: Ok, garena released him just now: Differences to the Last PBE Iteration according to Lolwiki: Attackrange: 550->525 Passive: Timereduced to 10 from 12. Q. Instarelease from 750 to 700 Range, yet i feel the wikia Range was wrong there. It felt a lot less that 750. If this is true, they made my main concern about Q even bigger.Additionally You can hold Q for only 1.5 secs and don´t get your manarefunded anymore W: Range reduced by 100. 1000 from 1100 E: Range reduced by 50. 1000 from 1050 R: No change http://beta.lol.garena.ph/contentNewsSub.php?contentidselect=00000858&cat=NEWS&subcat=COMPETITIVE#xerath Results: If this was indeed all the changes, it goes once again against Playerfeedback. Feedback says, Xerath doesn´t feel rangedfocused....Riot nerfs Range... . Lets hope some Missilespeeds got adjusted along with it. P.S: Link for me to remember. Its a Redditpost that got ignored. http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1wkxfc/xerath_rework_v9v10_review/
Completely fucking agree. We have < 2 days left to play a champion that we love. Will the rework be better? Yes it definitely will. Will it be Xerath? Absolutely not. All those ignorant masses will never understand. All the xerath mains will feel cheated, rejected, ignored. Where is my fucking refund. I'm so mad Q isn't a self snare, if it was at least there would be some resemblance to live. But holy shit riot. Worst rework you have ever done. Here: More threads that have been ignored: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=45042809#post45042809 http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1xkk96/riot_destroyed_xeraths_identity_with_the_new/
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Fcuk you riot. There is no range or immobility in that kit. There is no stop, xerath time feeling. You even had to reduce the fucking range from his last alliteration. And you have the audacity to do this while ignoring thousands of replies saying don't ruin this champion for a whole month. Fuck you. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=45042809#post45042809
: How can you expect this post to be taken seriously with a Slang-typo in the topic.....
i really don't care. Its been three weeks and we've been ignored - yet some random post in gen discussion gets feedback on xerath and This doesn't. I just want the champion to feel like live. he doesn't have that feeling.
: More Xerathnews: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=44903959#post44903959 - Disconnecting Ultimate is intended - Mpen removed to make his target(squishy) more clear. Personally, i don´t like their reasoning, but atleast that´s something i can respect. It´s sad however that they remove so much choices Xerath had to make with that Kit.
: Gotta say, for all I've done to try and think objectively and positive about the rework, it's a shame that the international testers have to learn about core design decisions that are crucial to having coherent and consistent feedback on what needs testing and what's intended to stay in a random thread on the NA forum. All 9 of Zenon's posts here were made the same day with nothing afterwards, not even a peep. Nothing on the intended direction of the ultimate, reasoning for its particles/SFX, how Xerath hasn't retained anything of his identity outside of his Arcanopulse's (formerly)unique AOE skillshot type, how Xerath's combo is eerily similar to a Lux whilst having none of the kill potential, how ridiculously simple it is to dodge a Xerath ultimate and more.
All it would have taken was one post saying "*Look guys, I'm not the rioter who can post and work. i am reading the feedback, I understand that you have issues and am working on tweaks to his kit. Look to hear back from me in 2-3 weeks.*" Unstickying the thread was the biggest insult they could come up with. And based on the red posts in the thread COBTyrannon linked, when all that changes in the numbers it means the kit is ready for live. Why bother putting it to PBE if its ready to live and they aren't planning on using feedback?
: [Poll] Xerath's Q dealing more damage if you charge it longer.
Xelnath said in an earlier thread (one that wasn't ignored) that testing similar to vi/varus style where charging increased damage and range felt incredibly punishing against melee champions or people up in your face. there were two bad decisions you could make in that scenario. 1: Charge for max damage and apply nasus wither to self - Ha try to peel/run with that! or 2: deal no damage when you cast it. well that did a lot. Unlike janna tornado insta cast doesn't have CC. its a shame there is absolutely no communication about his issues. the slow should be replaced with self snare for longer range and faster charge time though.
: I think the main offenders are.. 1) charge up on q feels terrible 2) R has nothing to do with the rest of his kit. 3) e is super boring
I would say that the basic kit has absolutely no range to it. No one complains that morgana Q is boring, but xeraths e is. the sweetspot is a great idea, if I could actually use it at ranges xerath was designed to play at. Q should be a self snare to charge up (faster charge speed or course) just flat out. Juggling movement and direction is a huge part of clunkiness, and unlike Vi & varus he has a cast animation on top of that charge time.
: Truth be told; I believe Xerath is in an incredibly healthy state right now. You are correct about his ultimate however: it cannot be used the same way it was before. His ultimate has the same impact time as his old ultimate but half the AoE making it very easy to run out of, which is why I've had to adapt and change my mentality about his ultimate. Next time you play Xerath in a 5v5, use his ultimate to assist players from very far away as opposed to using it in mid lane. His ultimate is INSANELY easy to dodge in a 1v1 scenario because your intended target can dodge any-which way they'd like. Now let's add a friendly teammate to the equation chasing down your intended target. Your opponent now has VERY limited options for dodging with movement as they can only move very slightly to the left and right as moving backwards forces them into your teammates and moving forward just keeps them in the AoE. In short, Xerath's ultimate is no longer a "burst the heck out of the adc" ability and more of a "take advantage of the disorientation" to snipe some targets. Xerath's ult is very lack-luster when used in a 1-on-1 but INCREDIBLE in every other scenario. His base kit was designed to accommodate for the lackluster ult in 1-on-1 scenarios (IMO).
Well said. Agree with everything. Its so unfortunate he doesn't resemble xerath at all though
: More Xerathnews: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=44903959#post44903959 - Disconnecting Ultimate is intended - Mpen removed to make his target(squishy) more clear. Personally, i don´t like their reasoning, but atleast that´s something i can respect. It´s sad however that they remove so much choices Xerath had to make with that Kit.
