turtle form animation or the ethereal form animation. I'm guessing that it's still WIP along side her new walking/W active animations. As an Ultimate skin, it's very important to feel different while you play and not feel the same as a classic skin. This is just my feedback. Thanks for reading!
Exact. Lux Elementalist, even being just the face, also changes shape. Even being only Basic> Fire> Water. DJ Sona and Udyr also switched between the forms on the login screen. If you change the icon of DJ Sona, the profile also changes. Unfortunately I think it's a VERY big job to do. Probably not going to happen. It would be great if she changed the shapes on the login screen, or when changing the icons, there was a different animated image in the profile. But I feel it will not happen. Feelsbad.
: A few updates to GGMF are gonna be hitting PBE today! If you got any feedback, please feel free to hit us up with any comments. :)
**_ - First - _** - I liked the animation screen. - The music could be a bit more futuristic but somehow, even with a ULTIMATE level skin, you do not want to leave that MF side femme fatale / sex appel aside, a burlesque touch. I would particularly like something more futuristic. When I started listening to the song, I was really enjoying it, and suddenly changed the style drastically, which annoyed me. But it is acceptable. - The new photos for each transformation were also good. - The new idle animation was also cool / fun. The only adjustment I think needs to be made is that sometimes she spends a lot of time looking only in one direction. Getting her to turn her head on others might be good. We do not get too idle in the game but maybe it's cool. This part is up to you. The joke with EXO was great !!! Loved it!! _**- Second -**_ (*Changes that probably do not happen or are difficult to achieve.) - Any changes in the effect of W when activated? Something like a change in the look of weapons or even some kind of additional lighting? - Any touch on the critical damage effect? - Differentiated haircuts for each shape? (certainly impossible) - Any touch on the way she walks? Personally, I find it a little strange the way she walks, it's a bit like VI, and you get the impression that your legs are stuck, a kind of march, but stranger. (probably impossible too) - Facial expressions? (Okay, ingame is impossible if you notice this kind of thing, but they cater to several other situations) - Recall differentiated for each shape? (probably impossible) - At least add one more laugh in Ctrl 4? I know when she ult, there are more types of laughter, however it is not always that you can use the R. (difficult probably) - Try to adjust the border right by the official server's standards, considering the ranked borders. _(PROJECT: Vayne continues to wait...)_ _**- Edit -**_ - After seeing the animated profile of the skin, I thought it was a bit out of focus. The face was very close to the top, which leaves the face in the dark. All I see in the profile are boobs. XD Nothing against but I think the focus is not that. Getting down the animation a little more and letting the face more in evidence would be a good fit. I think this can be adjusted until the release. Follow the picture. Thanks in advance. > https://i.imgur.com/jKuGNEi.png _**- More Editions - **_ (*After testing the PBE) - I really loved the changes in E; - I loved the new effects on the weapons in the recall but I think they could be a bit different in each weapon. Is it too much to ask? - I had not paid attention before but I really enjoyed the distinctive sound by activating the W in each shape. - I do not have a very clinical eye but I think there were changes in the R's bullets and I loved it. The change in the marking of the R area was also great. - Could you add a different effect on W's passive? After the 5s has an effect and after another 5s it gains the SAME effect. Could something different be added to this "second part" of W's passive? - I urge again if possible, add some effect on the weapons when activating W. _**BUGS**_ ** - Recall** Bug on the weapons - probably - Zero Hour. I tested it several times in each shape, and only in it did the weapons bare. > https://i.imgur.com/eg9b6iM.gif ** - W ** Apparently, when the MF is not with the passive W loaded and activates the same to gain movement, the weapons brag. I tested it many times and the error usually occurs in this situation only and it happens only in Zero Hour and Starswarm. > https://i.imgur.com/oUPogju.gif > https://i.imgur.com/GH0Mu5Z.gif _**- One more thing... -**_ Those feet are ... okay? Well, this is almost imperceptible and you do not pay attention to it, but it may be a bug, I do not know, I just saw it when I was recording the videos and I'm leaving that point here. > https://i.imgur.com/CrBNifa.jpg Later I'll do more tests to see if I can find anything else. Today I even learned to make gifs so I'm a little tired of editing, recording, cutting and everything else XD See ya. **_- Edit 16/03_** - The Q editions of the shapes were great. - The added smoke effect in the Zero Hour attacks were GREAT !! The AA of the passive looks really beautiful. It is currently one of my favorite forms. I also noticed more effects on basic attacks in other shapes, they were very beautiful. - I'm not sure, but the added effects and brilliance in the critical attack were perfect, too. - Recall of Zero Hour is still buggy. - Make the Royal Arms shine brighter. It is almost imperceptible. The gun is yellow already. The others are very visible, but not in them. Or make the glow more apparent in the course of the gun, or down the barrel.
