: TFT Item Nerfs / Champion nerfs
1 Rage blade is fine and if it would get nerfed again it would be completely useless also capping it would be stupid 2 Nerfing an Item that's balanced because Asol is broken lmao no 3 The Dragon buff is not why he's broken m8 4 Draven is already fine 5 Nerfing assassin trait? are you drunk? it needs to get buffed not nerfed 6 Shapeshifter is balanced and would be only a mid-tier build when asol gets nerfed 7 Item is fine
: TFT and owned champion skins
You owning a league skin literally has nothing to do with TFT bad suggestion !
: ***
"however,realisticly speaking,if it actually happens,microtransactions will be involved (mostly eggs and little champs)." Just like TFT is already to confirmed to have on PC? "what worries me is if a pay-to-win method" Scaremongering nonsense and i'm as PC master race as anybody could be
: There are a couple of sites if you google it, even a twitter from Riot https://kotaku.com/riot-games-to-make-mobile-version-of-league-of-legends-1834951496 Regarding new game coming this year this has been known since the start of the year almost, again more than one Riot employee spoke about this, even devs.
Kotaku is a fake news site thus not valid for anything also is their new game going to be clumped into PBE as well? just like TFT? sad!
: https://pasteboard.co/IkFbXMQ.png So Nightblu3 can get instant access during a 2 week ban and I have to wait 26 hours to get booted off for "maintenance"????? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Are you a streamer with 6-8k viewers providing free advertisement for the company? no? then shut the fuck up also him getting banned for stupid shit he said about a shit game like League that has nothing to do with TFT is not relevant at all
: What pisses me off are those streamers and youtubers who never gave 2 shits about League and who are now easily getting PBE accounts and are given priority in queue... PBE isn't being used for testing, it's being used for advertisement.
"those streamers and youtubers who never gave 2 shits about League" They still don't because League is a shit game that Riot for some reason decided to clump TFT into bitch at Riot not the fucking streamers
: Rageblade is broken (TFT)
Rageblade is in a fine spot and if it would get nerfed again it would be a useless item and having it not stack infinitely anymore would not make sense
: TFT World Server
Hope they do it splitting the community is going to suck and ranked queue times are going to be hell there is no reason not to do this Underlords has one no reason that TFT could not have one
: well - is 31hrs reasonable ? is 17hrs resonable? nope .. i get you ... but what i mean after logging in it is more likely people won't log out. so for the people that are actually not playing but holding a spot .. to move on.. for the players that are at the time ready to play. thats my point. not just to kick the ones that suffer of course! and also - i like dat username POG
You wait an entire day to log in you leave your computer on through the night you wake up wait another 3 hours and you finally get in and then what? a reset and you're back in the queue that's not fair of course people sit on PBE and keep it open instead of logging off because they don't want to be in queue for another 24 hours to be able to play the game you only want this to happen so you can get in and then you would not want this to happen people who get in should not be kicked out
You want to play the game like everyone else ? you also want people who have waited for 17 hours to get kicked out so you can play? how is that fair? a reset is the last thing they should do no update should come to the PBE until monday so people who got in can actually play the game instead of randomly getting kicked out
: My Teamfight Tactics changes suggestion
Clarity/ease of use 1 Just use one on the internet no reason for riot to include this also it would make the game look worse 2 ? 3 it isn't supposed to be fair and that would look ugly and confusing 4 I agree but lag is not the reason you run into them it's because of the hitboxes ping has zero affect 5 You end up waiting in that round at the end extending it makes no sense and makes the game longer for no reason the only time you actually end up running out of time is when you're rolling mid-game 6 Items are already too broken the way it is right now you usually have to pick between the item and the champion doing this would remove that choice 7 The game should not reward you for making dumb mistakes it should punish you for it Basic Gameplay Fixes 1 I agree the map is too small but adding a line at the back makes no sense and would not be needed since what would happen is people would put their Units further up thus making it able for assassins to jump behind them instead of just next to them ( aka how it should be right now but isn't ) since putting them at the back would make them unable to attack and you would miss out damage that's how it works in DAC and Underlords and it would be the same for TFT 2 The game is supposed to be focussed on damage that's how it works 3 You would never do this not even in PVE rounds and RIot isn't going to add a random button for you even if you would use it and especially not when it would be hurting and stupid for you to use it 4 They get stuck because the game is coded on hexagons not squares thus they can't move and they get stuck which should be changed 5 That would make a lot of items useless and makes zero sense Fixing Hardcore Rng bias ( RNG can't be biased ) 1 You get rewarded for losing already losing the early rounds is a better outcome than winning them unless you go for a winstreak and don't lose a single round until the very last rounds and items should not drop at the end of each round the only way this would make sense if you would make it drop 1 item in PVE rounds guaranteed for everyone and you have a chance to get 2 items instead of 1 2 By gold champions you mean tier 5 champions? this would completely ruin the game and would make half the chess pieces completely irrelevant tier 5 is tier 5 for a reason 3 Free rerolls why? why would you do this? it ruins the economy of the game 4 It's a shared pool of champions as it should be also adding some bs pay to win mechanic into the game is the last thing they should do General balancing - 1 The item has been nerfed 2 times already and if you think it deserved another nerf i don't even the Item is in a good place right now nerfing it to 2% would make it completely useless 2 Already did that 3 Anti-fun lol stuns are fine 4 They literally did that last patch 5 "Tank items" every single tank item is balanced right now Items in general are in a good spot after the recurve bow nerfs 6 That would make him worse and Riot has already said they would have updates where they cycle out champions and release them with another ability and skin/buffs 7 That would be a huge nerf or it would make him look really dumb and it would end up being a small buff and Draven is strong if anything needs a small small nerf and not something that would completely gut him like the thing you are suggesting 8 That buff is already too strong and adding champions like Anivia too it would just completely break it 9 Fiora is fine the only thing they could do is give her like 30 hp level 1 that's about it also her buffs could literally not be better for her unless you randomly want to throw something on top of noble/blade master which would turn her broken for no reason 10 Her ability aiming is fine 11 No he doesn't he's balanced and thanks to his buffs and rarity can't be abused that hard ( after they hard nerf asol which better fucking happen next patch ) 12 Kassadin perfectly fits what's he is supposed to be ( Anti-Mage ) also he isn't weak late if anything he is way stronger late decent mid-game and pretty weak early and if you don't know how they would change him why even say this? 13 For once i completely agree Varus is horrible his ult deals virtually no damage and is insanely slow and because of this you can't even build AS on him so he only exists for the ranger buff 14 I haven't noticed this myself but fair


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