Added my voice to yours, hopefully we can get some attention on critical issues. To be honest, i don't care that they removed magic pen or that his ulti is disconnected. I want my *STOP, Xerath time* feeling back. I want my WQW combo. I want a long range, siege mage. I want something that has to take risks being stationary to get rewards. And I'm fucking sick of being ignored - just like everyone else who has posted here. Don't make a feedback thread, lets hundred of users spend thousands of hours testing for you, and ignore every single response they make.
: ou can´t just always only see the bad things. Removed Bugs are a good thing!
Removed bugs are something thats going to be fixed before live regardless. There still hasn't been any progress on Xeraths identity as a champion in his new kit.
: GOOD NEWS! Soundbug is gone now and we can enjoy the new Soundeffects! E sounds a little bit underwhelming though. AND Tearbug is gone, same as sheen bug. Today was a good day! Hope he gets polished further!
Horray for +10 damage on ultimate....
: Bad News: Xerath will come out soon, meaning there probably won´t be changes anymore... http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4235763&page=3#post44796238 You can´t be serious!!! It´s unpolished. This rework is NOT ready to be shipped. It lacks severe gameplay issues. Stop ignoring the overwhelming criticism! Also i added a Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/WwE2TNM8
Completely agree. I don't understand how they can post a thread like this and ignore all community feedback. All they are doing is increasing and decreasing numbers, not fixing his playstyle or preserving the identity of live Xerath. Live Xerath is an Immobile, Long Range, Artillery unit, with great poke, excellent burst (probs too strong) who has his own niche playstyle and role in a team. PBE Xerath is just another mage. nothing is emphasized, not strength nor weakness. the only thing he feels good for is waveclear and lane dominance, and everyone knows we don't need another mage who does that: Ziggs, Gragas, Ahri, Zed, Riven, Syndra, Diana.... i'm not even going to bother to continue.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Are you planning on adressing any of the concerns and suggestions of people in this thread or are you just going to buff and nerf abilities like you seem to be doing without listening to community feedback? Whats the point of making a thread like this then? PBE Xerath has issues that can't be fixed with number balancing alone. You have removed the core identity of Xerath: Immobile *LONG* Range Artillery, weakness to gapclosers. With the exception of his ult, nothing feels like it has exceptional range or punishing trade offs for letting the enemy close. Yes the ult is disjoint from the rest of the kit, but I'm fine with that so long as his basic abilities feel like Xerath. Sorry if this sounds like a rant but its been like two weeks and you haven't changed shit. Xeraths identity is not preserved within this kit and numbers can't fix that.
: His hard counters, AKA anyone with a gap closer, are now so much stronger after the rework, you pretty much have no options against a kass, ahri, J4, or even a fizz.
You think he can be amazinag against gapclosers and still have his amazing range? His strength is his range, poke & waveclear. to compensate for this his weakness is squishy, immobile and bad against melee's. Even so, hitting the stun at point blank is easy, meaning you have an 80% slow you can't miss that at least gets some distance. Then there is zhonyas. He required coordination with his team.
: Hmm... good question... AP would be the obvious choice but, Veigar already has that... MR would be really overpowered but, plausible. Maybe infinitely increasing range? Maybe every time you land a skill-shot (on a champion) that spell has its ranged increased by X and, to balance this you could have diminishing returns over time like the old thresh souls. This way you would be rewarded for intelligent use of your skills.
nasus is broken for a reason. We don't need more champions scaling so hard it doesn't matter what they itemize, because their kit gives them damage equal to gold they cant spend when item capped.
: If we don't like the rework can we get a refund for our skins and the champion? If it's changed to the point where it is no longer what I bought I would like the ability to refund it. I despise this rework but, my argument has been made and ignored blatantly so I will not repeat myself here. Tis unfortunate that such a unique champion be turned into a mishmash of other champions with very little flow and all his unique elements removed (Except his range which has just been made clunky and difficult to use). Anyway I'm rambling. Point is I would like the option for a refund if I dislike the rework. It only seems fair.
you get 3 refunds. use one of those
: His stun is way too unreliable to ever beat out annie. And his Squishyness doesn´t help either. Slow on W is too weak. Maybe he is fun as support, but he´s definitely not strong.
Annie is great as a support because tibbers & shield. Tibbers AoE dps is insane. His ability to tank towers & dragon for you wins you thek early game. And those resistances off the shiled wins you every trade where they target you and tibbers wins every trade where they target the adc. Xerath (V9) is much more like idk lulu or Karma in this regard. His safety & poke potential are insane. He fills a different role to annie support and they can't really be compared. Pair him with a caitlyn and the range that you can hit E's makes him better, with the followup on W & Q all without taking damage in return. Personally I prefer long ranged skillshot stuns to short ranged aoe ones in lane, because *if* they miss you don't lose out on anything. they are better at catching people out since the range is much better, but a 3-4 man AoE stun like tibbers in a teamfight will just win it guaranteed.
: I have a small review of Xerath's rework and opinions on how it may or may not be changed to help finish his rework and have it on Live. **Passive-Overwhelming Power:** This passive is a bit excessive due to the fact that it causes Xerath to be able to permanently sustain in his lane even without Blue Buff. Getting 30/60 mana per second at level 1 every 12 seconds causes a lopsided laning phase because in general harassment involves a couple AAs with an ability sprinkled in. This passive allows Xerath to harass using nothing but his abilities for free essentially. Idea to change passive: To improve upon his passive while not changing it entirely I would suggest something along the lines of adding to the cooldown of it (12 seconds is nice but not enough), or lower the amount of mana restored (30/60 at level 1 is cool but 20/40 would be more reasonable). **Q-Arcanopulse:** I really like and appreciate how this is like the Varus channel spell and think that it works exactly how it should. As the main harassment spell however, I believe that the ratios are slightly higher than they should be. Idea to change Q: Only the ratios really need a change. I'd suggest 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.7*AP) **W-Locus of Destruction:** I really like these changes and see nothing wrong with it. **E-Stasis Orb:** As much as I like this ability I feel that the 2 second stun at the maximum range is more than it should be. I know that there are other champions with stuns/fears that last as long if not longer than this however you have to think and remember that they last longer only at Rank 5 or mid-late game. Xerath's usual lane opponents (Annie, Ryze, Morgana just to name a few) have short stuns that either grow more powerful or last longer as the game progresses. Since Xerath's can be skillshot to be at that already powerful time from the beginning it makes him a super strong lane phase dueler that can make his opponent have to back faster than I believe should be. Idea to change E: Rather than having the Stasis Orb have a range progressive stun, a flat stun or a stun by rank duration would better suit his kit. If going a flat stun time 1.0 or 1.25 seconds would be nice. If stun by rank duration I believe 1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 seconds would be sufficient enough to hold. **R-Ascension:** I really like this ability and how the projectile comes from Xerath itself rather than just appearing like it did beforehand, it allows for a greater amount of time to react I believe much like how Corki's ability was reworked. All in all I am liking this rework, I only feel there are a couple things left to modify before this can go Live.