: > [{quoted}](name=Improbus,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=POgqE10E,comment-id=00490000,timestamp=2018-03-13T16:09:42.263+0000) > > Exactly. They do not even respond to the comments because they know they are wrong, and any kind of response is going to be considered a ridiculous excuse. Which is fact. Too bad, a skin with so much potential thrown in the trash. And as you said, the way it is, they are still going to buy, I will go myself, because I love mf, but I feel sad to buy a cat for a hare. = / well not in my case i love mf but i don't support low quality products i pass with this one if they can't improve it.
The fact that the skin suffers from various problems, lack of effects and many other things, does not make it a bad skin. To my point of view, it's still a good skin, unfortunately not the same for you. Life goes on.
: Honestly I desist of send new ideas and points of improvement for the skin. They aren't caring about all the suggestions we are sending (specially some CONCRETE ideas in reddit like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/83ndis/i_did_some_tweaks_for_gg_miss_fortune/ (I really like this W!) and this https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/83ltc4/gg_miss_fortune_face_tweak/). They are not reading it anymore. They won't do nothing about it besides giving stupid excuses for not working in a ultimate skin with a lot of potential that don't receive the same attention that recent legendary skins got. Riot knows that some people will buy this anyway. This is too sad. Only expect some small changes in splash art.
Exactly. They do not even respond to the comments because they know they are wrong, and any kind of response is going to be considered a ridiculous excuse. Which is fact. Too bad, a skin with so much potential thrown in the trash. And as you said, the way it is, they are still going to buy, I will go myself, because I love mf, but I feel sad to buy a cat for a hare. = /
: I did these paintovers over the weekend showing some points about the skin that could improve. (I know are big changes, but it serves to illustrate my opinion) Additional effects during GUNS BLAZING (Like Arcade MF) https://i.imgur.com/qg3c6UQ.png Some new hairstyles to look more like Miss Fortune https://i.imgur.com/KWv1TcP.png Special EXO interface for each form during GUNS BLAZING or Bullet Time (with an option to turn off) https://imgur.com/a/C7VC8
: Hiii, friends! Thank you all so much for leaving your feedback here and elsewhere! Everyone on the team is reading through the comments. Sorry for taking so long to respond here. As you can expect out of a tech-intensive skin like GGMF, there are a lot of bugs. o_O I don't get to make the decisions here, but I can act as an advisory source of information and at least bring these points to the decision-makers. With all that said, I wanted to provide a bit of context on some of the common points brought up in this thread (and other online sources). **"WTF is up with her face and neck in the splash art?!"** * You can expect to see an update to this in the next PBE deploy! Hopefully the changes feel better to ya'll. **"Her VO doesn't sound like Miss Fortune! And why all the sexual lines?"** * Unfortunately, we couldn't get base MF's voice actress for this skin, so that was unavoidable. As for all the sexualized lines, we actually got that same feedback during the process to tone down the seductive lines and add more of that fierce Captain Fortune vibe, so we ended up adding in more "vicious" and "cutthroat" lines for events that tend to play more often (e.g. Long Move, Attack). We honestly feel good about the current state of her VO in regards to capturing MF in this universe. **"These forms look like _chromas_, change the models!"** * Unfortunately, there are limitations that prevent us from changing the models at this stage. We can make minor tweaks to the textures however. **"Why does the jetpack VFX blink?"** * With the way the VFX is set up to play from the animation, this is an unavoidable side-effect. We managed to make this a little less noticeable at least! **"The animations are way too close to base!"** * Keeping the animations fairly close to base was a concession that we had to make early on in development. If a marksman is going to be able to transform an unlimited amount of times throughout the game with varying particles (as well as a very different silhouette with her shoulder-pieces, exo-suit, and guns), we have to make tough choices to keep consistency with Base MF in several areas to maintain the MF read. **"Change the in-game portraits to match with the splash!"