The stun by distance is what emphasizes Xeraths weakness to gapclosers and strength against ranged characters. I find it the best part of his kit and Io hope they don't remove it. Stuns with rank are just so standardized, its nice to have something new for a change.
: Someone has yet to explain me, why Kassadin, Yorick, Teemo or Leblanc are fun to play against. All of them make me hate the game when i have to play against them. Regardless of their Winrates.
I disagree with the leblanc, since you can build some early MR and shove her to turret so she loses a heap of farm, but kass, teemo & yorick are all not fun. Kass is getting adjusted to be a melee assassin with mobility rather than a ranged one. They are tuning his W to be a large part of his burst so he has to get close instead of just 100-0 with dfg q e. Teemo is just a fuck.
: I played against a Yasuo yesterday and my Q went right through his wind wall. and a friend told me it penetrates sivir's spellshield too, is it supposed to have that ability or is it just a bug?
atm i'm 99% sure it isnt coded as a spell.
: My problem is not his QWE. It's his R that bugs me. (And pretty much the majority of people that main Xerath). Let's get our facts straight: **Pros:** *More counterplay* allowed from the enemy. *Extreme range* allows picking off enemies from afar. Does *good damage*- although *not as good as his original ulti.* **Cons:** If you land his E on max/almost max range, *he can still perform the famous problematic combo E>RRR*, therefore the new kit doesn't really fix that. The new ulti is *less satisfying to land* due to the punishing mechanics for hitting multiple targets. *It doesn't feel like a god mode*, but it actually can feel pretty stressful since it has a very good chance of failing miserably due to the tiny AoEs. Best case scenario is to pick up a fleeing enemy or two. (Syndra, Ziggs, Ez, Lux, all have ultis that allow counterplay and still feel (and look) omnipotent, you don't need something OP for it to be powerful and cool.) This new ulti is *completely irrelevant to the rest of his kit* since you have to choose to ult OR use your QWE, as they're mutually exclusive. **All in all I prefer his old ulti anyday, since the new one can *still* 100-0 a guy with no possible counterplay (so that's not fixed). However, except for its range, it's worse than the old one in every other aspect. **
but his q/w/e are better than the old kit in every aspect, and the passive as well. Yes the r is disjoint, but it isn't impossible to hit and it isn't impossible to dodge, so there is good balance. Its also a pretty clear choice as to when to use ulti. Are they within QW or E range? if not use R and try kill them. It has its uses.
: It his casting time that is bad. Also i can't fire his ult as fast as on live.Plus it has smaller dmg area.
cast time on ult does get annoying, but it doesnt matter when you use it from 2-3000 units away. I'm fins with cast time on Q. i've gotten used to it.
: Xerath stun does not effect Lux if she use her ultimate final spark. Lux will just walk around with the stun mark over her head without its effect.
Same as if you stun a Xin while he uses E
: Howdy, from a tottaly "noob" to PBE perspective, overall ... I find Xerath rather ineffectual. I am quite literally answering the questions provided in the initial post. I'd be happy to respond to other concerns. "Does the ultimate feel good for Xerath and for his enemy? Is it overly stressful to try and dodge it?" I find that his ultimate doesn't have enough reward to have such a small aoe and the multichamp limitation. The scaling is poor, at full build ... roughly 350 dmg a bolt ... if it hits? Sure it's a neat assassin move ... but it just doesn't have enough ... I don't know the word, but I found it lacking. It seems not worth using to be frank. The cooldown seems much too long for it to be of any real value. Does Xerath ever hold shots in his ultimate or does he always fire them off rapid-fire? I found myself not using all 3 ... I also ended up using it for clearing, as that was more useful. Alla, Lux ult ... but 1/3 the dmg and 3x the cooldown ... How safe is Xerath in lane? Xerath has no counter play to champs like Yasuo, Zed etc. Once you miss the pathetic stun ... what is one to do ... cast w for an ineffective slow?
You should be clearing creeps from 1400 range against these champions. The only way they can approach you is to towerdive. If you miss the stun and let them close, you deserve to be punished. In teamfights he needs his team to peel. Also zhonyas.
: Yes I have, but i can name a dozen of other champions who do the same? Xerath is not over powerd like ziggs, with a winratio of 56%.
Just because someone isn't op doesnt mean they are problematic for the enemy team and unfun to play against. hence why morelly keeps nerfing irelia, rengar, poppy & sion into oblivion
: Hes old pasive made him more safe. With he's new passive. I dont know what to say but yeah. Something that could be visual updated. Instead of making he's Q come from he's head. Make it from he's chest like lux.
new passive makes him mana independent. His range on Q & w makes him safe.
: **Some initial thoughts.** Hopefully intended, **W** still lands if death occurs after cast. Hilarious to die but still watch an arcane meteor land and smash your opponent. This skill feels pretty unoriginal, but is satisfying to use properly and the visual is great. **Q:** charge above head is a bit awkward looking. Why not have him charge in front of his chest where his power seems to focus anyway. He fires from there and it would still have a strong visual queue for opponents. Use of it feels good. The delay after cast takes some getting used to but simply requires predicting opponents path. This can be challenging and is intended I would assume. I find it interesting that people complain about this and that his laning is too easy in the same paragraph. **Passive:** Feels satisfying especially on champions. Encourages good mechanics if being engaged on, get those extra AA's while kiting! Also feels a bit uninspired as you don't make any tactical decisions with it for the most part you will AA same as normal. **R:** Feels a bit delayed after initial activation. I think the actual explosion particle on impact should be slowed down for aesthetic reasons. A bit hard to gauge how this feels without sound. (Hopefully sounds like a tactical nuke.) Mechanically feels good. Field of explosion is small enough for opponent to have some counter play/juking. **E:** Visual might be improved by putting an actual stasis field around opponent. Would feel much more satisfying to land and would really give a visual queue to your teammates in team fights. Get HIM! He's in an arcane bubble! Just enlarge the particle and give transparency when surrounding enemy champ after impact. Sorry I'm giving extra homework on this one. Overall he is much more dynamic and fun to play than before. I like the direction of the rework.
Main complaints with Q is it isn't snapy on an instant cast and the raneg doesn't feel that great. Also the slow is annoying because it draws similarities to projectile based charge mechanisms Vi & Varus which throws you off for the cast time. That doesn't mean its a great laning spell, but 90% of his laning prowess atm is his Passive nullifying his mana problems.
: Hi there, I am Cars The Just from EUW, Xerath is one of my favorite champs and here is what i have to say: The changes in stats: **Old Xerath:** Q: 0,6 W: ... E: 0.8 R: 0.6, total of 1.8 **PBE Xerath: ** Q: 0.75 W: 0.6 - 0.9 (outside the center/ center of his w) E: 0.45 R: 0.3, total of 0.9. If you count the ap ratio's, the old Xerath has an total of 3.2 after hitting every spell. The PBE Xerath as 2.7 (outside the center of his w) or 3.0 (center of W) This means the ap ratio's after hitting a full combo is nerfed 0.3-0.6 in AP ratio. But after this, his E is way harder to land and count on because it is an skill shot, so the chance you get a full combo off, is quite hard. Also to get a ''full'' combo off, has become way harder then before. This is mainly because of the ultimate, wich wont allow you to move or use other attacks. Also his new ultimate cannot be spammed hard after the stun to get the kill, because it moves slower. The old combo was ERQRR, or something like it. The New combo will be something like WEQRRR. Wich will be way harder to pull off. Now going into each skill. **Passive: Pros**: mana sustain, usefull. **Cons**: less armor late game. **Q: Pros**: longer range without W **Cons:** the cast time and slow are super annoying and bad. This will be the main trigger to me to find Xerath annoying to play. **W: Pros**: another waveclear/dmg ability gives more presence in lane without your ultimate. And this gives a little bit more cc to Xerath to the slow. **cons:** where is my movement speed?! where is my magic pen?!?! where is my true dmg with void staff?! ?! ?! This ability was the one that made Xerath who he was, the massive range massive magic pen burster. **E: Pros:** has the possibility to stun longer then before, but that has a small chance. **Cons**: hard to land, ap ratio gone bad. Cant rely on the stun since it travels slow and hits minions. **R: Pros**: longer range. **Cons:** less aoe, wich can be dodged easialy. Longer cast time, wich wont allow you to burst someone in 1 sec as you could before. Where is my ap ratio?!?1 where is my aoe dmg ratio?!?! This ability gave Xerath huge presence in fights because of the quick burst high dmg. The quick burst and high dmg is both reduced. So this is mainly a finisher, also becaue you cant move or use other abilities inbetween. After all this information I just wrote down, I think i came to an conclusion how to make Xerath more fun with the remake: Dont change the ultimate to much. The ap ratio is bad, cast time, hit time is all worse then before. If he could move when casting, some problems will be gone. But also the hitbox and ap ratio need to go back as it was, to make him a good mage. I hope you guys (riot) can use my opinion, goodluck with the remake. PS: I like Xerath the way he is right now, compared to the one who is on PBE at the moment. Cars The Just.
Thats why its called a re-work, and not buff or nerf. Have you ever played adc against a mid Xerath onn live? Just randomly walk in the middle of your team and get ERQRR 100-0 and there is nothing anyone can do because the Xerath is behind 2 walls with 64% magic pen and a 3.5 per AP ratio? not fun for the enemy. The rework flows much better, there is none of that inherant clunkyness which is caused by the W. You neglected base damage in your calculations. Live Xerath W does no damage. V9 does. You can't call something broken or useless by looking at text only.
: Possible Bugs - Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge went right through the stasis orb stun - Ascension's root didn't actually root me, I could click right out of it at any time - At times, on the edges of the tower range it seemed a few times that when I attack an enemy champion the tower didn't target me. Or when it did maybe it was slow to recognize the damage to a champion for some reason, I feel like I had a lot of time to back away from the tower. The only time I have played the old Xerath has been in ARAM. I have always found him to be very strong maybe even unfairly so, but have never chosen him in a Classic game, not sure why, maybe because his game pace is a little slow. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the new Xerath, just played him in a quick bot game to get the feel for him. Game Play and Ideas - Overall I enjoyed playing him but I found his game play even slower with the loss of his combo stun - Given his overall power, his base attack damage seems a bit high, seemed really easy to last hit minions - maybe re-introduce the combo for the stun, keep the stun with stasis orb, but maybe an enemy champ needs to be electrocuted for the stun to activate from another ability (like Brand's stun) otherwise the orb just does damage. - Locus of destruction seems really powerful, maybe it was doing full damage even on the edges? Or maybe reduce damage on the edges more or even eliminate damage on edges but keep the slow. - I did noticed the slower movement with Arcanopulse but it didn't seem to matter because the range expanded so fast. It could be cool if he slowed to almost a stop. Could be cool as well if it charged the amount of damage (with a low end base , high end max of course). - Is there a range on Ascension? It would be neat if there was a range and as the circle grew out from you it revealed the terrain and champs so you could target people that you couldn't originally see (not in bushes or stealth). Those are my thoughts for now. Hopefully they are helpful. Now time to try him in a real game!
Can confirm Xin E appears to ignore stuns on stasis orb. It happened to me. he took damage and had stun icon but kept moving as if not cc'd.