** * There aren't any plans to do this at the moment, but I can check with the team and see what they think. If we can leverage Elementalist Lux's tech and iterate on the splash easily, then there's a possibility, but the timeline is still super tight. **"Bring her back into production and re-release her at the typical Ultimate skin price."** * Mr. Cactopus addressed that [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/82pel6/riot_should_bring_back_gun_goddess_mf_in/dvbvyiu/). **"Change her VO lines to be different per form."** * She actually does have unique VO lines per form! Currently, we don't plan on expanding the current list of unique VO lines. **"There's a super annoying bug where she appears at the edge of the Fog of War!"** * This should be fixed now!
I really hate all of you. A skin with so much potential and you just do that pig job, badly finished, full of loose ends. BASIC things of an ultimate skin: - change portrait according to shape; - differentiated recall for each shape; - different speech for each shape; - ONE DIFFERENT HAIR for each shape; - different position (even SG MF has); - she has ONLY ONE laugh. ONE FCKNG LAUGH; - IT ONLY 4 SHAPES, ONLY 4, AND NOT EVEN GET DEVELOPED SOMETHING CAPRICHED ???? You want to justify this poorly done, unfinished work, with the fact that the skin brings "nothing new". How hypocritical can you be? They made a video saying that an ultimate skin takes into account news and experience. If you do not have the novelty, **AT LEAST GIVE US THE DAMN EXPERIENCE.** I will buy a skin for a price that is not even worth what it charges. Did you hit your head? What kind of brainstorming happened in your plans and projects? "Let's do anything, say it's an ultimate, lower the price a little, give any justifications, and when they give us feedback let's say we're going to TRY something "because" TIME does not allow for bigger changes." And you just ignore our feedback and refuse to fix a mistake on YOURSELF. And what is worse, wanting to **sell cat by hare**, is the worst thing that exists in the world, a company try to deceive the customer. "Okay, you do not like it, do not buy it", the point drug is not the one, you just throw something at us and we have to accept it. I just LOVE Miss Fortune and that's an insult. I WILL NOT TALK about the fact that you have NOT used the original voice-over, you could at least have made up for things you COULD and CAN do. I'm VERY ANGRY with all this damn situation and with that FALSE feedback from you. "Okay, I'll give you a simple answer, say we're TRYING." TRY IT, TRY IT, TRY, TRY, TRY. That's all you can say. I just can not accept that kind of attitude from a company that is said to care about the players' opinions. You just really want our money. And that's it. **DISGUSTED.**
: Hello! I made a reddit [thread here that got some attention](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/82iu8o/gun_goddess_mf_shouldnt_be_ultimate_and_here_is/) but as i tested the skin and updated my feedback constantly, here are some bonus feedback along the reddit commentary : - As i stated in the thread, it would have been far better if the idles for each form were a lot different than what they are currently, to add variety (it feels too base MF). - The ultimate has a unique animation shooting for each form, this is great, why isn't that the case for all abilities? She has 4 different weapons, no way she uses them the same way. Prove the people those are more than just chromas - Her portrait **needs** to change to adapt to her form, her hair color is different. You did that for Lux, you don't need the full splashes just the icon, please do consider. - Her particles for Q and E are soooooo light, i can barely see them sometimes, they really need more contrast or opacity, especially on white exo. - Again on the "chroma" topic, i feel like the majority would prefer if each exo had more unique design details than just weapons. Hats, Helmets, Sigils, anything that isn't just colors. And i'm talking model wise, not VFX. - On another topic, she doesn't have facial animations? Cmon...some champs do and some champs don't, it's totally random, but this is a one in a year skin... - I guess because of clarity, no way to make the walking animation different too based on the suit? At least the auto attack animation since different weapons. Let's