: A good friend of mine, crims0nangle. Has come up with a different iteration of this rework that essentially only changes his ultimate in a major way. I think this version fixes a lot of the issues with the synergy of his ultimate and with his overall issue with starting engagements. This is also good because it doesn't involve any major mechanical changes besides his ultimate. Please I beg of you consider this as an alternative to the current set up. His current kit falls apart at the seems in the late game and, against skilled opponents. **crims0nangle's Post:** **Overwhelming Power:** PASSIVE: Xerath gains 1% + (.5% × level) magic penetration on his basic abilities. Upon reaching zero mana Xerath feeds on the essence of magic restoring X*(X amount of AP) worth of mana over the course of X seconds. After the activation of this ability it goes on a 45 second cool down. **Q: Arcanopulse:** CLICK TO CHARGE: Xerath roots himself in place and begins charging, increasing the range of Arcanopulse over the next .75 seconds. After 4 seconds, Arcanopulse cancels or moving while charging or charged. While charging and after charged xerath remains able to cast other spells and auto attack. SECOND CLICK TO FIRE: After a brief cast time (.5 seconds), Xerath fires a beam of energy in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit. (Note: Max charge time plus cast time should not exceed 1.25 second doing so as showed in the math’s GREATLY hinders this ability.) ***Ascended Arcanopulse:*** (cost: 1 charge) After a brief cast time (.5 seconds), Xerath fires a beam of energy in a line the deals magic damage to all enemies hit. (No charge required, already at max range) **W: Locus of Destruction:** ACTIVE: Xerath calls down a blast of arcane energy, which strikes after a 0.5 second delay dealing magic damage and slowing enemies in a target 225-radius area by 10% for 2.5 seconds. Enemies hit directly (180-radius area) take 60% increased damage and are slowed by a greater amount instead. The empowered slow decays down to 10% over the duration. ***Ascended Locus of Destruction:*** (cost: 1 charge) ACTIVE: Xerath calls down a blast of arcane energy, which strikes after a 0.5 second delay dealing magic damage and slowing enemies in a target 225-radius area by 10% for 2.5 seconds. Enemies hit directly (`200-radius area) take 60% increased damage and are slowed by a greater amount instead. The empowered slow decays down to 10% over the duration. **E: Stasis Orb:** Xerath fires an orb of energy forward in a line that detonates upon striking an enemy champion, dealing magic damage and stunning them for between 0.5 and 2 seconds. The stun duration is longer the further the Stasis Orb has traveled. The orb is able to pass through monsters ***Ascended Arcane Blast:*** (cost: 1 charge per blast) Xerath calls down a blast of arcane energy, which strikes after a 0.5 second delay dealing magic damage to enemies within a 225-radius. Can be cast up to 3 times. **R: Ascension:** ACTIVE: Xerath anchors himself to his current location, briefly revealing the surrounding area for up to 10 seconds, all spells are replaced with their ascended form, cool downs reset and mana is replaced by 5 charges which can be used to cast Xeraths Ascended ability’s. In addition, spell penetration granted from Overwhelming Power is doubled while in this state. Recasting this ability or running out of charges cancels it. I also started thinking up things for his tool ti to say such as his ult: For a brief while (10 seconds) Xerath sheds his sarcophagus of sealing power releasing all of his wrought arcane energy’s
Xelnath mentioned he tried and tested a version where the ult amplified every other ability and it didn't work. It was too broken if the ult did something and useless if it didn't.
: One simple Item! Banshees. Xerath isn´t able to kill you with that unless you position poorly. And then you deserve to die!
yeah, but you can pop banshies with q, and follow up withk a combo any time in the next 25 seconds. Most champions struggle to pop banshies due to single target projectiles. You can't bodyblock for Xerath Q.
: Scaling Range on Skills beside Ultimate is bad for the enemy because he can´t get used to the range. Qs damage got already buffed from live. its pretty easy to farm now actually :/ Do you mean melee instead of ranged Minions?
The base damage isn't enough to one hit the caster creeps until you get enough AP. For anyone who buys boots 2, forced to grab chalice or seekers against an AP/AD assassin lane he doesn't have enough. Compared to similar spells like TF Q or Ziggs Q that are used for instant clearing, the base damage is 15-20 lower at max rank with a 0.1 increased AP ratio. that doesn't break even until 150AP which you don't get in time to 1 hit ranged creeps. I understand where you are coming from on the W change, Zac E is one instance where they broke the rule, and a large number of adc's have scaling AA range either with spells or without Jinx, twitch, tristana (AA & E), kog'maw that aren't problematic. The reason I suggested the scaling with rank is because if its 1200 from rank 1 it would be hugely strong in lane, the harassment without fear of counter attack would be completely unfun for the enemy. But 1000 range doesn't feel emphasized like Xeraths ranges are supposed to be.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
**Major Things to change:** * Rework isn’t Xerathy enough. Xerath is long range but immobile. Q W & E feel like average range spells in comparison to other champions. R is the only thing that makes him feel immobile. Slow on Q is just annoying. * Q should be a self-snare instead of slow. Slightly faster charge time would be good, and ability to hold it for no more than 4 seconds, cancelling with movement commands. A self-snare would also help people realise it isn’t a projectile based charge up like Vi or Varus, because it has its own mechanics. * Q should have its minimum range increased, and snapfire made snappier. Its just feels clunky atm. Max range could be increased slightly as well but it feels longer than its indicator (match the varus Q mechanics 850->1475). * W should have its range scale with rank, starting at 1000 (current range I’m pretty sure) rank 1 and 1200 (leona ult) for rank 5. Everything else about this is great. * E should have a lower minimum stun time (0.25-0.5 seconds) currently too good at peeling (in combination with W) against bruisers. * E needs to have a longer range and slower speed, with better visual/sound effects to represent the power of the WQRRR that *will* follow up. I think morgana Q would be a good fit here 1300 range & 1200 speed. * Passive is quite strong. Reduce the amount restored from minions & make it triple against champions. Make blue buff or something be required on him. Maybe higher mana costs could offset this, but they are already fairly large. Or reduce the cooldown & mana restored, so he has to come closer more often to get the same rewards. This is a pretty good solution imo because it doesn’t hurt mid Xerath much since he will be AA’ing anyway, but reduces the safety of support xerath by forcing him to close. * Reduce the power of support Xerath without hurting mid Xerath. Stun W Q from such safety, and then 1 auto to restore all that mana again isn’t much of a risk. **Minor Changes that would help:** * 10-15 more base damage on Q at maximum rank. Its hard to stay ahead of the AP curve and 1 shot the caster creeps, but equally annoying to waste a W to finish them off. * Add some utility to his ultimate. Its not the thing you are always going to use in a teamfight (like ziggs’) double damage to creeps could really help clearing side waves or isolating enemies and give it more than one use. * Shave 5-10 seconds of the CD of R. Currently it feels long for what it can do. Perhaps add restores some cooldown based on number of shots withheld to help too, as there is 0 incentive to do that atm. * Passive 99% useless post laning phase. Consider allowing his skills to restore base amount when hitting champions only.