be honest tho here, a lot of people agree the walking with passive looks like Vi because of the mecha hands up so, there goes clarity. - Again on the issue with models, it doesn't help that the color pattern for 3 of them is pratically the same [here](https://puu.sh/zCyNa/ff63a60847.png). Four forms and red/ash white/dark blue are a thing in 3 of those... - You guys ruined the hopes and dreams of all MF mains who waited and wanted a more serious VO to fit her real background. We ended up with juvenile sex jokes yet again... **Overall it just doesn't feel like a huge upgrade to MF like other Ultimate Skins did to their champions back then. The particles are too light and thin in a way they feel impactless. Her VO is uninteresting, trying to be badass but fails to make you listen (no real good lore, stupid catchphrases). Her movements are WAY too similar to base MF and along the familiar VO theme it ruins the feeling of a ultimate skin. And most of all of course, the models being too similar in forms and shape is the biggest issue of all. I'm not rediscovering MF here like i did with Lux or Udyr, i'm just seeing base MF in a suit. ** Three solutions as i see it : - Pull back the skin for a while, make it worth it for everyone in a way they'll blow their minds off. Screw the price, we'd pay 4k if each form is valuable. My reddit thread got 5k upvotes and on more than 900 comments i've read a lot of constructive comments saying the same things i do. Make a poll, try the people, they don't like it, don't force it on them. - Release it as it is with some minor tweaks, adopt a new skin tier and let the shitstorm evaporate while the design team lives with the guilt that they couldn't accomplish a special skin with passion when a majority found it to be underwhelming. Let's be honest here, the skin was very badly recieved and this isn't personal, i'm spending dailies on boards and reddit and other networks and the feedback is not looking good. - Bruteforce a lot of notable changes on PBE for these 2 weeks to come and delay a week if needed while bumping the price back to 3250 if you see fit depending on the tweaks. A good compromise to tell everyone you're listening and trying to do the best thing. *On a personal note guys, i've been around since season 2...i've seen a lot of this company's sides and most of the time i can say it was amazing and generous. I know how you work, i know what deadlines are, i remember the struggle iZac had for compact VFX on Lux, i have few hopes for big changes here but if anything i think the community will be relieved for the most part if they see anything happen. The connotation for a ultimate skin implies huge expectations.* *PS : had some issues with edits not saving but it should be ok now*
They said there are 4 to be able to change according to the game or my mood. But there is no difference in mood in the skins, it is the same in all. Unlike the Lux Elementalist, where each form has a humor. Recall the same in all ways, the floor is the same as the basic, only more grotesque due to the EXO, the only thing that changes is the ult in each one, without different photos for each form in game. If the Lux that has 10 changes, why mf with only 4 not ?! There's SO MUCH thing that needs to be added, changed, but that pork work ... Edit: And she has only ONE laugh. For an ultimate skin, have only 1 single laugh? wtf
: I think the skin looks awesome but I have seen people complain about her face looking off. Her current splash looks amazing aside from her nose. It's too short and upturned. My friend made the nose a bit wider and longer, and the tip not as turned upwards. She also widened the corner of her mouth. https://i.imgur.com/IssRNTk.png https://i.imgur.com/a7QzemL.jpg
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
Take a look. =/ https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/rakan-png--5
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Xayah!
I think the hair in the edited version got better, because the fringe got too big, which left her head small, needs a volume over her head to balance. And the clothes can also be improved. Take a look. https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/xayah-jpg--3
: Post in the live servers, PBE feedback is for current testing!
I've already tried. Just like twitter. But I get no response or feedback on any of them. Since the launch of the skins I made that observation and nothing was done. = /
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