: I won't comment on anything but his abilities, since it's been established that his laning phase is good and can be played very safely. * The current numbers and kit functionality suggest something which any Xerath player would be displeased at; exclusive emphasis on single-target burst, as opposed to his tactical nature in live, which allows him to choose between assassinating a key target or shredding everything in a teamfight.(including tanks, big emphasis here). * Although it's obvious that Locus of Destruction's mechanic will stay in one for or another, please consider reintroducing the area damage shred aspect of Xerath's playstyle in one form or another. His Locus could have some % health damage to its bullseye mechanic, to give him back some of that powerful teamfight tank-shredding he has on live. * Another thing to be taken into consideration is that half his abilities completely disable use of his kit (Arcanopulse channel, Ascension) which, if the current play pattern stays, should be considered as proper detriments to give him more benefits elsewhere. * His Arcanopulse feels just spot-on in terms of base damage and scaling, although the visuals for it need some cleanup. The current implementation of Xerath in the PBE needs to address the following; * Implementation of faster charging per rank of Arcanopulse - This will allow for a cohesive and balanced earlygame while transitioning to a mechanic akin to the current "snapcast" combo of Locus of Power - Arcanopulse. * In the current Xerath kit there's an overt emphasis on chaining a stun into Locus of Destruction, which I find problematic due to the skill's binary nature; it's underwhelming and a waste of mana if you didn't manage to get a stun off. I feel the center should be expanded by a marginal value to allow the user skillful use without feeling obligated to only use it when the target's stunned. * The ultimate feels unrefined and far too simple to counteract in the lategame environment, with little warning to the enemy while being needlessly difficult to hit with often little reward for it, unless the target's extremely low on health( 32% or lower approx.). Even if Xerath is fed the ultimate dosen't feel as powerful as it should. * His ultimate's expanding radius needs to have some particles to it instead of an opaque red line, think something similar to Half Life's Portal Storm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDI_DK1qO28 * If holding charges is something to be desired, the reset mechanic should be based around it: have it refund 15% of the cooldown per charges not used, this could allow Xerath to use his ultimate for more utility-based assistance, or savor charges if he deals lethal damage before all charges are used.
Agree with the last point. There is no reward for holding charges, so you fire them off asap unless you are so far away from danger you cant contribute with QWE. I found the base damage on Q about 10 too low at max rank, it just needs that little bit extra to insta clear the ranged creeps without having to waste a W. Charge time on Q could only be increased imo if there were more risk to charging for a shorter duration - like a self root instead of slow. i'm all for the idea, it would help differentiate the spell from projectile based charge ups like Vi Q & varus Q.
: I upgraded mine to a Farsight orb, so that might explain it. And even if it has a long cooldown, if you find a champion they're revealed for some time afterwards, allowing you to nuke them at your leisure. Of course, if you and your team have good ward coverage, it works to the same effect. You can chain ults with a Twisted Fate on your team, or use Teemo's seemingly endless shrooms to help find the enemy as well.
yeah level 3 blue is actually decent, but selling a trinket denies youself 3 minutes of vision and starting with blue is a waste of an item slot.
: After a Xerath (V9) game I gotta say it has some potential... BUT Q seems a bit off - I get the part with charge-up slow but why is there also a delay on the spell landing is beyond me. CoBTyrannon described it as something missing. I would go even further. I really enjoy the way Varus' Q is charged up - there is no delay between firing it and getting the visual feedback. With Xerath, it seems a bit detached. W nice spell, no argument there - just make the animation a bit more engaging - just a bolt of energy doesn't really feel right. E good too. I even like the visual. R needs to feel like 3 little NUKES and it doesnt.... otherwise, mechanically, great spell. Scale Garen's ult down and use that for the ult visual and it's gonna be great. Gotta playtest some more :)
The delay has to be there because it isn't a projectile like varus Q of Zac E. Despite the fact that you are charging it up, there is no visual indicator for where you are aiming until you release. if there was no delay there wuold be no way to dodge. However, the fact that it's a slow draws similarities of Varus Q & Vi Q that are both projectile based, making it harder to get used to the ability as a whole. It would be more unique and easier to grasp/master if it were a self snare instead of slow, with slightly faster charge time to compensate.
: The ult can be annoying for enemy team since its hard to dodge it. anyways i like him, :) I like what you did to he's Q, but yeah it seems a bit off The new E is amazing i enjoy it alot. Xerath isnt the best escape champ, akali could destroy him.
Thats the point. He is sposed to be screwed by melee's with multiple gapclosers.
: No that is not what I am saying , Ofc he has to have his weaknesses I am just saying that put his root to some other spell because his ultimate is weaker than what it was before and he should be able to move freely while doing it but since they have increased the range I guess this makes sense. But to be screwed completely over gapclosers is not really the best idea , he has to have some counter play. Sorry if i didn't express my words correctly.
0.75 second stun & 2.3 second 80% slow on 10 second cooldowns now enough tools to deal with melee's? Personally I think he is *too* safe, especially when you consider the stun if often going to be longer and his range means he has to be zoned out *that* much further that everyone else. But i agree with you Q should be a self root, although I don't think R should be removed.
: I don't think Xerath[Rework V9] should have his E stun duration depend on distance from enemy hit. Now he can't use it as reliably to gain some range with the stun, with so many champions with gapclosers. Why would Xerath[Rework V9] want to hold shots on his ultimate? He can't use any other spells during Ascension, and can't move either, if his enemies move out of range. He will just lose damage if he doesn't use all his charges so he can use the rest of his spells. Also, you should make his ult more clear as how to use the charges, like "Xerath can recast the spell to..." instead of just saying it gives him 3 bolts that deal damage.
Weakness to gapcloser is the price he pays for domination of everything ranged.
: I was very excited about the Xerath rework, but after trying it on the PBE, not so much. One of the biggest problems I noticed was his now diminished ability to hit fleeing targets. A great part of the fun of live Xerath is his huge range and ability to pick off people running away. Someone else also mentioned it earlier and did the math showing how his current Q, although having theoretically the same range, is incapable of quickly hitting far away targets. Another thing I really dislike is his ult animations. While the effects for the rest of the skills look good, his ult looks SO WEAK. Imagine Annie, except instead of dropping a flaming bear, but a cute little puppy with a mean bark. Also, this rework is taking away so much of his late game power (spammable ult, 40% mpen, AOE dmg). In contrast, he feels stronger in lane/mid game, but no longer dominates late game.
His burst potential goes up by 0.6 AP and roughly 7-800 base damage on isolated targets. that compensates for the 40% magic pen. His ult on rework isn't apamable, but he actuially has 3 abilities to shoot while its down instead of just 2. in short, he does more while his ult in on cd, and contributes more thanks to bettery CC.
: He seem pretty good. Has a easier play feel. At first I was thinking maybe over powered, but I guess it all comes down to if you are good at skill shots-- so maybe it works? Only problem I see is when I use his charged Q, he stops and sits there-- will not auto attack unless I give him the command. Not sure if that was intended.
I've had the same bug. it also doesnt charge tears or proc lichbane.
: My first encounter with Xerath was against him in a noramals. He played support and his CC was pretty intense. His poke is out of this world and the range on his stun was a huge problem. His damage was high enough that he was stealing cs from their adc which was beneficial for us but the range combined with the speed at which the spells were cast was very strong. Playing as him on the other hand was a blast. You can safely poke and deal damage from a long ways away without worrying too much about mana as long as you have some sort of mana management about you. Clean up on escaping enemies is possible due to the range on his ult and being able to rip out 3 of them only helps. Those being said I only have a few brushes with him and imagine my views on him will change.
You seem to with the majority of people here. Against ranged enemies there is no one who is a better pick than xerath. he punishes people hard who can't close on him, and his passive mana restore is frankly broken. Against melee people he struggles (especially 2 or more) because he can only stun 1 target, can't run away and use his major damage source (Q or R) and W has a fairly long cooldown. Support Xerath needs a nerf of some kind, but mid xerath doesn't (same problem as annie on live). Hitting the passive is a good idea imo.
: Morello said that he's OK with people quitting because their champion was nerfed too hard, but not Ok with people quitting because the enemy champion is OP. Well i'm against both cases. Morello (using his name here, although it's the whole balance team's opinion he voices) may not give a shit about casual players as long as the championship meta is balanced, but for me, it sucks both when the enemy champion leaves no room for counterplay, but also when my champion is not competent. So yeah, Xerath now cannot 100-0 you from afar. (Lux still can, though.) His enemies are happy. But what about Xerath himself? I mean, if the whole matter was "yes the ulti is random, but at least it doesnt have rhe same problems as the old one (even if it kinda sucks in relation to Xerath's niche), so we're OK with it" then we better move on to new MOBAs cause LoL is soon gonna tranfsorm into a nerf-arena where there are (1)damage dealers that just take up space, (2) minions, (3) tanks that do more dmg than damage dealers, with no offensive items at all. *Sorry for the hate but the essence of what i'm saying is legitimate.*
Have you played this version of Xerath? his ridiculous burst damage potential on live is 1330 + 3.2 per AP EQRRR at 40% penetration. He can do all of that withing a 2 second window, and since he has an undodgable 1.5 second stun, the enemy has <0.5 seconds to react and dodge or they will die. Not fun for the enemy. When his ultimate is on cooldown, all xerath brings to the table is a long range poke every 5 seconds with low base damage and average scaling. This version of Xerath has a total burst potential of 1988 + 3.735 AP. Yes he loses his penetration, but the larger damage more than compensates. Whats more, he can't burst you unless he lands a skillshot (stun or slow) which is dodgable making it fun for both him and the enemy. His ultimate has global range, meaning he can snipe people off and doesn't have to be in danger to contribute. the window of time for such a burst is longer - about 3-4 seconds to spam absolutely everything, but at least the enemy can react. His ultimate is down? Don't worry, not only can you poke from huge distance every 5 second like before but with a 25% stronger ratio, you can stun people using skillshots and nuke them with your W. there is so much more to do when the ultimate is off cooldown. Reworks aren't about creating something so broken you pick it or you lose. They are about creating meaningful experiences & interactions between different players/champions and removing the toxic & frustrating elements of the game. This re-work has by far and away done that. I'm not saying its perfect, I personally don't think its Xerathy enough (Long range on everything, immobility while long range and weakness to getting closed on) but it is far more fun to play and play against. This version of xerath has counterplay. Its competent. It does damage and leaves windows of weakness. I have no idea what you're complaining about, and i fail to see the legitimacy of your arguement.
: Xerath's q skill can't stack tear of goddess. Is it a bug or meant to be?
bug. Lichbane & sheen don't proc either from what I have heard. It probably means the spell has been coded as a minion not a spell.
: Hey guys! I like the new Xerath very much and here is the suggestion: For recommended items put {{item:3342}} as the recommended trinket. Will work great with his ultimate
If only it didn't have a 3 minute cooldown... Buts yeah i agree.
: I think that the range on his W could definitely be increased, as the ranges on his W and E do not quite have very much synergy with his Q unless you get up close to burst. building up the Q to poke from a ways away is fun, but it ind of leaves out his other basic abilities unless you close in which kind of goes against the defining feature of Xerath. I love the range on his Ultimate, but it is disconnected from the rest of his abilities, which is a little disappointing.
my thoughts exactly. If e had the range of a morgana binding, and W scaled to that of a leona ult (with rank or just from rank 1) then he would be a long ranged caster. As is, he just feels standardized and average.
: **...which is basically the same with live E>Q>RRR, exactly!** So remind me what's the point of the remake? :P Xerath's changes are supposed to make him better in his job and worse in all the other fields. The current kit just messes around his gameplay but his problems remain the same, plus an ulti that's disconnected from his kit. ^^
Yes the ultimate is disconnected. I'm hoping they wiull add soem utility like ziggs - double damage to minions - so it has other uses beside teamfights. The remake E means that melee's get stunned for a shorter duration, and its dodgable (good luck trying to dodge live Xerath R without being ahri) I also agree the remake didn't go far enough. there seems to be no emphasis on range or immobility. Q should be a self sanre in return for slightly longer range and faster charge time. W range should scale with rank upto that of leone ult. E should be ablke to shoot as far as a morgana binding, but have a lower min stun duration. the remake isn't sposed to solve problems. He is still supposed to have weakness. He is just supposed to be fun to play against. A Xerath at wraith camp can ERQRR someone attacking mid tower, instantly kill them, and have no threat of counter attack from their team. the E stun is so easy to hit with R that it isn't even a skillshot. plus this combo comes with a free void staff on 50 second cooldown. It isn't fun to play against live Xerath when he gets rolling, and the remake addresses that very well.
: When trying out new champions, what I do is play a custom game, then Co-op Beginner (thanks for bringing it back, btw!), and finally Co-op Intermediate. I neither feel confident in my skill as a player working with a team nor in the strength of my laptop to play against real players. As such, I won't know if playing against an enemy Xerath is fun or not, but I can provide feedback on how Xerath is to play. So this first feedback is on the Custom game against bots. But so far, as a Xerath player, here are my thoughts on his rework by ability: **Passive:** Thank you! His old passive was a bit out of place, giving him armor when he really didn't use it. The new sustain is fantastic. I took Xerath with Clarity (standard mage build for me), and I didn't have to go back to base until the tower was down (against Ryze mid) **Q:** My original misgivings were about the skillshot not being instantaneous. But now I don't care: I'm loving the new range! The only nit-picky thing is the delay after you click it, like the live one has. This may be for a balance issue, in which case I totally understand, and it's just my opinion. **W:** The range the old W provided isn't needed anymore because of the new ranges on his abilities. The m-pen will be missed, though. As for the new ability? It's a mini Solar Flare: what's not to like? The 'sweetspot' mechanic is fantastic, and is really rewarding when chained with the E. The CC is also much appreciated. **E:** I'll honestly miss chaining the old E and R together. It felt satisfactory to hit a marked target with an ability. The new stun... I guess I'm just not a big fan of skillshots. Maybe if the missile speed was faster. Or, have it be a targeted ability, but it acts like a skillshot. For example, once fired it would follow the enemy champion until it hits or an enemy teammate blocks it. I guess that would take some of the skill from it, but keep it in mine for a future champion, maybe. **R:** Oh god. The range. I was at the mid inhibitor turret, and was able to fire shots off at max rank towards the secondary top and bot lane turrets! My only suggestion is to maybe make .5 seconds the maximum travel range. If the enemy suddenly ambushes you, it's going to be .5 seconds until they take any damage from you. **Gameplay:** I love the combo with E,W,Q. Stun the enemy, allowing you to hit the sweetspot of W, and then finish 'em off with a well placed Q or R. Scrying Orb seems like it'll be helpfull on him: I took it, but I kept forgetting to use it. But when you do get vision of your enemies, your R can take them out. The long range allows you to kite easily, and even keep the enemy pests at bay when on low health: if they come near you, zap 'em like the bug zapper you are! I didn't feel like a squishy mage: I felt like a mortar, lobbing death at a safe distance. **Final Evaluation:** Apart from the minor changes I mentioned, if this rework hit the live servers I would be thoroughly happy. I'll miss rapid-fire Xerath, but I love mortar Xerath even more now. I approve!
oooooh gotta try blue orb - oh wait its cooldown is 3 minutes. No thanks.
: New Xerath feels very good, for his new W ( that is very easy to snowballing), and for the E, who insta-stun. I think that the R isn't very good, but is balanced with the others abilities, and make good combos with a long range. Today i tried it and i had 2 different bugs: • R's description said:" 130% move speed for **200 seconds**" (I think is a translate error) • Its passive said "60% AP" at level 1, but from level 12 it said "**160% AP**". Is that possible? Play against Xerath is hard, for me, because his range don't gave escape, and in 1v1 he win almost always, especially with AD champion.
If playing someone like riven, yasuo or ahri who can dodge around and close one him he gets fucked really hard. But his range and waveclear make him one of the safest farmers in game.
: The rework on Xerath has made him quite overpowered but the delay for launching Q is very long and the rooting for ultimate with a lower radius doesn't help him,I think it disadvantages more than anything. Although he might have a bigger range on his ultimate it doesn't quite fit well with his other spells. Making the stun a skillshot was not a bad idea but once he gets into close combat and misses that one spell he will be dead and even if you try to launch a Q spell since it decreases your movement speed you are quite disadvantaged of being able to attack and run. Also for your ultimate if you come close to somebody and you have no other spell than your R because of cooldowns , the time it takes just to activate his ultimate and since you are rooted you are either going to be heavily damaged or die before you will be able to do any damage on the other person. The ultimate on the live Xerath was a lot better , you could just move and use your ultimate. Changes that could improve him : Reduce the delay on the Q Take the root of the ultimate
Immobility defines xerath. he is sposed to be screwed over by gapclosers and people who can manage to close onto him. It's so annoying how everyone expects a champion to have no weakness and then wonders why they are OP.
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